Bestest solution to haze problem - Collect more money

Can't believe that this annual haze hazard is so difficult to solve. Every year the ministers would be pulling their hair trying to talk to one another to keep the haze at bay but failed miserably. No one seems to have any clue about how to kill this problem once for all, or at least cut down the severity. Millions of people from all the surrounding countries, including those from Indonesia, are suffering but could not do anything about it. The Indonesian govt too is clueless and hapless. The cleverest govt among the Asean countries also could only talk talk and talk talk but no result.

Th Indonesian govt has come up with many laws to charge, fine and imprison the culprits but all seems to fail or ineffective. A 10 billion rupiah fine for a fire starter also did not work as often they could not find enough evidence to pin on the culprit which is a real and practical problem.

Actually the solution to this problem is so simple. It is not necessary to go after the fire starter but the owners of the land where the fire is. This one it is easy to prove and with the fire as the evidence.  No need to find a fire starter or how he did it. And just do it like the way they dealt with Singaporeans. Hit their pockets real hard. Pay for burning and creating haze that harm people of all the affected countries. Why not? Why can't the Indonesian govt just imposed heavy monetary fines on the companies that caused the haze, like $10,000 for every fire detected by satellite and confirmed by ground checks. If $10,000 is not enough make it $20,000 or more until it hurts. 100 fires would mean $1m in fines or a multiple. The details can be easily worked out. And it is money not just for the Indonesian govt but also for the officers monitoring the fire. The law enforcers would have the fund to pay for their staff and equipment, good well paying jobs. Everyone would be happy except the fire starters and the companies behind them.

There will be problems like starting fire to claim or extort companies for under table money. The companies that have to pay would have to make sure that fire would not be started by saboteurs or corrupt officials. It would become a very lucrative business for the govt and govt employees just to keep the sky and air clean. Many people can be employed to manage and control this fire starter and haze problem. Many people can also be rich from the fines being paid, as long as it is heavy enough to deter the companies from starting fire recklessly.

Singapore would be able to offer all the expertise on how to collect more money to solve a bad problem that affects millions of people. With the political will and so much money to collect, the haze problem would go away quickly. At the moment the Indonesian govt did not see the monetary incentive to do so. Show them the way on how to collect money, how to collect more money and save the people and animals from fire and haze.


Anonymous said...

Probably when Indon govt installed more AI cameras or CCTV to catch the fire perpetrator as evidence plus deploy more law enforcer, these might reduce the fire cases in the forest areas. But Indon so big how? Where to find money and people? Probably the Indon will find a way lah.

Anonymous said...

Good idea.
If the fire is on your land, you are responsible ... don't care who started the fire.

Anonymous said...

Equally good idea.
If our young graduates are unemployed, PAP government is responsible.

If you are unemployed, PAP government is responsible.

Anonymous said...

If the lift in your HDB block is not working ... PAP government is responsible.
- Make the PAP government pay a fine to the HDB residents for inconvenience caused.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha Hahahahahaha!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ all potential cancer sufferers

I am waiting for the epidemiological data to come in. This haze has been going on for decades. We should be seeing "spikes" or "clusters" in the epidemiological stats which SIGNAL an uptick in respiratory issues as people age, especially the incidence of LUNG, THROAT, NASAL CANCERS amongst NON-SMOKERS, and people who have followed a reasonably healthy lifestyle in their lives.

Radon gas is a particularly nasty by-product in the haze. It concentrates when people shut windows and doors to their homes to avoid exposure to the haze. But they put themselves in danger because radon begins to concentrate when there is little to no ventilation.

Here is a 2019 published Thai study on radon exposure during the haze.

Radon has a half-life of around 3-4 days, which means it'll take around 40 years to decay to very small or insignificant amounts once it is in the body of the victim. Alpha decay of radioactive substances alters the genetic codes in human DNA. ---of course it is not "always" but governed by statistical probability.

Most people will be lucky as their immune systems will be able to kill and dispose of any cancerous cells. However, we will undoubtedly see SIGNALS in the data which will correlate to the incidence of HAZE on our cuntry.

Even if there is close correlation (~1.0) with disease and the haze (massive, organized combustion by chow cheebye corrupt government and big business) it is VERY HARD TO PROVE CAUSALITY and accuse the Indonesians of making our people sick, and killing many of them.

So sit back, relax and stock up on kachang and booze....and fuck it, cigars...if you are one of the unlucky ones, you might as well SMOKE. 😂🤣 Observe the signals in the data sets, and enjoy lah.


Anonymous said...

If there is traffic congestions, Minister of Transport is responsible, find the Ministry of Transport $10,000 for every minute of traffic congestion at each location. The money from the fines can be distributed to all drivers in the road during that congestion(s) to defray their waste of petrol and loss time and manhour.

Anonymous said...

If business is bad, Ministry of Trade and Industry is responsible. For each company that lost money, fine the Minister of Trade and Industry $1 million or more, depending on the amount of losses.

Anonymous said...

If Opposition Political Parties cannot be elected into the Parliament, the Elections Department and the PMO are responsible. Fine the Elections Department and the PMO $100 million for each Opposition Political Party without elected representatives in the Parliament. The PM is responsible to ensure the Democracy is alive and kicking Asses of Ministers and MPs who never speak up for the people/voters who voted them.

Anonymous said...

Forget to add. The People's Association is also responsible for not making the grassroots organizations help the Opposition Political Parties to win votes. They only help the ruling party PAP. This is abuse of trust and misuse of public funds. Those running the PA should be fined $1 million each for every opposition candidate not elected by the people.

Anonymous said...

Haze is like four seasons. It comes annually and it is over now, so we have to wait for next year again !. Despite collecting $$$million salaries (highest political pays in the whole world with the best talent) in SG, it is still unresolved and we have to wait for the next year to repeat the same statements. So, see you again, Haze !

Anonymous said...

The number of tuberculosis sufferers and deaths have increased over the last 20 years. At one time, tuberculosis was already eradicated in Singapore. This means the haze could be the culprit as a catalyst that weakens the lungs to help the tuberculosis bacterium to survive and multiply in the lungs.

Indonesian government and plantations' tycoons and owners who cultivated oil palms or pineapples in burnt forests must be held responsible.

jjgg said...

Don't play play.. u want the government to fine themselves?? Napshot the hole will be larger than cpf n temasick add together.. don't believe me? Sometime back somebody actually said their car park operations losing money.. I wonder which corner the joker is standing now..here comes another biggie.. tuas gg to be the first fully automated port eh?? The plan has as much chance of success as hyflux..so jewel is doing rip roaring business?? Ya if u turn it into futbol pitches perhaps!! If u cop a fine for every bad plan turned disastrous we probably can help USA out of its deficit...)))) BTW.. how come GBTB dare not show accounts ah

Anonymous said...

Why can't the Indonesian govt just imposed heavy monetary fines on the companies that caused the haze, like $10,000 for every fire detected by satellite and confirmed by ground checks.

Why can't the Sinkie voters just vote out the PAP govt that cause them suffering, like making the Sinkie opposition win big with 93% seats?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ very prescient, 1005!


Treating an uptick in cancers and other respiratory conditions is EXPENSIVE especially when thousands of people are likely to contract those conditions around the same time.

That would put a severe financial strain on the public health system, and impact GDP/ economic growth. Resources could be maxed out, forcing sufferers to dip MORE into their savings to seek medical attention from privateers...just so they can increase their chances of recovery or living longer. Some of the respiratory conditions will be CHRONIC, which means those people are going to require ONGOING MEDICAL PROTOCOLS for the rest of their remaining lives.

It is, therefore, PRUDENT for Asian governments whose cuntries are affected by the haze to PUT ASIDE AS MUCH MONEY AS POSSIBLE NOW to deal with the HEALTH CRISES which have a high statistical probability of occuring. Measures should include INCREASING the amount of money in MediShield and MediSave programs, which means slugging the people with HIGHER PREMIUMS, and putting the money aside....not fucking spending it on BULLSHIT.

Of course, politically this is likely to be monumentally UNPOPULAR, however it is necessary. The govt has to also stop STUPID EXPENSIVE SHIT like "Jewel" at the airport....WTF is the purpose of that UGLY monstrosity? 🤬

Since children will also be affected by this mass poisoning by Indonesia, we should aim to---as a society---develop a culture which can have FUN WITH CANCER. We are Singaporean. We develop good stuff which enables our cuntry and its people to transcend any challenge! We can be AN EXAMPLE to the rest of Asia! (Indonesia will probably have the most cases, BTW)

Are you capable of ENJOYING CANCER? 🤓🤡

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon.

Talking about this, pity the poor taxi uncle who just happened to take a puff in his cab afraid of parking on roads with thousands of CCTV cameras.

The NEA just as usual the brown face and darj

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


EXACTA MON! @ 1105

>> [...] it is still unresolved and we have to wait for the next year to repeat the same statements. So, see you again, Haze !<<

Virgo 49 said...

B4 I can even complete. Wow the AI computer so smart. Mentioned brown and dark face straightaway cut off my comments.

Continue the NEA officers took delight in only fining sinkies.

The poor uncle got to get down on his knees to beg them as 200 bucks not easy to earn in this shits economic period of whats Grabs and Uber services.

The Evil Serpents wow with their superpowers of only bullying the sinkies looked away even as thousands of the wildlifes committed worse offences than that poor cab uncle.

In our estates daily you can see hundreds of them breaking all sorts of NO Smoking rules or laws and nothing to even fine them.

This is what Sinkies deserved for voting the Papies

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

At the moment the Indonesian govt did not see the monetary incentive to do so. Show them the way on how to collect money, how to collect more money and save the people and animals from fire and haze.

Aiyo, u think so simple meh?

There are good reasons why the Indonesian govt did not see the monetary incentive to do so lah.

Just as there are good reasons why the Sinkie opposition always lose big big one lah, even with candidates like Tan Jee Say (Presidential material, u know) and Chee Soon Juan (great intellectual who also wrote many books and policy papers, u know).

And I don't know how newcomer opposition Tan Cheng Bock (also Presidential material) will fare, but just hope that he won't end up like Tan Jee Say in GE 2015.

In fact I have a gut feeling Tan Cheng Bock will end up like what happened in Presidential Election 2011, where he lost narrowly in a 4 corner fight.

As for the rest of the Sinkie opposition, all gone case lah, including those Aljunied MPs and maybe Hougang MP even.

Hence PAP may sweep 100% seats in coming election, despite not performing well as govt in taking care of Sinkies.

Anonymous said...

Why care about silly, smelly, dirty, obnoxious smokers that die die want to smoke and make everyone smell their smelly smells and dirty the air and every inch of the ground?

Anonymous said...

Don't even talk about elections. Over the last ten elections, how much change has taken place? Almost zero.

Every election interval is 4 to 5 years. That means over the last r0 to 50 years, nothing much has changed, except for WP to narrowly grab one GRC. But Chiam lost his stronghold of Potong Pasir!

What does this tell you about elections? Two things:

1. The PAP is still the popular and preferred political party to and for Singapore voters.

2. The Opposition Political Parties (OPP) still remain weak, fragmented, disunited, not ready to become alternative government, and therefore, unpopular and distrusted by the majority of voters.

So, it is a sheer waste of time to talk about elections. Basically, in every General Election, it is the generals who got an erection - e.g. Lee HL, Chan CS, Tan CJ, Ng CM, Teo CH, etc.

Next GE, there will be more generals who are going to get an erection. To high pedestals and obscene salary.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

...it is the generals who got an erection - e.g. Lee HL, Chan CS, Tan CJ, Ng CM, Teo CH, etc...To high pedestals and obscene salary.
1:15 pm

Then Sinkies who want obscene salary and good life better try hard and become generals lah.

Ask Chee Soon Juan fight PAP got use or not?

Ask RB kpkb and TCSS got use or not?

U ask me and I tell u got use lah - Kong song lan par song lah (genitals erection also good lah, that's the use.)

Cannot have real sex, masturbate also shiok lah.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 207

Yeah, agreed. This is the most serious blog on the internet. 🥴


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Swedish women are hot and sexy….

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Anonymous said...

That shows that those who have the power to stop the haze, will not do it because they have to pander to the ones really having the clout to stop any attempts to outlaw illegal burning.

I just watched a video of Coca Cola and their migration from glass bottles to plastic, and about the use of plastic bottles and Coca Cola's proclamation that they will attempt to recycle the massive plastic pollution they are causing all around the world. It appears that they promise one thing and are doing exactly the opposite, which is pushing for more usage of plastic bottles even into third world countries like Tanzania, Africa. Who had the power to stop them? And Coca Cola is not the only one.

So, if Governments cannot do it or will not do it, what can ordinary people do? Democratic Governments can be bought with campaign funds from big corporations and have to push such corporation's agenda. Powerless citizens talking and complaining about it every year is getting stale and tiring.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Power And Money Party said...

Democracy and democratic government is a Big Bull Shit Concept (BBSC). Only good to con those naive school boys and girls. And some tertiary education professors are helping the politicians to con the undergraduates and the public.

In practice, there is no such thing as democracy, or freedom, or constitutional rights, or human rights. All these are only good on paper.

In reality, the world is governed by two things: POWER and MONEY.

That's why you have President = P = POWER.

And Prime Minister = PM = POWER and MONEY.

Basically, ALL Politicians are in it for POWER and MONEY.

The whole government machinery of any country functions via POWER and MONEY.

The whole country operates through POWER and MONEY. Nothing else.

What Democracy? Socialism? Communism? Meritocracy? Pragmatism? All Big Bull Shit (BBS)!

Only one system in the world: POWER AND MONEY. Petiod.

Anonymous said...

Greed is a human nature, born with it and will die for it. No exception!

Anonymous said...

Best solution is to have a second home in perth so fly there when haze season.