The perfect time proven strategies for raising transport fare

Yes there is going to be another transport fare hike, a maximum allowable under the official formula and all the brilliant reasons to support this hike. To me, all the hikes experienced so far are textbook formulas that are applicable only in this island. I have done many years of research on this matter and have crystallised the thinking and methodology behind transport fare hikes. The strategies are also applicable to other industries and services with a bit to tweaks and twits here and there.

There are several basic formulas to use to justify and raise transport fare.

1. Tell the commuters that if they want good service they must be expected to pay more. This formula is useful during normal times when the system is running normally and there is no good reason to raise fare except to 'improve services', better service. Add a few tv monitors in the train cabins, add a few monitors to tell the arrival or departure times of trains or something like these, would be improving services that the commuters can see. Hurray, train services improving and deserving of fare hikes. Got free in train movies or actually ads and also can tell when train is coming or going though in a small town when there is hardly any difference between a 2 min or 3 min wait. Nobody dies waiting for a train that is late by a minute or two.

2. Another formula during normal time is to tell the commuters how many long years no pay hike so it is time for another hike. No other good reasons needed.

3. Another formula is to use operation cost, like higher pay or higher oil prices. Never mind if the fares are not reduced when oil prices hit rock bottom. Just explained that oil prices have little effect on operating cost, or say the electricity is generated from using gas. But when oil price is up, just use it as a reason for higher operating cost, maybe tell the commuters that since oil price is up, it is good to use oil and thus affecting operating cost.

4. A more tricky formula is to hit a bad patch like daily breakdowns and disruptions, many times a day, over many places until travelling by train is affected, when train services are unreliable, when trains have to travel below the recommended or normal speed. Let the people experienced what is bad service.

Then put in furious work, buy more new equipment to return train to normal operation, travelling at normal speed and claim that it is an improvement, big improvement in service, nevermind if everything is just back to normal. This back to normal operation can be touted as improvement and thus justify transport fare hikes. Brilliant isn't it?

5. One more formula is to tell the commuters that you are hiring the best talents and paying them top dollars, in the millions to provide good services. So there is an obvious reason to raise transport fares or else unable to attract top talents for the jobs, even if the job is basically system maintenance not rocket science.

Caveat, apply these strategies and formulas in other countries at your own risk. These are uniquely Singaporean strategies that only work in our special environment and conditions.


Greed Is Good said...

"What's wrong with collecting more money $$$?" has become the guiding principle of governance.

Looking at so many money-faces officials and millionstars, one can't help but agree that the basic principle is not meritocracy but pragmatism - pragmatic in collecting more money.

Milking the cows from the same cows again and again, over time, will deplete the resources (milk/money). That's why there is the craving for more foreigners to be imported in order to increase the number of cows to be milked.

By increasing taxes, levies, duties, fees and fares, the growth of the GDP is assured. Therefore, the Ministers' bonuses, pegged to the growth of the GDP, are also assured! You see, how smart all our Ministers are!

God only helps those who help themselves (by dipping their hands into the goodies, pot of gold, public coffers).

Anonymous said...

Quick, quick, go and buy SMRT and SBS shares! Greed is good. 3M stands for Make More Money, not Mr Mahathir Mohammed.

Anonymous said...


The fare hike must be 'sub sub water' lah.

Ok what! Very peaceful what! No protest what! Everyone ok and smiling what!

So...,.no problem..no ussue....in fact should increase higher! Remember...if you want the BEST-est tpt you just have to pay and pay and pay and pay!

"Sub Sub Water"???

imho said...

whether communism or capitalism, the rich ruling class wins and the working class loses.

jjgg said...

Greed rearing its ugly head eh.. when the government says its restructuring the economy does it really mean we gg to see old ideas abandoned n introduce proactive programs? No la..they only restructure the way they receive their income..foreign worker levies will replace drop in cpf contributions.. how to place foreign workers? Have continuous supply of infrastructure projects.. T5.. maybe T6 n 7..have a 20 year housing plan to build up keppel area ..tengah..mongol n in the meantime collect worker levies ranging from $100-$300 per month..let the contractors bring in country load of foreign workers .. bugger the citizens who kpkb the transport system..raise transport charges at
will..there's always a subscibable reason .. our mfg has gone downhill n will stay in the valley cos our costs are too fucking high..government
only have 1 trick... manipulating the property values n our entire economy is dependent oon this leverage n the fear of private home owners that their property values will fall if even 1 more oppo is elected..SAD!!!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ shut the fuck up and PAY MORE, you stingy cunts!

Transport fares must rise. They are subsidizing old farts like me who can well afford to travel using the vast choices of more expensive private transport alternatives.

So fuck you. Stop your whining and pay up. Acknowledge your uncle and aunties who helped build the motherfucking cuntry you enjoy! (I didn't do shit. I fucked off to Australia...but still… I'm ENTITLED!)


Anonymous said...

Do you yhink redbean has completely documented PAP's "Standard Operating Procedure" for price increase?

The formula is applicable for:
- transport fare hikes,
- water price hikes,
- Minister pay increase
- electricity price increase etc

Anonymous said...

Redbean must now write a "standard operating procedure" for voting out the PAP.

Punjabi Action Party
Prata Action Party

BB said...


Matilah has confirmed again that he has no qualms to resort to vulgarity when he has no good reasons to counter your presentation. Paying for old farts like him, who fucked off to Aussiland, is not only not a good reason but is actually extremely wasteful and a stupidity.

The fact is that the 9% increase in fares will bring in another $288 million per year for the head honchos to claim that they have done well and therefore justified for a big annual bonus of 10% of the profits made by the monopolistic transport companies.

They quoted the oil price increase to justify this 9% increase of care. The fact is, overall, over the last ten years, oil prices have decreased. This latest increase is a knee-jerk reaction to the bombing of one of Saudi Arabia's oil fields. However, the US has more than enough reserves (which has been released) to off-set the temporary shortage of supply from Saudi Arabia.

So, basically, there are some quick-to-seize the opportunity opportunists in the monopolistic transport business,going against the public interests.

Anonymous said...

MS 945am

U are 108% correct!

Huat Ah $$$$$$$$$$$$$!

Anonymous said...

Hi good morning......

You all dont know meh?

They know that they can increase any amount any time they want, and they know that the masses will die die die die die die die die vote for them lah!

This is Sg! Sg is already like that loong loong loong loong loong loong loong time ago liao!

At most the masses will ONLY kpkbsssss and TCSSssss!

Anyway can kpkbsssss and TCSSssss also not bad lah!


Virgo 49 said...

All these are due to the Daft Sinkies who painted themselves into their own corners.

Have the Papies controlling the Majority in the Parliament.

Thinking that the Opposition if elected would bring the downfall of Singapore.

You must have the balance in the Parliament to question and asked them to justify all these periodic increases as they wishes.

Giving all sorts of bullshits answers.

They, the dafts have themselves to blame..Give them enough ropes to hang themselves.

How sad, a young lady of just 20 sky dived from Pinnacle 50 storey to their death.

How stressful under the Papies

Anonymous said...

Hooray, let us celebrate! The 69.9% Sinkies are fucked one more time. No pain. I am sure they are unable to feel the pain. Maybe they are feeling "siok", as in the case of the assholes lovers.

Anonymous said...

When asshole bandits screwed the asshole lovers, the asshole lovers who got their assholes screwed, they feel good, and they habitually asked for more screws.

Anonymous said...

This like that lah......

The trouble is that the masses are so used to price increases that any price increase become very very VERY VERY normal and justified!


Anonymous said...

Proof That Sinkies Are Daft

At least eight families have been paying respect to their deceased loved ones at the wrong graves at the Chua Chu Kang cemetery for 35 years!.

One of them is Marn Chuan Lee.

For 39 years, Marn Chuan Lee paid respects to his grandmother's grave at least once every three months; keeping the grave tidy and even installing garden lights by her tombstone.

However when the grave in Choa Chu Kang Chinese Cemetery was exhumed in August this year, he knew it did not belong to his grandmother as it contained stuffed toys, colour pencils and a necklace he did not recognise.

Read more at:


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

So fuck you. Stop your whining and pay up. Acknowledge your uncle and aunties who helped build the motherfucking cuntry you enjoy! (I didn't do shit. I fucked off to Australia...but still… I'm ENTITLED!)


October 17, 2019 9:45 am

Who is this entitlement shit?

BTW, this child used to score 80 marks, then for some reasons started to score 50 marks. Maybe lazy or sleep in class. Then after some caning he bucked up and score 80 marks again. Is this an improvement and desrved to be rewarded?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1004---dun get mad, get even

>> So, basically, there are some quick-to-seize the opportunity opportunists in the monopolistic transport business,going against the public interests. <<

Why you so kotek ah? This govt monopoly is a publically traded share on the SGX, and it pays a dividend.

If you are a young apek like I am, in possession of a senior citizen card, you can take bus & train suka suka all over our wonderful island and enjoy all the things for a FRACTION of what a tourist has to pay, and about half of what the toiling wage-slaves of Singapore have to pay.

Then you want to get"revenge", you buy SMRT shares lah. Fare increase means revenue increase, which hopefully means free-cashflow increases.

No good ah? Pay cheap-cheap, collect dividend...good what?



As long as our mothers' chow cheebyes shit us out within the geographical boundaries which define "Singapore Territory", we are entitled to many things...like subsidized this and that, CPF, HDB, HDB upgrading, one vote during the election...etc etc

If you don't TAKE what you are ENTITLED TO, you are a bloody fool. Nobody will give you a medal/ award for refusing to claim your "entitlements".

The PAP buys our votes. Quid pro quo lah. They give, we take.

What's so hard to understand? 🤓

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ show your appreciation lah, ungrateful arseholes!

See how hardworking? World class lah. If it is Singapore, then it MUST BE #1!


Unjustifiable Justification said...

Price of Fuel And Trump's Re-election Chances

Moody's report, tweeted out on Tuesday, said early signs point to a Trump victory mostly fueled by a strong economy. However, the results will depend on voter turnout.

"Our 2020 Presidential Election Models: Early signs point to Trump, though turnout is key," the tweet read.

The report states that Trump has the advantage in several forecast models such as the economy, personal finances, and energy prices.

"The current environment of stable to low gas prices favors Trump in his reelection bid. Moreover, the baseline forecast calls for gasoline prices to dip slightly in the year leading up to the 2020 election," the Moody report says.


So, Singapore Transport Ministry and PTC should not have approved the hike in transport FARES of 9% based on the questionable justification of "increase in fuel prices".

Anonymous said...


Errr ... seems like everybody on this blog is clueless about stocks?!?!

SMRT has been fully "private" under Temasek since end-2016. Still earning BIG BUCKS --- mainly from rentals for eateries/shops/banks, advertisements, and even standalone ATMs. But if you focus down to actual train operating profits -- then not so good ... margins are damn thin. But the rentals more than make up for that.

SMART was under LTA from 1985-2003. IPO'ed in mid-2003. It's stock market heyday was from 2003-2010. After that kept on going down till 2016 becoz of constant breakdowns & CEO & senior mgmt shenanigans.

You guys should buy SBS Transit (not 1 shot; scale in; price has gone up A LOT in 2019). After 12 long years, it's price is back to & slightly over the last high back in 2007 before the Financial Crisis. The dividend yield now is only 3.5%. Last year was still over 5%.

SBS's bus operations are going gangbusters on profits ESPECIALLY since LTA i.e. TAXPAYERS have now taken on the burden of buying & owning ALL the buses. LOL!!! But it's train operating margins are also razor thin like SMRT. Not as bad as SMRT becoz SBS train systems are much newer than SMRT (lower maintenance/replacement costs), but still with time.... Then again, like SMRT, SBS is earning tons from rentals in their train stations too.

As for me, I'll still stick to War Stocks & other growth stocks, plus HK, India & China stocks (Indo, Peenoy, Vietcong stocks are extra spicy toppings & gravy too).


Anonymous said...

@ 12.28pm

Yes Sinkies keep worshipping the wrong dead.

After LKY died.
Over 70% of daft Sinkies voted for PAP in GE 2015.

Now in 2019, they realuze their mistake.
But too late liao.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2.33pm

Are you sure they realised their mistake?

Last ge 70%. For your information, many many predicted next ge 75%-80%!

Is this toooooooo late?

Anonymous said...

You talk cock lah. Next GE, papa party only get 55% at the most lah. People all very angry already. Especually, the Ahmad and Ah Neh. Half the Cheena Totoh also very angry. Total at least 45% very angry at the "D" One.

The souls of the dead father and mother are very angry during the last Ching Ming and 7th Moon Hungry Ghost Month. They are very hungry because the Unfilial Children and Grandchildren did not go and offer them good and drinks.

Unknown said...

A Big Thank You To Mr Chiam See Tong

Mr Chiam See Tong, 84, stepped down as secretary-general of the Singapore People’s Party (SPP) on Wednesday evening (16 October), effectively ending his career as one of the most prominent opposition politicians in Singapore.

He has been in ill health in recent years. He relinquished his post during SPP’s ordinary party conference at its Sin Ming Road headquarters yesterday, when the 12 executive committee members were elected.

His wife, Lena, remains as Chairman of SPP. The other posts have not been decided yet.

A very big thank you to Mr Chiam See Tong for all the hardworks he has contributed to and heartaches he has suffered for so many years for Singapore and Singaporeans.

Three Cheers for Mr Chiam!

Anonymous said...

Good riddance to Chiam lah. If not for his stupid decision in 2011, potong pasir will still be oppo. He's a 3/4-dead zombie now.

Anonymous said...


Love yourself.

Be kind to others.


Unknown said...

It takes all kinds to fill up this world. There will always be good, bad and ugly people. The worst are the Unfilial and Ungrateful.

Anonymous said...

Nothing to be grateful for.

Anonymous said...

#Lee Hsien Loong
#Money Not Enough

Anonymous said...

The Sin Regime is driving Sinkies
be like the Hongkies?

Anonymous said...

There is no such thing as nothing to be grateful for. One can be grateful to:

1. One's parents who brought him/her up.

2. One's teachers who have taught him/her for years, how to read, write and think.

3. All he people who prepared and provided foods for him/her to fill his/her hungry stomach and drinks for him/her to quench his/her thirst.

4. The Mother Earth that allows him/her to stay and live off the planet.

5. The government that provides safety and security.

6. Many more, if you really bother to think positively.

P/S: To negative persons, the above will be like casting pearls to swines.

Observer said...

PM Lee has become a hero in China. His comments on the Hongkong situation has earned him praises in China. But I think the Hongkongers who created the 19 weeks of havocs - protests, riotings, rottings, destruction ls, criminal intimidations, arsons, and crimes against the HK Metro, the HK International Airport and families of the HK police personnel - are not going to take it kindly.

Virgo 49 said...

When LKY talks, everybody will pause and listen.

When LHL talks, everbody will laugh


Anonymous said...

Quite many Pioneer and Merdeka Generation
Lee Kuan Yew ldolaters here.
surprising that their Offsprings are as DAFT.

PAP over 70% Winning Margin is as good as guaranteed.


Anonymous said...

Stupidity has no cure.
daft is not stupid.
Hope the daft can wake up soon.

Anonymous said...

PAP is so confident of winning the coming election that they arrogantly announce transport fare hike just before the election. Hope enough people wake up in time to slap them and take them down.

Anonymous said...

How do you say

a) Farmer selling produce for cash

b) Cattle being worship

c) Motorist receives speeding money
QASHQAI (Cash Kai in Hokkien)

d) Cowherd selling milk for cash

e) Minister milking commuters

Anonymous said...

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enjoy your Beef while the Cow heads for heaven.

Enjoy Your Beef Dishes.

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