Repealing S377A completely?

'An outlier in criminal law regime'

Section 377A doesn't criminalise gay sex and its purpose no longer exists, argues former Chief Justice
Writing in a 72-page article in the Singapore Academy of Law Journal, Mr Chan Sek Keong said: "Section 377A was enacted for the purpose of dealing with the mischief of male prostitution and its associated activities (which involved male homosexual conduct) which were rife in 1938, and not because homosexual conduct was not acceptable in Singapore society in 1938."

The above quote is from Today online. Reading Chan Sek Keong’s comment, it appears that this 377A is no longer relevant and should be repealed. The case for this to decriminalize same sex sexual activities in today’s context is to some extent justifiable from the non religious point of view. The morality issue from the secular viewpoint has changed and same sex activities are now tolerated. The religious tribes may still have their own reservations in view of their unflinching religious doctrines.

Assuming that the secular thinking rules the day and 377A is repealed, the law must not forget that the young must still be protected and not fall prey to sexual assault of the same sex, with or without their consent. As long as the young are protected until they become adults, I think there should be lesser resistance and opposition to repeal this Act.

We are going to be more advanced and progressive on this relative to Malaysia, I think. Anyone knows if Malaysia has such an Act since we inherited the same judicial system from the British?

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Rb please lar. Not from the religious ground but for the survival of humanity. For ass lovers, just because the ass is tighter than pussy and gave them extra enjoyment. We strongly against this.

Press secretary
John Tan
On behalf of President
Singapore Kuda Riding Club

Virgo 49 said...

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Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

If things are so simple, just the desire for smaller holes.

What is happening has a lot to do with confusing sexual desires due to DNA, emotional, psychological, mental, biological and other factors for one to desire the same sex.

This is consider the new normal as more and more people are developing this tendency, many not a fault of theirs.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ human beings

Thankfully, eventually, The State and its law-makers come to their senses.

It is ok to be homophobic. It is also ok to be (like me) "durian-phobic" (I hate them). It is not ok for the govt to BAN durians or dudes fuckin' dudes or gals scissoring gals . As long as people conduct activities "hated by others" in peaceful manners, THE MOTHERFUCKING GOVERNMENT has no place in INTERFERING.

Slowly, slowly...Singapore moves forward.

On the economic/ financial front repealing this law is IMPORTANT. Many gay/ LBGT people are high networth individuals. Whatever you do, don't piss off people with CAPITAL. Bad for your cuntry!!

Anonymous said...

This is a sure 4 steps profitable strategy.
Repeal it.
Con those high networth guys into singapore,
Shorten their lives by infected needles,
Take away their assets.

Anonymous said...

Homos have been around before Jesus time. Jesus also never condemned them. Maybe Paul did but he was not Jesus.

Anonymous said...

Does Section 377A also apply to lesbians and PAP homos?

Anonymous said...

Chan Sek Keong does not make sense to me.

Prostitution is LEGAL in Singapore.
- male or female prostitution
- both are legal

Anonymous said...

Virgo reason is that female may not want u to insert your little brother in wrong hole cause it's N insult to them whereas the homo guy no choice as only have one hole

Anonymous said...

Matilar based on your logic of non interference by govt, are u implying that govt should also accept your incest activities as its also within your home? What about child sex that u enjoy?

Anonymous said...

#Chan Chun Sing

#tight hole

Virgo 49 said...

Ho. You might not know that they enjoy more than you.

Missing all the delights in life.

One hole males fear the Uro scope more than anything else

Anonymous said...


Govt actually quite OK with LGBT since 2000s, but becoz of attitude by Sinkies the govt has to maintain the law & maintain a slightly less than neutral attitude whenever Sinkies or religious groups complain about any particular case.

There are actually quite a lot of senior LGBT civil servants, as well as many millionaire & multi-millionaire LGBTs. Don't be surprised your office building is rented from LGBT landlord or from a family / organisation with a LGBT in top management ranks. LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Homos who indulge in their queer activity secretly and do not harm others, could be left to have their enjoyment in living.
the Law pertaining to it as an offence should be kept active to deal with those who do it openly and or insult the sensitivity of others.
to say that the LGBT themselves have to be discreet about their own interests and not rally or demand to enjoy their freedoms totally at will. This should never be allowed.
boys and girls,
do not demand too much. Just enjoy it privately, quietly and discreetly.

Anonymous said...


Where is WSG?

Still sleeping???

Very very very good life!


Anonymous said...

PAPies are SMART. They are reading the population correctly that more & more people are against S377A. They are just going with the times.

Long time ago, boy/girl or man/woman cannot touch or hold hands in public. And unmarried women must be accompanied by male relatives. And men are legally allowed to rape & beat their wives.

All these slowly die out, except in islamist environments. Any surprise why their economies are also limited & have to depend heavily on natural resources & whatever comes out of the ground?!?? They even have to depend mostly on decadent & sex-hungry angmohs to manage the digging for them.

Currently the existing laws already cover statutory rape, sexual assault, molestation, harassment, legal & illegal prostitution/pimping etc which covers all sexes. These are more than enough. The main focus should be on prevention, protection, enforcement, evidence gathering, and deterrence sentencing (e.g. 24 strokes of cane, chemical castration).

The reason why homosexuality was frowned upon & made illegal in ancient times is because it disrupts the social purpose of population increase/replacement & ensuring the survivability of the tribe / city / country / civilisation. Religion & nature was used to define homosexuality as a crime against God & Nature.

Singapore's laws are inherited from Indian Laws of the 1800s, which were written by British colonialists based on old English Law. The Indian Laws were meant for British colonies in the Middle East & Asia. While English Law has changed a lot since the 1960s, most of the ex-colonies are still using many of the original 1800s Indian Laws. Hence a lot of similarity between India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Myanmar, HK, Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei laws.

Now times are a'changin. As long as Singapore is maintained as Open City, with free flow of FTs & encouragement of higher-level foreigners to become New Citizens, and LGBTs becoming richer, smarter, and occupying senior positions in business, corporates & govt ... and their behaviour & practises don't intrude into minors or affect the general population .... hence S'pore govt is moving on with other focus & emphasis.

After all, as Dr Goh Keng Swee said in a little known quote by him:
"There is no real secret about the way in which most nations and individuals grow rich. They must save a good part of their income, wisely and profitably invested. The more you save and the more wisely you invest, the faster you get rich."

Nowhere did GKS say must be heterosexual to become rich. Being a freaking practical man, GKS wouldn't give a fuck for S377A to be repealed.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 2:28pm

Aiyoh just becoz I wake up 9am+ to 10am+ doesn't mean I sleep 24 hours lah!! LOL!!!

No need to work doesn't ALWAYS mean very very very good life horr!!

Sometimes got a lot of market / economic reports to read & digest. Sometimes a lot of boring quarterly reports & annual reports to scrutinise. Sometimes do backtesting of investment strategies & financial / economic factors to assess repeatability & robustness. Sometimes even need to go to Bras Basah NLB to use Bloomberg terminals to do more intensive testing.

Sometimes go for swim, brisk walk or cycling.

Sometimes very bored!! Then come here TCSS!!!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha...WSG, good afternoon.....

Waiting for your TCSS comments leh..... Quick...


Anonymous said...

@Anon 4:02pm

I already commented some above ... just didn't bother to put my initials! LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, if Lee Hsien Yang approved of same sex marriage, how relevant is keeping section 377A now?

I bet even the old man, who can forbid anything that ordinary Sinkies' put up, does not have the clout to deal with his grandchildren's differing sexual orientation if he is still alive.

Anonymous said...

Man-Made Laws Are Never Perfect

1. All laws in the world, even international laws, are man-made.

2. Man-made laws are never perfect for the mere reason that human beings are not perfect.

4. Man-made laws are bias from the very beginning - from proposal to inception - because humans are inherently bias, due to both external and internal influencing factors.

5. In the world of politics and diplomacy, man-made laws are subject to diplomatic and political influences at every level, at any time, in any country.

6. It should be easily understood that most countries' political leaders would definitely want to have the last say on any legal matters that may affect adversely the leadership, the government and the running of the country.

7. No matter how much integrity a person has, he is still subjected to a confluence of influences and a multiple factors of consideration.

8. No matter how independent any judiciary system may be, there is always a suspicion, that must be given the benefit of doubt, as to what goes on behind closed doors, where evidence is hard to come by.

9. Moreover, all man-made laws are also subject to legal interpretations by different judges, prosecutors, parliament, congress, and legal professionals. Such interpretations are dependent on the prevailing circumstances, the precedence set and the state of mind and well-being of the ones who interpreted them.

10. Last but not least, always remember that all the legal professionals - whatever positions they may hold at any point in time - are only human. As such, they are not perfect, fallible, make mistakes/errors and sometimes not careful enough due to stress.

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