The delusional Hongkongers

First they protest about the extradition bill, claiming that China is a lawless country and they were fearing for their lives should this bill be passed and when they committed crimes they could be sent to China, to be trialed in China, a communist system, an authoritarian system that would not give them a fair trial, would abuse their human rights. Is China more lawless or Hong Kong today, after the continuous rioting and vandalism on the streets, the beating up of innocent people and police by the Hong Kong mobs?

Then they demanded for the resignation of the Chief Executive Officer of Hong Kong’s SAR, Carrie Lam. Then they wanted Hong Kong to be run as a different country, full universal suffrage, western democracy as if Hong Kong is a state that is on its own, nothing to do with China, China has no rights or authority over Hong Kong. Now they want independence, to have Hong Kong to themselves, breaking away from mainland China. A couple of millions of Hongkongers wanting to tell 1.4b Chinese and China that they want to take Hong Kong away as a separate entity!

As the weak Hong Kong govt fails to put down the rioting and vandalism on the streets of Hong Kong, the Hongkongers are embolden. They are starting to believe that the Hong Kong govt and China are hapless and helpless against them, that they are fearless and could run wild and wrestle Hong Kong away from China. China is so weak and would buckle under international pressure to let Hong Kong free as an independent state with a political system that is contrary to China and posing a threat to China as an alternative system, they believe and think they could do it.

Lately, the arrogance of false pride of the Hongkongers have gone a level higher. They are starting to exhibit a kind of superiority complex over mainland Chinese, ridiculing them, insulting them and even attacking them physically. Not only were the offices of Hong Kong govt being attacked, vandalized and burnt, they are now attacking Chinese businesses and the offices of Beijing in Hong Kong, and the latest, attacking the barracks of PLA troops. They are beating mainland Chinese on the streets. These silly Hongkongers did not know what it is like to incur the wrath of 1.4b mainland Chinese. They would be the ultimate punching bag when China decides to let them have it.

The Hongkongers think they are different from mainland Chinese, they are not Chinese, and telling the mainland Chinese in Hong Kong to go back to China in a derogatory way. They looked down on the mainland Chinese, despised the mainland Chinese, thinking that they are superior to them and did not want to have anything to do with them.

They have forgotten that their good fortune was a result of China and mainland Chinese. They did not know, or refused to know that their food, water and almost everything came from China. They think they are so clever that they can continue to prosper without China and mainland Chinese. Such insanity or stupidity cannot be cured sickness is unbelieveable in a people that is wholly dependent on China and mainland Chinese for their survival. They did not know that in the last 20 plus years, the mainland Chinese have overtaken them, surpassed them in almost everything. There are still many relatively poorer Chinese that came from the villages or less developed part of China. But the mainland Chinese living in the big cities are richer, wealthier and more sophisticated than them in many ways.

The Hongkongers are still burying their heads in the sand thinking that China is a backward country and mainland Chinese are poor country bumpkins. If they keep burying their heads in the sand, they would not know when they would be overtaken and replaced by the mainland Chinese. Their shortsightedness and false confidence and silly pride in themselves would soon come to pass and they would regret for their foolishness in a fast changing world and a fast changing China and Chinese people. How many more days can they dream that they are really superior to the mainland Chinese?

Their contempt and hatred for mainland Chinese and China would be their sin to reckon with. China was able to lock down Xinjiang and contain the terrorist acts of separatist movements in that region. It is so easy for China to lock down Hong Kong the way it locked down Xinjiang should it decide to do so.

Where can the Hongkongers run when China and the mainland Chinese decide that it is time to drive them out of Hong Kong? Even Li Ka Shing is making plans to leave Hong Kong and likely to end up as second class citizen in some western countries, with a lot of money but rootless, country less, living a meaningless existence. Many Hongkongers are going to end up this way, uprooted from their homes, from their motherland, to become non entities in some far away countries they could not called home.


Anonymous said...

RB, u writing of the above article of mainland China/Chinese replaced with Foreigners & Hkongers replaced with Sinkies, hey, there u hv it Sinkieland is no different from these HKongers, it's jus a matter of time that one day Sinkies will wake up & like Hkongers but probably not in a violent way, it could be absolutely silent meaning it so diminish a group that it can't even revoke or hv it's own voice anymore, all become silence of the lambs lah.

Anonymous said...

RB, reading your above article is just like reading about the "stupidity cannot cure" Singaporeans. Almost exactly the same attitude, behaviour and thinking, minus the massive protests and violence.

Anonymous said...

Only stupid people will gang up with foreigners to destroy their own country. One day they will wake up and wonder why they have no jobs, no future. You can use whatever method u wish but nothing will ever change your race and your roots. Better get that into their thick numbskulls before its too late

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Hongkies are fighting for a wrong cause.
The Sinkies are dying for not fighting a right cause.

Hong Kong belongs to China.
Singapore belongs to Sinkies. Sadly Sinkies are giving it away without fighting, without knowing.

Pot And Kettle Both Got Burnt Black said...

@ RB:

"Where can the Hongkongers run when China and the mainland Chinese decide that it is time to drive them out of Hong Kong? Even Li Ka Shing is making plans to leave Hong Kong and likely to end up as second class citizen in some western countries, with a lot of money but rootless, country less, living a meaningless existence. Many Hongkongers are going to end up this way, uprooted from their homes, from their motherland, to become non entities in some far away countries they could not called home."


Where can the Chinkies in Singapore run to when India and the India Indians and the local Indians collaborate and decide that it is time to take over control of Singapore when their critical mass is reached? Even the Li Family is planning to leave Singapore, when the chips are down, and likely to end up as outcasts in some western countries like Australia, UK, USA or Canada, with a lot of money but rootless, country less, living a spineless existence. Many Chinkiess are going to end up this way, uprooted from their homes, from their motherland, to become non entities in some far away countries they could not called home.

Anonymous said...

HKess should learn from LKY on how to get your country to kick you out. Without LKY, sg is still part of matland.

Anonymous said...

Do you think the 70% Singaporeans are also delusional ... thinking that PAP is working for Singaporeans and not the CECA Indians

Anonymous said...

70% not delusional just no choice cos they do not have a valuable skill.

But after HKees get kicked out of china, they may not be happy too. just like many sinkies, always kpkb. We do not live in an ideal world. Everyone ideal country is different. Its better to earn a valuable skill and choose your ideal country to move to.

Anonymous said...

Do you think Piyush Gupta is the CEO of the "Development Bank of Singapore" or the "Delhi Bank of Singapore"?

Anonymous said...

//The Hongkies are fighting for a wrong cause.
The Sinkies are dying for not fighting a right cause.//

HK shall PREVAIL (for sure).
Sinkies shall SINK (for sure).

Anonymous said...

No lah.
He is Development Bank of Indie(S)or Delhi Bank of Indie(S).

Anonymous said...

Uncle rb 1038am....good morning....

What to fight for? Got houses to live, got foods to eat, got all kinds of subsidies and social welfare schemes, got free gifts,etc etc etc etc etc. So.... what to fight for? You tell me lah!

Many many many many many people will only TCSSssss and kpkbsssss but they are all very very very very very busy trying to 3Ms!

The masses basically bo-chup Cheng hu! 3Ms! 3Ms! Wrong?

Sg already like that loong loong loong loong loong ago!

Majulah Singapura!

Virgo 49 said...

Think Sinkieland can prosper forever without Matland?

Just wait your turns to beg them to have you BACK.

Anonymous said...

I look at the video of 14 or 15 years old kids talk about democracy. Seriously not sure they have even gown their hair in u know where but the education system has failed. It's entertaining and laughable video

Anonymous said...

Hi all

I pity all sides involved in the protests!

Really really really pitiful!

Anonymous said...

The Hongkies are doing their best to destroy Hong Kong.

Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

V49 11.28am

When? In 2030? 2050? 2100? Or When?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

When Heng Swee Keat gets a headache, ... do you think he gets worried and scared?

Anonymous said...

@Virgo, @All,

80% of sinkies are doing well. 50% are doing MUCH BETTER than well.

If you're not doing well, then you're in the minority.

Matland is simply surviving, not thriving. It's suitable if you just want simple life and just want to survive.

Matland is also good for manufacturers to have low-cost factories, especially those companies want to bypass china tariffs by US.

Anonymous said...

When Josephine Teo enters a very small room ... do you think she starts getting sexy thoughts?

Anonymous said...


In 2029 you all will look back at 2019 as one of the best times to accumulate hongkie stocks, just like during 1998, 2003 and early-2009.

Most likely hangseng by then 50,000. Both STI and shanghai maybe 5,000.

Anonymous said...


STI 5000 in 2029? Dreaming?


Sama Sama lah...not say I want to say...Sg cannot run one....so STI remains 3000+++!


Anonymous said...

RB Must watch Video below:

The tone have change, now it's the Hongkie vs Mainlander. Mainlander now speaks English to avoid being attacked by the vicious Hongkie.

FYI bits of historical background. I lived in HK for 2-yrs in the 60's. Chinese YMCA Waterloo Street, Mongkok, Tsim Sha Tsui and Prince Edward Rd. There was another Chinese YMCA in Sham Shui Po where I often visit my Chinese fren. He escaped from China and original from Indonesia.

Genuine Hong Kong speaks Taishan or Taishanese from Guangdong province. If you speak and understands Cantonese with Eng Subtitle....



Virgo 49 said...

DBS : Singdollar could weaken to 1.42 per ���� US dollar by year end.

See WHO has last laugh. Of all get a Foreign Minister to talk business. No wonder Sinkies or Sinking Land. Square peg in round hole

Already transfer thousands to Matland Account.


Virgo 49 said...

DBS: Singkies dollars could weaken to 1.42 to US dollars by year end.

Haha see WHO has last laugh.

DFS, HP HSBC firing employees.

Soon many will also join the queue. Sinkies don't be so smug.

Time has come for retributions


Anonymous said...

When Lee Hsien Loong finds a lump in his skin ... do you think he gets worried and scared?

Anonymous said...

The Hong Kong rioters are attacking mainland Chinese and Chinese businesses in Hong Kong. I think they should go further and cut off the water supply line from mainland China and stopped all food imports from the mainland.

If that does not bring down the Hong Kong Government, and after destroying all government properties, including police stations, train stations and fire stations together with fire engines, they should next start smashing up their own homes. If that does not bring down the government, they should burn their own houses down. If that does not happen, they should follow the monks in Thailand and start self immolation on the streets. I would say they are true heroes fighting for a true cause! These fuckers have done nothing to build up Hong Kong and talked as if Hong Kong's prosperity is all due to their contribution.

Meanwhile China will just sit tight and watch with minimal interference and let Hong Kong burn to the ground. Just station more troops there just in case foreign interference goes out of hand with weapons smuggled in.

Dotard Trump is saying that if the situation in Hong Kong gets out of hand, this will affect the trade talks. Who the fuck does he think he is messing up the trade talks with all kinds of new conditions? Each time talks are scheduled he comes out with new threats to scuttle any chance of progress. Little wonder Kim is threatening to end all talks with him.

Anonymous said...

From 2019 1:19 pm:

Honkitonks are very brave. They are heros of their own world - a world of fantasy and make-belief - the Super Heros' World led by Captain America. Their main weapon is Captain Marvel (Carrie Lam who allowed them lots of rooms, spaces and opportunities to cause havocs and destructions). Three cheers for the Honkitonks' Super Heros! Keep up your child-like fantasies. Join Peter Pan's world in the Never Never Land if you wish to. It will be fun because you don't have to grow up there!

China should continue to hold fire. Wait for another month to see the real madness begin. Once the time to act matures, hit hard and swift. Leave no stones unturned - both internal and external interferences. Internally are some of the traitorous tycoons. Externally are evil hands from CIA and MI6; also Canadian agents.

This is war! Similar to the Opium War.

1.5 billion Chinese world-wide must not be intimidated by a bunch of traitors with foreign supports.

China cannot be humiliated again, like 150 years ago. This is the bottom line and the red line.

Anonymous said...


///Singdollar could weaken to 1.42 per US dollar by year end.///

Today exchange rate is sgd1.38 to usd1. Go to 1.42 ... Big fucking deal. In fact MAS should aim for 1.60 in order to cushion against weakening economy.

Of course sgd will weaken against usd (and jap yen too). MAS already starting to weaken sgd from this month onwards. Without MAS action, sgd will only become stronger & stronger which will be BAD for companies here with deteriorating global & local economy and trade.

But angmoh tua kees & other foreigners will continue to buy BILLIONS of sgd becoz sinkie currency is POWER & our 10-year bonds have higher interest than 10-yr US treasuries. Imagine! AAA bonds giving higher interest than AA bonds! Free lunch!

All this demand for sgd will keep it strong, and MAS will be forced to sell more & more sgd bonds & use our sgd reserves to buy more & more usd/eur/jpy in order to weaken sgd.

You should worry more about ringgit going back to 3.50 or 4.00 against sgd. LOL!!!

In fact over the past 2 months, myr already starting to weaken more against sgd.

Not too late to transfer your ringgit back to s'pore bank accounts! Hahaha!!!

Anonymous said...

Do you know that Li Ka Shing made his first 10s & 100s millions by buying fire-sale HK properties during the 1967 mass riots?!?!?

Hence in a way, LKS owes his billionaire status to Mao Zedong & his red guards!! LOL!!!

Of course having the opportunities is only one thing.

Having the guts, fortitude and financial wisdom are the other things.

LKS had all of them in 1967. Do you have what it takes in 2019!?!?!? Hahahaha!!!!

Virgo 49 said...

Posted and laugh to himself.

Some wires short circuited in the head.

Think you are smart and smug

MOT mark my words Sinkies be worse than the Hongkies.

No way to run and been overran be slaves to the wild lives WHO be their Masters.

See one Prof Wildlife no respects for Sinkies. Even law enforcement SPF went to jail for three months

Matland even ringitt at 5 to one US will not die from starvation.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon.

This episode awaken all those Sinkies who only think of making as much monies thru any means and thought they are insulated from any upheavals or riots in their homeland.

Whether you are well off or poor these events will also affect you and your families.

Rich Honkies like Li Ka Chng and the Rest of his kind not felt the heat after sponging as much as they could from their fellow Hongkers.

Li Ka Chng now willingly donate a piece of his farmland offering to have it for houses for Hong kies.

Way tii

Virgo49 said...

Way too late.

So Sinkies will have the same fate when they lose their country to the wild lifes in a MOT.

Anonymous said...


Don't say until sg future so very very very siong leh.

Sg is very very very ok now what.

Just look around you. Everyone smiling. Everything up up up. No protest. All ok ok ok!

So... please don't say anymore that the future of sg very VERY VERY the Siong. OK?

Anonymous said...

The writing is already so clearly displayed on the white-washed wall. Sin City is destined to be taken over by foreigners, talents or not.
For those who prefer to be ostrich-like, it is not going to be less painful.

Whether you are filthy rich or desperately poor, you will be affected when foreign wild lifes take over.

Now they are already stealing and robbing your lunches in broad daylight. What will they not do when they are your bosses, landlords, bankers, priests or ministers?

Anonymous said...

Li Ka Chng donating land for Hongkies to build houses? In Hong Kong? Should have done so after buying up land cheaply from these people decades ago. Now doing some good deed.

But will be ruled by who? Hongkies want freedom you know. Hongkies are ranked third in the global index for human freedom and they want more! Can Li Ka Chung meet their demands, one after another? Engineered by the CIA!

Anonymous said...


I thought you people read xinhua, people's daily, global times?!?! LOL!!!

Don't you know Beijing already changed their story 1 month ago?!?!

According to the new story by Beijing & reported in xinhua & people's daily .... The main cause of the HK riots are now the hongkie billionaires & property developers. Beijing wants these elites to donate land for cheap housing. Either that or the HK govt to confiscate some of their land.

But Li Ka Shing is SMART --- 6 years ago, he already moved 90% of his wealth overseas, mainly to Western Europe. He can afford to donate his remaining properties & assets in HK to the people and appear to be hero of the people!!!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ today Hong Kong, next... Taiwan!

Kudos to the brave HKers for striving towards self determination!

The Hong Kong people’s DNA is different from mainlanders’ because many escaped from there

Ronnie Chan, chairman of Hang Lung Properties

South China Morning Post: Property developer Ronnie Chan says Hong Kong needs a 'strong, political
leader' to handle protest crisis and putting civil servants in charge is
'the most ridiculous' idea.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

ie. Cantonese love of boh cheng hu.

Like I always say "FUCK THE GOVERNMENT" 😂🤣

Anonymous said...

Li Ka Chng is already 91 years old. He has not long to live. His selfish misdeeds are now catching up with him. This is retribution or karma.

His craving, greed and prowess for wealth and money are immeasurable. Even at this age, after more than 70 years of amassing so much money (richest man in HK, 30th in the world) he still continues to amass tirelessly.

Although he is now desperately trying to make amends, to lessen his guilt (if he has any?). But his effort is too little too late.

He is actually one of the main causes of the present HK protesters' problems.

Trying to deflect the arrows pointing at him, through his defensiveness, he has pointed his fingers at the HK authority and the China's government. This has aroused the anger of the officials and masses from China.

Therefore, his days are numbered.....

Anonymous said...

Why are Asia's crazy and filthy rich living it up and splurging their ill-gotten wealth and riches in Hongkong?

The authorities must be very dysfunctional? Corruption must be rampant? Looks like it, after 4 months of unrestrained protests culminating in restrictions of properties and injuries. There seems to be no respite, and getting worst by the days.

HK Government is not only ineffective, weak, slow and unable to govern, but seems to be lost in cloud 9 with a serious lack of the sense of urgency!

Carrie Lam's primary concern is her inability to get to her hair saloon for a good hair-do!

Anonymous said...

@ 7:51 am:

"restrictions" to read as "destructions".

My apology.

Anonymous said...

Bus and train fares going up by 9 cents per trip. Effective from 28 Dec 2019 as X'mas gift bonuses to all the top honchos.

Translated into real terms, it means another extra pocket money of

$256 million or more per year!

What a windfall!

Just with a stroke of the pen, sitting behind a desk, in Aircon Comfort high up above the Ivory Tower!

Yet no Sinkies Will protest! A bunch of brainless, balls-less and spine-less breed! Fantastic!

Anonymous said...

@anon 8.29am


Anonymous said...

Hongkies better be smart. The pipe piper may just lead them into the sewer and life for them may never be the same again. Then they can really enjoy their self determination and total freedom in the sewer when the country ends up like Iraq.

Those who incite Hong Kong's destruction will definitely not be those who will come back to rebuild it. Vietnam is still left clearing up mines to this day, and still feeling the effects of agent orange, a chemical weapon, which if used by others will be condemned to high heaven. Who used it?

Where are the so called saviours of democracy?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ all

4Chan to the "rescue"


Note: 4 chan (and 8chan) is the "spiritual home" of the world's
shitposters 💩💩.
The undisputed world champion of shitposters is none other than Donald Trump, 45th US President, 💩🏆🏆 although, as far as we know, he doesn't post on 4chan or 8 chan.

So if you are thinking that 4chan shitposters "have their hearts with HK protesters", you'd be 1000% WRONG. What people do on 4chan is to see who can get the most "entertainment value" or "Lols" (Laughing out loud 🤣) from their "creativity". It is their intention to cause MAXIMUM CHAOS in the world, so they can all have a FUCKING GOOD LAUGH, at the stupidy of humans dumb enough to be "triggered" by a bunch of internet trolls who can't get a date, and masturbate to free internet porn in their parents' basements.

So what? Entertainment does me fine. If the world is burning and there's blood in the streets, that is better than any Hollywood action movie blockbuster. I kick back, stock up with booze and finger-food lah...and have a fucking good laugh at the plight of gullible, hapless humans!

Seen "The Joker" yet?

Got schadenfreude? 🤡