KPKB or TCSS a waste of time?

'Basically, what Singaporeans ought to do is to “wake up” from their slumber of letting others determine their lives. If they are unhappy about the haze and irresponsible forest fires in Indonesia, speak up and do not suffer in silence or waste time on pseudo rallies. Turn up at Hong Lim Park, if you have to. Go there to do real protest about real issues. If you are fed up with the hedonistic F1 (rich man’s sport) messing up the traffic, make your voice heard. If you dislike what is happening in housing, healthcare or education, do not keep quiet and think that bad policies affect only other people. If your jobs are being stolen by foreigners who sometimes reportedly bring in their whole villages to displace you, the last thing you want to do is to keep quiet or turn a blind eye to the plight of other Singaporeans affected by these blatant imports.

Voice your concerns. Write letters. Be more civic-conscious, pay greater attention, even if the public discussions do not seem to affect you immediately.

Prof Low: “The only real chance we have of protecting our interests is to protest the basis or foundations of those policies, even before they inflict damage on you or your children.”'

The above quotes are from Law Professor Donald Low of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in theindependent.sg

A rose by any other name is still a rose. Call it tcss, kpkb, complaints, ranting, grouching, bitching etc etc, when one is unhappy or disagree with govt policies, these are some of the things that one can do. One can go further by protesting in Hong Lim Park or like the rioters in Hong Kong. One can also choose to do nothing, see nothing, hear nothing.  Or one can just resign and either keep quiet or go away.

The most evil human bean is one that does not want to do anything, does not want to lift his finger when he sees something is wrong right before his eyes. Then like some in this blog, they would want you to be just like this, stop tcss and stop kpkb. Just let the govt do what it likes and live with it. And when everyone's lips are sealed, some deaf frogs would pronounce all peaceful under heaven, the people are happy, see, no complaints.

The choice is yours. You can even join the political parties in one way or another, to do something for yourself and your loved ones. The last thing one must not do is to be like the 4 proverbial monkeys.


Virgo49 said...

Mr RB.

Good morning.

Not all Human Beans are like Li Kai Chng of HK and Terry Kou of ROC and the Papies Leaders and cronies like WSG whose only breathing in their lifetime is to make as much as they could by all means and also gained as much power as they could by any means.

Human Beans like Dr Chee which many scorned been penniless and now even TCB when they can reired as millionaires have a different perspective in their lives.

Both, just as comparison one penniless and another rich just wanted to do some good to their fellow men and citizens that they are willingly to sacrifice themselves to right what's they thought ought wrong and to correct them.

Materialistic human beans without souls are just like zombies and in the end also ended with nothing in ashes in the niches or dead bodies caskets under ground.

Thus, they lead different lives.

Those who cared for their Country and fellow men will kpkb for the good of them even though these do not affect them just as much.

Only tgise

Virgo49 said...

Only those ostriches and cronies who had benefited will scorned you as noises and kpkb.


Anonymous said...

Other than KPKB, TCSS or watever acronym u call it. The next thing that u cud do when all else fail is to :
# Alternative party
#...the list goes on..

Anonymous said...

I think there is more than 1 Chee Soon Juan hater (to borrow RB's phrase) in RB's blog.

Just as there is more than 1 cockroach in the kitchen.

Anonymous said...

The worst type are those low-rank ordinary PAP members who think and behave as though they own the country.

Anonymous said...

Voting for the opposition is doing something already, the most basic thing if you want change.

But sadly, even voting for the opposition is out of the question to those who have benefitted. And more sadly, they are the majority. They do not want change. So, what can opposition voters do?

The biggest challenge for the opposition is also the whole political establishment is stacked against them, monetarily, administratively, judicially and what have you. Monetary control being the most useful weapon which the opposition does not have. The ruling party has the monetary 'bell' that controls the hearts and minds of the majority. Ring it and they respond to it in the same old way, election after election.

Election is near, very near, when opposition skeletons are being dragged over the coals. It is just too coincidental that the WP's case should now be in the limelight and judgement by the courts. I bet this is to disqualify Low and company from standing. Aljunied GRC is theirs to take. Only Hougang may remain the last bastion of the WP, even if they put another in place of Png Eng Huat. I say may.

Teochew people have more backbone and pride. Three decades of being denied all makeovers, upgrading and changes in WP as well as PAP candidates in successive elections have not resulted in PAP taking Hougang back. I hope it will remain so, with other political parties filling the void.

Anonymous said...

Paul Tambyah is much more suited to run SDP, and is the only Oppo senior person that TCB really respects. Tambyah's popularity & standing among SDP and other Oppo supporters really took off a few years ago, but he has been sidelined & pushed aside in recent years.

Anyway the next GE will be Mar 2020 at the earliest so still got time.

Anonymous said...

It is just too coincidental that the WP's case should now be in the limelight and judgement by the courts.
11:20 am

This case can also be a double edge sword for PAP.

But then I think PAP is very confident the case will help PAP win Aljunied. I share PAP's confidence.

There is also talk that Low TK, or even Sylvia will do a gamble by moving out of Aljunied to contest another ward in coming GE because to lose in another ward will give them "more face" than losing in Aljunied.

Anonymous said...

'But then I think PAP is very confident the case will help PAP win Aljunied' unquote.

After putting so much effort to discredit the WP since day one of the previous term, besides creating all the obstacles in Town Council affairs for the WP to sort out, I share your view.

The case against Low and Company is an operation of intent from the word go. It was all planned and executed, with all the state apparatus at their disposal.

Anonymous said...

Paul Tambyah is much more suited to run SDP,...
11:51 am

In case u do not know, Paul Tambyah is Chee Soon Juan's brother in law (source from RB).

That's why Paul Tambyah is the only one left of his calibre who still remain with SDP.

Tan Jee Say and Dr Ang Yong Guan left SDP shortly after they lost in GE 2011.

And Michelle Lee, another star SDP candidate who also lost in GE 2011, is now with TCB's PSP.

Although SDP got Benjamin Pwee (formerly from Chiam's SPP) as a star member recently, he did not win in past elections despite being a scholar and ex senior civil servant like Tan Jee Say.

So u see, when scholar and elites switch camp to opposition, they lost. So I am a bit worried for TCB that he may also not win, or worse lose marginally like in Presidential election 2011.

Virgo 49 said...

When CSJ in the coming Election won a seat as an MP.

Many hate CSJ fans will have to cut off their testicles and shaft them into their mouths.

Hokkien said CheoTakLan.


Virgo 49 said...

Just to add be laughing and rolling on the floor. Favourite acronym by the brainless youngsters zombies when you are been fired, retrenched or nicer terms restructing or destructing and scavenging the streets for scraps when the time is near.

This will be the most awakening and torturing lessons for you zombies to remember forever for scorning the oldies.

We, oldies had enough not to be in this situation. Your time is not too far yet to suffer such fates with your foolishness in supporting the wrong charlatans.

Virgo 49 said...

When the Oppositions made headway in the coming Elections, many soothsayers and doomdays opposition commentators gonna either squeeze their balls to Death or cut off their testicles and shaft into their mouths keeping them shut forever.

Hokkien said "Cheo Tak Lan"

Virgo 49 said...

LTK next strategy is to lead the team of the East Coast Constituency.

If he is not barred after this sad episode.

He has to take another plunge and gamble as the next best chance to seize another GRC.

East Coast GRC did well in the last Election and he has to take another gamble.

If the Others are also NOT been barred, Pritnam will lead the Ajuinied GRC.

The Hougang and Aljunied voters are not fair weather voters like the Rest of the daft sinkies elsewhere.

They will raise funds to bail them out. But unfortunately the PAP want them barred so as not a threat to them.

They knew that the stakes at East Coast GRC is shaky with LTK's intention.

WP will never quit Aljunied. Only debarred from Election.

Anonymous said...

More important than kpkb and tcss.
- Vote Opposition
- this is the most powerful way to kpkb and tcss.

Just vote Opposition
- as long as he is running against a PAP candidate
- just support him

Anonymous said...

#Heng Swee Keat
#Headaches are potentially fatal

Anonymous said...

#Josephine Teo
#Small rooms can make you horny

Anonymous said...


Many youngies also have $10k or more monthly passive income, thanks to PAP system which they are able to exploit.

Even though they can retire, most don't & instead continue to earn more and increase their passive monthly income even higher. As long they still got energy, healthy & their work is not too life-sucking. Or some will downgrade to lower paying job but with much more free time & no stress.

Not all of these youngies like PAP but so far none of the Oppo can even walk their talk except for the 2 doctors -- TCB and Paul Tambyah.

Anonymous said...

Actually, out of the $33+ million the WP is being sued, the actual liability could be much less, considering that legally or illegally, the value of the work done by the cleaning contractor must be taken into consideration in all fairness.

Drawing comparison with a PAP GRC of like size, that should give an idea of how much should the contractor be paid for the few year's work undertaking the cleaning of Aljunied GRC. What Low and company should be asked to pay should only be the difference between the work done and any proof of overpayment. For all you know, the work being done by that particular contractor in Aljunied GRC may even be lower than what the PAP pays to it's own cleaning contractor in a similar size GRC.

Unless, of course, the PAP is out to make Low and Company lose their pants which is more apparent than feared.

What about cases like the Ang Mo Kio Town Council personnel who committed breach of trust, the misuse of funds by Government entities, like PA etc as highlighted by the AG, the Keppel corruption case involving hundreds of millions, or the millions lost by PAP Town Councils in the Lehman Bros collapse? All quiet and no sound and no one lost their pants?

Anonymous said...

#Chan Chun Sing
#Empty vessels make the most noise
#Champion Mental Masturbator

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:45pm, you talk so much, how much is your monthly income? $3k?

Anonymous said...


The Hockien said: Bo Hau Siau Bo Kon (No bragging no talk)

The Teochew said: Bo Lian Tng Si Peh (Losing face is like father dead)

Wonder how the Cantonese, Hylam, Malay and Indian will say it?

Anonymous said...

Ah Low, Sylvia, Pritam all confirmed will become bankrupts & lose their MP seats by Jan 2020 + banned from GE. By GE2020, TCB will probably need to contest in Aljunied otherwise confirm go back to PAP liao.

They may still be able to collect a few million from crowd sourcing, but still won't be enough. Maybe can only save 1 out of 3. So they need to decide whether to save Ah Low or Pritam.

Anonymous said...

WP is finished!
Aljunied GRC goes back to George Yeo and Gang come next GE.

Anonymous said...

Politics And The Spineless

Money, Money, Money,
Makes the World Go Round.
Round, Round and Around,
In-bound and Out-bound,

With No End In Sight,
They Make Lots Of Sound,
Because Of Inherent Fright
Dare Not Fight the Crown.

Jumping Up And Jumping Down,
Making Themselves Like A Clown.
Without Courage And Unity
None Can Bring A Desired Destiny.

Held For Ransom By The Law
Sued For Speaking Up For Them All
Jailed For Defying Unjust Law
Yet The Spineless Can't Wake Up At All!

Without Spine, They Only Crawl
In Guts And Gutters On All Four,
Happy To Enjoy The Shit And All
Like A Toilet Magot In Public Mall.

Pathetic And Tragic, To Say The Least,
The Spineless Never Can Be Helped Nor Pleased.
Doomed For Extinction, Yet Still Don't Know
Time Must Come, When They Fall Like Snow....

Anonymous said...

@Anon 4:37pm

I used to earn $8k per month & at least $100k per year including bonuses.

But ever since my dividends from investments cross average $8k per month in 2013, I've quit my previous stressful proj mgmt job to do a lower pay IT security govt job.

My investments have grown & now my monthly dividends is $10k per month.

I will probably convert to part-time 3-day workweek after 5 years or even retire. See whether working is worth it or not.

Anonymous said...

I work 20 days a month. Average $102k per month. In addition, I have 7 streams of passive income.

A. Pension $3.5K pm.
B. Rentals from Properties $6.5k pm.
C. Dividends $65K pa.
D. Interests from Savings $70k pa.
E. Royalties $150K pa.
F. Director's Fees $60K pa.
G. Sleeping Partner in My Uncle's Companies (previously belonged to my father) $1 million profit pa.

Non-War-Stocks Guy.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 7:28pm

Hahahaha!!!! The big difference is that yours is BULLSHIT!!!! LOL!!!!

But is ok lah ... this is a TCSS blog!!!

BTW, Bill Gates still earn $1,000,000 in the time it takes for him to fart --- and he's retired some more!!! This one is real one!!!

Anonymous said...

Who really can know who is bull-shitting?

Anonymous said...

You make your claims. I make mine. It's up to you or others to believe or not to believe. This world is full of fakes, manipulators, exploiters, scammers and con-men.

"What that glitters is not gold."

That is the anxiom to go by in this Age Of Cyber-Frauds!


Anonymous said...

Non war stock guy don't bluff lar. Go jalan besar to earn another stream to let tuakee there to sodomize u jiakat jialat lor

Anonymous said...

WSG you also big bullshit too so don't laugh as u also need to be sodomized lar. Not Say I wanted to say u, don't attack the non war stock guy as you are equally guilty of the bull shit so deserve the treatment of letting the tuakee to sodomize u jialat jialat too

Anonymous said...

My passive income is more than $1m a day. No need to work, just get a big title and get paid big big. And I have many streams of income as directors or chairman of many companies. These are also passive incomes, no need to work. My total passive income is secret, cannot tell anyone.

Virgo49 said...

Hello bros,

Whether you earning 10K or 100K amonth.

Whether you as Big earners Salaried Men and Women or even Big Shots in whatsoever service.

When you retired or fired, you are a Farking Nobody.

Those WHO kow tow to you don't give a damn or a fark to you even they were to see you face to face.

In Service and in power, they gave face to you for the sake of survivals and harmony.

When you are out even with loads of cash, to them you are just a nobody.

Anonymous said...


///When you are out even with loads of cash, to them you are just a nobody.///

Not true. If you are penniless with no properties to your name, even your kids will despise you after 10 years, 20 years .... Especially if you need people to help you. You'll be treated as football -- kicked from 1 kid to another, from 1 relative to another, or just kicked to govt & abandoned.

If you have loads of cash & properties to put in your Will, every tom dick & harry will carry your balls. They will treat you like rugby ball -- hold tightly refuse to let go.

Seen many cases in practical singapore already. Btw from my foreign colleagues, that's how they treat poor parents / people in Myanmar & India also.

Anonymous said...

The Chinese had a saying that roughly translated - one who collected more pig's shit have a lot more to say.