Workers Party guilty of breaching fiduciary duty as elected MPs

I take this piece of shit, oops, news as something that is expected. Nothing unusual or spectacular. This is Singapore, remember. It is good that the 3 top WP exco members and elected MPs take it in their stride, knowing that this is inevitable. Now the good news and the bad news.

The bad news is that the 3 WP MPs would be disqualified from the next GE, as sure as the sun shall rise. Everyone sees this coming. The bad news, they would lose a big chunk of their income from being MPs, maybe coughing out every cent they earned in their whole MP career. They are lucky if they did not end up behind bars. I am not saying they are guilty or deserving of this punishment. I reserve my comments like many people and the WP supporters living in AHTC.  You don't have to second guess what is in their minds.

The good news, it is time that WP has a new breed of young leaders with fresh ideas to continue with the fight. The good news, the die hard WP supporters and those that cannot stomach injustice would be pushed to take a stand in the next GE on who they should vote.  The good news is that the support for WP is likely to grow stronger despite this set back. The good news is that WP can start afresh, to join a coalition instead of going it alone, a strategy that has proven  to be short sighted, naive and disastrous.

In the bigger picture, the good news is that the likelihood of a stronger opposition coalition would be much enhanced. The stupidity of going alone and trying to pretend to be nice boys and girls, to be accepted and allowed to exist is obvious. Chiam See Tong was allowed to be in that position because he was just one man, tolerable and useful in his own sense but totally ineffective and irrelevant. It has been proven beyond doubt that a bigger than one man opposition is just unacceptable and must be destroyed at all costs.

Would this event shine some light into the dusty dark corners of the minds of opposition leaders that this is not just a game to be played for fun once every four years, to get some silly publicity and to be forgotten after a GE? Or would this be enough to wake them up and decide to close ranks now that the old school thinking of trying to be good boys and girls is debunked? There is no such things as being nice and would be left alone to do a good job.  Get it?

We would have to see if this fiasco would be the turning point in Singapore politics, the last bridge and there is no turning back, no silly personality and ego fights anymore. To fight to win, it is time to unite and close ranks or to be the same as before, run around like silly bull arse flies during the GE all for nothing, just hot air.


Anonymous said...

Going after pap is not wise. PAP has made many poor folks very rich. They own millions dollar condo that is like a pigeon hole. They struggle to get by but still have a job. Although they are paid little, they still have dignity. Unlike many in westerns countries, many are jobless but get paid an allowance and have little dignity left.

Anonymous said...

The ancient Chinese adage of breaking one chopstick with ease but breaking a bunch of chopsticks together is very hard.
In Sinkieland, for the oppo or alternative party to win the ruling party is to join forces to outwit them juz like Matland. Can TCB, CSJ, TKL,TJS,GMS,LT so on combined together for the betterment of Sinkieland ? If they can co-operate, then there is hope otherwise its lost cause ( someone here estimated a >70% win for the whites party).

Anonymous said...


I know you know lah!

It is extremely difficult extremely difficult to be in the opposition parties in SG!

Have to be extremely careful extremely careful! Otherwise pants dropped! Really see Pai Siong! Very very eat strength!

Must salute those in the opposition parties!

Salute! Salute! Salute!

Anonymous said...

The problem with opp is that every one wanted to be the boss. The secretary General of the party and later be the PM but there is only one position. I think they need to be sodomized to wake up lor

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 934am,

U are 1o8% correct!

Such a very tiny city state so many many many opposition parties! Hahaha..no one ready to form the next government!

Unless the opposition parties can come together, otherwise no chance no chance at all! Don't waste time! Don't waste time!

All the best.....

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Anon.

You sure Sinkies nowadays still have full time employmeny status?

Nowadays, either contracts, ad hoc, part-time and no time Roam The Streets.

All under the Mercy of the Employers. 24 either you or we and OUT you go.

Foolish dafts only joined what's toothless Unions WHO called what's Tripartite.

Tripartite means "SarKar" or carry balls.

West, still unionised and strike at will with minimum wages.


Virgo49 said...
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Virgo 49 said...

Many daft sinkies kept harping why CSJ ursurped the Throne of CST when he joined the SDP.

The Real reason is that CST is too nice a gentleman.

We need Leaders like CSJ WHO are vocal and daring to fight fires with fires.

Good example the WP WHO claimed to be a decent and responsible loyal Opposition.

The Papies NOT gonna be a decent and responsible loyal Ruling Government.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anonymous said...

Going after pap is not wise. PAP has made many poor folks very rich. They own millions dollar condo that is like a pigeon hole. They struggle to get by but still have a job. Although they are paid little, they still have dignity. Unlike many in westerns countries, many are jobless but get paid an allowance and have little dignity left.
October 14, 2019 9:26 am

I agree up to a point. The first point about owning million dollar pigeon is going to destroy the lives of many Sinkies when the pigeon holes become worthless at 99 years.

The policies of the last 2 decades would destroy everything the founding PAP leaders have built. Mark my words, the high million dollar salary for ministers, civil servants and CEOs in GLCs is not sustainable. The withholding and depletion of the people's CPF savings is not sustainable, the influx of wildlife and the rising population above 6m is unsustainable, the high cost of living is unsustainable, the indiscriminate meritocracy of allowing fake foreign talents to replace Singaporeans....

The policies of the last 2 decades are the beginning of the destruction of everything good in this island. Stop dreaming and thinking that all is good. Look at what is happening around you and project the developments to the future and you will know that the future is dire for Singaporeans.

We are at a turning point towards self destruct. The good you see is not going to last.

Virgo 49 said...

Mr RB. Many of the dafts are paying thru their arses the inflated prices of the Pigeon Holes of Condos and the HDB.

Many are still struggling to pay off their mortages.

Besides these which NOT said I look them no up, many jumped the wagon in investing more more than they can really chew.

The Papies used to prograte that Sinkies are assets rich in order NOT to sink their blunders.

Many Sinkies besides their properties also how lian own cars and most just barely breathed an inch above water.

Once kena sacked, retrenched or chia kia kee, many have to sky dive.

We have owned HDB and private properties before and knew how tight the budget if you really wants to own all these.

If Sinkies are well off, they no need to make the deadline when the Govt announced some cooling measures.

The HDB don't have to built parking gallantries the whole island just to deter cheating a fee cents of parking.

Sinkies are still living like Ostriches and think good times are forever.

Anonymous said...

@RB, @All,

This blog post TCSS lah. No unity or collaboration as long got different Oppo leaders, who all want to be chiefs. Need to have the leaders of 5 or 7 Oppo parties jailed or bankrupted then all Oppo will scared scared be united.

WP is now in tatters. Without Low, most of their Aljuneid / Hougang voters will think of their own survival ... and what's best for their children.

Low will be publicly humiliated, maybe hung up naked in front of Hougang MRT station.

When that happens, all WP supporters in Aljuneid will give up & EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF.

PAP will take back Aljuneid in the next GE. WP will retain Hougang, but just pass only 50.1%.

Luckily so far is a civil case, not a criminal case. So just need to be able to pay the financial damages. However this will be very big, 10s of millions dollars. At most WP can only raise enough crowd funding money to clear only 1 out of 3.

WP has to make hard decision which of the 3 to save for the next GE.

Anonymous said...

One thing is for sure.
lf the People keep the PAP on power, the Rulers and Sin shall be having wonderful times.
Sinkies shall be enslaved and wallow in frustration and despair.
Choice is up to the Sinkies to be prescient of their destiny.
is a question of wanting to take charge of ones' fate and dignity or to hand it to others to control and decide for You, meaning You surrender.

Anonymous said...

@ Uncle rb 10.43am

You said until so very very very Siong, so when will the bubbles burst?

Your expert predictions, please! Thanks....

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Anon.

Unable to save even one of the three lah.

Sure kena barred even they can pay. The Judge also said they are DISHONEST.

Nails to their coffins

Anonymous said...

@RB, @Virgo,

///The first point about owning million dollar pigeon is going to destroy the lives of many Sinkies when the pigeon holes become worthless at 99 years.///

///Once kena sacked, retrenched or chia kia kee, many have to sky dive.///

Many Sinkies are actually damn cash rich. Even if their properties go to zero, their families will still be OK.

(Realistically for private properties, they will still be able to enbloc eventually. Just that in the future, there will be lesser & lesser big gains unlike those who bought private properties in the 60s, 70s, 80s.)

Of course if lose their high-pay job or if zero property value will be painful, but they will still have plenty money for daily living for years & years to come.

I belong to the smaller group (but increasing in size) that treats their HDB as pre-paid rental properties. We don't expect to make profits from HDB, and we buy only BTOs or resale HDB during recessions.

In other words, we MINIMISE spending on housing and we WRITE OFF our housing spending as EXPENSES --- just like rentals. In exchange, we put the rest of our money & savings into OTHER ASSETS e.g. financial investments, businesses, personal human capital investments etc.

These are the kinds of assets without 99-year lease decay, and up to us to control, as well as being mobile & able to bring to other countries if really need to run road.


Virgo 49 said...


Enbloc my foot.

If the country went under your properties whether HDB or Private are worthless as Toilet Papers.

Many thinking rentals to cover their mortgages.

If well off no need rental out.

Virgo 49 said...

As for your mirage rich sinkies whose WEALTH can expend few generations of their descendents. Old man have seen enough of their kind.

Ho kwa boh ho chiak. Braggarts, oops beggars behaving they are like Dukes.

Dudes more appropriate. Many of my neighbours wah piang what condoms, landed and hdb and whilst they are still employable boasted of what's Golf clubs and what's clubs. Kena clubbed more appropriate.

They even had to stay with their as usual in to their traps blunders of showing off to the Ah Bengs sydnome of high class rented out their HDB flats to the wild lifes for their income.

Every month without fail, like beggars knocking for the rental incomes.

I said now no played golf..collecting rentals for survivals ah when i happen to seen them. At least I no need rent my place as gambling joints and brothels and pig stys.

Even overseas properties as resorts or holidays.

So your Rich Elites Sinkied are mostly wayang wayang pretended to be rich only lah.

Have seen too many of these creatures.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ voters who hate PAP still vote PAP

Yah. This is how you win elections, one party forever, decade after decade.

You essentially stop the opposition from running against you.

Prepare for 2020 lah PAP has started their "dirty tricks".

I'm calling The Game thus:

1. 2020 --- Singapore's economic growth will shrink

2. People will lose jobs, businesses will struggle

3. PAP will "re-assure" the cuntry that the are the BEST CHOICE to navigate these troubled times

4. They will come out with "free money" policies to BRIBE VOTERS to vote PAP

5. This election will be run on an undercurrent of FEAR---fear of uncertainty and the threat to everyone's' economic security

6. "Vote PAP, we will be OK. Vote for the opposition, your daughters and wives will end up as maids and blow-jobbers and will be renting out their pussies and assholes for entertainment purposes"

So... you tell me how lah...

Anonymous said...


Hahaha you stupid or retarded. I already said many Sinkies even if their properties are worth zero today, their families still ok lah. I'm one of them.

In fact I don't include the market value of my property as part of my net worth.

You only mix around with Sinkies like yourself.

With your character & attitude, confirm those people who can think & do things for themselves won't want to come near you. LOL!!!


Unknown said...


A video of an old lunch-time rally speech given by Lee Hsien Loong delivered in 2006, on how he will have to spend time thinking how to “fix” the opposition, has resurfaced, as opposition politicians, Low Thia Khiang, Sylvia Lim and Pritam Singh are facing the ongoing Aljunied-Hougang Town Council (AHTC) court case.

In the speech, delivered more than a decade ago when Low Thia Khiang, Chiam See Tong and Steve Chia were the only opposition politicians in Parliament, PM Lee urged the people to refrain from voting in more opposition lest he is forced to focus on how to “fix them” instead of focusing on the nation’s challenges. He asserted:

“What is the opposition’s job? It’s not to help the PAP do a better job! Their job is to make life miserable for me so that I screw up and they can come in and sit where I am here and take charge.

“Right now we have Low Thia Khiang, we have Chiam, we have Steve Chia. So can deal with them, it’s ok. But supposing you had a Parliament with 10, 15, 20 opposition members out of 80."

“Then, instead of spending my time thinking of what is the right policy for Singapore, I’m going to spend all my time – I have to spend all my time – thinking what is the right way to fix them, what is the right way to buy my supporters over, how can I solve this week’s problem and forget about next year’s challenges?"

In April this year, PM Lee said, “It is neither wise nor workable for the People’s Action Party (PAP) Government to purposely let the opposition grow bigger when most of the population supports the PAP.”

Likening a political system that makes life easier for opposition politicians to a performer’s safety net, PM Lee added: “The more you have a safety net for the performer, the more dangerous the stunts the performer will do. Because there is no risk, so you will push further.”

Read the full post here:


Anonymous said...


From the above comments, sg got no future! Really?


Anonymous said...

#Lee Hsien Loong
#CECA Indian lover

#Founder - Mumbai Financial Centre
#Founder - Chennai Business Park
#Founder - Delhi Bank of Singapore

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

Aiyah, short term can still survive lah, long term probably it Sink lah nobolee knows.

Anonymous said...

@FOG 255pm

Very good comments!

How about you? How are you going to be affected? You very ok?

Unknown said...

The Writings Were Already On The Wall!

Don't worry, Singapore has very bright future. However, the bright future is not for the children of the Pioneer and Merdeka Generations who built the country (actually city) from 3rd world to first world. The bright future is only for the children and grandchildren of the ruling elites who make themselves millionaires and billionaires from taxpayers' monies and CPF contributors' savings.

And not forgetting the children and grandchildren of those foreigners who have been allowed to displace and replace you of the good high-paying, lucrative and glamorous positions which in normal circumstances would have been reserved for you, like before the opening of the flood-gates.

If you are poor or just an average Joe, your children and grandchildren's future are bound to be very bleak and dim, unless a miracle happens.

The writings were on the wall long ago, since the Seat-Warmer started to make frivolous promises that he has failed to keep.

The writings were on the wall when leaders talked about changing Singapore's Economy to High Tech, Information-based Economy but only paid lip services, never materialised. Instead, the relentless open-legs policy of importing cheap, hungry, fake-talents and scavengers took hold and infected each and every sector of the economy, including the government and quasi-government sectors. Even cardboard collectors, baskers and toilet cleaning jobs are being threatened.

The writings were on the wall when ministers paid themselves out of this world salaries and bonuses and benefits. while citizens' wages are suppressed continuously with impunity.

The writings were on the wall when your CPF savings were deprived from you by shifting the goal posts and by introducing compulsory insurance premiums that deplete your savings until they run dry.

The writings are on the wall when you have been reminded again and again the your HDB flat is not asset-enhancement, as told to you years ago, but actually a depreciating liability to zero value when 99 years lease expires

So, with all the writings on the wall, have you read them? If not, then you had better start reading them up!

May God help your future generations!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ slaves and minions

As I was saying....


Unknown said...

@ All,

I don't have to worry about the future. My future is NOW. I live in the PRESENT, from moment to moment.

I don't dwell in the PAST. I don't hope or fear for the future. Hope and Fear are the two Evils that drag your soul down to the deepest Hell. So, the trick is to learnt to STAY IN THE PRESENT.

How to stay in the PRESENT? It requires training and getting accustomed to. It's all in your mind.

Anonymous said...

Hello....good afternoon

Worry not worry not!

We won't know....

Someone may settle the bill so that the 3 can survive and fight at next GE!

Possible??? Dreaming???

Anonymous said...


///The writings were on the wall when leaders talked about changing Singapore's Economy to High Tech, Information-based Economy but only paid lip services, never materialised.///

Not true leh. So many new tech biz all started by foreigners or foreigners-turned-new-citizens. E.g. Lazada, Shopee, Qoo10, Grab, Gojek, PropertyGuru, SRX, FoodPanda. Almost all fintech in S'pore also started by foreigners.

So S'pore got A LOT of high tech and info-based economy ... just that sinkies never grabbed it. Sinkies prefer to work in these high tech companies for foreigners.

Anonymous said...


///So, with all the writings on the wall, have you read them? If not, then you had better start reading them up!///

///I don't have to worry about the future. My future is NOW. I live in the PRESENT, from moment to moment.///

Maybe most Sinkies also like Frog ... living in present ... no need see writings on wall or worry about future. Present life is already very very good!! LOL!!!

Unknown said...

That clearly exposed your ignorance immediately.

imho said...

sinkiepoor is like roman empire before destruction except for tiny size. massive import of strangers and giving them important jobs. leaders behaving like roman emperors paying themselves millions. people living in small spaces for large sum of monies. greed greed and more greed dominate every household.

Anonymous said...

How much effort and material are needed for a company to make $1m profit?

How many things needed to be sold for NTUC to earn $1m?

How many trips needed for SMRT to make a profit of $1m?

How much effort needed for Qoo10 or Alibaba to make $1m?

How much effort a restaurant or food stall needed to make $1m?

But it is now a norm for an employee, any CEO to demand or be paid $1m.

What is their contribution to deserve $1m?

Virgo 49 said...

All these Bullshits New Tech what's Fintech businesses.

MOT, one by one will fall like Nine Pins in Bowling Alleys.

Just Hot Air Flash in the Pans Start Ups.

No Concrete Real Assets

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ virgo

You are both correct and incorrect.

Many FinTech ideas won't last. Just like any other product---physical goods and services---some will make it, many will not. Remember the bicycle-rental startups? Many of them failed.

There are about 2,500 blockchain cryptos in existence now. Millenials LOVE their crypto and so the market is HOT. If you have Human Action, you have MARKETS. Millennials continue to trade crypto assets. As long as they continue, whatever they trade is considered "real".

Thee are no such thing as "real assets" anyway. The idea of VALUE is created in the minds of humans. If many humans have the same idea...then that "thing" becomes an asset. Because everyone wants that "thing", in a short time that thing becomes a "scarce good" and there is price discovery due to supply and demand. Remember, all this is not "real"...it is created in the Human Mind.

I also find it very strange that a seasoned gambler such as yourself has the CHEEK to criticize new FinTech and startups...where you have obviously forgotten that ALL entrepreneurs are placing bets when they enter the market with "new things". 😂

Anonymous said...

RB's new boss, UOB, has recently hired an MD (Albert Kho) from his old enemy DBS.

UOB has just hired one of DBS's most important MDs.

Important because Albert Kho was instrumental in pushing online self-service with online & especially mobile DBS's Digibank app. He had a leading role in bringing retail trading directly under the bank using online tech & hence resulting in downsizing of DBS Vickers and pushing out of remisiers.

Talk about sweet irony that your new boss has hired a key personnel from your old enemy ... and not only that, but who had a leading role in you losing your position at your old job in the first place!!! LOL!!!

UOB has also just MANDATED (yesterday Oct 15) ALL 26,000 staff to undergo training in digitalisation & fintech!!! Hmmm, wonder if it has to do anything with Albert Kho?!?!?! LOL!!!!!

Hmmm, but RB is not considered a staff .... he's an independent contractor remisier ... so how?!?!? Ehhhh, better beg your bosses to let you go for training .... cannot keep on going from 1 broking house to another right?!?! LOL!!!