When dogs are more important than human lives

Virgo 49 said...
Motherfuckers Whites.

Wayang that they are Animals Lovers.

Hypocrisy in front of all and sundry that they do not condoned Animals cruelties.

But they themselves trained the Innocent God created Dogs to fight in wars and killed and maimed other human beings.

The World's Worst and MOST Hypocritical Beings Alive.

May Disasters strike them more for their Sins and Cruelties.

More California Fires prelude to their Fires in HELL.


Virgo 49 said...

The Farking Whites are all cowards.

In ground battles they send the Dogs in to kill and be killed or maimed.Yet they boasted of their prowess.

All bullshits. Even Aerial bombardments before going in just for some mopping operations or what's they called in Military Terms Reconninanise.

Tried that with the North Koreans and PRCs, they be dead ducks.

The Kims and Lis are NOT afraid to die for their Country and Honour.


Virgo 49 said...

Any fools believe in that Dotard's story that that poor guy was crying and screaming like a child? ?

If this is so, he would have surrender instead of killing himself.

They the cowards would not dare even to enter the cave how's the fark he can tell this Bullshits story.

This story is more applicable to his Americunts when they are surrounded by their enemies.

Just like their Hero or Zero John Mcclaine surrendering to a young Vietnamese Girl with only a Mark IIII rifle.

If U were the Vietnamese Girl, would put a bullet in to his head.

Later bragged like WSG how what's a Hero he is or was.

Their enemies followed the Geneva Convention of War in having Prisoners of Wars whereas the Farking Americunts just killed like in Myh Lai MASSACRES.

Anonymous said...

That is why PAP's members have white top and bottom uniforms. That's why Raffles Institutions, ACS, Hwa Chong, NJC students all wear white and white uniforms.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Dog Lovers


It costs USD 300k-500k to train one these glorious animals for warfare.

When Osama was killed, the "hero dog" was Cairo. Even President Obama said "I want to meet that dog!"

Navy SEAL Cairo, TIME Magazine's 2011 Animal Of The Year

Errr...your sour-faced sad mothrfuckers, what awardsfor BRAVERY have ==>> Y O U <<== wom lately?

No have? 🀟🀣 Woof woof!

For the foodies:

The China Chinese, especially in YULIN, are also famous dog lovers, for a different reason. These folks are avid fans of eating Dog Meat

Although I've never tried it (knowingly, at least) I would say given the CENTURIES FAMOUS SKILLS of Chinese chefs, I'm willing to wage that Dog Meat dishes would be VERY TASTY.

Are Dogs more important tahn human lives? Sometimes they are. Depending on WHO the human is (Baghadi was a piece of shit) and Delta Force Dog who helped end Baghadi is a HERO.

I hope the SpecOps Team fed the dog parts of Baghadi's remains AS A REWARD! πŸΎπŸΎπŸ‘

Anonymous said...

@rb, @all,

LOL!!! Compared to most motherfucking humans, majority of animals (including dogs) are much purer & open. There's just less guile and agendas with "dumb" animals compared to "smarter" humans.

Apart from my regular contributions to a couple of hospices here while I'm still kicking, after I up lorry, at least half of my wealth will go to animal foundations like SPCA or ACRES. Zero for other human charities. My kids will get enough but not too much for them to just relax & play. Their biggest inheritance will be what's between their ears & in their stomachs.

PS: War stocks & US stocks chionging again. Damn, so far this year my capital gains & dividends have exceeded US$300K. Time to move some more to my cash war chest.

Anonymous said...


I am impressed!


Anonymous said...

When dogs (failed PAP Generals & failed PAP policies) are more important than the happiness of Singaporeans.

To the PAP:
Are dogs more important than Singaporeans?

Anonymous said...

Are CECA Indians more important than Singaporeans?

Who should have job priority?
CECA Indians or Singaporeans?

Who should stay in condos?
CECA Indians or Singaporeans?

Who should do National Service?
CECA Indians or Singaporeans?

imho said...

Dogs or whites not the main problem. The main problem is traitors. Your very own kind.

Anonymous said...

Generals' Knowledge Test:

Q1: There are how many types of traitors? (25 marks)

Q2: What are the sub-groups under national traitors? (25 marks)

Q3: Who are the worst traitors? (25 marks)

Q4: Do you know any national traitor existing today? Name one. (25 marks)

If you answer 4 correct, you score 100 marks.

Anonymous said...

Any prize?

No money no talk!


Anonymous said...

Are you a General?
The test is meant for Generals only.
Probably you are not. That's why you are so money-face. Generals are not like you because they are paid very well (to prevent them from launching a kool).

Anonymous said...

1.Lee Kuan Yew
2.Lee Hsien Loong
3.George (CECA) Yeo
4.Heng (CECA) Swee Keat

Anonymous said...

Kool means
Kick Oppression and Oppressors into the Loo.

Anonymous said...

Hi 137pm

Be very very very very careful!

Can lim kopi!????!


Anonymous said...

Slapping CECA ahnehs is like slapping LKY or peeing & shitting on his ashes.

LKY gave final approval for CECA. He was still the final decision maker up to 2011.

In his book, foreigners create jobs for Sinkies & help to spur Sinkies in their backsides.

Anonymous said...

@ 2:15 pm,

/// Slapping CECA ahnehs is like slapping LKY or peeing & shitting on his ashes. ///

No. You are not correct.

In 2011, George Yoyo was the architect of the CECA and the Gambling Dens. These two matters affected the people of Singapore very badly - morally, financially, socially, occupationally and environmentally. That's why he and his team in Aljunied GRC were ousted by the WILL of God and People.

LKY approved the initial CECA, not the three subsequent changes.

Initially, CECA was not that bad, although it was tilted towards India's favour in terms of using Singapore as their dumping ground for third-rate, jobless and fakes.

Subsequently, CECA went through three more major surgeries.

The first Surgical Alteration and Amendments (SAA) was done under GCT's initiative and direction. It has nothing to do with LKY.

The 2nd and 3rd Surgical Alteration and Amendments (SAAs) were done under India's PM Modi's initiative and directions. In these two SAAs, Singapore surrendered too much grounds to India. Singapore leaders literally gave India the power to sue Singapore for damages if any of the terms are not fulfilled. The terms are so broad and extensive that they cover almost anything under the sun that India can find fault with Singapore. These two SAAs have nothing to do with LKY. They are done under LHL's watch and directions.

So, the correct persons to slap are Ah-Neh Balasingam and Ah Loong.
You can also add the legal consultant/advisor, the Ah-Neh Lawyer.

Anonymous said...

@ 1.37pm
- you sound too scared to even fuck your own wife.

Crawl back into your hole.
This blog is for men.

Anonymous said...

@ 4.08pm

LKY is ultimately responsible for appointing his son LHL to be Prime Minister.

So if Ah Loong is responsible for CECA.
Then LKY was also responsible for CECA.

Think about that the next time you pee on his ashes.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 4:08pm

CECA ver 1.0 was first inforce on 2005, when LKY was still the overriding final say in PAP Cabinet.

Right from the start, CECA allowed relaxed intake of Indian PMETs from 4 industries: IT, Engineering, Doctors, Banking.

The largest intake of foreign PMETs both in terms of numbers & as percentage of sinkies occurred during 2007 & 2008 ---- when LKY was still feared & revered & his word was law.

Anything allowed before 2011 had to have LKY approval, or at least no strong objection.

1st review done in 2007.

2nd review completed in 2018 -- this CECA ver 3.0 allows further relaxation in intake of Indian healthcare workers.

We're now doing the 3rd review of CECA.

Virgo 49 said...

At one time, Sinkieland leaders tried to moderate the flow and the Nehs threatened to sue.

Wah piang balls dropped.

Only know how to sue own citizens. Kena sue balls dropped.

How to win any debates and any fair agreements with the Nehs?

They are gifted with screwness and gifts of the gabs also cunninless

Virgo 49 said...

Any PAP Minister out of Parliament cannnot find real unemployment and still have to come back to their Godfathers for help.

GY also kena sacked. Now Liu appointed Ambassador.

They are a bunch of useless must hold hands and spoon fed gaji butas.

Sinkies easily conned and pacified. Now just because a police report made against the Neh. The SPF got headache.

So they Wayang wayang said the Neh sincerely apologised to the kena poor Sweerty Guard and hope matter to be closed.

Also, Papies balls carriers wrote to Shit Times a Doctor that we must be kind to these Nehs.

The kins of that Doctor kena this type of vulgarites see whether that bastard Dr will sing this tune.

Bluff bluff take photos that the Guard is a very nice man and also the Nehs very gentlemen.

Sinkied are just too daft to be easily conned.

In Matland or Thais, this Neh will be already paddled hit till he cried Fathers and Mothers.

And Thai, one limb or one arm broken. Street Justices and the Police will turn a blind eye.

Don't disturb our own people.

Anonymous said...

Can't blame the Whites. In the days of Cowboys and Indians they kill each other like killing dogs. They still inherit such mentality. They even called fighter plane aerial engagements in war as 'dog fights'. Dog fights in the air?

Trump's wickedness is bared for all to see in his graphic description of how Baghdadi and his three children were killed. Perhaps he was trying to score political points to outdo George W Bush in taking out Saddam Hussein, improving his chances of re-election in 2020.

Taking out Baghdadi does not mean mission accomplished. Someone else will take his place. A major terrorist killing another terrorist does not endear the US to the Muslims in the Middle East for sure. More hatred will come out of this and more ISIS like groups will appear. But that is what the US really wants, for it gives them more opportunities to invade countries on the pretext of aid and also for them to provide more business for their military weapons industry, which is facing much competition from Russia.

Now the US is trying to pin the genocide badge on Turkey by digging up old dirt. They are intent on starting a conflict with Turkey by hook or by crook. Turkey is a NATO member and other NATO countries better wake up, as this is what can happen to them when the US turns face. Those Yankee fuckers have conveniently forgotten that they committed the biggest genocide in history at home against the Red Indians.

Not only that, the whole world just swallowed whatever fake news the MSM of the US trotted out over the decades, so much so that the brainwashing cannot now be reversed. But thankfully much of the world is awakening. In South America - Chile, Peru, Bolivia much is happening, all against puppet rulers that leaned towards the US, not for the purpose of improving lives for the common people, but to toe the US agenda, which is to keep them poor and divide and control.

Anonymous said...

The Globalists are a small group of BASTARDS who intend to reduce the world population under the excuse of sustainability.

Many countries, like Singapore, stupidly (or intentionally) tow the line of the Globalists. Their aim is to keep the masses poor and there unable to pay for health-care and therefore die faster. This pattern is now very clearly demonstrated in the present conditions in the life of the masses.

Anonymous said...

Must also say sorry to HDB parking

Department.for bringing in argument.

-how come security also collect parking

Fee?hay lan?

Anonymous said...

RB should write another hot discussion topic:

"When Foreigners Are More Important Than Singaporeans"

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I called them wildlife.

Virgo 49 said...

Just walked my dog and she happened to poo at the grass verges.

One AhNeh wildlife kept staring at me and purposely stopped to confront me.

Why you did not pick up the poo?

I said which eyes you see I did not pick up her poo.

Cannot wait until she finishes her business?

Farking Sinkieland is alreday gone to the Nehs WHO now lords over you.

One farking article by our Traitous Elites in the Shits Times or CNA said we must NOT badger these Wild lifes and the employer must also be fair and side them if possible.

Cannnot let these monstrous mobs ruined their employment and stay in Sinkieland.

Must be those chiap cheng WHO loved the white and black cocks.

What's farking Celebrities.? Just because they on on TVs.

Sinkieland's Farking celebrities have to do sidelines to survive.

Worse than Geylang chickens

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Virgo

Bro, I think you live in very dark places. Fucking hell, are you capable of feeling at least...some happiness or joy.... OCCASIONALLY? πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

Virgo49 said...

With this farking scenario in Sinkielnd you can feel joys?

Only thise

Virgo 49 said...

Only those who sponged on the Blood and sweat of Singaporeans will feel great joys.

I, most happy and relaxed among the Mats in Matland.

Especially in the City Above The Clouds

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Virgo

>>With this farking scenario in Sinkielnd you can feel joys? <<

Aiyoh uncle. You have to DO STUFF to GET STUFF lah.

Joy and happiness rarely "just appear out of nowhere". Requires effort on our part lah.

I'm surprised you still don't know this! πŸ˜‚

Virgo 49 said...

Sinkieland's bunch of balless leaders and Sinkies.

At least the Mats have their sense of fair play.

See that Neh who punched the helpless Chinese lady in the lift and robbed her with such ferocity.

The Mats Mata mata employed their own justice before bringing him to Court by paddling his buttocks till he screamed fathers and mothers.

They even dared circulated this video online with the blessings of their authorities.

Warning the wild lifes NOT to fyck around with their locals.

You think Sinkieland's SPF and farking leaders will condone this.

Sinkies are being betrayed by them.

MOST just thru their liars get minimum punishments.

That's why they dared fark around with Sinkies with impunity.

If Thais, they would be chopped into several pieces.

Or in jails lugging along with iron or stone casted balls onto their foot.

I feel more secure in Mats Land as a law abiding visitor than in our own Sinkie land where you are been discriminated even by our own.

Virgo 49 said...

You are a locust. That's why you sing this tune with the rest of the locusts and scavengers.

Virgo 49 said...

Sinkieland law enforcement gaji butas will now be at your side.

That's for sure

Virgo 49 said...

NOT at your side.

Instead you kena charged by them for creating a farcas or fuck off

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Virgo


Aiyoh...I've held more Malaysian work permits collectively over periods longer than you've been losing money at Genting lah. You want to bluff who about how the shit goes down in Malaysia? Or Thailand, for that matter.

>> At least the Mats have their sense of fair play. <<

My balls are laughing lah 🀣

Virgo 49 said...

Mats still take care of their own kind.

What's the fuck you know not staying there.

Just a nomad.

At least they have a sense of fair play

Unlike Sinkieland's agencies are tied up with directives from the top.

Lose monies in Genting meh?

No-one will still go up if they are still losing their pants.

You have the means to lose monies?

My balls also sniggering at you nomad.

Anonymous said...

It's scientifically proven that gamblers will continue gambling even after many decades of losing. Some imbalance in their brain neurotransmitters & chemicals.

Simple evidence is all those 10s of thousands of uncles & aunties buying 4D and Toto. 99% of them losing money even after 30 years of buying. And yet every week they still queue up to buy.

As long as they got money to cover their money-losing habit e.g. odd jobs, allowances from children, CPF etc, they will continue.

Virgo 49 said...

I say man Matilah.

You let the cat out of the bag.

Work Permits in Matland.

So you worked there as Port labourers or Grab Delivery Food on Escooter or PMDs.

Just like in the video of a Sinkie Indian who lambasted this Trash Neh that he must be a lower caste Neh who came here as a locust to wipe out Sinkieland's resources.

High class Nehs don't come here to be beggars.

In Matland, we investors with monies to throw in Genting and property owners.

Not Work Permit holders.

Poor soul.

Virgo 49 said...

Don't be a hypocrite lah.

WHO the Hell will let you have 8M in winnings if you dont put a stake in it?

Some religions even forbade this chance of winnings and yet they punted more than those NON religious ones.

One lucky streak will make the Papies green with envy.

Halimah has to wayang for five years smiling and shaking hands and reading parrot prepared speeches b4 having 8M.

You just put in a dollar and Heavens blessed you for kindness rewarded you with 8Ms.

No fear of retrenchments, firesales of your properties and singing happy tunes everyday.

You worked till mati also no 8Ms.

So don't preach YaSow of the evils of gaming.

Think you punt more than any other souls.

Anonymous said...

>>>One lucky streak will make the Papies green with envy.
>>>Halimah has to wayang for five years smiling and shaking hands and reading parrot prepared speeches b4 having 8M.
>>>You just put in a dollar and Heavens blessed you for kindness rewarded you with 8Ms.
>>>No fear of retrenchments, firesales of your properties and singing happy tunes everyday.

This is exactly what neuroscientists call "brain imbalance".

And you haven't addressed the real problem:-
Out of every 100 uncles & aunties buying 4D/Toto, how many win more than lose????

Realistically less than 5, maybe even just 1 or 0.

As long as they continue to have more money to play this losing game without affecting their families, then OK lorr. More money for the govt to collect.

Virgo 49 said...

Aiyo going too much into what's nonsense scientific research or bullshits reports will hamper your creativity.

That's why new generations what's manure millienials are so daft.

Everything believe 100% of these nutty professors.

One day one said this and another said the opposite.

All hai kow yui.

Gamblers are risks takers and are the innovators and also the most generous.

See today one report of old uncle WHO declined assistance assisting others more unfortunate than him.

Those bullshits Rich bums or sinkies after reading than said wants to help.

They have already most lost their souls chasing after what's one Anon kept harping 3Mss.

So don't bullshits lah.

Just for publicity.

Said we have so much but gave so little.

The Richer you are the more sting ko you are.

Virgo 49 said...

This Matilah used to boast that he had top class privy inframation with rubbing shoulders and having exclusive private dinners with top elites and diplomats and business men.

Wah piang Work Permits working in Matland as now exposed out of his mouth.

Work Permits are for those chow kar menial jobs.

At least an employment or long term PR pass lah.

Made my balls sniggering.
We no meed Work Permit. Welcome as Investors and offered Silver Hair now dyed Black Hair Long-term PR stay with our deposits and investments in Matland.

Yo Matilah don't Bullshits anymore.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Virgo

Work permit, Work/ business visa whatever...take your shots lah...ya, I fly all the way to KL to clean jambans. πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

Well done Sherlock Holmes!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Virgo

Who's the LIAR now? I must state clearly here, VIRGO 49 is a lying cunt.

You fucked yourself son πŸ€ŸπŸ˜‚


Virgo 49 said...

Hello, we don't gian png go to Matland and break or steal lunches, dinners and suppers from the Mats.

Work Permits just to carry or wash the Datuk's balls.

We there as friends and co residents and create jobs for them as co business partners.

Unlike you chow kar locusts and scavengers just like the Foreign Trashes in Sinkieland.

Virgo 49 said...

Latest News.

A 46 year old man who took upskirts of a woman in Little Dark Dark India died of Unnatural Death surrounded by five to six men. Favourite terms of SPF.

Street Justices by the Nehs???

Murder, said Murder lah.

Assault said assault lah.

Unnatural Death just to cover up??

Wah piang Orchard Road just altercation among pub goers and happened too bad had that Neh killed maybe also due to his own illhealth also charged with murders.

Just join to punch punch and kicked kicked that guy in an altercation and threatened to charge with murder.

Later amended to assault and accomplices.

Just because different colour.

Wah, black special prillevege. No instant arrests and just classified unnatural DEATH.

Later reports said his own illness.

Case closed. Hands washed.

Long live Indrapura

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