Chinese diaspora - Lack of pride and confidence

There were a few articles in the Sunday Times last week discussing the sensitive issue of Chinese identity in Singapore and in the region in general. One feature stands out glaringly from reading the comments in those articles and the comments by prominent Chinese, including intellectuals, is the lack of confidence and pride in being Chinese. They are afraid to express their views, particularly views that are pro China or Chinese Civilisation, they want to be known as Singaporeans not Chinese. They fear being seen as a Chinese. They fear they would not be accepted by other races for being Chinese as if being Chinese is a disease, maybe even killed like in some parts of SE Asia in the recent past.

It is understandable that after nearly two centuries of living under the western world order, reading anti Chinese literature and distorted news, when China and Chinese were demonised, smeared and bad mouthed as bad, poor, untrustworthy and everything negative, that even the Chinese, including supposingly thinking Chinese, highly educated and highly regarded Chinese, are still living under this western  evil spell that Chinese are lesser and undesirable beans. To be Chinese is bad and inferior and better not to be identified, or to stand out as a loser Chinese. Just bend your head and go about your life, not as a Chinese, never call yourself a Chinese.

The instinctive negative bias against China and Chinese can be read in the article by Tee Zhou actually should read Zhou Tee, but he chose to write his name dismissively under the western structure though he is Chinese, titled 'Chinese influence : A political business'. I am quite sure his family name is Zhou and not Tee. I stand corrected. Zhou is a common Chinese surname. Tee is rare.

The article started with these few paragraphs, "Concerns over Chinese influence in Singapore have surfaced from time to time, most recently in a report published in July by United States think tank The Jamestown Foundation.

The report, written by Global Taiwan Institute executive director Russell Hsiao, asserted that the Chinese Communist Party was using Chinese associations here to influence Chinese Singaporeans.

In June last year, retired Singapore diplomat Bilahari Kausikan had also warned of China's covert 'influence operations', and asked Singaporeans to be wary of being manipulated."

The underwritten mindset in the above comments is that China and Chinese are bad, their influence is bad, they are the ones that are conducting covert influence, the rest of the big powers are good and are not conducting covert influence in Singapore, not on the people, not on the govt. The starting point is so bias and one sided, China and Chinese are the bad guys doing the bad things. And Chinese of other nationalities should hide their Chineseness, don't talk about it, pretend to be different, better speak up against China and Chinese like you are non Chinese.

Not all Chinese leaders and intellectuals with some dignity left in them are going to accept this kind of nonsense in silence especially those in the Chinese media and those in the Chinese clans and associations.  Lim Jim Koon, former editor of Lianhe Zaobao was quoted saying this, "We cannot stop others from viewing us through tinted lenses or a distorted mirror, deliberately manipulating public perception and causing misunderstandings about the Chinese community in Singapore, especially to those less familiar,"

The article went on to quote some ethnic overseas Chinese academics and with one describing that raising the Chinese identity to a higher profile is unfortunate. Why is this unfortunate? Why is being proud of one's civilisation and success seen as unfortunate while glorifying and adoring the success of other civilisations as second nature, as a good thing? Inferiority complex?

The 100 years of humiliation and oppression of the Chinese Civilisation is over.  China and the Chinese Civilisation have regained their positions as respectable country and people of the world. There is no more the need to feel ashame of being Chinese and of China as a poor and downtrodden country. This is the time to stand up, whether you are a China Chinese or the Chinese diaspora in other parts of the world, to walk proudly as equals of the rest of the world. The days of bending your heads low, talked softly and go about meekly as a defeated and bankrupt Civilisation is passe.

There is no need to apologise for being a Chinese and the growing influence of China and the Chinese Civilisation in Singapore and across the world. It is a natural thing that great and successful powers would have influence over other countries. And the influence of China and the Chinese Civilisation is not necessarily bad and in many cases are good, very good indeed. Look at what is happening in Central Asia and Africa and even Latin America? Compare to what happened to them when they were colonised by the evil West that the unthinking bananas chose to admire blindly.

If China and Chinese influence are bad, Singapore and the rest of the world should not be doing business with China. Why are the rest of the world rushing into China? Why is the Singapore govt gloating about good relations with China and wanting to do more business with China if China is a devil?

On the contrary, look at the behaviour of Australia, a white regime that stole a continent in Asia. They would not disguise where their sentiments and loyalty are. They are whites and would side with the white countries and would consistently choose to regard China as their enemy for the simple reason that it is China and not white. They did not have to be ashamed of themselves for identifying themselves as whites. Why should the Chinese diaspora be so ashamed of themselves as Chinese, afraid to be known as Chinese even in a Chinese majority Singapore? Where is the pride and dignity of being what you are as a people?

Do not be an apologist to say that Singapore is in a dilemma because it has a majority Chinese population and cannot choose to be friendly with China and less friendly to the Americans. It is about national interest. What is good to our national interest?

One professor Leo Suryadinata commented in the article, "...PM Lee is "fully aware" of recent developments on the issue of Chinese influence. In order to resist foreign influence, Singaporeans have to strengthen our own national identity. If we are weak or have no national identity, it is impossible for us to defend our national interest," he says, adding that this could be the "underlying message" behind PM Lee's remarks at the Rally."

Reading between the lines, the so called 'foreign influence' is bad and who is the country behind this foreign influence? I take issues with this kind of banana thinking, China and Chinese bad, western influence good, coming from an ethnic Chinese. It is disgraceful.

By the way, what is our identity? At best it is a chap cheng identity and getting worse with more third world wildlife becoming citizens to dilute our already 'no identity' identity. Our present identity is that of a rootless people with no culture and history but accepting and apeing the West as our root and culture. The only thing that these rootless people are proud of is the colonial heritage and their colonial masters. We do not know who we are, refuse to know who we are, especially the bananas who think their ancestors are white and Chinese are bad. Obviously they did not have a mirror in their homes. Sad isn't it?

There is no shame to be Chinese. There is no fear to be Chinese be it overseas Chinese, born out of China and taken different nationalities. A Chinese is just a tribe, an ethnic identity, a Civilisation, not necessary a national identity for the Chinese diaspora. A Chinese is a Chinese wherever you are. Be proud being a Chinese.

PS. Is Singapore's anti China mindset prevalent in the govt? If so, is this due to American pressure and influence or is it second nature to those in govt, to be anti China? Are those in Singapore govt inherently anti China and the gloating of good relations with China just hypocritical?

Did Trump ask our leaders for quid pro quo or else, or like George Bush Jr said, you are with us or against us, no pressure, no interference on our govt? Or is it that we quai quai say, just tell us what to do, if you want us to be enemy of China we will?


Unknown said...

I am half Chinese, one quarter Mongolian and one quarter Tibetan. But I am very proud of being Chinese, though living in Singapore for the best 30 years of my life.

Anonymous said...

Is Singapore's anti China mindset prevalent in the govt? If so, is this due to American pressure and influence or is it second nature to those in govt, to be anti China?

If u think Singapore has anti China mindset, then I would think it is due to American pressure and influence lah.

Because Singapore got American aircraft carrier docking in Changi Naval Base to tell our bigger and more powerful neighbours not to mess around with PAP's Singapore, OK?

So like that ah, if America tell PAP to be anti China, how can PAP say no, u tell me lah?

Unless China also send aircraft carrier to dock in Singapore lah, but their aircraft carrier did not want to come what. So China cannot show that it can protect Singapore mah, so why should PAP want to be pro China?

Unknown said...

My grandparents were Han Chinese. My father is a Han Chinese who was working in Tibet and then migrated to Thailand. He has always been proud of being a Chinese everywhere he goes, doing business. My mother is half Mongolian and half Tibetan, but she is always proud of having been the wife of a Han Chinese.

Anonymous said...

Because Singapore got American aircraft carrier docking in Changi Naval Base...
9:08 am

The American Nimitz class aircraft carrier is the biggest and most powerful aircraft carrier in the world. And Changi Naval Base is also big enough for it to dock, u know.

China aircraft carrier no fight one.

That's why China never want to attack or protect other countries.

Unknown said...

Singapore - The Merlion City

In the long-term, Singapore, the Merlion City, cannot stand on its own, because it has no feet. A Merlion has no legs, only the tail of a fish. It cannot stand upright for long. It will get tired and collapse

China has long-term strategic plans. She thinks that Malaysia and Indonesia are more strategically important to China than Singapore. If Malaysia and Indonesia ganged up, Singapore is a dead duck within 30 days.

Singapore is good to China only from the economic perspective. Other than that, Singapore is insignificant to China's overall scheme of things.

The 2.4 million local Chinese in Singapore is not even a drop of water in the ocean of 1.4 billion Chinese in China.

The leadership in Singapore comprises mainly of Western-educated, Western-oriented, Western-thinking, English-speaking men and women. Many of the leaders (political, civil service, business and professionals) in Singapore are English-thinking and English-talking with knowledge of history based on Western perspectives and beliefs. Very few have read Chinese History. So, how much can these leaders appreciate Chinese Civilization, History and Culture? If any of them does appreciate, it's only superficially in their brain, not deep in their heart.

Guided by the principle of no principles called Pragmatism, for the purpose of immediate and short-term survival when independence was suddenly forced upon Singapore in 1965, it is only natural that Singapore leaned towards the West then. China in 1965 was still in a state of recovery from the devastating impacts of wars (with 12 invading foreign powers and civil wars). So, by natural progression, Singapore continues to depend on the Westerners for protection against its much bigger neighbors.

Israel was the only one country that answered Singapore's cry for help in 1965, when the British abandoned her for the second time. The SAF was formed, raised, trained and expanded with the help of Israelis expertise.

So, it goes without saying that the basic human instinct is to trust the one who helped you when you are alone, lost and weak.

Anonymous said...

I'm much more aware of my Chinese heritage now.
I'm a lot more pro China now.

Because of the invasion of CECA Indians into Singapore.

Anonymous said...

So, it goes without saying that the basic human instinct is to trust the one who helped you when you are alone, lost and weak.
9:44 am

Well said.

RB blog need more commentators like u to make more netizens want to come here and read and also to exercise their brain.

Anonymous said...

Will the interest of Chinese Singaporeans be protected if we have a CECA Indian-loving PAP government?

Is this a fair question?

Anonymous said...

If Malaysia and Indonesia ganged up, Singapore is a dead duck within 30 days.
9:44 am

That is very true if it really happens and also what PAP fears most.

That's why PAP wants a strong deterrent against this happening, and the American aircraft carrier presence in Changi Naval Base is a strong deterrent, never mind it may not really be able to protect Singapore should the above happen.

Singapore's defence strategy is to use deterrent to prevent a war so that our Sinkie NSmen no need to fight and die and for the smarter ones to make money and to enjoy good life.

Anonymous said...

Will the interest of Chinese Singaporeans be protected if we have a CECA Indian-loving PAP government?
9:56 am

Actually it is not that the PAP government love CECA Indians lah.

It is because CECA Indians are abundant in IT talent, especially for the IT back-end operations eg in banks. And there are also a lot of CECA Indians running companies doing such IT things. That's why Microsoft got R & D setup in India, u know. So u see, even Bill Gates also love them.

Hope u now understand why there are so many CECA Indians in Sinkieland. Because there are not enough talented Sinkies or Sinkie companies in these areas.

Anonymous said...


I am a fan of China!

Yes! Very very soon China would be number one! In everything! Number one!


Anonymous said...

What is the definition of a "Chinese". Chinese is a citizen of China just like British is a citizen of Britain. When Malaysia set up diplomatic relation with China, China has stated that those who refused to take up Malaysian citizenship will be called as "Oversea Chinese", that is a citizen of China living oversea. Chinese is made up of many nationalities just like the British is made up of the Scotts, the Irish, the English, etc. Hans is the majority of Chinese in China. Tibetans are Chinese to China just like Irishs are British to Britain.

The Chinese in Singapore are NOT Chinese, they are the Hans because they are not citizens of China. We belongs to the Hans nationality but not China's citizenship.

The British are very good in divide and rule which they had done very well to India and Africa. They call Han in Singapore as Chinese Singaporean but Tibetans as Tibetans. This implies only Hans are Chinese and Tibetans are not Chinese. Only Hans are the citizen of China and other nationalities such as the Tibetans, etc are not. This is fundamentally divide and rule.

Why an Irish British immigrated to US will not call themselves as British American but as Irish American? So why should we call ourselves as Chinese Singaporean rather than Han Singaporean? Remember, the word "Chinese" is a citizen of China and we are NOT citizen of China. Do not be confused in this terminology which has political implication.

Anonymous said...

If we are talking about Chinese overseas in general, and in countries like Indonesia and Malaysia in particular, such mentality is to be expected due to the Muslim sensitivity towards the Chinese perceived economic encroachment over the indigenous population, hence much resentment by them towards the Chinese may have caused their unwillingness to express themselves. The anti Chinese riots in Indonesia years ago is a stark reminder of what can happen.

Moreover, those educated in the West, westernised in their world view, most likely think that China today is still behind the West in everything, the same kind of thinking that most Westerners themselves, who have not been to China, will tell you. The most laughable thing is that despite what is seen and heard on social media about developments in China and around the world by reputable academics, personalities and those who have been there, most uninformed and hardcore baised people will hold the view that those developments are probably exaggerated and false. Fake news they will immediately say! You cannot change people's view of things if they choose to remain ignorant.

There was a clip on Youtube about US citizens being asked on the streets to name 10 countries of the world and most are unable to do so. This is supposed to be the most well educated and informed people living in the most free and developed country of the world with the best education facilities, unlike so called closeted countries like Russia, China or N Korea, and it sounds really pathetic.

For the Chinese living in China, I do not think they are afraid to express themselves to the rest of the world. On the contrary, the mainland Chinese today are more patriotic towards the motherland, knowing and having tasted the fruits of the developments over the last three decades and the elevation of poverty measures undertaken by the communist rulers.

Again, lots of Westerners will say it is an exaggeration that 800 million have been lifted out of poverty in China. They choose to remain blind to the massive infrastructure developments in manufacturing, transportation, food production, education and other scientific innovations, and not least the Chinese tourist's spending overseas, taking them as non existent. Sad!

Anonymous said...

They choose to remain blind to the massive infrastructure developments in manufacturing, transportation, food production, education and other scientific innovations, and not least the Chinese tourist's spending overseas, taking them as non existent.
11:32 am

But don't forget that China is very, very big and also got more than 1 billion people, u know.

If only 10% of the people are rich and only 10% of the land is developed as u described above, is that a great acheievement?

90% who are in poverty or undeveloped areas u did not see or u r blind to it, u know.

Anonymous said...

I rest my case! Walls are hard to break down!

Anonymous said...

@ 10.14am
#CECA Indian lover
#PAP Internet Brigade

Many Singaporean Chinese IT professionals have been retrenched by their CECA Indian bosses.

No Singaporean Chinese IT professional wants to work in IT now.

Say NO to CECA Indians.
Say NO to PAP's CECA

Anonymous said...

#Lee Hsien Loong
#CECA Indian lover
#Is he a traitor?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

Oh please lah, "100 years of oppression"? Fuck you lah, are you "oppressed" now? Get the fuck over yourself, you fucking CRYBABY 😭🍼lah...here, for you: The Worl'ds Smallest Violin Playing The World's SADDEST Song!

Modern Chinese are not denying their heritage, they KNOW they have to GET ON WITH IT and not allow cultural HANG UPS to hold them back.

...and yeah, many of them (us) are BANANA-FIED! Do you think they are going to give one flying fuck about your "disapproval"?

I don't think so! πŸ˜‚ Continue living in the past, if you must....How's that working out for you? 🀯 Got enough torment? No?...

Anonymous said...

A Jew, no matter what nationality, where he is, will still know that he is a Jew. This applies to a German, Englishman, Indian, Malay, Italian etc etc. They are all proud of their ancestry and ethnicity.

Only in sillipore where the bananas will call themselves Singaporeans, and would not admit that they are Chinese. They are so shameful of their ethnicity and ancestry.

Anonymous said...

Many Singaporean Chinese IT professionals have been retrenched by their CECA Indian bosses.
12:25 pm

Please lah, that's the bad side effect of what anon 10.14am mentioned lah.

For instance, u take medicine to cure your sickness but the medicine also has some bad side effects one, u know.

Most important is that u must be able to tolerate the bad side effects while getting cured.

And luckily for PAP, majority Sinkies had shown (by voting for PAP) that they can tolerate the many Singaporean Chinese IT professionals being retrenched by their CECA Indian bosses.

So who are u to think otherwise?

SSO said...

To say the least, it is really disappointing that Singapore leaders who are actually Chinese by descent, not only shy away from their own Chinese roots, Chinese skin, Chinese face, Chinese blood and Chinese guts, but also shy away from their own Chinese History, Chinese Culture, Chinese Traditions, Chinese Norms, Chinese Customs and Chinese Philosophy; except Chinese foods and drinks.

Worst of all, a few of them even shy away from their own parents' last wish but can easily grant the last wish of any person who is about to be executed in the Changi Prison!

Anonymous said...


Be very VERY VERY very careful in your comments!

Can lim kopi! If they want to or if they eat full very free!


Anonymous said...


All I hear are hypocrites here including RB.

Talk until it's like them who build all the infrastructure & technology .... But not a single person put a single cent into china investments.

ι…’θ‚‰ζœ‹ε‹ or δΌͺ君子???

Pathetic. LOL!!!


Anonymous said...

#Political Party for CECA Indians

Anonymous said...

PAP stands for Punjabi and Aryan Party.

Unknown said...

Singapore and China on Sunday (Oct 20) signed an updated defence agreement to scale up bilateral military exercises, provide mutual logistics support and establish regular dialogues between their defence ministers.

The enhanced Agreement on Defence Exchanges and Security Cooperation (ADESC) formalises activities between Singapore’s Ministry of Defence (Mindef) and China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA), including port calls, bilateral exercises, mutual visits and cross-attendance of courses, Mindef said in a news release on Sunday.

Read more at https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/singapore-china-sign-defence-agreement-scale-army-navy-exercises-establish-regular

Anonymous said...

Do you think it's true?

If I vote for PAP at the next general elections.
More CECA Indians will join the Singapore workforce.

- and even more Singaporeans will be retrenched by the CECA Indian managers.

Anonymous said...

Importing Shit-hole citizens from shit-hole countries to work in Singapore;

Will this turn Singapore into a shit-hole country?

Anonymous said...

Anon 3.07pm

Simon said that foreigners create jobs for us??


Anonymous said...

Funneling & managing shithole foreigners to do jobs at 5X shithole salaries is what's maintaining S'pore as a smart-ass country.

Those sinkies that kena replaced & cannot find another job are actually of shithole quality but still ownself-praise-ownself & fantasise themselves as 1st world quality --- when real life situation already shows these sinkies that they are actually shithole standard.

I'm all for S'pore opening floodgates wider & import more shithole foreigners!!! This will happen after GE2020 in March when PAPies will get 75%.

As a capitalist & owner of capital in S'pore, I get to enjoy the best of more shithole foreigners replacing deluded Sinkies who think they are 1st world but are actually shithole standard themselves.

Lower costs of living, lower costs of production, lower costs of construction, cheap services such as F&B, transport, retail, laundry, catering etc etc, wider selection of shops, wider selection of goods & products. The list goes on & on!!!

What's there not to like?!?!


Anonymous said...


Since you like shit-hole countries.
And shit-hole countries got so many benefits.

Why don't you become a capitalist and owner of capital in a shit-hole country like India?

Anonymous said...


- Please bring your shit-hole family with you to India too.

Then your children can return back to Singapore as a CECA talent.

Anonymous said...

Matilah Singapura aka WSG aka shithole will welcome shitholes. Same type.

Anonymous said...

@Shithole Sinkies like 5:15, 5:19, 5:22

Only shitheads like you can come up with your fucked up suggestions.

But no balls to invest in your precious china --- who don't even give a fuck about you shitheads LOL!!!

I invest in both shithole & smartass countries & get to stay in safe & cheap & happening & pro-biz & pro-capitalist Sinkieland. Best of all worlds!!!

While pathetic shitheads like you continue to have to work your fucking ass off to maintain & improve the city I'm enjoying in!!! And when you shitheads die, your shithead children can continue in your place LOL!!!


Anonymous said...

WSG, I am sure you will die alone, with no children to enjoy your so called wealth. Your money will be inherited by the garment or someone else, not your children.

The people you are sneering at will have children to continue to live and enjoy this world you left behind.

imho said...

If Malaysia and Indonesia ganged up, Singapore is a dead duck within 30 days.
9:44 am

>> so singapore ganging up with australia. singapore has a lot of investments in australia. australia is singapore closest ally - both military and commercially.

imho said...

chinese or not chinese also does not matter. when you are in need, the only thing that matters is how deep your pockets. dont expect chinese will help chinese. most often, they will use or abuse you further.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ imho 944

It is highly unlikely that Malaysia and Indonesia will ever "gang up". They can't fucking stand each other. They haven't trusted each other for decades lah.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Never trust a Singaporean

Australia and Singapore “ganging up”?

You need to dig deeper lah, and seperate defense arrangements from commercial investments.

Aussie-S’pore defense arrangements have been in place for donkey’s years.

However, Aussie govts are uncomfortable with the sheer economic power of Singapore’s Sovereign Wealth Funds...in many ways they are viewed as a “threat” to Aussie democracy.

Every Singaporean investment in Australia is SCRUTINIZED more closely than murder suspects at a police line-up.

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) works closely with Singapore’s financial regulators to catch Aussieswho attempt to evade taxes using “structures” based in Singapore. Recently, several Aussie lawyers/ “business operators” were caught out using such “arrangements” based in Singapore.

That said, Singapore-based tax accountants who specialise in “transfer pricing” (i.e. the way Apple and Google do it to avoid US taxes) are doing marvellously as more and more people in the PRIVATE EQUITY space move their enterprises to Singapore.

Huat ah! Keep those fucking boirders open!!

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