Education, solving one problem but creating more problems

'I said that the underlying problem is that the education system aims to pick the top students for the top secondary school and later for scholarships to prestigious overseas universities.

If the reward is set at a high level, parents will continue to do the best that they can to make sure that their children become top students. The children from wealthy families will continue to get the advantage. Those from poorer families will be disadvantaged.

To get rid of this competition, we have to stop identifying the top students. We should only look for students who passed and those who failed. In each cohort, about 90% should pass in each year.'

The above quotes are from Tan Kin Lian in his article posted in TRE offering his solution to what he saw as Ong Ye Kung's inability to solve any problem with his new changes. According to Tan Kin Lian, the problem with Singapore's education is the focus to pick top students to be offered scholarships to the best universities in the world. I differ. Anyway this is what Tan Kin Lian wanted to avoid. So, Ong Ye Kung's new solution did not do away with identifying and selecting the best students.

Tan Kin Lian's solution, make schools produced students with pass or fail grades, get rid of competition. If this is introduced, parents and students do not need to compete with each other and would lead to less stress and maybe everyone passed. I think all of you would have a lot to say about Tan Kin Lian's proposal to solve the education angst of Singapore parents and students.

I just want to point out one fake reality.  Many countries are churning out perfect score students just for their students to look better and can compete better with other countries' students. Also many half baked students and half baked universities are getting first class grades by hook or by crook, fake or real never mind, especially when they come to Singapore. Singapore would accept anything as real on printed paper as they have no means or intelligence to check their validity. Singapore has degraded to the point that they did not even bother about having a degree to qualify for a job as long as the fake can do the job.

So how are our students with only pass grades going to compete with the real and the fakes with A grades? I am sure Tan Kin Lian did not consider this yet. We already have millions of fakes descending here and taking away good jobs from our Singaporeans. The situation can only get worse if our students merely have a pass grade or average grades from the schools, polys or unis. But this may not be a problem as the most desirable jobs for Singaporeans today are hawkers, Grab drivers and part time jobs, all does not require a degree.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Everyone should have a degree cos degree is like an o level these days. On top, acquire others skills e.g cooking, nursing, driving thru short courses. Education ponzi scheme is too deep to eradicate.

Anonymous said...


Every school a GOOD school!

Every school a GOOD school!

Every school a GOOD school!

So..... don't play play!


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Go to school, become an EDUCATED FOOL,

I am so glad we're living in a time where tertiary qualifications---especially form sexy, expensive universities---are dropping in "value" in the eyes of today's bosses, especially in the new start-up culture.

I have long criticized the education systems---everything from "degree inflation" ( now you can get a degree in almost anything), to the "child abuse" by "Centres For Brainwashing Children and Destroying their Individuality" aka schools, to the levels of debt people are driven into just because THEY THINK getting an expensive qualification will guarantee them a high paying job. FOREVER 🤣 (err combine incorrect premises with high expectation and you get untold ANGER and DISAPPOINTMENT😛)

Whether you learn on your own or pay an institution to do it, the idea---apart from how it affects you psychologically, sense of security etc yada yada---is to obtain IN-DEMAND MARKETABLE SKILLS. When a boss is hiring, they look for the ability to do the job. The also look at the unit cost.

If they pay you $10 and you deliver $11.00, you have "value". However, there may be someone from Shenzen, Hanoi, Manila or Chennai who is willing to do what you do and be happy with accepting $6, whilst delivering the same $11 value as you.

Who do you think the boss will hire? If you want to earn more, you need to be able to produce MORE VALUE than your competitor. This is Primary 1 Mathematics.

Anonymous said...

Do you think it's true?

Ong Ye Kung cannot solve our education problems because Ong Ye Kung cannot change the policies that affect the education of our Singaporean children.

LHL's sacred cow #1 (scholarship)
Can OYK change Singapore's scholarship system?

LHL's sacred cow #2 (CECA)
Can OYK change CECA policies that treat Indian education qualifications to be the same as Singaporean education qualifications?

Do you think OYK's real job is to sell prata and chapati to Singaporeans?

Anonymous said...

Singapore's education system is going from bad to worst. Without an iota of doubt!

Only those who have eyes but refused to see are blinded.

Self-glorification, self-praise, self-indulgence and self-enrichment have numbed the brain, eyes, ears and heart to such an extent that the only way forward is the slippery path of no return, of total destruction and the demise or extinction of the dodo bird.

Anonymous said...

The edu system in Sinkieland is to select the top scholars as elites so as to serve the Alitocrates lah. Don't be fooled by so called meritocracy. It all Alitocracy & Monietocrazy ( whats wrong with collecting from monies from its citizens ?) lah. The smart ones will outsmart the system & not be fooled by the system ? How? By working overseas, come back enjoy the silli sys & retire overseas lah.

Anonymous said...


Pass / fail can only implement from preschool to JC level.

For practical purposes & for competition for students (paying parents) & revenue, Unis & Polys will resort to other types of entrance examinations, if we no longer use "differentiating" national-level exams like O or A levels.

E.g. SAT, GMAT & MCAT for US unis; the various Uni entrance exams for countries like China, Japan, South Korea.

At the end of the day, ranking & competition will TAKE PLACE --- becoz resources are SCARCE and rewards like $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ DON'T GROW ON TREES.

E.g. Companies & bosses WON'T just hire anybody or give everybody the same pay or same bonus or promote all at the same time.


Anonymous said...


Many people now select Unis & majors based on earning potential & ease of finding jobs. Of course you still need to perform in real life, else you'll be fired and replaced within 6 months or 1 year.

For those who don't know, below are some examples:

US college rankings by salary

10 UK & US unis with highest starting salaries

Starting salaries of S'pore Unis & majors


Anonymous said...

There should be a balance between competition and survivability of a country. Too much competition breeds challenges and chaos/war, too much emphasis on survivability also breeds a chaotic selfishness culture. Probably wat Prof Tommy said last week may hv some truth - A First World Country but with a Third world nation mentality, probably Sinkies need to proof him wrong ( aside from the droves of swarms of FTs flooding the tiny island).

Anonymous said...


From frying pan into fire?

Pity the students and those affected?


Anonymous said...

There should be this. There should be that. The only should be is to get rid of PAP being the government, and start from scratch a new government from fresh people who are really devoted and have the heart for the citizens not foreigners.

Anonymous said...

Hi 1232pm

Good afternoon....

How to? You tell me lah!

Everywhere is pap! Everyday is pap day! PAP=SG!**SG=PAP!

So....don't hope! Maybe only in your dreams! Better to 3Ms! Correct?


Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

If companies prefer to hire other citizens or foreigners over you .... It means they can do the same with less pay, or do more with same pay, or do more with less pay.

Just like you won't give your salary to those who earn less or jobless .... and you won't open your house to those who are homeless or live in shittier houses ... So why should other people or companies do the same for you?

Hard truth.

If you KPKB money no enuf but you see so many other sinkies in the streets having good life .... How come? Something wrong with you right? LOL!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...


// If you KPKB money no enuf but you see so many other sinkies in the streets having good life .... How come?//

Not happy?
Just vote Opposition lor!
- better than kpkb and complain here, correct?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3.13pm, u are indeed Very very very smart!

U are 1o8% correct!

Anonymous said...

Solutions - No One Size Fits All

Every issue/problem has to be looked at from different angles, perspectives, facets, depths and levels. And wearing different hats, different gloves and different shoes.

Not a single issue/problem in this world has only one answer/solution. E.g.. There are 11 ways to cook an egg.

So, do not stereo-type other people's predicaments. Stereo-tying reflects either a thinker's shallowness and limited perspective or his/her ulterior motives (usually with negative and selfish intent).

It is wise to put yourself in others' shoes, gloves or hats when you are analysing an issue/problem.

You may come out with different ways of doing things, for better or worse. But at least you have tried your very best, not wishy washy.

And remember: No issue/problem can be "explained" AWAY. Effective workable solutions have to be found for the short, medium and long terms.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Wah seh, TOC kena...again 😂


Anonymous said...

The Hidden Deadly And Ugly Sides of Educators

This is one of the many deadly and ugly aspects in educating the young when people in authority failed badly in role modelling leadership and self-introspection:

POWER corrupts. Power in the wrong hands corrupts absolutely!

14 year-old Lahingide, along with five other friends who also came to class late, were allegedly made by their teacher to run laps around their school’s field for being 25 mins late in class.

Lahingide collapsed mid-run during his second lap and died in the hospital.

Following his collapse, Lahingide’s mother (unnamed in the report), 46, received a call saying that he fell unconscious.

Lahingide was immediately brought to a hospital. The boy was declared dead at 8.40am after attempts to resuscitate him turned unsuccessful.

The boy was not known to have any history of medical conditions, leaving authorities still unable to identify cause of death. As per report, an autopsy is set to be carried out at Bhayangkara Hospital.

Recalling how Lahingide had breakfast at their home earlier that day, his mother said in the report, “I never thought this morning would be the last time I get to see my son.”

“I hope no other child has to experience this, ” she cried. “The police must investigate this incident and punish the teacher accordingly.”

Police told the news outlet that the victim’s family will file a case against the teacher who allegedly made the boy run laps. As per report, the family expressed that they totally disagree with the teacher’s actions.

What do you think. What is the appropriate punishment for being late? Does strenuous physical punishment cum endurance-sapping mental torture laps running justifed for coming to school late?

In the Army, they say you can do anything but don't get caught.

In Education, they say you can do anything to a child as you deem fit, but don't be the cause of his death. If he dies, you "die".

Anti-Obscenities including $$$ said...


"The police would like to advise members of the public that the circulation of obscene materials is an offence under Section 292 of the Penal Code," the authorities said in the statement. 

"Anyone who transmits by electronic means any obscene materials may be liable to a jail term of up to three months, or fine, or both," they added. 

Anyone with information is requested to call the police hotline at 1800-255-0000 or submit information online. All information will be kept strictly confidential. CNA

Read more at https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/police-reports-lodged-against-telegram-chat-group-sg-nasi-lemak-investigations-ongoing

Anonymous said...

Designing the 3 keys cpf logo

Don't need a u grad.

Anonymous said...

The National Reserve has only two keys. The CPF has three keys.
Moreover, the 2nd key for the National Reserve being held by the President is as good as non-existing.

Why CPF needs three keys?

Who hold the three keys of CPF?