When the light shuts out

Papa PME was a successful professional and about to retire quite comfortably. His only son, the darling of the family, had completed his A level and applying to get into a local university.  Unfortunately he did not get the course he wanted to do and went back to Papa PME with his disappointment. Papa told his son not to worry. Go apply to get into a reputable university overseas and pursue his dream and his favourite course.  After a successful lifelong career and with some decent savings, life was convenient and options were plenty when money was not an issue.

Son was successful in getting himself admitted into a reputable university in Australia. Everything ended up well as expected and it was time for a big celebration. All the kakis of Papa, all PMEs, were invited to a big send off party for Son on the eve of his departure to pursue his dream in Australia.

The next few years were all happy stories from Australia. Son reported his academic achievements year by year and was in the Dean’s List. And he graduated with a good honours degree. Papa was a very happy man. You could se pride oozing out from all his orifices.  He was the toast among his kakis when they met for a drink. Son was doing Papa proud and it was money well spent.

Son did so well and was offered to do his masters. Papa was again joyous with the good news and told Son money was no problem. Time passed so quickly and son was soon home with his gleaming masters’ degree. The whole world opened up to him. Another big party was thrown on his return. And Papa was the envy of all his kakis. In the party they were looking admiringly at this young man and offered all the advices they could for a wonderful career ahead. There were so many options with such a fine degree and a fine young man. Getting a good job was not a problem.  All the doors would be open to this Son of Papa PME.

After the mandatory one month of holiday to see the world, a reward from Papa PME for doing so well in his studies, Son came back and started to write his beautiful resume. He shared with Papa’s kakis in their drinking sessions of his aspiration and ambition. There was so much confidence in the young man and he was looking for a very bright and illustrious career ahead.

A few weeks passed. No news. A few months passed, all Son could get were a couple of interviews but no job offer. As the days turned to weeks, and weeks turned to months, the smile and confidence on the face of the young man disappeared. He started to get worried. The kakis and Papa PME told him not to worry. There were many applicants and competition was tough but with his good degrees, a masters’ included, and from a reputable overseas Australian university, it was only a matter of time for him to land a job.

More than a year gone by. Son lost all his confidence and hope of landing a job. He suffered depression. He could not believe that he was not good enough to get a job with his good academic records.  He withdrew himself socially and hid in his room most of the day. Papa PME too stop joining the drinking sessions. He was so disillusioned, disheartened and feeling so ashamed that his son was still unemployed after more than a year from graduation. Papa turned into a recluse.

There was no one to talk to. It must be their faults. The son was not good enough, no good for employment. It was as if the light shut on them. All the hopes, promises, confidence and the dreams of a better life, of a successful young man were doomed. There was no more light. Someone snuffed it out for them.

More than $300k and 6 years of slogging in a reputable Australian university and Papa and Son could not believe they were all wasted. And Papa’s savings started to look perilous. He rented a room to a couple of young foreign talents. And they could not understand why they were so happy, and could get jobs so easily, earning more than $4,000 each. And better still, their degrees were from their 3rd World universities, unknown, unrated.  Papa and Son were so ashamed to tell them that Son got a masters’s degree when the two tenants advised the Son to study hard to get a degree and to get a good job. Son ended up doing some temp job quietly for $20 a day.

PS. The story is genuine though with some dramatics to make it sound interesting. How many Singaporeans, how many papas and mamas, are disappointed after spending a fortune on their favourite children to get a good education only to find out it was a vain hope, a wasted effort?  And the poor child ended up in depression or a broken person, losing all faith and confidence in himself or herself? Does anyone care? Would our responsible and caring govt care? Do they know what is happening?
I was so depressed after hearing this story. I am so angry.


Anonymous said...

Rb bo bian one lar. Many kids loose out to FT on free scholarship and some work here and some were offered jobs in hk. They no
Problem just run without paying back the bond. They just make sure they don't visit here again.

Anonymous said...

The problem is that there are genuinely not enough of Papa PMEs and sons in the above genuine story who are so angry with PAP to the extent that they will vote for the opposition to win in an election.

Maybe they will only vote for opposition when PAP has dogs and cats as candidates?

Anonymous said...

I think at least 70% of the sons and daughters of Sinkie Papas and Mamas have no problem in getting a job after graduation, whether they are from local or foreign universities.

Even if it is less than 70%, PAP will just top up by making foreigners with jobs into new Sinkies.

agongkia said...

You forgot to mention the son must either be lazy, choosy or having EM.
How can he ended up with a temp job with 20 dollar a day.
Even bortartcheh ah pek oso can make 50 dollar per day.
Many of those kopitiam uncles I know lost their child after sending them for further study.
Either they return with high pay and disown their bortartcheh parent feeling they are a disgrace, or neglect their parent becos children change faith or children ended in abusing power against the citizen.....
Khongcum who want to gamble on their children's education should never regret as its part of their responsibility.
But never have that EM that one must be offered a good job just becos of paper.
Pray tell the son go work as screwty guard or cleaner.
agongkia..what is EM?
Its Entitlement Mentality.

Anonymous said...

What to do? Singaporeans expect too much. They demand high starting salary, lots of leave, MCs, air-con environment and not in the sun type of work. Cannot be too stressful, must have long lunch breaks etc etc etc.

Singaporeans are too soft and too pampered. Boy=boy must have the best in everything and must not be asked to do any work that is remotely physical.


Anonymous said...

This is the unhealthy job market in Singapore, even local BIG company not supporting fair employment and not complying to governance.

Keep the mind open under the dim moonlight/starlight - nothing scary about having artificial light off, at least saving electricity.

- Hands-On Green Matters

Anonymous said...

Bortachek uncle can make $50 a day cleaning table? Don't think so.
But, there are many older bortacheks earning more than $50 for 12 hrs as screwty guards.

Understand that screwty guard is a requirement for certain reason such as insurance claim or whatever, though I mistaken it to imply that Sg is not a safe place for businesses and therefore needs to have guards here and there.

To earn $20 a day with a Masters Degree, the Graduate might as well join the screwty profession.
Maybe his papa can work together with him.
Khia lai khia khi, do exercise and combine both can make $100 a day. It's about half a month's pay for workers in Indonesia.
Boh hor meh?

Veritas said...

Singaporeans need to accept the fact of graduate glut. When there are excess of graduates, and too few good jobs, eventually only a few lucky ones will make it.

Flooding us indiscriminately with FT is not helping either. Today everywhere in the world has seen student debt rocket while graduates get under employed.

Anonymous said...

Got reputable university in Australia meh?!?! Ozzie degrees only worth for getting jobs in OZ or NZ.

Companies actually prefer NUS/NTU degrees, but must be 1st class or 2nd class Upper degrees. These will easily secure good jobs (some quite senang also) with pay at least $3.5K & above. Otherwise 1st class or 2nd Upper from Ivy League unis also can.

Those 2nd Lower or 3rd class or general degree usually end up together with most other foreign uni degree holders --- fighting for scraps and starting pay at most $2+K only.

For biggest bang for your buck, better to send your kid to study Medicine in India or Philippines. Courses are taught in English (although many tips & hidden knowledge passed around in local languages: Hindi & Tagalog). I think some Indian unis are recognised by S'pore Medical Council. Not sure about Peenoi unis. But with the thousands of Peenoi doctors working in govt hospitals & polyclinics, I'm sure many Peenoi unis are recognised too.

After the 1st few years as houseman, and then junior MO being tekan in general hospitals, the world is your oyster --- you can specialise in hardcore areas like cardio-thoracic or neurosurgery etc & earn multi-millions. Or you can kick back and slum around as locum (part-time doctor) for polyclinics. As locum you only work 5 hours each day, 5 days a week and earn at least $10,000 per month (your rate will be at least $100 per hour). Also as locum, you don't need to involve yourself with the BS politicking of the organisation. Just do your basic job & collect $$$$$.

Old Man of the SEA said...

In Singapore, it is no more what you know BUT WHO you know that will land you a job or a promising career. This has been the Culture cultivated by the Papa of First Class Double Honours, the Papa of the present Papa of Double First Class Honours, the Papa of the PAY AND PAY, the Papa of Stinkapore.

Becoming a taxi driver can easily get you $60 to $100 a day, why get a part time job for $20 a day. The Papa PME's son must be damned STUPID! Anybody with an Average IQ, who study hard can get a Good Honours and a Master's Degree. But that does not mean he is a Smart or Clever person. If you train a parot for sometime, it can sing you a beautiful tune. When you put pigs under the stage of a Chinese wayang performance stage for long enough, they can also beat the drums. So the old sayings went.

A toilet cleaner, now the minimum wage is $1200 per month. A security guard earns $1500 a month, withou Over-Time Pay. A KFC or McDonald Delivery Man earns between $25 to $30 a day. A patrol kiosk attendant earns about $1200 to %1400 a month.

My friend's young wife from Vietnam, with only an ordinary 'O' Level equivalent qualification earns $1800 a month in a Beauty saloon, working 10 hours a day.

So, in the final analysis, the Papa PME's son must be an IDIOT!

Anonymous said...

$300k and 6 year to end up earning $20 a day.
Agongkia the wiseman would have used the $300k to la kopi, punt toto and play 4d to make lots of monies. He can hug mei meis and aunties with the money many many.

Sinkies must come to my singapore news to learn fr agongkia.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ crocodile-tears RB,

>> More than a year gone by. Son lost all his confidence and hope of landing a job. He suffered depression. <<

Oh well, shouldn't have "celebrated" so hard. Maybe now he would have a few more dollars to keep going.

Also, time to put on the "Big Boy" pants. Nothing is ever guranteed. Always leave room for doubt, and BTW, where is "Plan B"? What? No plan B?!? Go to university, supposedly learn how to think critically, and plan strategically....but no Plan B? WTF!! Get a refund lah. Education fail!

>> How many Singaporeans, how many papas and mamas, are disappointed after spending a fortune on their favourite children to get a good education only to find out it was a vain hope, a wasted effort? <<

"Wasted effort?" Please lah. These assholes (who don't deserve any sympathy because they reap what they sow, or rather didn't reap what they didn't sow) never make enough of a concerted effort to notice the change in global, regional and local TRENDS.

Instead they preferred to deny all personal responsibility and expect the govt, the world, the universe and the heavens to provide their oh-so "special" kids with a future.

Fuck off lah.

>> And the poor child ended up in depression or a broken person, losing all faith and confidence in himself or herself? <<

Like I said, time to put on the Big Boy and Big Girl clothes. Adults are responsible for their own minds, and their own lives.

Got "grow the fuck up"?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

P.S. Remember Lee Kuan Yew's sage, but harsh words. Most of Yew fucks are too soft. And worse still: Yew are EMOTIONALLY unintelligent (i.e. buay tahan a bit of discomfort, failure or disappointment)

According to our very dead and incinerated LEE-der: most of Yew are not hard drivin' and hard strivin', whereas the Indian and Chinese nationals, the Pinoys, Vietnamese and our Malaysian and Indonesian cousins are more "motivated" (not all in "good" ways either) than you.

Many of them are prepared to "play by THEIR OWN rules" (like CHEAT) which gives them a distinct tactical advantage.

Got chaos theory, social evolution and emergent phenomena?

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:02 am, what u said is quite true and also well said.

RB, please also take it as reference so that your future posts take into account what is actually happening.

virgo49 said...

So cheating, conning and what deceits one has are now assets??

Poor sinkies sure no match for these foreign cheats, ahem talents as classified by our beloved government.

So why Joverina oops Jover Chew and Kong Hee Fatt Choy got sentenced to jail??

Must be lousy cheating sinkies.

Anonymous said...

So many asshole Sinkies here so happy Singaporeans got cheated by Foreigners.
Some are stateless Sinkies coming back to curry favours hoping to get reinstated as Sinkies.

Anonymous said...

If father and son learn to vote for the correct political party, then this will not happen.
What is good for PAP does not mean it is good for Singaporeans.
What is good for PAP's Singapore does not mean it is good for Singaporeans.
Be wise.
Vote only for politicians who can promise you a good life.
And your CPF money back at age 55 years old.

Anonymous said...

Donald Trump - The pro American Presidential candidate
South Carolina rally, 2015


If the politician in your constituency does not sound like this on immigration policies.
Do not vote for him.

b said...

why did he bother to return? Aus so much better than tiny sg.

agongkia said...

@anon 11.33
Aiyo.Never encourage gambling .
4D n toto cannot make one rich so never gamble with your hard earn money.But no harm betting 1 dollar for 4 million draw toto.
Papa PME is a successful professional to uncle RB but not so to me.
300k for me can produce at least 10 children to complete O level.
If 10 children work as screwty guard , gardener or cleaner, can generate a total of 20 k monthly 'betterer' than 600 or even 15k by only 1 graduate child.
Best part is on my grand day there are many children n grandchildren to send me off.
Hugging meimeis is a gift.Even million dollar salary graduates do not have a chance n even have, got to do it secretly.

Life is fair.Bortartcheh like me no money but got many You Know Whos to hug .Graduates no mei mei to hug can get prostate cancer which if happen to me can make me poorer.
Moral of story.Go play your part to be good citizen n produce many children to complete O level and NS instead of being crazy for paper.

Anonymous said...

He can't make it in Australia. So kwai kwai put his tail in between his legs and crawled back here, that's why.

Anonymous said...

He can't make it in Australia. So kwai kwai put his tail in between his legs and crawled back here, that's why.
December 08, 2015 8:52 pm

You talking about PM Lee is it?
How dare you!
I'll report you to my PAP MP.