Nothing surprising about hate China when the racist Americans are concerned

Anonymous said...
Joshua Wong Chi Fung was the mastermind behind the 2014 Occupy Central protests in Hongkong. This traitorous kid condones violence to bring his brand of Democracy. For him, democracy means anyone who disagrees that democracy is best, will be silenced, walloped or maimed, as evidenced in his Kamikaze crazy protest movement in Hong Kong. He is enjoying support from Marco Rubio, Nancy Pelosi, and surprisingly America hates China so much that for once Republican and Democrat don't challenge each other, so long as "kill China" mode is on. It was ridiculous that Fortune Magazine named this kid as a brilliant leader, he was even nominated for Nobel Peace prize. The way the Americans work, if 1.4 billion Chinese are decimated, the person who pressed the kill button would also get Nobel Prize for Peace and Human Rights and Democracy. Democracy, it is a damn, dirty word. American politicians are the most evil creatures on Earth.


Virgo 49 said...

How's about the Politician of The World Prize?

Any Award the Americunts churned out are all FARCE.

Nobel Peace Prizes are for those who stirred shits and bring anarchy to the world.

Politician of The World are for those who wayang that they cared for their citizens. Only interested in making a name for themselves at the expense of their citizens.

Dotard Trump now even can called China for help in bringing down Joe Biden when he had already bullied Xi with all his past mad policies.

This Dotard is worse than an insane creature thinking he is the Commander in Chief of the whole Universe.

Now he antagonized the E.U. Good show akan datang.


Virgo 49 said...

Just to add yesterday already First Crash of October. How many gonna lose their pants and reported to the Official Assigne.

Passport compounded. Cannot even go JB. Don't think of going to the City Above The Clouds. Can only go Toast box and be toasted with your Nga Cha.

UK as reported be in a deep RECESSION.

Sinkieland more PMETS unemployment as reported.

Karma comes full circle.

Anonymous said...

RB, nothing in this world can stop China from advancing or moving forward and onward lah. It's like Majulah China! China has already learnt that from the old man of SinkingLand since the 70s. So what's demoncracy or sociocracy to China r nothing to the CCP or PRCs.
What's important for the world is that these 2 great nations co-operate for the betterment of the world. The balance of the 'bald eagle' vs 'giant panda' ( makes it like the 2 wings to balance the flight of an aeroplanes stably and safely).

Anonymous said...

China, I think, has found a way to counter these crooked-minded and evil-hearted White Scums. Only thing is China is not talking about this. It is a long-term strategic approach. The idea is: if you can win over the hearts and minds of 1.4 billion people of very diverse ethnic groups and ambitious aspirations, you can win over another 3 billion people in other countries. If you won over 4.4 billion people of the world, you can safely say "To help with the Whites!"

Anonymous said...

Correction at 8:50 am"

Last sentence should read as:

"To HELL with the Whites!"

Anonymous said...

China leader Xi 习近平:没有任何力量能阻挡中国人民前进步伐。There is none other forces which can obstruct the nation progress.
So what's is Joshua Wong ? So what's is HK ?

Anonymous said...

Why are Hong Kong people so violent and angry?

Do you think Singaporeans will also become violent and angry over the declining value of their HDB flats?

Anonymous said...

@Anon 9.21am

Aiyah, Sinkies can become violent and angry over declining value of hdb flats?
Ans: No way lah. They juz kpkb make some noises & then kuai kuai diam diam liow. Majority r kiasi kiasu kiachenghu type lah. They r like zombies or bo yoke kiu , as wat RB said Sinkies r like stupidity no cure, they deserves wat they got or erected lah.

Anonymous said...

The only thing that Sinkies can get violent or angry is when u see they lost everything till they nothing to lose but fight or flight lah. When they see no hope or due to racial /religious issues kicking up a fuss. Sinkies r very smart lah they won't protest openly, they will practice wat Ganndhi used to do to topple the Whites men, by silence protest of non violence ( as wat Ah Long said in the UN, he respected the Gandhi way of non violence protest meaning he hinted this kind of a protest in the near future, probably it might even lost control & become more violent by then more new citizens no jobs & wanto claim their rights)

Anonymous said...

The Whites are evil by nature, so it is not a surprise. They massacred the Red Indians, Continental Indians, Australian Aborigines and kill millions of innocents in Iraq, Vietnam, Syria, Korean Peninsula, Africa, all of which does not impinge on their conscience. All they talk about is Tiananmen 'massacre' in big words on MSM.

The shooting of the rioter in Hong Kong is big news, repeated every news time, all throughout the day by the MSM. The Yellow Vest protest in France, where close to a dozen have died, is hardly news on MSM.

Now there are protest in Iraq against the puppet government of the evil empire, and all is quiet on the MSM as well. Normal Americans are kept in the dark! The Iraqis are now saying that they had better life under Saddam Hussein, where at least life is safer and living conditions better. And on YouTube, one of them said that he prefers life under Saddam, even though he lost some family members during Saddam's rule. What does that tell you, when you realised that what you get is not what you had wished for?

Hong Kong youngsters talked about China benefitting from Hong Kong's prosperity is just laughable. Where were these numb skulls when their grandparents and great grandparents were building up Hong Kong? How much have they contributed to the development of Hong Kong? Perhaps that is why they do not think much about destroying things they have not helped to build. I cringed when I saw on TV one rioter smashing the MTR ticket reading machine. It was vicious and uncalled for. Who is going to pay for it?

There are also protest all over the world besides Hong Kong and France. Haiti is also facing problems and the evil empire is still intent on disintegrating Venezuela for the oil. The CIA is working inside Iran to stir unrest, brought about in every scenario by all the sanctions.

Anonymous said...

After 50 years of subservient indoctrination and national service yes-sir mentality incurable inculcation, Sickaporeans have actually become Kiasu and Kiasi (big time cowards with no spine).

Even joining the Hong Lim protests also scare. How then they (90%) dare to run amok run the Hongkongers? Even you pay them each $200 for a 2-hour sit-in silent protest, they will still cower up.

The only time to make them protest is to deprive them of food and shelter simultaneously.

Anonymous said...

It not hate. Its power and greed that driven people to do nasty things to each other for centuries.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.19, you are talking as if you are the only brave one left in Red Dot. Why don't you take the lead like Joshua Wong and be our hero?

Anonymous said...

@ 9.28am

“We don’t want more Singaporeans to join the ranks of the angry voters”
– Diplomat Tommy Koh

Does Tommy Koh know something that we don't know?

Are Singaporeans angry with the Prata (and Chapati) Action Party?
- because of CECA?
- because of declining HDB resale price?

Anonymous said...

Why can't China allow someone not approved by them to be elected to run Hong Kong? The answer is obvious. Hong Kong is China's territory, forced by the whites to cede to the British for 150 years, now returned and it belongs 101% to China, nothing more nothing less.

Now, why would China want to let someone untrustworthy like Tsai In Wen or Joshua Wong be in charge and one day hand Hong Kong over to the Whites on a platter?

Would you hand your house keys to a known thief or his kin, knowing that one day the house would be emptied of it's contents?

Anonymous said...

@Anon 10.49am

Sinkies r angry becos the Pmets lost their jobs to the FT and bo bian become Grabbies drivers lah. When more lost their jobs and couldn't find new ones more will become angrier but then they only kpkb in social media only, Majority of Sinkies r like sheeps unless they r being boiled to their hotness & nobolee cud tell wats gonna happen by then.

Anonymous said...

Lots of questions and answers from somebolee!

Anonymous said...

'The only time to make them protest is to deprive them of food and shelter simultaneously' unquote

Wow, call in the USA to impose sanctions lah! This is even worse than Iran. No shelter, flatten the HDB flats and live under umbrellas. Good idea! Why didn't the opposition parties think of that?

Anonymous said...

Hahahahahaha...the same person...Hahahahahaha...!!

Anonymous said...


Don't be surprise the masterminds are in the Central Committee, Politburo Standing Committee, and the Central Military Commission in Beijing.

What better way to undermine the tycoons & corporate-centric governance, as well as driving populace sentiments towards stronger law & order and greater central govt oversight?

Beijing has good experience in the HK riots of 1966 and especially 1967.

As for "angry Sinkies" ... please larrr .... so many still lining up to buy condos on weekends, eating at 5-star hotels & restaurants, and taking 3-4 holidays each year.

If they are angry, it's becoz they were outbid on a multi-million dollar condo, or can't get booking at another michelin-star restaurant.

Civil servants just got across-the-board salary increment on top of annual salary increment/promotions earlier in April --- this is an exercise that civil service carries out every 3 years or so, in order to match the better-paying private companies.

Maybe a GE sweetener, but then it's been a SOP for civil service for more than 10 years already.

Anonymous said...

Dr Mahathir, who presided over the signing ceremony between the two companies, said in a statement that collaboration between local and foreign vendors was vital for his country's technology ecosystem.

"I am pleased to see Maxis and Huawei taking advantage of this environment and supporting the growth of Malaysia's digital economy," the 93-year-old leader said.

Singapore PM has been very quiet about Huawei over the last two years. Wonder what is his stand in this issue (or non-issue)?

Not even a single Singapore Minister or senior civil servant has uttered any opinion about Huawei. This gives rise to a very eerie feeling. As if the subject is ghostly taboo?

Anonymous said...

Taking The Oldies For A Sunset Ride In A Circus?

Lau Ren Wong’s remarks sparked widespread backlash among Singaporeans who were counting on their flats to continue appreciating in value. His remarks contradicted the Government’s past promises that HDB flats are nest-eggs and assets that will keep rising in value.

Even property agents were not immune to being hoodwinked by the asset enhancement promise and the realisation that the value of HDB will slip over the years caused several disgruntled Singaporeans to liken the Asset Enhancement Scheme to a “ticking time bomb,” “political big bazooka,” and a “scam”.

Despite the Government’s subsequent claims that HDB flats are “clearly assets owned by the homeowners” and that the Government will ensure that HDB flats remain a “good store of value for retirement for all Singaporeans,” some Singaporeans remain dissuaded and have criticised schemes like the LBS for providing little relief for aging homeowners.

On Monday (30 Sept), the MND promoted the LBS on Facebook. The majority of netizens responding to the post criticised the scheme.

Some criticised the LBS caveat that those who sell part of their lease to the Government cannot receive the full payment in cash since they need to use the proceeds to top-up their CPF Retirement Accounts. Others opined that the scheme is one is “trying to take seniors for a ride”:





Anonymous said...

In other words, the PAP made use of that asset enhancement lie, using the same carrot, election after election, to win votes.

The sad irony is that that lie was not dissected and taken up by opposition parties, thus giving the PAP the opportunity to reinforce power based on that lie, election after election, until recently.

In the process, they had a long support time frame over numerous elections, to tighten the election and other laws and cement their hold on power. The rest is history and their hold on power is almost absolute.

Not many now trust the PAP in taking up the LBS after being hoodwinked under the asset enhancement scheme.

Anonymous said...

Singapore PM has been very quiet about Huawei over the last two years. Wonder what is his stand in this issue (or non-issue)?

Not even a single Singapore Minister or senior civil servant has uttered any opinion about Huawei. This gives rise to a very eerie feeling. As if the subject is ghostly taboo?

October 04, 2019 2:59 pm

Singapore leaders would not be influenced by foreign garments and their agendas. Singapore garment did not want to talk about Huawei is because they did not want to talk about Huawei.

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Virgo 49 said...

Wow, Maxis cum Hotlink.

My preferred Telco in Matland.

Will be useful,,fast with their 5G.


Virgo 49 said...

Propety Agents will also sing the same tune as the Papies MND ministers and the HDB.

For the higher the prices, the more commissions they make.


Anonymous said...

Many things happening in the past turned out to be con-jobs.

The dafts, ingrained with "stupidity has no cure", will never wake up.

Moreover, their "tida apa" and "boh chap" attitude of make money first, together with their prolonged practice of "Kiasu" and "Kiasi" cowardice, automatically blind and numb them from taking immediate counter actions.

The future of the future generations of Sinkies are bleak and doomed. Can you imagine a bunch of subservients and fixed-brain cowards competing against 3 to 5 million imported hungry, wild, ruthless, lawless and criminal scavengers and bloodsucking parasites? How to survive?

Only solution is to look for greener pastures elsewhere.

Virgo 49 said...

Well said.

Sum it all.


Virgo 49 said...

Just to add. Your future Pee Ayam in waiting just loved Indian Curry.

Now in India trying to carry His Masters Balls.

So, brace yourselves Sinkies for another three millions of them in to curry your balls.

Unless he is booted out this coming GE.

Or else, Better prepare for Heavens to shed tears for you.

They are now at their balls and mercy.