Japan should rearm - An irresponsible and insensitive thought

‘Why Japan should re-arm’ is the title of an article in the Today paper on 1 Dec by a Brahma Chellaney, a professor of Strategic Studies at the New Delhi based Centre for Policy Research.  The whole argument was based on an imagined fear of China as a regional hegemon and Japan as the angel and India as the archangel of peace and stability. While India has its big dream of becoming a super power one day in the next century, there is no need to bring out the butcher of World War 2 as a messenger and guardian of peace. India may not have suffered the brutality of the Japanese Imperial Army when they invaded Asia. India might be fighting with the Japanese to rid the British colonialist, but the rest of Asia suffered gravely with 30m killed by the invading Japanese forces.

And the idea that Japan was a pacifist country by choice is a big farce. Japan was forced to be a pacifist country by the Americans when they defeated the brutal Japanese and handcuffed them in a Pacifist Constitution to prevent the Japanese from more mischief and adventurism. Pacifism is embedded in the Japanese Constitution by force. Militarism is in the blood of the Japanese. The quick passing of the revisionist policies of Abe to wage wars in the Japanese Diet is ample proof of the real Japanese and not the few hundred protestors in the streets.

Despite the pacifist Constitution, Japan has been allowed to rearm by the US as a possible force to counter the rise of China, and its armed forces is second only to China in Asia and could easily run down South East Asia once again. The militarism of the Japanese has not gone away. This is the most barbaric colonialist of the Second World War. Allowing Japan out of the bottle will destabilize Asia once again.

What has this Brahma Chellaney been smoking or drinking? Too much toddy?  The rearmament of Japan ‘would enhance its capacity to forestall the emergence of a destabilizing power imbalance in East Asia? Who started a world war in East Asia, who invaded the countries in East Asia and South East Asia? This professor must be reading history from Japanese history books. In a slip his real intent came off when he said, ‘A more confident and secure Japan would certainly serve the interests of the US, which could then depend on its close ally to take more responsibility for both its own security and regional peace. Americans increasingly seem to recognize this, with 47 per cent of respondents in the Pew survey supporting a more active role for Japan in Asian security. The Asian countries must be stupid to ask the butcher and invader of their countries to guard the peace and security of the region.

Japan would not support or encourage aggression? How silly.

PS. Does the Today paper and the Singapore govt also support this view, that Japan should rearm? Remember Sook Ching? Remember Syonan-to? Stupid people got short memory.


Veritas said...

There is a miss conception of HIndus thinking that Japan is a people of meek and humble Hai, Wakarimashita type. They have no idea of Japanese psyche. Japanese is a martial race.

There is another miss conception of Chinese thinking that Japan hate China or Japan is all out to sabotage China. In reality, Japanese inner psyche is sino-phile and the current crown prince a extremely pro-China.

And Chinese always use Yasukuni Jinja as example of Japan irrepentent. In reality, the Japanese emperor who frequent Yasukuni has cease to visit since 1975, when Japan elite wanted people like Tojo in.

Also Chinese is forgotten that Japan is build Manchuria into the most prosperous and advance place in asia, even to the point of surpassing Japan. Japan slogan of Great East Asia prosperity circle is sincere.

Even Taiwanese benefitted so much from Japan rule that they think the KMT rule sucks.

The one who mis-manage manchuria is CPC and now Manchuria is a rust belt.

And many people are unware that many Japanese elites hate USA. The one who harm Japan most is USA and the one who harm USA most is Japan.

The problem of Japan is they want to be leader of East Asia, after seeing China going too slow. They figure out if they conquer China, they can utilize Chinese resources against white man.

Now the task and onus of standing up against white man fall on Chinese, and soon Japan will move towards China.

Veritas said...

People in the world miss one thing as they cannot fully comprehend East Asia USA dynamics. Japan want to remilitarize, that is true. But who is preventing Japanese from remilitarizing? Not China, not Japan themselves but USA.

A militarize Japan moght take on USA.

There are many shit head think tank study too little.

Anonymous said...

Veritas 9:57 a.m. maybe be right. More so when East Asia is more focused on making money than making war. And all these weapons and war talk is more of a deterrent against war, rather than having war.

It is the same principle which PAP govt is also practising. Make money, and at the same time have a strong deterrent against an aggressor, so that there is a peaceful environment to make money and more money.

Veritas said...

Actually Japan could not have follow the development way of post WW2 without -- USA opening her marketing and access to raw material of 3rd world countries.

Such condition is not readily present in pre WW2, and obtaining raw material and market is one of the reason of starting the war.

If one comprehend the social economical situation of different era, one would have no difficulty understanding why people make certain decisions which seem so stupid today.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...


Japan's East Asia Co Prosperity Sphere is the same as the American Exceptionalism. Kill the natives and rebuild an empire for themselves on what is left.

Invading countries and killing their people has nothing to do with prosperity for the victim countries but for Japan.

Veritas said...

Mao Zedong thank you Japan for invading China many times, tag team with Zhou Enlai. This Sino Japan spat was never an issue in Mao's time until Deng Xiaoping realize China need an enemy.

In this way, CPC is not unlike Islamo Mullah.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

How did you get the idea that Deng needed an enemy in Japan?

Deng's policy is to put aside historical problems that could not be solved today, work together on those that could bring benefits for both China and Japan.

Deng opened up China for the world and especially Japan.

Veritas said...

There is not so much vocal damnation of Japan during Mao's time. In reality, CPC leadership knew it is Japan who enable them in power, by bankrupting the China's economy.

How did the CPC grow and where the CPC main force is? They are in the Manchuria, an Japanese occupied zone. The North Jiangsu and Shandong, another Japanese occupied area.

What happen in Jiangsu plain is CPC is able to build rampant bases in Japan occupied territories in Japan zone while they are quickly wipe on in KMT zone.

When Japan surrender, CPC is the first one to loot Japanese armoury, making them on par with KMT overnight. THis is how CPC won the war.

As late as 1942, the CPC main southern unit new 4th army was wipe out.

By 1945, CPC is informidabble. Every CPC leadership knew that.

And fucking Japan occur only when Deng was in power.

Anonymous said...

Deng opened up China for the world and especially Japan.
RB 10:54 a.m.

Deng opened up China by focusing on making money so that China can survive and prosper into the future. If China were to remain as 100% communist, it may not even survive into the future, let alone be strong and prosperous like now.

And for the same reasons PAP opened up Sinkieland to so many foreigners so that Sinkieland will not sink but can survive and prosper into the future.

Just of a matter of survival, and if can, prosper too. Nothing so much as to do with race or politics.

Veritas said...

The CPC new 4th army that was wiped out by KMT in 1942 have the legendary commander General Su Yu. At 1942, CPC can only cry. By 1945, general Su Yu suddenly become very smart and won one war after another.

The reason is not CPC too good. The reason is because they looted the Japanese armoury.

Later the remnants of new 4th army become the most potent force in the Huai Hai battle which decimate the most KMT force.

Who CPC must thank?

Japan of course.

The said...

/// Veritas said...
There is a miss conception of HIndus thinking that Japan is a people of meek and humble Hai, Wakarimashita type. They have no idea of Japanese psyche. Japanese is a martial race.

There is another miss conception of Chinese thinking that Japan hate China ///

Miss conception as in "Miss Congeniality" or as in "not able to conceive"? ;)

Anonymous said...

You crazy or what? China and the rest of Asia must be grateful and say thank you to Japan for liberating them from colonialism?

Veritas said...

The one crazy is Mao and Zhou Enlai.

Anonymous said...

Without the two China would still be run by corrupt KMT and still a colony of foreigners.

Anonymous said...

The International Monetary Fund welcomed China's yuan into its elite reserve currency basket on Monday, The yuan will join the US dollar, euro, Japanese yen and British pound next year in the basket of currencies the IMF uses as an international reserve asset.

gong xi gong xi

Anonymous said...

Japan already armed to the teeth basically overly armed for a country its size. Their navy is their strength , got aegis warships some more! Now it can mobilize and draft their males into military service & deploy them outside Japan more easily.

China in recent history had seen its aggressors coming from the high seas eg British and their gun boats during the opium wars in 19th century

Japs aircraft carriers and frigates- for a time, the Empire of Japan held one of the most prolific naval forces anywhere in the world - coming to harm China and overseas Chinese only 70 years ago.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Chinese have learnt their lessons of a threat coming from the sea. The worst threat would be the aircraft carriers from the USN. In the past, naval power was able to cripple China's coastal defence due to its mobility and concentration of fire power.

The Chinese strategy is to have control of the Sea from a mixture of submarines and coastal vessels, air power and a great wall of anti ship missiles with a range of 500 nm. When war is declared, no ships would be allowed near the Chinese shores.

All enemy satellites would be shot down, enemy communications jammed, all naval and air bases in Japan and S Korean knocked out, all ships in the East and South China Sea attacked. And all nuclear missiles armed and ready to fly.

The enemy will be denied the use of the sea to attack China.

Anonymous said...

Second Philippine Republic, officially known as the Republic of the Philippines or known in the Philippines as Japanese-sponsored Philippine Republic, was a puppet state established on October 14, 1943, during the Japanese occupation.

In Southeast Asia, the Manila massacre of February 1945 resulted in the death of 100,000 civilians in the Philippines. It is estimated that at least one out of every 20 Filipinos died at the hands of the Japanese during the occupation

Anonymous said...

Alexandra Hospital massacre

On 14 Februar

At about 13:00, the Japanese broke through and they advanced towards the Alexandra Barracks Hospital.

A British lieutenant—acting as an envoy with a white flag—approached the Japanese forces but was killed with a bayonet

After the Japanese troops entered the hospital, a number of patients—up to 50 in total—including those UNDERGOING surgery at the time, were killed along with doctors and members of nursing staff

Anonymous said...


The following day about 200 male staff members and patients who had been assembled and bound the previous day,[122] many of them walking wounded, were ordered to walk about 400 m (440 yd) to an industrial area. Anyone who fell on the way was bayoneted.

The men were forced into a series of small, badly ventilated rooms where they were held overnight without water. Some died during the night as a result of their treatment.[122] The remainder were bayoneted the following morning.

Several survivors were identified after the war, with some having survived by pretending to be dead.

One survivor, Private Arthur Haines from the
Wiltshire Regiment, later wrote a four-page account of the massacre that was sold by his daughter by private auction in 2008.[

Anonymous said...

At the International Military Tribunal for the Far East, Indian Justice Radhabinod Pal became famous for his dissenting judgement in favour of Japan. The judgement of Justice Radhabinod Pal is remembered even today in Japan.[1] This became a symbol of the close ties between India and Japan.

A relatively well-known result of the two nations' was in 1949, when India sent the Tokyo Zoo two elephants to cheer the spirits of the defeated Japanese empire.[

Anonymous said...

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is seen by some to be an "Indophile" and, with rising tensions in territorial disputes with Japan's neighbors, has advocated closer security cooperation with India---wiki

Anonymous said...

Malabar-2007 was the ninth Malabar exercise and was the first one to be held outside the Indian Ocean, off the Japanese Island of Okinawa.

On 4 September 2007, the naval exercise included 25 vessels from India, the United States, Japan, Australia and Singapore in the Bay of Bengal.

This was the first time a joint exercise of this scale involving 25 vessels was conducted, an event that India says is a pointer to the country's growing importance on the world stage. The drill was previously a bilateral India-US engagement and was expanded for the first time.

In June, China had issued a 'demarche' to India, United States, Japan and Australia seeking details about their four-nation meeting, termed a Quadrilateral Initiative.

Eight warships of India, including the aircraft carrier INS Viraat, represented the Indian Navy. The other warships were the destroyers INS Mysore, INS Rana and INS Ranjit, fleet tanker INS Jyoti (A58) and a corvette INS Kuthar. Viraat's Sea Harrier jets and Sea King helicopters, and the Indian Air Force's Jaguar deep-penetration strike aircraft were also seen in action. Australia was represented by a frigate and a tanker; Japan by two destroyers; and Singapore by a frigate.[

Anonymous said...

On 26 January 2015, the U.S.President and Indian Prime Minister agreed, in a joint statement, to upgrade exercise Malabar.[27] India also invited Japan to be a part of exercise, held in the Bay of Bengal. Since 2007, India has only hosted Exercise Malabar when the US and India are the two participating parties. Malabar 2009, 2011, and 2014 all took place off the coast of Japan and included the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Forces.[28] The exercise was undertaken by the three countries in the Bay of Bengal from 15 October 2015 till 19 October 2015.wiki

Anonymous said...

The Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (QSD) was an informal strategic dialogue between the United States, Japan, Australia and India that was maintained by talks between member countries.The dialogue was initiated in 2007 by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan, with the support of Vice President Dick Cheney of the US, Prime Minister John Howard of Australia and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh of India.

The dialogue was paralleled by joint military exercises of an unprecedented scale, titled Exercise Malabar. The diplomatic and military arrangement was widely viewed as a response to increased Chinese economic and military power, and the

Chinese government responded to the Quadrilateral dialogue by issuing formal diplomatic protests to its members.

Anonymous said...

The QSD ceased following the withdrawal of Australia during Kevin Rudd’s tenure as prime minister, reflecting ambivalence in Australian policy over the growing tension between the United States and China in the Asia-Pacific. Following Rudd's replacement by Julia Gillard in 2010, enhanced military cooperation between the United States and Australia was resumed, leading to the placement of U.S. Marines near Darwin, Australia, overlooking the Timor Sea and Lombok Strait.wki

Anonymous said...

In early 2007, Prime Minister Abe proposed the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue, or "Quadrilateral Initiative", under which India would join a formal multilateral dialogue with Japan, the United States and Australia.[5]

The initiation of an American, Japanese, Australian and Indian defense arrangement, modeled on the concept of a Democratic Peace, has been credited to former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.[6] The Quadrilateral was supposed to establish an "Asian Arc of Democracy," envisioned to ultimately include countries in central Asia, Mongolia, the Korean peninsula, and other countries in Southeast Asia: "virtually all the countries on China’s periphery, except for China itself." This has led some critics, such as former U.S. State Department official Morton Abramowitz, to call the project "an anti-Chinese move,"[7] while others have called it a "democratic challenge" to the projected Chinese century, mounted by Asian powers in coordination with the United States. wiki

Anonymous said...

Fears over Chinese military spending and missile capacities had helped drive Australia towards a defense agreement with the United States, as outlined by the 2007 Canberra Defense Blueprint; Sandy Gordon of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute had recommended the sale of uranium to India on the basis of similar considerations, as it appeared that the United States was backing it as a "counter to a rising China." [14] Chinese anger over the Quadrilateral however caused uneasiness within Australia even before the agreements were initiated.

The S said...

they will just be wasting their tax payers monies after losing big on their pension funds.

Old Man of the SEA said...

Japan's rearmament would be an excellent reason for China to take unitlateral military actions against Japan, whenever any provocation is made. The blood debts in the Second World War and pre-WW II made by Japan have to be paid in one way or another irrespective of the time frame. It is only just a short 70 years (1945 to 2015).

Though a different Geo-Political Situation, dominated by the Pretentious Deceptive Devilish US, has arisen, it does not mean that Japan would be allowed to reach a stage where it could easily invade any country at will.

There are many other factors which have changed. The balance of power is potentially moving towards China's favour, not the US nor Japan, nor India.

Only time will tell.

Anonymous said...

In the combination you have a dying evil empire, a foolhardy superpower pretender that kept claiming that it is a big power but at most a regiional hegemon only able of bully its tiny neighbours, and a mad Japanese wanting to relieve the glory of his grandfather and father but would bring about the destruction of Japan when war breaks out. Then there is a big piece of land with not enough people to fill but thinking it is also a big power. It would be overrun by the Indonesians one day.

Veritas said...

I do not know why there is so much irrational bashing of Japan here. Japan rearmament is quite a foolish topic because the culprit of not arming is USA.

Also Mao and zhou Enlai have completely forgiven and even praise Japan for shitting on China. I dono why you guys have so much to talk.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Japanese psychic is intrinsically evil. They have shown how bad they could be during the WW2. They were put under chains by the US to behave. Their present demeanour is not their true self. Look at what Abe and his administration are doing, to whitewash history and rewrite history.

Look at how quickly they passed the bill to militarise. Do not be silly to be conned by the façade of a polite Japanese that is bowing and bowing.

Look at how aggressive their militaries are every time Chinese ships and aircraft transit to the Pacific Ocean under freedom of navigation.

Veritas, you need to grow and look at the Japanese as what they really are.

Anonymous said...

China containment policy

The China containment policy is a political term referring to a claimed goal of U.S. foreign policy to diminish the economic and political growth of the People’s Republic of China. The term harkens back to the U.S. containment policy against communist countries during the Cold War.

The theory asserts that the United States needs a weak, divided China to continue its hegemony in Asia. This is accomplished by the United States establishing military, economic, and diplomatic ties with countries adjacent to China's borders, frustrating China's own attempts at alliance-building and economic partnership.

Anonymous said...

Strategic alliances[edit]
US–India: (See India–United States relations) It is assumed was established or reconfirmed during Bush’s visit to India in March 2006. The media speculated about the US using India to contain China, claims that the Indian officials publicly denied

US–Japan–Australia: (See Japan–United States relations and Australia–United States relations) Labeled by the Asian media[quantify] as a "little NATO against China" or the new "triple alliance", or "the axis of democracy" by the Economist.[16] Condoleezza Rice’s visit to Australia in March 2006 for the "trilateral security forum" with the Japanese foreign minister Taro Aso and his Australian counterpart Alexander Downer.

Japan–Australia: (See Australia–Japan relations) On March 15, 2007 both nations signed a strategic military partnership agreement,[19] which analysts[quantify] believe is aimed at alienating China.[20]

US–Japan–Australia–India: In May 2007, the four nations signed a strategic military partnership agreement – the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue.
US–Japan–India: The three nations held their first trilateral meeting in Dec 2011. wiki

Anonymous said...

The presence of American military in Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan;[1] recently strengthened ties with South Korea[2] and Japan;[3] efforts to improve relations with India[4] and Vietnam;[2] and the Obama administration's 2012 Pivot to Asia Strategy for increased American involvement in the Pacific have been pointed to as evidence of a containment policy. The United States has officially claimed they have no China containment policy and that they "want China to succeed and prosper.''wiki

action is louder then words

Anonymous said...

9/15 news
Exercise Kowari: China, US, Australian troops train in NT 'struggle street' conditions

Thirty military personnel from Australia, China and the United States have spent a week in the remote Northern Territory bush with little more than a knife and a water bottle.

It was part of Exercise Kowari 2015, which aims to promote friendship and cooperation between the three countries.

Anonymous said...

Veritas will believe that America is not containing China and Japan is a peaceful country, both to be trusted.

Hermit said...

RB, stop demonising Japan. Yes, I agree that Japan (and S Korea, and up to a certain degree Taiwan too) is a US stooge. But you are being irrational feeling that "a friend of my enemy is my enemy".

Japan has not oppressed any of its neighbours since the end of WW2. Stop imagining a ghost that does not exist. If at all, it is China that is asserting its force on its neighbours, including Tibet, Xinjiang and even antagonizing others in the Spratly Islands dispute.

The real concern here is US is destabilizing Asia with its war in Afghanistan and its instigating of S Korea to provoke N Korea. Also not forgetting its kaypoh interference in the Spratly dispute. But if you think about it, isn't it because the China unilaterally built airstrips fit for military planes there that give the US perfect excuse to interfere in the first place?

Hermit said...


Veritas said...

Japan is a friend of China, not enemy.

USA wants to contain China, but both side mutual interest are so convoluted that USA are indecisive whether to give China a hard one.

Tibet and Xinjiang is one issue that China got demonize and in fact, Han Chinese got shit not minorities.

China claims on Spratley is excessive but not totally unreasonable. And for those guys who never studied history, it was USA who help China (KMT) to claim Spratley. KMT exert her rights on Spratley, occupied the biggest Island (Taiping Island), by using USA naval ship given to China KMT.

If KMT win the war, there is few dispute on Spratley problem.

Anonymous said...

"Tibet and Xinjiang is one issue that China got demonize and in fact, Han Chinese got shit not minorities."

That is like saying Holocaust is one issue Germany got demonized. Germans got shit not Jews.

Anonymous said...

China has more rights to Tibet and Xinjiang than the Americans have on North America, the Europeans have on Canada, on Australia, on New Zealand and the British rights to Falkland.

But none of you are complaining because the Americans and the West did not complain. And all you silly Asians complaining about China's historical ownership of Tibet, Xinjiang and the South China Sea islands.

How foolish can you people be. And there is a bigger idiot in the ST forum called Tim Tio.

Veritas said...

China rule on Xinjiang lasted more than 2000 years when XInjiang was all Aryans. Uighur is a late comer. The real Uighur hegemony in Xinjiang is thanks to Manchus who defeated the Dzungar Mongols.

China did not get Xinjiang from Uighur but Buddhist Mongols.

Regarding Tibet, Lhasa has been vassal states of China. And the real occupier of Tibet is India, in the land of Laddakh and Zanskar, South Tibet.

Veritas said...

The Uighur dominance of Xinjiang, if counted from defeat of Dzungaria, is around 300 years. And Xinjiang is far from just Uighur and Uighur is a piece of Islamo shit that forever cry discrimination.

If we counted on Sui Dynasty where Uighur started to show face in Xinjiang among nations of Aryans, and other Turkic tribes, it is around 1400 years. And China has already rules Xinjiang for 2000 years.

The Kazak who are good Muslims and Kazak never go out and murder or cry like a fucker that they got discriminated.

And China got Xinjiang in modern history because Hui Muslim give shit to Uighur. It was Hui Muslims who massacre the Uyghur in WW2 and deliever Xinjiang to China.

Anonymous said...

Cry all you want. China, like the White Man, has oppressed minorities. That is a fact. Stop your sinophile rants as if China is an angel and has more rights over others.

Veritas said...

Not too many oppressed minorities like Islamo and Hindus.

China has 56 races and only 2 got some trouble with Han. There are positive discriminations of minorities. In Tibet, Tibetan students ONLY are getting free school free food and free healthcare. Han get non of those.

Guess how Malay Sunni Islamo treat their own Malay Shia. Its like FUCK.

China treats her minorities so good that Chinese Korean hate South Korea and prefer to assimilate to Han.

Veritas said...

Chinese korean link


Anonymous said...

Suddenly out of nowhere talk about islam and hindu. Veritas like that one. Cannot defend sinophile posts sidetrack to other topics. Red herring.

Veritas said...

Of course one must compare and benchmark.

There so are many Muslim in China and everyone other than Uighur has no problem with Han. China is the only country that Muslims identify more with China than God damn Saudi.

Chinese Hui Muslims are the ONLY muslims who are willing to lay their life in order that Han can rule China.

The leader of Hui Muslims general Ma Bufang even fuck everyone who want to invented a "Hui race". He is proud to be a Han even though many Hui was thought hybrid of central asian marrying Han women.

Anonymous said...

But if want to compare benchmark then China got the most violent history what. For thousands of years they fight each other and kill each other like no other race. Other race when they fight each other at least still united when outside force attack them. China opposite. Attack own force until so easy for outside force to rule them. So big population can also kena rule by small population. No unity what. Then when the Chinese people run away from violence from their own homeland, Sinophiles say the Chinese diaspora caused by foreigners. Ownself kill ownself but blame others.

Veritas said...

LOL, Europe are Latin and Germanic and they fought one another since Roman busted until WW2.

How about Hindus? They shit on Dalits and Islamo keep invading and kill them.

And Islamo? They have never ending war just because Sunni hate those who enshrine the descendant of Prophet especially Ali and Fatimah.

While there are Chinese who blame here blame there, the champion grumbler are Islamo followed by Hindutva.

Anonymous said...

You never read properly or what? I said other race fight each other but at least united. China so disunited until so easy to rule them. Look at the Mongol rule. Ever got in history the whole country with so big population kana rule by so small population or not? Which nation except China? Please lah. Stop making fun how other race and country fight each other when your own favourite country ownself sabo ownself lah.

Veritas said...

China is united for 2000 years already, breaking world record. Where is Romans and where is your caliphate?

Where is Egypt Bablylonia Napoleanic empire, Greece empire?

The only empire that match China is Persian.

And you Islamo so big cannot even kick Israel ass.

Anonymous said...

Veritas looks down on Muslims and Hindus and place high respect for China. Let's look at some hard facts. Today, many Hindus in India and around the world still hold strongly to Indian and Hindu culture. Indian culture and Hinduism will live for a long time.

Likewise, many Muslims around the world hold strongly to their culture. Islam will live for a long time. The Arabs hold hold onto their culture. The Malays hold onto theirs. The Pakistanis, Bengladeshis and Indian Muslims in India hold strongly onto theirs. The African Muslims hold onto theirs. The Russian Muslims hold onto theirs. Even migrant Muslims in Europe hold onto theirs. And of course, Hui Chinese Muslims hold onto theirs, which is Chinese culture. Veritas' mistaken idea that Hui is hence close to China is false. Like all the other Muslims in the world, Hui is close to Chinese culture because they are Muslim and Chinese, not because they love Chinese culture better than Islam.

Now let us look at the Chinese population in mainland China. How many of them are holding to whatever Chinese culture today? Look at Shanghai, Chengdu, Beijing and all other developed Chinese cities. Are they more Western or Chinese in their culture? Now let's look at the Chinese in other parts of Asia. Are the Taiwanese and Hongkongers holding onto Chinese culture or have they become Westernized? What about the Chinese in SE Asia? At most these Chinese are “part-timers”. They only remember Chinese culture during CNY and other Chinese festivities like Hungry Ghost Festival. Other times of the year, they become Western.

What about Chinese in the West? Lagi worse, correct?

So Veritas, so what if China is united today? Hardly anyone gives a shit about Chinese culture, unlike Hindus and Muslims who give a lot about their heritage. That means as time goes by, Chinese culture will disappear, just like in the West we no longer see Roman or Greek culture. Of course you know what happens when someone loses culture. They forget their roots. Just like so many whites don't see Europe as their homeland, today many overseas Chinese don't see China as their homeland. Only sinophiles like Veritas sees China as homeland.

In the end, for all the crowing Veritas gives, Hinduism, Indian Culture and Islamic heritage have all the ingredients to live for another 1000 years. Chinese culture on the other hand is already slipping downhill even in mainland China. Soon, Chinese will be nothing but a language without culture – like English today. Too bad for Veritas, the sinophile.

Anonymous said...

Mao dont have problem with Japanese
because China already have problem with US and Soviet Union

Mao are not stupid.
Mao want to make friend with Japan due to taiwan issue
Mao want to retake taiwan and sideline Chiang kai shek

Moreover, Japanese attitude in those day and today are VASTLY DIFFERENT
Initially, Japanese take low key approach and feel remorse over those history of aggression

After Japan achieve great economic prosperity and predicted to over take US ,
Japanese attitude had changed radically - they feel distant over those history of aggression.

They visit Yasukuni shrine in High profile way and openly challenge nanking massacre, deny comfort women.

Deng make friend with Japanese because they needs japan technology, investment, aid

China dont really have much choice at that time except burying their grievance silently.

Now, China had enjoy prosperity and they do have much freedom to speak out their feeling and seek "justice " for their case.

You are beautifying japan invasion by citing Mao statement ( provided by japan source)

Today, Manchuria is underdeveloped due to many various reason.
Nothing to do with CCP discrimination, or incompetence.

Why japan tend to develop Manchurian into prosperous region?

Because japan treat Manchuria as their Japan territory.

Most western power dont recognized japan occupation of Manchuria.

Japan invent Manchukuo as their puppet to legitimize their rule .

Do you know how many japanese migrant was relocated to mainland china to legitimize their claim?

Japan had never think that they would return those territory back to China.

If china still have Qing territory, outer Manchurian ,island of Sakhalin provide them access to sea of japan

I dont think that china need to worry about Japan threat so much.

Anonymous said...


Maybe CCP had over exaggerated their achievement in sino japanese war.

CCP has proven to be tough fighter in Korean war, vietnam war, invasion of vietnam and sino soviet skirmish.

CCP had reunited the whole mainland china into one piece within short period of time

While KMT unable to do so for last 30 years.

KMT unable to get huge support for the party.

KMT unable to defeat Japan aggression because their modernization was delayed by bureaucracy and corruption

KMT made wrong choice to prepare itself against Japanese threat

KMT dont put much effort on the importance of air defence and build strong air force

This is biggest reason for KMT defeat in many various battle.

Qing dynasty already aware of Japanese threat to their nation
But qing dynasty take slow approach to modernize their nation.

After Qing collapse,KMT should have accelerate those modernization of military to cope with Japanese threat.

KMT had encounter many difficult to govern china due to warlordism and lack of strong military power.

This is problem with Sun yat sen approach - they seem to think that they could bring china out of poverty, suffering after they toppled qing dynasty

They dont think much that they needs a strong military to exert control over whole china.

Veritas said...

The Chinese are pragmatic creature. When Chinese see a more superior culture, Chinese forgo her own her learn from others. You may be right to say that Chinese dont hold on to culture so much, but this happen in white man land ONLY. Once China surpass white man, you can be sure China hold on to culture.

CHinese in Malaysia hold on to culture despite Malay ardent desire to convert Chinese to theirs. The reason is Malay culture is barbaric in the sense that they hate Jews hate Shias and always think of murder apostasy.

Indian? rampant caste system.

In Chinese eye, why hold on to shit culture and not learn from good.

Is Islamofascism something to proud of. Is caste system something to proud of? Why not learn from west?

Anonymous said...

Veritas is dreaming. A true sinophile. For over 2000 years China always so closed up and cut off from the world. When China opened up, it gave up all culture. You mean you see the people from the developed cities in China so culturally refined ah? Where? Which city?

Outside China, lagi worse. Marry another race only, become that race and forget about Chinese roots. Indian man marry Chinese girl, Chinese girl become Indian. Angmoh man marry Chinese girl, girl become angmoh. Muslim man marry Chinese girl, girl again become Muslim. Also true for other way. Chinese man marry angmo girl, Chinese man act like angmoh. Chinese man marry Muslim girl, man become Muslim.

In America, many Chinese girls prefer to go out with angmo until Chinese men cannot find enough Chinese girls. You don't have this problem with Indians or Muslim minorities in America. Slowly, slowly, Chinese culture will be like Roman and Greek culture.

But which Chinese today except sinophiles actually want to hold to ancient Chinese culture? So feudal. So self-killing. Always ownself kill ownself until enemy from outside come also don't realise. Now China want to become superpower it forget about roots. The communist party in China is the biggest stumbling block to the preservation of Chinese culture. From anything like dynasty rule to religion and dialects all stifled. Only Mandarin is promoted. Eh, Chinese history is more than about central rule and Mandarin lah. How to preserve traditional Chinese culture when so much diversity and practices all either kena banned, prohibited or stifled?

You still worship China and believe China is promoting Chinese culture? Wake up lah!

Veritas said...

Giving some shit culture is better than Indian land of shit and culture of rape.

Islamo also got rape and incest culture.

So do you guys want to do away with caste system, shitting on shia-ism, stoning women till death-ism.

Islamo and Hindutva are both shit people who keep damning white man but flock to white man land like slump dog.

While ABD readily give up their culture also. Islamo go white man land keep their shit ways and start murdering their benefactor.

Anonymous said...

I suddenly realised why you keep talking about Hindu and extremist Islam. You think I am not Chinese. Sorry mate, I am an ethnic Chinese. But unlike you, I am not a sinophile. I like Chinese Language. I like to learn about Chinese culture. But to support China? What for? It is China that is killing Chinese culture and even the Chinese Language. China wants to simplify the written language with Pinyin and modern Chinese writing. But traditional Chinese writing has a lot of history behind it. China wants to ban this and that including Chinese practices like Falun gong. China is not interested in Chinese culture. It is only interested in its own Chinese Communist Party. What Chinese history and culture talking you?

Let's talk about the erosion of Chinese culture and stop bringing up red herrings like Hindu and Islam. Let's talk how China today is killing off 2000 over years of Chinese history and culture. Stop being a sinophile.

Veritas said...

That is right to some extend, Chinese are killing some culture for the sake of modenization, culture such as 3 inch lotus, eunuch-ism...etc.

Given a price to pay for China to be numero Uno in the world, this is a small price to pay. THose who stick to their shit culture, you know who they are, are today still shit people.

Also Chinese assimilate to others due to popular demand, especially demand of Chinese women chee bye. In Malaysia, Malay desparately want Chinese to convert to their shit Islamo way and demand to fuck Chinese women. Same as well to do Indian.

Chinese pity and love them. So we strike a balance between preserving culture and give in to some shit culture.

Anonymous said...

China is NOT preserving Chinese history or culture. It is only interested in preserving the Communist Party. Any action that preserves Chinese history or culture is simply incidental. I don't know why you want China to be number one when you are not PRC national. You think when PRC is the number one they will give you special privilege or status because you are Chinese? Fat hopes. You will be oppressed just like any other non-Chinese. If China can do that to their minorities in mainland, and if they can do that to their own Han Chinese in Taiwan and Falungong members, what makes you think you are so special they will not oppress you too?

Veritas said...

Chinese want CPC to remain is because the alternative outcome is worse, not because they love CPC.

Historical the Chinese culture will sacrifices generations and generations of people in order to make the civilization strong.

Chinese is willing to sacrifice a 2 generations in sweat shop foxxconn to accumulate enough capital and technology to get back to white man.

A strong China is align to my interest, more than a strong USA. Blood is thicker than water.

Anonymous said...

Blood is thicker than water; a
Chinese phrase to denote the
Kinsman Relationship. This is
however quite lost on the
Chinese Race as most oversea
Chinese have assimilated alien
cultures that are indigenous to
the Lands they reside in.
Tradition and Custom change due
to changes in environment. Tradition
and Value too evolve with the Changes.
Globalisation shall see the Discards of much traditions as humans try to adopt the Most Practical Ways to live.

To do away with recognition and identification of ones' Kinsmanship
with those link by bloods goes against
Nature. Species are specific in Nature
and birds of the same feather flock together. Chimpanzee, Gorilla and human are all primates, however they
share little in common. The Only Common Characteristic is, each has their own territory.

Veritas said...

There is a balance between how much to integrate to alien and how much to preserve. Do it too much you get a nation of race traitors who spread out legs to enemies. The current race traitors in white man land even advocate integrate to Islamo. The race traitors PAP advoctae we suck aliens ass.

And if people force shit culture like caste system islamofascism on you, you need to have patriot to stand against shit.

But too much and too patriotic you will get a race of fucking brainless Islamo.

So Chinese actually strike a good balance.

Anonymous said...

So many Sinkieporean fed up with PRC people here. They come here becum prostitute, husband stealer, job stealer. But here got one traitor support PRC. Must be one of the 70% who voted for the PAPigs.

Anonymous said...

In China they eat anything under the sun. Outside China they pangsai anywhere under the sun. That is the Chinese culture of today.

Veritas said...

The reason SG people piss with PRC is because PRC is still poor. I also no like PRC come take job and make us crowded. It is time for people to adjust to the fact that we are going to be much poorer that the PRC noveu riche.

At that time, PRC will come and take our women as mistress and will set up MNC and hire us to work for them.

PRC MNC like Huawei, Xiaomi are paying for better for engineers than local SME.

Anyway, supporting PRC and supporting FT policy is 2 different thing. I support managed immigration.

Anonymous said...

Veritas cannot make up mind. Want to support PRC but dowan to support PRC. I can tell you lah. PRC people dowan you lah. They see you no up. Why support and clean their backside for them?

Veritas said...

Supporting PRC does not mean I want to open flood gate to PRC migrants.

Anonymous said...

Coward veritas suddenly realise that he/she/it must open backside to support PRC so now suddenly say he/she/it dowan to open floodgates. :D

Anonymous said...

anonymous December 03, 2015 10:10 a.m.

You will be oppressed just like any other non-Chinese. If China can do that to their minorities in mainland,
Which nation give special bonus mark to their minorities because they must learn national language?

Which nation would often promote culture of ethnic minority as their national treasure?

which nation would ensure enrollment of those population of ethnic minority in the university is high?

The nation who had implement such policy are accused of "Oppressing their minority"?

Anonymous said...

Your pea brain is so small you can't even comprehend. That is EXACTLY my point to veritas. If no nation (China included) give special bonus to minority, what makes veritas think China will give such to Sinophiles in Singapore like veritas? Get it?

Veritas said...

Chinese is so good to minorities while ungrateful minorities always rant discrimination to game the system. Some Islamo want to kill us.

Others like Hindus impose caste system on us. Few years back one Hindu girl praise the USA who have Indians kill in hate crime and say Singaporean Chinese worse than USA people. This is shit typical shit head which almost 100% of our minorities got it.

While our minorities are full of shit as evidence by how shit their home land are, we Chinese are good because we are good people.

Despite the shit mind of our minorities, we must still love them.

Anonymous said...

More red herring from Veritas. Why talk about Hindu/Islam again? You really want to open backside for China ah? They don't want you, you know.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. China did not want Veritas backside. They are waiting for yours.
I have never come across someone here that is as thick as you.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, my backside not for sale. You want also cannot get. Veritas on the other hand want to sell but no one also want. That is the difference.

Anonymous said...


Didn't know there are so
many expurts in history
as well as international

If only they help to better
the local situation, Sinkies
will appreciate and be

There is much shits here in
Sin and what have all the
Expurts do to deal with them ?

Anonymous said...

What are you expecting from expurts?