Why Singapore has no talents?

Life is a learning process. People get smarter and wiser after making many mistakes in life and learn from them. They worked on their problems, overcame the problems and gained experience and wisdom. The funny thing in life is that the more challenges one faced in life, the more one learns and the tougher one becomes though not always the case. A person that did not have to face too many difficulties and challenges invariably learns less, not necessarily that he is less clever. So, where can you find experienced and well trained people in Singapore when everything works so well, no problems?

In Singapore, everything works. So the people working in the industries, in the ministries, etc etc would naturally learn less as there are lesser breakdowns and problems for them to overcome and to learn from. Ok, I know you people will be shouting SMRT! Ok, there are exceptions. After the breakdowns are taken care of, our SMRT staff would be very experienced and they can market their skills to the world, for having gone through all the problems and knowing how to deal with them. I think this is the only industry and profession where we can tell the world we have the most experienced and trained people.

The industries like water and sewerage system, power and electrical system, all working so smoothly, sure got no talent. Just like in the business, banking and finance, our banks were rock solid, no problem for so many decades. Where got talent?  They got no opportunity to learn anything, so now we have to start all over again, go overseas to find the talents we need. Maybe when there is a financial crisis and out banks are at the brink of collapse we will have new talents after they survived the crisis.

The moral of the story, when you want people with talents in flood control and drainage, go to countries that are flood prone. They sure have very experienced people who would know everything about flooding and drainage. If you want experienced train operators, go to countries where trains always breakdown and you will find all the seasoned engineers and managers who have gone through all the problems. Very well trained and experience.

And if Singapore wants to go nuclear, better go and recruit the engineers and scientists from Fukushima when they are still alive. Not many would be left around for long. They have the experienced on how to deal with a breakdown. And if you want banking and finance experts, go to countries where there are many banking frauds and problems, you will find all the experienced people to hire.

Did someone say when a system is working fine, with no problems, it means you have very able people running it, proactively planning and preventing problems from happening?  These people would not have the experience of solving all the massive breakdown problems but they are so efficient to prevent problems from happening, seeing to it that everything works at the push of the button. Unfortunately if they have to apply for jobs, they would not have a string of problem solving skills to boot and some may think they have no talent, or no experience at solving problems.

What do you think? Who is the better person to employ? Those that ensure systems work with no or little failures, or those who cannot manage a proper system that runs smoothly and every day fighting fires but with a lot of experience to tell? Do you want people to work diligently until everything works so fine that people may think they are useless, nothing to do, or people who run around everywhere trying to solve problems when problems is the norm, and looking like very hardworking, very involved, because they could not ensure that the system works smoothly?

If no one was there to screw up the housing policy and programmes, Boon Wan would not have the chance to solve the problems and now can put it in his resume as the hero that solved the housing problem. Some may say the problem is still there. That is another opinion.


Anonymous said...

Singapore definitely has no talents for a better alternative to replace PAP as govt.

That's why RB is always barking up the wrong tree and kpkb about PAP when in fact the real problem is Singapore has no better talents than those found in PAP or supporters of PAP.

Anonymous said...

RB is a talent but the problem is he does not or dare not want to contest elections. Maybe he will only do so if PAP invite him to be their candidate? Then maybe he will stop all his kpkb.

Anonymous said...

Singapore is busy running with 'talents' around to park many problems (some 1 year old) aside . If you cannot work in such 'accommodating' environment, you will be labelled a non-talent not fit to be in such 'low' standards . Hands-On Green Matters

Anonymous said...

新加坡有人才! 新加坡有人才!

如果第一世界的新加坡没有人才, 哪里有人才?

你说! 你说! 你说!


Veritas said...

It is right that we do not have enough talents, as our population are small. But PAP are not getting in talent either, just cheap labor to do cross border wage arbitration. and pretend that these slumpdogs are talent.

The days of PAP cross border wage arbitration is numbered. In engineering, CHina MNC Huawei fresh grad salary is 10,000 Yuan, that is around $2.2 SGD, not too bad. Huawei senior engineers and manager salary are higher than SG.

Basically PRC is not coming and those who came regret.

Indian slumpdog is still coming because they are still screwing their Bharat shithole big time.

We use to be a high salary land, but PAP short sightedness have strip mine the societal wealth bequeath from Goh Keng Swee.

HOw to get talent? Raise the salary. But do we have enough wealth to do it?

b said...

This has been the proven formula. Politicians create crisis so they can stay in power. Omama created is so that he can use martial law in 2016 and stay in power.

Anonymous said...

The 11 most expensive countries for a university education
- Singapore is ranked #10


Anonymous said...

Paying for the most expensive education and got a piece of paper that cannot be eaten and worse off than a fake or cheap degree from the back lanes.