Trump threatens to obliterate the Turkish economy

‘I’ve done before’. Trump tweeted after threatening to destroy the economy of Turkey ‘if Ankara takes a planned military strike in Syria.’ This rogue Empire is destroying the economies of many countries and their people by economic sanctions and threats of war. Now it is Turkey’s turn, once a closed ally of the Evil Empire, now being treated as an enemy for not wanting to do the dirty works of the Empire, for not wanting to buy American weapons and buying Russian weapons.

What is Turkey’s crime for inviting this threat from the Evil Empire? The Empire has been fostering and feeding and arming Kurdish rebels in Syria to overthrow the Assad regime but pretended to be fighting the ISIS. Now that the Empire has lost the Syria war, there is no need for any more pretences, no need to keep feeding the Kurds that were being beaten to the point of being useless against Assad. It is time to pull back the American Special Forces attached to these rebels and terrorist groups. But the Kurds were not only a terrorist group to the Syrian govt but also to the Turkish govt. Both would not tolerate their existence in the Syrian Turkish border to do harm to either country.

Erdogan is determined to wipe out these groups before they become a bigger threat to Turkey. The Americans would not allow these as they were their war babies, trained, financed and armed to do mischief in Syria and the Middle East region. They would not allow anyone to harm their poodles if they could help it. So here comes the threat against the Turkish govt.

Would Erdogan relent and cower under the threat of the Evil Empire? Would the Americans dare to commit military forces and start a war with the Turks, now protected and sided with the Russians? The Americans have found that they are no match to Putin and his men in Syria. Turkey is even more difficult as it is far more heavily armed than Syria. The Trump threat would be as good as blowing with the wind. Yes economic sanction is the only way for the Americans like they did to North Korea, Iran and Venezuela. But Turkey is still a Nato member. This would be tricky for the Evil Empire. Turkey controls the strategic points in the Middle East and European countries can least offend Turkey with economic sanctions imposed by the Americans.

This could be a bridge too far for the Evil Empire.

Another truth is starting to come out from this American withdrawal. The Kurdish terrorist groups under the false flag name of Syrian Democratic Force is threatening the Turkish govt that any attack on them would resurrect the ISIS movement. Why? Because they are the ISIS but put on a different uniform under the American Special Forces control. Once attacked by the Turkish govt forces, they would put on ISIS uniform again and fight as ISIS. The so called caliphate is there under the protection of the Evil Empire and waiting to start another war with whoever the Americans want to destroy. This is the very reason why the Americans are adamant about protecting this SDF, ie ISIS in disguise.


Anonymous said...

ISIS or ISIL is actually the creation of CIA. It is CIA's private army in the Middle-East.

CIA also has private armies against China, Russia, Venezuela, Philippines and other countries.

Anonymous said...

Trump is so smart. Making muslims fight muslims. Kudos.

Anonymous said...

I think PAP will obliterate the Oposition in this coming General Elections.

Our new citizens will definitely support PAP.

That is why we have no fear of increasing bus fares by 7%

Anonymous said...

“... how to identify charlatans, those who promise the world and deliver nothing,”
- PAP Minister K. Shanmugam

Did Sham-mugam just told us to be careful of PAP?

Anonymous said...

Hi anonymous 1005am

Good morning.....

You are 1o8% correct!

There is really no need for PAP to do anything at all at the next GE! Yes! Nothing!

The masses will die die die die die die vote for PAP, the old brand!

Many many many many even predicted PAP got 75% to 80% of votes with 100% seat.


Anonymous said...

In any pro American poodle country even if the pro USA party loses the election they will still form the government as they are protected and supported by defense treaty with the terrorist Americans.

Any country which signs defense treaty with the Evil Empire is definitely asking for trouble. Wherever the Evil Empire goes there goes choas, turmoil and wars which will eventually embroil the pro American poodle states.

ASEAN must not allow any of its member to sign defense treaty with the Evil Empire if the organization is to survive.

Pro-Asia and anti-Evil Empire Asean citizen

Anonymous said...

USA is the Longest, Biggest and Most Evil Terrorists Country in the Whole World. It terrorized almost every country. Even Singapore Clean and Non-Corrupt PAP Government is terrified of USA, the Evil Satanic Empire.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ We're not scared of the fucking CIA...

...provided you have a Big Balls Lee Kuan Yew leading the team:

How Lee Kuan Yew took on the CIA

We're Singapore. Punching above our weight is what we do! 🇸🇬

Anonymous said...


Thanks to Trump's trade war, SG is now the most competitive country in the world.

1st time ever for SG!!

Made S'pore Great Again!! LOL!!!

But USA still reigns supreme in innovation e.g. War Stocks, Cybersecurity, Biotech.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Let's dance with Trump

Another famous Trump Tweet: “As I have stated strongly before, and just to reiterate, if Turkey does anything that I, in my great and unmatched wisdom, consider to be off limits, I will totally destroy and obliterate the Economy of Turkey (I’ve done before!),”

The God-Emperor of The World has spoken. (I doubt opinions from people like Redbean are going to make any difference) 😂


I've been in town for nearly 2 weeks now. Been having many interesting conversations with people wanting to move their businesses over to Singapore. No joke, Singapore is RIDING HIGH!

Anonymous said...

Old man,

That is history over history lah.

Now PAP has to go White House to carry Trump's balls. Last time went to White House to carry Obama's balls. What not scared?

Some more sign contract to provide jobs for Americans by buying Boeing 737 Max Killer Planes and suicidal stealth cannot work F35s. What not scared?

And some more sign another 15 years protectionbin exchange for use of Changi Naval Base. What not scared?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 108

That's why we need a PROPER Lee Kuan Yew. Not a fake one from the sperm in his now dead balls.

Anonymous said...

With Dr Mahathir, Duterte, Hun Sen and Widodo running their respective nations,
the US will not make much inroad in S E Asia.

Anonymous said...

Singapore has become the world's most competitive economy in addition to being the world's most expensive (costly) city to live and do business. How has/will it affect you?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 232

Yeah, no kidding. Price levels have definitely risen here. Don't seem to see an issue...nightlife is still rocking! Holland V, Clark & Robertson Quay, Dempsey...cash flowing like mad. People lighting up $80 cigars like nobody's business lah.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

BTW two separate occasions in the last week: Had 2 old folks ask me for money...that was a bit sad.

Anonymous said...

///world's most expensive (costly) city to live and do business. How has/will it affect you?///

I stay & do most of my spending in HDB heartland, so still very affordable lah!! Although gentrification of my estate over the last 10 years have indeed increased certain prices, but overall inflation is WAY LOWER than the increase in my dividends & capital gains in my War Stocks.

SG is "expensive" becoz of QUALITY PREMIUM. But if you are a "VALUED CUSTOMER" you get to enjoy tax holidays, tax subsidies, manpower training grants, R&D grants, patent fastrack, investment grants, subsidised land & factories etc etc etc.

Why you think companies like Neste, Shell, Rolls Royce, Micron, United Technologies, Honeywell etc still continue to make multi-million & multi-billion dollar investments in SG in 2019 alone?!?!

For those of you KPKB about public transport increase, have you ever thought of being smart about it, and putting some of your money into SBS Transit?!?

In fact if you look at SBS's stock chart this year, institutions & big individual investors have already figured that a big fare increase was in the bag.

But it's too expensive now ... the price run up has lowered its dividend yield to only 3.4%.

Anonymous said...

If you are a really good and professional investor, the words "too expensive" should never appear in your brain when analyzing the stocks or any financial instrument/commodity.


That indicates that you are a layman who dabbles at investments and got lucky. What is there I boast about to the Whole world about your "prowess"? LOL!

Anonymous said...

Trump is not interested in settling all the issues like trade talks, Huawei, North Korea etc. He is intent instead of starting more conflicts as ordered by the US Military Establishment. Business is bad for them with many countries now turning to Russia, even allies like Turkey. Since the Patriot missile defence system failed miserably during the recent attack, Putin has dangled a carrot towards the Saudis to try his defence system. Who knows?

Trump obviously wants to have a big fat 'turkey' for his Christmas dinner. As for the criticism by both allies and foes at home about pulling US troops out of Syria, that is all wayang to fool outsiders, just like the impeachment inquiry. It will not happen. He is practically above the law and a dictator now by all definition.

Anyone want to bet that the North Korea issue will not progress any further? Kim just wants to play around with the Duck while he used the time to develop his missile launch from the sea. Now he has more or less succeeded and ready for a second strike capability, should the US hit first and try to flatten his country.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 8:39am

///If you are a really good and professional investor, the words "too expensive" should never appear in your brain when analyzing the stocks or any financial instrument/commodity.///

LOL!!! Truer words of an investment idiot have never been spoken!!

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