Covid19 - Why China, South Korea, Italy, Iran and Spain?

Top of the charts for having the more people infected by Covid19 are China, Italy, Iran, South Korea and Spain. What they have in common, enemies of the USA. There are obvious reasons to support this conspiracy theory. China needs no further explanation as it has been branded as the Number One Enemy of the USA for daring to upset the status quo dictated by the American Empire. How can any country challenge the USA as the most powerful, the richest, the biggest economy in the world, in fields of science and technology. China must be put down at all cost. The series of deadly diseases across China in continuation, nonstop, is a case in point. The trade war continues beyond just trade but sabotage and biological warfare to cripple the Chinese economy.

It is no surprise that China would have to be the first country to receive the first blow of Covid19 infection, right in the heart of China, in Wuhan, at a time when the Chinese were returning home to celebrate Chinese New Year Reunion with their families. There was no Chinese New Year celebration this year with many Chinese cities being lockdown and the whole nation mustered to fight this deadly and highly infectious disease.

The Americans were laughing haughtily and cockily and blaming the Chinese for starting and spreading this disease and lying to the world, not transparent, hiding the truth and whatever, even calling this the Wuhan Virus, the Chinese Virus, raising anger among the white racists to hate China and Chinese with people of Chinese origin or looking Chinese being attacked and beaten up in western countries. The evil and wicked Americans have succeeded in smearing and demonising China and Chinese. While the truth as to the origin of this dangerous virus is unfolding, and pointing to the Americans and their evil hands, other countries that the Americans were unhappy with also became target of this American Virus created from American Lab, Fort Detrick.

South Korea was the first outside China to be hit severely by this Covid19. It was the second worse affected country for several weeks in terms of number of infection and death. But why South Korea, isn't this the closest American ally in the East, a semi colony of the American Empire? Yes, but the South Koreans are getting too smart for their own good. They wanted to make peace with their Northern brothers, they wanted to get rid of American forces in their soil, they did not want to pay for 'American protection' to have American soldiers and weapons of war in their country. In other words they did not want to serve the interest of the American Empire and paying for it. Now this kind of smart thing is no good. They must be taught a lesson not to play with fire or undermine the interest of the American Empire.

The next severely affected country, you guess it, America's Enemy Number Two, Iran.  All the immediate neighbouring countries of China did not have Covid19 infection or with only a handful of cases. Why and how did the virus leapfrogged to South Korea and Iran, the latter more than a thousand miles away, bridging deserts and high mountain ranges? The virus is very clever and very selective, know where and how to fly to Iran to infect the Iranians. And the strain in Iran is even more deadly than the strain in Wuhan with higher mortality rate.

And from Iran it leapfrogged again to Italy. But why Italy, a Nato member and thus also an American ally? Italy committed the sin of going behind the backs of the Americans to be part of the BRI. Italy is the beach head of China's BRI project into Europe. The Americans tried very hard to twist the arms of the Italians to break off from the BRI project. But the Italians have a mind of their own and see the BRI as the best thing to happen to Italy's economy and future growth. They needed the BRI to boost their dying economy.

Now, how could the American Empire tolerate such defiance from a small European country? There you have it, Italy must pay the price for going against the American Empire. And the Covid19 conveniently sneaked into the heart of Italy's industrial region and the rest is history.

Spain has the same problem as Italy, or committed the same sin, to be part of the BRI. How could Spain be spared? No way, Spain too must be taught a lesson, to tear it away from BRI. There you are, Spain becomes the second most infected country in Europe after Italy.

The moral of the story, do not become an enemy of the evil American Empire. The Covid19 is just a biologicial weapon to inflict the pain on the people and to cripple the economies of those who dare to disobey the American Empire, to have a mind of their own, to want to break free. In fact the whole Europe is part of the collateral damage as Europe, the EU, is embarking on a new path, to break free from the American Empire, to chart its own destiny. This cannot be allowed to go on unchecked.

The Covid19 genie is let out of the bottle to do what it can do best, to protect the interest of the American Empire.

Do these make sense?


Anonymous said...

China should stage a preemptive nuclear strike on the US before the US could do it to China.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Prescience pays off,

Gotta hand out props to our expensive govt, who did just ONE important thing RIGHT.

They consulted with Nicholas Nassim Taleb ("The Black Swan", "Fooled By Randomness", "Anti Fragile" etc) a few years ago when NNT was on a book tour promoting "Anti Fragile". He gave a public talk at NLB, and in a press interview had praise for Singapore's "anti-fragility", although he did criticise the education system for being too "rigid"---i.e. should play and allow more individual "discovery" instead of being so focused on academic achievement.

However the sg.gov IMO is slipping and still allowing people to traverse Singapore's borders instead of locking them down no one in or out), and shutting ALL the educational institutions...from early childcare to universities. Close them down, send the kids/ students HOME. Bring out the drones and cameras---like China---and impose virtual MARTIAL LAW (like China) for a few weeks until "the curve" starts to flatten out.

In his latest Tweets and BBC interview, NNT said this is NOT a Black Swan, because cuntries like Singapore already knew that this kind of shit could happen---it's only a matter of time before it did, so better have some kind of plan to stay Anti Fragile.

The rest of the world was caught unaware. At least we had some kind of preparation in place, which is why Singapore was so quick to respond in RATIONAL ways.

To the rest of the unprepared world, this is a Black Swan because to them a pandemic was not even on their radar; a true Unknown unknown.

Luck, the human race is quick to learn and pick up the pace once a "real signal" of present danger is detected.

Trump has been criticised for dropping the ball. Not in my calculus. America is a fumbling, bumbling individualistic culture, but they also learn very quickly and have tremendous resources which they can afford to throw at the situation.

This enormous redundancy and diversity is the USA's strength. People are predicting doom and gloom for the US. But I see it differently. They have an incredible private sector...mind bogglingly incredible.

Elon Musk, for e.g. is programming his factories to produce more mechanical ventilators. Booze manufacturers are now modifying their processes to make hand sanitizer...all this in about a week.

Capitalism? Get some, it's GREAT!

Virgo 49 said...

In the Press Conference, when asked about China's just non confrontational statement of their Military in Wuhan and their spread of the Virus.

Dotard TRUMP as can see from body language is very comfortable, shifting here and there and just said:

The Virus came from China. It's China!

Stiring animosity and hatred that China is the culprit.

Virgo 49 said...

Wow, today all quiet?

All on Train to Busan?

Forecasted RECESSION for a year.

STI plunged below 2300 and still going down.

Maganimous Sinkies offering their accommodation to the Malaysian Workers for just five dollars a night.

Own Sinkies sleeping at staircases and void decks why so special offers at one dollar.

Sinkies are only generous to others but NOT their own.

You die, your business, losers!

Followed examples from their Leaders for too long.

Anonymous said...

It is the same modus operandi of the USA to keep hammering on the statement that the virus came from China. In time this will become the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Read the comments on Yahoo on any topic touching on the coronavirus and you will see all the skewed comments being levelled at China from all angles.

As it is, the death toll in Italy has surpassed that of China, and as expected, most commented that the figures for China cannot be trusted. Can you trust the figures from the USA? I guess die hard believers like the Republican voters will not waiver in their believe in Trump, despite all his lying and screwing he already dished out.

Let the USA try keeping it's infections rate down, because when the shit hit the fan in the evil empire, all hell will break loose. With inadequate testing facilities, and immorally expensive US$1000 per test as reported, you can imagine how much of the US population can afford or has been tested so far. This is a fatal mistake of the Trump administration. They could afford trillions to create wars, but skimped on medical facilities throughout the decades. This has come back to haunt them big time!

The USA can gloat all they like about China, but this time American exceptionalism is not going to work for them.

Unknown said...

COVID-19 - After The Calm and Quiet, Comes The Super Thunderstorms

After Italy, Iran, South Korea and Spain, the next hot beds will be India and Indonesia. These two countries are not reporting truthfully.

India and Indonesia are not testing their citizens. In fact, their hospitals are turning away those already infected or suspected of being infected. That's why Singapore is beginning to receive imported cases from these two countries. Their infected citizens, those who can afford to travel, are coming to Singapore for treatment. The very first thing they do when they landed is to head towards a hospital in Singapore, usually private hospitals.

In about one month's time, India (with Bangladesh) and Indonesia will see the storms, thunderstorms of COVID-19 coronavirus infections all over their countries, worse than Italy and Iran, uncontrollable......

Singapore government had better keep two eyes wide open!

Virgo 49 said...

Right Anon 9.31

Closer, closer to the Truths that the Americunts are the culprits to spread the COVID-19 to eliminate China, the next drastic step Dotard Trump will do to defect attention is to create a War with Iran, North Korea or even China.

They wayang passed their vaccine to their devious sidekick the Brits who announced that they are nearing having the vaccine in hand.

The U.N Lame ducks would simply opened their farking mouths wide and cannot do anything.

But UAssA will be obliterated from the Map and World when all of sudden, all the EU Nations, Iran, Pakistan and North Korea together with Russia and China all directed their Nuclear Missles to the UASsA and the Brits sending them all to HELL.

Peace after that.


Virgo 49 said...

Just have a video of Saddam Hussein in a meeting in 1990 that the UAssA is.threatening them with the Corona Virus.

If this video is factual, then they are the Culprits who caused great harm to China and all Humanity.

Anonymous said...


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By 2009 I had $900K left ... $600K vanished. Did I sell out at the lows??? NO!!! Did I give up??!?!?? NO!!!!

By 2013 I had recovered most of the losses .... and the portfolio became basically self-sustaining.

By 2016 I had 2X what I had in 2007. Today, even after -30% crash in World Markets ... I have even more than in 2016.

And I totally stopped working in 2012 --- totally jobless.



Global recession is 10,000% going to happen ... we're ALREADY in the early stages of it!!

As a jobless, recession only means cheaper things for me & my family!!! SHIOK!!!

And many of my richer friends & investors are waiting to POUNCE ON CHEAP PROPERTIES at the end of this year.


Anonymous said...

According to reports, the virus strain in Italy and Iran are not the same as those in China, so those obviously did not originate from China. Only the USA has all five strains of the virus, so how did Iran and Italy got infected with different strains just right after China overcame it's Waterloo, somewhat, the outbreak in Wuhan. This poses the question of who could have done it and who stands to benefit from it.

The puzzle is getting more and more complicated, with accusations flying around unproven yet between US and China. Now the Russians are being accused by the US of spreading fear over the outbreak.

One positive thing about his outbreak though is that Hong Kong is suddenly so peaceful and free of senseless riots. Where are the kungfu fighters cum terrorists who pledged to fight to the last man standing just months ago?

Anonymous said...


You are positioning for big grains?
You said:


I'm positioning for BIG GAINS in the years ahead .... not this year, not even for next year. But for the next decade & next next decade. BIG PROFITS by Year 5 .... OBSCENE PROFITS by Year 10.

Look ... after 15 years of HARD WORK & 8 years of investing / speculating ... I had $1.5M in 2007.

By 2009 I had $900K left ... $600K vanished. Did I sell out at the lows??? NO!!! Did I give up??!?!?? NO!!!!

By 2013 I had recovered most of the losses .... and the portfolio became basically self-sustaining.

By 2016 I had 2X what I had in 2007. Today, even after -30% crash in World Markets ... I have even more than in 2016.

And I totally stopped working in 2012 --- totally jobless.



Global recession is 10,000% going to happen ... we're ALREADY in the early stages of it!!

As a jobless, recession only means cheaper things for me & my family!!! SHIOK!!!

And many of my richer friends & investors are waiting to POUNCE ON CHEAP PROPERTIES at the end of this year.


If you're really positioning, then what are your positions? How are you going to do it? Any inking or tinkling or clue?

If you're looking for gains ahead, then why talked about your past? (You have been harping on this donkey and monkey times!)? Self-praising and mental-masturbating to massage your big ego, which must have been hurt bigly (borrow from Donald Trump's primary school vocabulary)?

Shouldn't you be talking about the future? How the markets will perform in 5 years, 10 years, 15 years, etc.? If you are unable to even make an educated guess, how can you even dream of positioning?

Positioning is the game of grand masters, you know?

How much have you lost for the last one week?

Are you able to sustain your losses for another 50% drop in value?

TCSS is good for the ego, isn't it?

Anonymous said...


Praise Jesus !!!
You are truly blessed by God.

Pan Dora said...

The facts revealed by researchers:

There are five stains of the COVID-19 Coronavirus. According to their aggressiveness and lethal potential, they are:

V1. Most lethal - found in Iran.
V2. Very lethal - found in Italy.
V3. Lethal found - in China.
V4. Mild - found in Australia and New Zealand.
V5. Very Mild - found in the Philippines, Indonesia and Singapore. .

ALL the FIVE Strains are found in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,'s Military Biological Research Laboratory.

Anonymous said...

Praise Jesus !!!

Allah hu Akbar !!!

Long live LKY !!!

Anonymous said...

Saudi Arabia today suspended all travel on buses, taxis and trains for 14 days starting Saturday.

Shouldn't Singapore be doing the same? Our MRT trains are so crowded, packed like sardines during peak hours.

Official calls for social distancing just bullshit if one eye is closed on coronavirus transmission risks prevailing in crowded train transport.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 4:42pm,

Obviously you haven't been paying ANY ATTENTION.

Over the past 2-3 years, I've already spelled out the basic steps to take to become a millionaire in S'pore on an average salary.

Some of my comments have been deleted by RB, but quite a few are still around somewhere.

Even if world markets drop ANOTHER 50%, I'll still be better off than most Sinkies. Definitely better off than 100% of the Sinkies on this blog.

And doesn't mean if S'pore stock market is to drop -90% or S'pore properties are to drop to 1980 prices, I'll be suffering. My assets are diversified internationally.

I've less than 7% of my total assets in S'pore. Which is actually too generous already since S'pore only forms less than 0.4% of the world's productive wealth.

In other words, Singapore can be wiped off the face of the Earth, and the rest of the world won't really miss anything --- economically or culturally.

My assets & portfolio have ALREADY been positioned for the next 50 years. And have been so since 2010.

Now I'm just taking my time to position my remaining $450K cash into selective assets / stocks around the world.

But it's good that you're still CLUELESS ... it means I still have an edge with both eyes closed over the majority of Sinkies. Like an Olympic athlete competing in a Pri school sports day. LOL!!!


Anonymous said...

Our MRT trains are packed like sardines during peak hours. How is that not a risk when travelling on the trains? Or on buses? That it could go on like this must really praise Jesus, Buddha and Allah!

Going into a bank or GP clinic nowadays means taking temperature and registering your name for contact tracing. But that seems not the case with buying 4D or Toto, when crowds can line up to enter the 4D/Toto outlets. Some of the things being done seems illogical here.

Anonymous said...

"Big drop in petrol prices in Malaysia"


Lee Hsien Loong !!!!!
What happen ?????

Why Singapore petrol price still the same ???? !!!!

Virgo49 said...

1/3- Too Long cannot put into one

Why.... China Helps ITALY?
Translated by an app. In Chinese. Might not be accurate but hope it helps.

Why .... China Helps ITALY?
*DDJC recommends reading *: ~

* Why China assisted Italy on such a large scale in the epidemic *? After reading this, I realized

  Italy has become
  The most severely affected countries,
  And * China also became the first foreign country to assist Italy *,
  Moreover, it is "very high specification" assistance.
  But in this world,
  Never hate for no reason,
  There is no love for no reason,
  Why is China so heartfelt about Italy?
  It turns out that
  With such a series of heartwarming stories!
  This is between China and Italy,
  Exciting history!
For China in 1969,
  It's a worse year,
  At the beginning of the founding of the PRC, we fell to the socialist formation,
  For many reasons,
  Resist the United States and aid North Korea, withdraw experts, force debt,
  All kinds of hostilities peaked in 1969,
  First armed conflict, and then Chen Bing Treasure Island,
  China at stake is not available for help,
  At that time, Sino-US relations had not been thawed,
  Western countries have not recognized us yet
  No heavyweight country is on our side.
  In the context of this war,
Italy announces establishment of ambassadorial diplomatic relations with China!
Such a sensitive time, helping the Chinese platform,
  This is the first time in Italy to send charcoal in the snow.
  After the New China, things like sending charcoal in the snow,
  Italy does a lot for us,
  In 1988, when China was poor and poor,
  At that time, China ’s medical level could not be seen.
  For a long time after the founding of the PRC,
  Our villages are still dominated by barefoot doctors.
  Many doctors do n’t have any education at all,
  Many cities are short of medicine,
  China turned to the Western powers for a full circle.
No one cares,
  At this point, only Italy stood out,
  "It's okay, if you have any requirements, I'll help you!"
  In this way, Italy didn't say anything,
  Helped China build several emergency centers,
  These include the famous Chongqing Emergency Center.
  In the spring of 1988, the Italian Prime Minister came to China in person,
  Participated in the inauguration ceremony of Chongqing Emergency Center.
  And brought us $ 3 million in equipment,
  19 advanced ambulances,
  (At that time there were not many cars in China)
  And a full set of ICU ward equipment we have n’t seen before,
  The Chongqing Emergency Center is still working,
  This advanced equipment has been glowing in China for 32 years.
  Recaptured from the hand of death,
  I don't know how many Sichuan compatriots' lives.
  How much did we spend on these things?
  Didn't spend a penny,
  Italy said: "This is for you free of charge."
  They were so helpful when New China was poor and poor,
  Today is not what it used to be. China after reform and opening up,
  They continue to help.

Virgo49 said...

2/3- Contd:-

In 2003, the SARS epidemic nationwide,
  Western countries are scolding us,
  Can't wait to be far away from us,
  Not only has Italy not alienated us,
  Instead, strengthen cooperation with us,
  The high-level military conference is held four times a year.
  Cooperation in other areas has only increased.
  Berlusconi, then Prime Minister of Italy,
  To withstand external pressure, to visit China,
  What did you talk about at the talks?
  Promised no tariffs,
  Calling for cooperation between enterprises of the two countries,
  Encourage Italian companies to invest in China,
  At the expense of the United States,
  Help us develop better missiles and helicopters,
  This can be said to be "spoiled" with China.
  Then, the Wenchuan earthquake came.
  Let's take a look at a series of operations in Italy:
  One million euros,
  Supplies worth 1.5 million euros,
  240 huge tents,
  Make tens of thousands of Chinese victims homeless,
  14 Daniel-level medical experts were sent here,
  Helped us establish 5 "black technology" mobile hospitals on the spot,
  Defibrillator, ventilator, blood test equipment,
  Autoclave, full anesthesia,
  Everything and extremely advanced.
Frontline officers and soldiers rescued the wounded,
  Turn around and go to the operating table for treatment,
  Italian experts are extremely responsible,
  Get off the plane and set up a tent, connect the instruments,
  Build a hospital with your own hands, eat and live with us,
  Rescue the victims without sleep,
  Statistics afterwards
  Saved more than 900 of our Sichuan compatriots!
  Giuliano, Italian orthopedist,

  After the admission of a female patient, aftershocks struck,
  And he actually used his body to stand above the patient!
  It's children's day
  Italian doctor in surgical gown,
  Standing on a temporary stage,
  Hugging the local children,
  Sing that European and American nursery rhyme "Old Mike Has a Farm".
  Surgeon Corolla also prepared two Children's Day gifts,
  Alpine sweets from Italy,
  Pizza made with doctors ...

  These details are not known at all,
  No one publicized,
  These Italian doctors,
  Not only great, but also cute and funny people!
  After the assistance period expires,
  No hospitals and equipment are needed.
  Not only for free,
  And taught us how to use it,
  When they left, outside the bus,
  Farewell their fellows with tears in their eyes.
  Besides, last year, the United States took the lead in blocking Huawei.
  Huawei has the world's most advanced 5G technology.
  No one dares to cooperate with Huawei,
  Many countries are afraid of America ’s adultery,
  Britain, France and Germany take the lead in expressing their unwillingness to cooperate with Huawei.

  Even neighbors like Japan and South Korea have retreated,
  "Refused to cooperate with Huawei on the grounds of security risks."
  In this case, Italy came out again,
  "You don't need to, right? I use it!"
  Huawei takes the lead in building 5G base stations in Italy,
  The Minister of Economic Development of Italy attended the 5G base station launching ceremony,
  The first button of a 5G base station,
  It was also pressed by the Italian Deputy Prime Minister,
  Such a high-standard platform is really long face!
  Italy gave Huawei a chance to show itself,
  Show Europe that Huawei is safe and reliable,
  And dared to be a "bird in his head",
  Be the first to offend the White House,
  It is Italy that spares no effort to help Huawei,
  Other EU countries have only begun to slowly change their attitudes,
  Have cooperated with us Huawei.
  The above is only part of it.


Virgo49 said...

3/3 contd

Historically, Italy gave us "charcoal in the snow",
  It's really quite a lot.
  For example: you may not know,
  Since 1981,
  Italy gave us a $ 1.21 billion grant,
  Is the largest number of EU countries,
  Our emergency telephone system "120",
  Also created by Italian experts,
  They also helped build the Beijing Emergency Center,
  And 42 very advanced ambulances;
  In 1999, he also helped Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province.
  Updated a full range of ambulance measures,
  Let Taiyuan's ambulance level also take a big step,
  It ’s all done like this,
  They left $ 4 million before leaving!
  What Italy does to us,
  It ’s really that we do n’t know how to thank,
  The word "unforgettable" is used to describe,
  No exaggeration at all.
  Now it ’s a big deal in Italy,
  Their outbreak is really serious.
  61 million people, more than 20,000 confirmed cases,
  If converted into our China,
  It is equivalent to more than half a million confirmed diagnoses!
  On March 15th, 368 patients died.
  The highest day in China is only 252!
Even the Deputy Minister of Health confirmed the diagnosis.
  The outbreak is really difficult to control.
  Prior to this, Italy 100,000 rushed to the EU for help,
  But it is exactly the same as what happened in China.
  All the EU countries take a side view,
  Not even a test kit,
  Italy can't help it,
  I had to openly ask the world for help.
  Just at this time,
  Foreign Minister Wang Yi immediately telephoned Italy.
  The first sentence at the beginning is:
  "We will not forget the kindness of Italy."
  Immediately afterwards, China shot in the first place.
  100,000 masks, 20,000 sets of protective clothing,
  50,000 test boxes,
  Air transport from China as soon as possible,
  At that time there was nothing in Italy.
  As soon as these supplies arrived, they were overjoyed,
  Finally it works! !!
  After that, the first nine medical experts,
  Rush to Italy,
  Note, it ’s the “first batch”.
  Further assistance will follow.
  Of these nine experts,
  There are as many as 5 people from Sichuan.
  Three of them are volunteering to sign up.
  They mainly come from Sichuan West China Hospital,
  To know that West China Hospital and Xiehe are equal,
  It is one of the "Big Four King Kong" in Chinese hospitals.
  The people of Sichuan sent all the best experts to Italy.
  Shen Jian, director of the health committee, said,
  "We in Sichuan have never forgotten the kindness of Italy."
  "We are going to repay this time."
  As Italy did to us then,
  These experts we sent,
  They are also Daniels in their field.
  Professor Liang Zong'an, the national authority on respiratory diseases,
  Ms. Tang Menglin, ICU intensive care specialist,
  Professor Wenbin Tong, authoritative for microbial testing.
  And as we mentioned before,
  China's "National Treasure" level national medicine,
  With (tóng) Academician Kobayashi,
  Even the "Wuhan No.1 Soup" which he studied carefully,
  Dedicated to Italy.
  And domestically,
  Shanghai Ruijin Hospital donated a full set of ICU equipment.
  Also changed the manual and operation interface into English,
  Ruijin Hospital is really too careful,
  I ’m afraid that the sockets and plugs wo n’t match.
  Even the plugs have been changed to Italian.
  This nuanced,
  I ca n’t help but manually like it!
  And the people of Italy, in the midst of the deep waters,
  Heard China rescued,
  They couldn't restrain the excitement in their hearts,
  Swipe the online comment area of ​​the Chinese Embassy,
  Set off a wave of gratitude!


Virgo49 said...

Sorry Part 4. Underestimate the long posting

An Italian netizen said emotionally

"The epidemic is over, I want to embrace every Chinese"

One from Naples, Italy 18 year old girl called Aurora, I drew such a picture myself and said:

This painting is dedicated to nurses, doctors, And those who came to help us from China,

I hope they can see the battle on the front line. "
  This scene, at such a dark moment,
  It really warms people's hearts!
  Although the peoples of the two countries are thousands of miles apart,
  The heart is tightly connected,
  Thank each other for praising, cheering each other up,
  Kindness is almost like a family,
  This interaction and mutual assistance,
  Shouldn't be this world, this world,
  Kind, warm look? !!

Ma Yun's message to Italy came from the Italian opera "Turandot", "It disappears into the night! At dawn we will win!" Xiaomi posted on the material, * The ancient Roman poet Seneca's verse: "We are A wave of the sea, the leaves on the same tree, the flowers in the same garden * ...

Yes, the virus is relentless,
  It doesn't matter what race you are,
  What regime, which camp,
  When it appears, it is the enemy of all humanity,
  At this moment, if countries around the world,
  Can watch and help each other, overcome the difficulties together,
  Then defeat the virus,
  Will it stump us humans? !!
  A spring breeze through the country
  Willing to make things easier by dripping water,
  Zhi En Tu Bao, good fortune.
  The Chinese are the people most grateful,
  We are good friends, no need to thank,
  You are suffering at this moment,
  We can do something for benefactors
  Not only is it not hard, on the contrary, we are very relieved!
  For decades, China and Italy have reported their favor.
  Can be called a model of interstate communication,
  This spirit of watchfulness,
  It will surely be rumored.
  Finally, friends,

* I believe that the great love on earth will defeat the sickness. We are in the Chinese land thousands of miles away, waiting for you to clear the world's good news *,
  Please come on!

Anonymous said...

the Days of Marco

Great Friendship.

Great Humanities.


Anonymous said...

PAP's pet foreign talents (2.3 million out of a population of 5.7 million in Singapore) are now fueling a surge in Singapore's confirmed coronavirus cases, as latest update indicates that 30 out of 40 new COVID-19 cases are imported infections.

Vote wisely coming GE.

Anonymous said...

Two class actions were filed in the U.S. against China for "damages suffered as the result of the coronavirus pandemic" before the U.S. District Court in Florida and Texas.

The American plaintiffs in these lawsuits alleged that the Chinese authorities knew that the COVID-19 was dangerous and capable of causing a pandemic, and yet they slowly responded to the novel coronavirus by "proverbially putting their head in the sand," sparking the global COVID-19 outbreak.

They even go as far as alleging that the COVID-19 virus escaped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, a biological weapons research lab run by the Chinese government. Therefore, they demand that Chinese authorities should pay damages to all American victims for their economic and non-economic damages, injury and loss related to the outbreak of the COVID-19, an award in excess of 20 trillion U.S. dollars .

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

US Exceptionalism - Employing The Doctrine of "Criminal Complaints First!"

These two law suits let the cat out of the bag. It confirms that the US Trump Administration is the culprit.

Employing its cunning and evil Doctrine of "Criminal Complaints First", the US is up to its evil ways against China again: Suing China first in US Courts run by US Prosecutors, US Judges and selected US Juries, so that when China found the concrete evidence to sue the US, it will be already too late and counter-productive. Fait accompli!

China must now counter-sue, in China's courts.

Both can play the same game on own turf and own courts, own lawyers, own prosecutors, own judges and own juries. And own desired results!

This incident is similar to the Opium War the British initiated against China.

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Anon 10.35

Yesterday's some rumors of lock down or lock up in Sinkieland.

Later Low Ran Wong OUT to shut up Fake News.

I reckoned that's actually they were contemplating on it just decided NOT to impose now due to the 2.3 million wildlifes that are here.

Sinkies, in general as I said will comply with this order as they are already been tamed by the Papies.

But NOT their Wild lives.

Some unpleasant disturbances may happen if this is implemented.

Then, it will clearly shown their blunders of the PAP having them here.

This will be a DEATH knell for them as a political lost in the coming GE.

So Sinkies please wake up and vote wisely.

Your children, grandchildren and even yourselves are in jeopardy.

Anonymous said...

Is PAP not employing the same tactic all this while?

Virgo 49 said...

God is really GREAT! As shouted by the Moselms.

VP Pence and staff Kena COVID-19.

Think Dotard also Kena but he stubborn cover up.

Americunts Deaths rising day by day.

Dotard just simply drinks brandy and said Great Work America

Anonymous said...

Dotard Trump is 74 years old. The COVID-19 virus loves to bring those above 70 years old to visit their ancestors in the Hades and Heavens.

DT may join his father in hell soon. No need election for second term. Can be president for life (death) in Hell?

Anonymous said...

His daughter Ivanka, and son Donald Trump Junior confirmed kena. Now in self-quarantine at home.

Probably his wife and youngest son (11 year-old) also Kena. That's why no news, not active nowadays?

Could be the whole Trump family Kena already. Also those in his Hotels and Trump Tower? Also all the White House Staffers and Pentagon Generals?

Virgo 49 said...

Aiyo, like that No one can service his beautifully wifey!

Chiak lat man?

Think Dotard also all the while cannnot service her.


imho said...

Maybe it is a russia invention.
Plenties will lose jobs.
Plenties will starve, homeless, sick.
Instead of calling those on jobseekers allowance bludgers
People will become them and hence sympathy
Countries will turn communistic/ socialistic.