The real Chua Mui Hoong

Opinion editor of ST, Chua Mui Hoong, has for many years been on the receiving ends of brickbats defending the PAP in her opinion pieces in the ST. Many unkind words were used against her and her tribes in the organization with scant reservation.

Han Fook Kwang too was not spared though in the last few years he has taken a bolder front in criticizing and sharing contrarian views against govt policies and positions. In his retiring years, the restraints placed on him when he was the chief editor have seemed to be loosening and it is time to say what he really wanted to say for so long.

Chua Mui Hoong, though much younger and still far away from retiring, has finally taken a stand and stood up in defence of Alfian Sa’at, our local poet when the latter was attacked by Ong Ye Kung. This was what Chua Mui Hoong wrote in the Sunday Times, ‘I was disturbed by the way Education Minister Ong Ye Kung cited a few lines from Alfian Sa’at’s poetry to pain him as someone who might be disloyal to Singapore.’ She went on further to say this, ‘the 4G is a chip off the old block. Inheriting the same political DNA as the first three generations of PAP leaders, it is now merely showing its true colours. Online, some commenters drew this conclusion, citing the use of tactics of name-calling, character assassination and adhominem attacks to label critics negatively. The 4G in this view is just new wine in old bottles, and Singapore’s political development is as stymied as today as in the 1980s and 1990s.’

This is about the strongest statement someone from the establishment could say in print against a minister. This is the true Chua Mui Hoong, sharing the same feeling as Han Fook Kwang, Leslie Fong etc etc, that after so many years of being bottled up, it is time to let it go, establishment or not establishment.

The use of character assassination has been very effective in the past and many opposition candidates fell and suffered lifelong stigma with their life totally destroyed. Chee Soon Juan is one of the victims and till today, many unthinking still harboured this anti Chee Soon Juan trait and attacking him, hating him is second nature. The young of today and the bottled up old of yesterday could not and would not stomach such personal attacks any more.

New wine in old bottle is still new wine and those who have seen the history of Singapore’s politics, grew up with such abuses, have very little tolerance and deference to new wine to do the same. Time has changed and the personalities have changed. To be stymied and trying to live and behave like in the 1980s and 1990s by young upstart is very uncomfortable and difficult to bear.

A young shoot of revolution is sprouting not in the young but in the not so young, that the old, harsh and uncivil ways to deal with political opponents, all Singaporeans, all wanting to do good for Singapore, to smear them and call them names, is not only out of fashion but also out of context, out of time and character. For an opinion Editor like Chua Mui Hoong, still very young in life, to openly saying it out in defiance of the old ways is very telling. The revolt is coming from within. The new wine does not have the same hold on the old stalwarts of the establishment and the seniors at large. They don’t hold them in awe and in fear. They just don’t have it to be acting and behaving like the old guards, with nothing achieved and no authority to swagger around like untouchables.

There is a silent revolution in the making, led by the old wise of yesteryears that do not see much in the 4G that have nothing to show but acting as if they have arrived just by being put up there. Remember the tortoise sitting on top of a 20 foot pole? How did it got up there?

Would there be more Chua Mui Hoongs, more Tommy Kohs to rattle the status quo?


jjgg said...

So cmh is old wine in new bottle? Might be necessary to throw away damaged wines..no matter how u package it..lousy wine is lousy wine. I'll believe the straits times if an entire batch of new droppings is allowed say their piece.. I do not discount the fact that this one off piece will change a lot of views. Let's have an OP-ed on CECA or what lhl just headlined.. new township..new facilities..waiting for new singaporeans..these are the critical issues!!!

jjgg said...

So many auto write issues..but u know what I mean

Anonymous said...

i noticed that cmh always wrote a "fair" article before every election. It's a trick la.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!

Virgo 49 said...

Mr RB.

Ho Kwong Pin whilst in the FER was so anti Establishment.

Now, on their side

CMH all the while on the Winning Papies side. Now sang a bit different tune.

Those who had benefited tremendously will always take the winning side.

Only those who are now been sidelined and pass over and their lifes and kins affected will take the opposite side.

Pragmatic and cunning Sinkies just out to make or savage or slaughter fellow men will sing the Papies tune.

Just simply shut your eyes and out of sight out of mind just enjoy your WEALTH and luxuries m

Anonymous said...

#PAP's Tin Pei Lin


#$16,000 per month for this piece of shit

Anonymous said...

You cannot blame the local papers' opinion editors. They are paid well by their companies and have to report on the good sides of the G. That is why they got unfavorable remarks from the public for their bias reports. They will stick to the G and afraid to antagonize the rulers of the day.

Anonymous said...

#Chua Mui Hoong
#Can leopard change its spot?

#Why is RB reading the Straits Times?

Anonymous said...

"And we will ensure that no Singaporean, regardless of family background or life circumstances, will ever be shut out from opportunities, or left behind."
- Lee Hsien Loong

#Ownself bluff ownself

#Roy Ngerng
#Amos Yee
#Lee Hsien Yang
#Li Sheng Wu

Anonymous said...

"The Government will do its part to make sure that our seniors can have peace of mind in their golden years... and receive the care they need. The seniors group can play a part by continuing to engage seniors deeply, and champion their causes."
- Heng Swee Keat

#Ownself bluff ownself
#Mental Masturbation

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Open dissent is HEALTHY...it is fundamental if the national conversation is to be HONEST and OPEN. I fully support MORE DISSENT. Dissent is about IDEAS...good or bad, never mind. As long as the process is open to EVERYONE, the ideas will be duly sorted out as everyone piles in to "tambah" their opinion. A robut democracy is open, loud and MESSY. We need that, for IDEAS...the free market of IDEAS....that's how cuntries progress not only in their societies but also their ECONOMIES.

We live in an era of rapid disruption: The wild winds of "Schumpeter's Gale" blow everything old and irrelevant away...aka Creative Destruction Dissent is the #1 motivational force in disruption as it is tied to the profit motive which spurs and unleashes the entrepreneural demon. In our lifetime we've seen this "dissent" in action: Apple iPhone, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Twitter...all the various blogs, vlogs which have DECIMATED big publishing, big media (TV stations losing money to services like YouTube and Netflix).

Dun scared scared. Dissent now. Disrupt everything! Creatively DESTROY what you can, with a fucking big smile on your face, and hope for your very own billion dollar payday!

Anonymous said...

Do not believe or trust what the Sinkieland ruling politicians & its lackeys said as there is no free lunch (except maybe during erection times & some good religious places). Wat Thy Siow Times reporters written cannot be trusted as well as they r trapped under "The PAPies Monies Trap" by their masters. When somebolee suddenly turn good better think twice ( probably a scam? Or entrapment or something else? Remember the story of the red riding hood & 3 little piggies)

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1211

Ah yes, Skepticism is also healthy. Nonetheless, regardless of whether the dissenter is from the connected-government...fuck them.

Make dissent an INDIVIDUAL thing. In other words:

EXPRESS YOURSELF If not for people like Rosa Parks and Dr Martin Luther King Jr...Black Americans would not have Civil Rights. Then there's Ghandi, Lee Kuan Yew (big dissenter)...and many more in history.

No one will"give you" rights for nothing. It takes DISSENT. Our very own Dissenter-Disruptor Extrodinaire in ACTION!

Unknown said...

One swallow does not a summer maketh.

One crow that sings for once differently might have swallowed a fish bone that got stuck in its throat?

Editor Chua and Redbean Chua might be from same ancestors long long ago? Who knows? Maybe Redbean Chua also don't know?

Anonymous said...

Both Chua sisters started their careers in ISD and both are now senior editors in ST. I seriously doubt they will bite the hand that feeds them, even if one of them had won the $9M Toto on Monday LOL!!! $9M is peanuts compared to high-flying PAPpy-supported long careers.

$9M cannot buy you a GCB, while a PAPpy career most definitely can!!

It is well known, and confirmed by pioneer PAPpy ministers, that biting the hand of PAP is the ultimate unpardonable sin in S'pore.

Moreover all articles, ESPECIALLY opinion pieces, MUST be vetted & approved by the Chief Editor. So this was approved by a PAP-appointed chief editor in a Temasek majority-owned newspaper, that still has monthly "discussions" with the Ministry of Information about what can & cannot be published.

This article is basically DAMAGE CONTROL to Ong Ye Kung's aggressive public response to Alfian, which the secret service as well as grassroots must have feed back that many Malays feel slighted or threatened or targeted. Especially with the recent highlighting of them in in ban on heavy metal Watain, as well as the ongoing detentions of various extremists & ultras.

Virgo 49 said...

CMH ex Special Branch ISD.

Now maybe atoning for her sins of wrongdoing many innocents.

Telling Papies NOT to be too domineering.

Many who served the Regime when they are older or about to expire saw too many atrocities against many innocent souls.

Thus, they are goading themselves to atone for their sins.


Virgo 49 said...

LHL we will standby our Workers

Truths or Fallacy??

With millions stealing your lunch, dinner and supper.

Just Sin 70 or 80 dolllars save for child's passport, expect Sinkies to have sex in small places and have babies.

Know how many hundreds of thousands to bring a child up?

Anonymous said...

By hitting Alfian under the belt in a disgusting way, OYK has displayed his ugly side and aroused a lot of dislikes and disgusts.

His action also showed that he is not that bright after all. Unfit to draw that million$ salary. Unfit to be Education Minister.

Anonymous said...

Unfit to be a human being.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha Hahahahahaha!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi 208pm


He is still a minister!

He is still drawing $,$$$,$$$
¢¢ salary!

What can you do? Others do? Only lan-lan! Correct?

Anonymous said...

2:43 pm, you showed your stupidity cannot cure. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Got 'keh puak toh' boh!

Just damage control. Remember 'fixing the opposition' turned into 'managing the opposition'? From the same leopard's mouth!

Anonymous said...

What is money to Ong Ye Kung ?
He is Son-in- Law to a billionaire and is in a position which makes him a multi-millionaire holding a cabinet post for a few years.
lt is normal and in fact a goal for the Filthy to pursue namesake for posterity as the Ultimate Prize of their existences.
most left stinky rotten repute or nothing memorable.
l think the Late Monster Lee Kuan Yew was much feared and respected when he was alive. Other than his intimidating disposition, the Guy did not pretend to be nice and endearing. He was naturally stern, firm and carried himself without acting nice with pretension.
Never like the Guy but, found him straight and heavy,
hence he was an exceptional calibre that was exceptionally ruthless.
Many sentimental Sinkies tend to get too emotional whem they come across a villian doing a little tha the Daft thinks an angel is born out of a ever evil person and begins to sing praises overwhelmingly.
A wise person should take time to ascertain and establish a consistent quality before getting emotionally carried away which is a sign of weakness of emotion.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 327pm, not to worry, you are VVV smart! Good for you! Cheers!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ We are the smartest in the world!

...because of our world-beating education system.

SBS Dateline

Doubters and skeptics, watch it HERE

Majulah, motherfuckers! 😜

Anonymous said...

Omg Yes Kunt father was a staunch opposition politician under Barisan Socialis.

Anonymous said...

Ong Ye Kung's father, the late Barisan Socialis MP Ong Lian Teng, who resigned to protest against the PAP, must be turning in his grave.

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

MPs Dared Ministers To Live On $1,200 A Month

KUALA LUMPUR: Subang MP Wong Chen has criticised the Pakatan Harapan government for increasing the minimum wage by merely RM100 to RM1,200 per month next year.

“This is far too little... to eliminate the economic desperation of our very poorest Malaysians. If our ministers can survive on RM1,200, then do it. If you cannot, then increase it, ” he said in his budget speech in Parliament yesterday.

Read more at https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2019/10/17/mp-dares-ministers-to-live-on-rm1200-a-month#g1zklUQmGhfyE5Id.99

A Needy In Need Is A Needy In Deed! said...

Singaporeans Are Better Off Than Malaysians?

There is no minimum wage in Singapore. The Ministers of Singapore refused to set a minimum wage, giving all sorts of fantastic reasons, for the past 50 years. Yet the Ministers have set a minimum wage for themselves and their top-dig servants.

However, there is a maximum limit set for the needy. The following was reported in Mar 2019:

"Singapore needy will get more financial aid each month from the Government.

From July 1, a single person on the ComCare Long-Term Assistance scheme will get $600 a month, up from $500.

Two-person households will get $1,000 a month, up from $870 now."

- Mar 6, 2019

You see? How lucky to be a Singaporean needy!

Anonymous said...

It is the duty of every responsible citizen to rid their country of any dictator or tyrant.
Failing to do so shall mean the People have failed to seek forjustice and wellbeing for themselves.

imho said...

when rich ruling class cares for poor working class, its called manipulation.

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