Foreign interference in internal affairs of a country

This has been on the lips on some politicians recently like it is a national threat. It is a national threat when interference is against a ruling govt but not the other way. And this hard truth is a historical truth. The ruling govt of a country would not want another country to interfere in what it is doing domestically or against its political rivals or citizens.

Should any citizen of Singapore dare to go to another country’s rulers to ask them to interfere with Singapore’s politics or domestic affairs, you can imagine what hell is like. In many countries, historically, this is treason, and the person involved is called a traitor. It is an unforgiveable crime against the state and people. There could be exceptions when a country is ruled by a rogue dictator or regime when a hapless people is forced to invite foreign assistance to overthrow a ruling rogue regime. However the difference between overthrowing a rogue regime and regime change because of foreign interference by foreign power is a very thin line.

The calling of a foreign power or leader to interfere in the domestic politics is happening today in the USA! Donald Trump is facing impeachment exactly for this crime. In the transcript of his telephone conversation with Ukraine President he was quoted to have asked him to investigate the son of Joe Biden, the leading democrat candidate to stand against him. While Trump has yet to be completely discharged from the accusation of having the Russians interfering in the presidential election that led to his Presidency, he is now caught with his pants down, inviting a foreign power to meddle with the next presidential election. The Americans could not take this act of treason and are mounting an inquiry that could lead to Trump’s impeachment.

The irony is that a few weeks’ back the American Congress was seen listening intensely to a bunch of traitors from Hong Kong inviting the Americans to interfere in the affairs of Hong Kong, China. The Americans are encouraging such acts of treasons against the govt of another country but would not tolerate such similar acts in their own country.

Would Singapore support the Hong Kong activists that went begging the Americans to interfere in their domestic affairs? How would the Singapore govt deal with such acts if they were Singaporeans and not Hongkongers ?


southernglory1 said...

The United States has always been a rogue and terrorist country since the first day of its independence from England. It takes after its mother country England for its roguish and terrorist behaviour. It not only interferes in other countries internal affairs. It just attack any country it likes out of might and would not hesitate to acquire and steal the lands of the countries it attacked. It has been interfering non stop in the internal affairs of countless countries to carry out regime change and to commit murders and assassinations of leaders and presidents of countries that do not toe US dictates.

However, Karma or retribution is catching up fast on US now. Look at the numbers of endless killings in the US every day. Nature and Karma has demanded that US will be destroyed through internal implosion.

Nevertheless having stated that all national traitors who commit treason by conniving with foreigners against the country should be shot without mercy without having the right to recourse to law. Thus China should eventually round up all the traitors in Hong Kong who are the running dogs of America and the Anglo-Saxons and Jewish Zionist Illuminati Cabal who are the main trouble makers inj the world.


Anonymous said...

Watch live now China 70 anniversary


Viva China


Frog Outside Glass said...

Foreign Interference Can Be Good Or Bad - Depends On Who/What You Are

Today is 1st October. It is China's 70th Anniversary of the CCCP Rule by a Government from the People (of PRC) by the People (of PRC) for the People (of PRC). This 70th Anniversary, though is not in celebration of the 6000 years of the Chinese History, is part and parcel of the History of China, compared with the 243 years of USA.

External interference is good when one wishes to get the support of USA to counter China. For example, going all the way to the Whitemen House in Washington USA to sign a 15-year Treaty to use Singapore as USA's military base for the containment of China, which is increasingly being seen as a threat by some quarters of Singapore society.

Foreign interference is taboo if one were to influence any Singapore leader to make foreign policies that can be seen as being more friendly with China. You can be kicked out of Singapore and banned from ever entering Singapore again.

Foreign interference is welcomed if one were to sign a long-term agreement called CECA to invite India to easily and freely dump her unwanted or nowhere-to-go 3rd world "talents" into Singapore in order to compete, displace and replace local Singapore talents, who are often conveniently blamed for being choosy and lazy (a direct insult to Singapore's education and training systems and Singapore's vigorous national education programs).

Foreign interference is bad if TOC were to employ Malaysians as editors or writers to write about Singapore's critical issues.

Foreign interference is good if the Straits Times or Channel News Asia were to employ foreigners as editors or writers (or make use of slanted-bias foreign news reports wholesale) to write, publish and influence the Singapore readers' mind towards certain issues.

The coin has two sides. It all depends on which side you flip the coin. It also depends on who flips the coin. To a magician, he can flip the coin To whichever side he or his audience wishes. Head he wins. Tail he also wins. This is the situation in a surreal world of make-belief. The more they make, the more you believe. Are you living in a surreal world? Yes, we all are.

Believe it or not? But it is the tooth, the whole tooth and nothing but the whole set of tooth.

Anonymous said...


Vvvv quiet here!

Must be busy watching China 70 Anniversary celebration!


Anonymous said...


Why celebrate other people's business?!?! Whether US or China no difference to you or your family right?!?

In fact you shouldn't even celebrate your own country anniversary or national day.

The ONLY THING you should celebrate is YOUR OWN improvements & lessons & achievements --- so as to create better life for yourself & your family.

NOBODY cares more about you & your family than YOU yourself.

YET Another HDB multi-millionaire collected $31,000 dividends in just 3 months from Jul-Sep 2019. He used to collect much more but has been cashing out on some overpriced stocks recently.

Ok ok, he is now staying in a mickey mouse condo that he bought cheap cheap during the recession. But he grew up in HDB.


Virgo 49 said...

Cctv 4 better


Anonymous said...

More Invited Foreign Interference Exposed in The US of A

Australian government officials have proudly confirmed that the US President Donald Trump called the Australian PM Scott Morrison and asked for his help with an investigation into the origins of the Mueller inquiry.

PM Morrison was asked to help find evidence to discredit the inquiry.

Australia confirmed the call had taken place and that the PM agreed to help.

This revelation came as President Trump is facing impeachment inquiry over a call he made in July 2019 to the newly-elected President of Ukraine.

Trump has been accused of pressuring the President of Ukraine to investigate domestic political rival Joe Biden, in a phone call which was exposed by an intelligence whistleblower last week. The call spurred Democrats to launch impeachment proceedings and Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani as well as the Secretary-of-State Mike Pompeo have been served with subpoenas by the Congressional Inquiry Committee.

Isn't this a fair game for USA, and for the world as well, actually?

If USA can interfere with the internal affairs of so many other countries with impunity and audacity, why can't other countries interfere with the US politics and politicians?

Politics is a dirty business, correct? In any business, whether dirty or not, the end justifies the means used, right or wrong? It all depends on how smart you are and whether you are caught / exposed or not. Even if one has been exposed, there are still many ways one can wriggle oneself out of the hook, isn't it?

What about Singapore?

Anonymous said...

about lsraelis Naz and Polish Michael Petraesus ?
they guilty of interfering in Sin Politic ?

Anonymous said...


Too bad HK market closed today.

Else I would have bought some solid stocks & etfs when the market crash when a protestor kena shot.

Got blood on street but cannot buy KNN.

Nevermind I can buy using HK stocks ETF on nyse tonight.

Huat haaarrr!!!


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ election interference

Democracy is a fucked system and easily hackable. There are many examples throughout history which illustrate this idea.
Democracy is hacked because human beings like their SELF INTEREST and will consistently devise strategies to achieve their respective agendas.

Countries constantly try to influence each other's internal politics. Why not? Country A wants Country B to have an elected govt which will aid the interests of Country A.

The usual route of extra territorial election influence is with the use of FOREIGN AID or the promise of "investment".

The way Trump did it was unsophisticated...like a Mafia thug trying to arm-twist someone to do their bidding. Jo Biden's son is a colourful character and might not have done "legit" things in the Ukraine. The Ukraine elected a COMEDIAN as president, do come on lah… You'd expect Trump to seize the obvious opportunities presented here. It's a NO BRAINER. Trump's doing what anyone with average intelligence would do.

So that's why I don't understand why people are frothing at the mouth over this and calling for "impeachment" when this is such a non issue.

Whatever private conversation occurred is between 2 leaders. 2 clownish leaders.

No Big a deal.

Are the celebrations in China about China and the spirit and culture of Chinese people, or about the vainglory of Xi and the CCP?

Where's a good assassin when one is so sorely needed? 😂☠️

Anonymous said...

Trump is indeed god-send to save the AmeriCunts.
No president in the history of the US is as Versatile as Donald Trump.
Donald Trump tramples and triump over his opponents in the next US Presidential Election.
God blesses Donald Trump.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Super Nationalism is the order of the day!@ Super Nationalism is the order of the day!

It is not often we see this particular political phenomenon all over the world: the emergence of super-nationalistic leaders in various cuntries:

1 USA: Trump
2 China: Xi
3 Russia: Putin
4 India: Modi
5 Philippines: Duterte
6 Malaysia: Mahathir
7 Taiwan: Tsai
8 UK: Boris (the only leader in recent time to be referred to by their FIRST NAME)
9 Brazil: Bolsonaro
10 ...Joshua Wong, most prominent activist of the Hong Kong protests.

Although he is not in office, and a direct challenge to the governing authorities, young Joshua is EXTREMELY NATIONALISTIC about the sovereinty of HK and its people. In that way, he is a “leader” because he acts like one and on many levels is “leading” anti-establishment activism.

Joshua Wong has announced his decision to step-up to the hustings and bid for local office. Here is his “fuck you” message to the CCP

The main point is that the various peoples of the world are sick and tired of being lied to by previous leaders who seemed to care more about themselves and sold out their own people and countries to foreign interests, savvy, amoral financiers (“Banksters”), and bullshitted the respective electorates on the “benefits of being global citizens”.

Macron of France and Trudeau of Canada are “out of touch” with their peoples and therefore are getting the “fuck yous” they deserve from the people who pay their salaries to look after the national interest and the people’s commonwealth.

Some say the PAP dun care, and they should be worried about being dumped from the very well-paid office they are the lucky incumbents of.

I call "bullshit". Even if you hate the PAP with your last dying breath, it won't make the slightest difference: The vast majority of local-born and foreign-born Singaporeans will overwhelmingly vote them back into office. 🤣😂

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I can't believe that an old cock like Matilah is so impressed with that little childish boy called Joshua. Go and find out his background, where did he come from.

He is just a stupid puppet that thinks highly of himself. To me he is a knave.

Oh, the USA and Trump would not interfere with Singapore's domestic affairs. They are so nice people because Singapore is so nice to him, or we have very tough politicians that would give Trump blue black eyes if he dares. Trump knows that he cannot mess around with our super talented and tough leaders.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Redbean

I can't believe someone of your vintage could be so fucking dumb, and bigoted. It doesn't matter WHO you are or WHERE you come from. What counts is the ACTIONS you take and the RESULTS which follow, and how PERSISTENT you are to STICK TO YOUR "GAME".

You need to go back to school to re-learn about life lah, you embarassing old fool. 😂

Frog Outside Glass said...

Joker-sua (Joshua) is like a calf that has not seen a tiger yet. The smell of sesame oil is still at his navel.

One day, he will have to learn the lessons of life - the reality of politics in the world. I wish him luck, which I believe is running out fast.

Anonymous said...


Yesterday a teen Hongkie rioter was shot at close range by police officer.... Let me share 1st hand encounters. If these Hongkie do exactly in NY, Chicago, LA, SFO or anywhere in the States. There will be lots of dead Hongkie if they try to beat police officers with sticks, or pipes.

In the good Americunt if you talk back to a police officer even without weapons or whatever you can rest assure a dead duck periods!

I am a senior ex-Singaporean. On a Saturday morning at the gate of a local CA flea market had conversation with a cop, at the end I question the cop "you cop kills many people?". This was no lied no confrontation either, but the truth! The cop almost frozen placed both hands just above his guns belt and holsters. Immediately remember warning taught by civil right shit, apologizes back off raised both hands forward so the cop can see. If inside a car place both, hand on steering wheels.

Cops are trained killers love to kills, will shoot if confronted. Happened often after the cops killed an innocent person will place a gun in victims’ hand, pockets or somewhere in the body or shaft drugs on you.

Quick thinking saved my live



It seems that there is a new law, known as the Protection of Own Fakers and Manipulators Act (POFMA), enacted in the Underworld. And all the leaders of the Underworld beans are jumping with joy.

It is likely to take effect from tonight.

Can you believe it?

Anonymous said...

@ All,

"Yesterday a teen Hongkie rioter was shot at close range by police officer.... Let me share 1st hand encounters. If these Hongkie do exactly in NY, Chicago, LA, SFO or anywhere in the States. There will be lots of dead Hongkie if they try to beat police officers with sticks, or pipes."

If Winston Churchill is still alive, he would have told Xi Jinping, "Too little, too late!"

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

When the rioters attacked the police officers, you expect the police to let them beat or kill them without retaliation or defending themselves?

More of the rioters should have been shot dead by now if not because of the restraint put on the police officers. The rioters deserved to be shot.

Anonymous said...

The world is in a big mess cos every leader is an extreme nationalist deep inside.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Shoot the fuckers!

It is indeed rare that I agree with Uncle Redbean.

Yup, you attack a police officer, i.e. you present yourself as a “clear and present danger” to their life and safety, they have no choice but to use whatever force is necessary---including LETHAL force---to defend themselves.

The HK protests have taken things to a new level by being VIOLENT, and testing the limits of the cops by physically attacking them. They’ve raised the stakes of The Game.

Maybe it is necessary. Maybe it is the natural progression of things. Whatever it is, it is now HIGHER stakes.

On with the show. Blood In the Streets, get ready to buy Hang Seng!

Huat Ah! (might as well, since people are going to pay for your “opportunity” with their lives)