War of Words

This phrase use to be an expression of harmless bickering between two parties, yelling and screaming at each other, or using the media to attack another party but limited to just that, words. There is no intention to carry the matter any further but just to show displeasure or to show who is the bigger bully or for the purpose of propaganda, to sink the ideas into the unthinking minds.

The war of words has taken a very different meaning, very serious and very damaging without any open conflict, and very, very effective and costly today.  The Americans have been spending billions and trillions in building up a military force that would turn any country into dust if they wanted to. That is how formidable and destructive is the American war machine. No country today is able to match the Americans in any specific area of contest with a clear advantage and a war with America is as good as courting self destruction. Of course the Americans also know that a few countries out there could bring America along to the Stone Age should the Americans are mad enough to want to go to war with them.

The Americans at best could play the game of chicken with other nuclear powers, to threaten and hoping that the other party would back out. But if both stay on course, ultimately both would have to back out. Crashing head on will end up in pieces for both chickens. The use of military power against another super power is a no option, rendering the superiority in military hardware relatively futile. The Americans overwhelming military superiority could stlll be used effectively against weaker enemies. However this again has been proven to be quite ineffective in the Middle East and a big drain on the American resources.

The most effective warfare today has turned out to be the War of Words. ISIS have just warned the Americans to withdraw its troops and involvement in the Middle East or else  they will hit at every 7 eleven stores around the world, or at any MacDonald or Kentucky fastfood outlets, or every Apple stores, Coffee beans, Starbucks or any American brand establishments worldwide.  Such threats may or may not take place, just like threats of bombs inside an aircraft. What happens is that the authority will have to act, securities beefed up, more checks, more delays and inconvenience and more cancellations. When an airline or establishment is on the hit list of a terrorist group, you can bet business will be affected. The customers will stay away when there are other alternatives available. Why would customers patronize an establishment on the hit list? Parents would keep their young away for sure.

As an example, an open threat to say Starbucks or MacDonald, what would happen to their business? It is a War of Words, but very effective and very easy and cheap to conduct. Any attempt to defend such soft targets is going to be exceptionally costly in manpower and resources. Even then, it is going to be in vain. All the billion dollar high tech leading edge military equipment and weapons are utterly hapless and useless in this kind of warfare. ISIS can be expected to increase its effort in this form of warfare. Yes, it is like calling wolf. One time, two times, three times, nothing happens. Seven times, eight times, twenty times, nothing happens, then kaboom, one store got hit. Confidence collapse and business goes down. No innocent customers would want to frequent the store, just in case.

This War of Words would be the new normal and all the security forces would be running around all for nothing but cannot afford not to run around. It is now so easy to make the Americans dance. Just issue a threat. F35s, B52s, nuclear missiles, nuclear submarines, aircraft carriers, Poseidon, drones, got any use?

Welcome to the Third World War of Words where the Americans did not have any advantage but all the disadvantages. It is all a new ball game that has no form of effective defence. Just waiting for a threat to be made good, with no time and space dimension. The Talibans could not do it, the Al Qaeda could not do it. ISIS can. It could call on the nearly one hundred countries it is drawing its recruits from, the self radicalized individuals, a one man war machine, with a knife or a handgun. The affected countries and their people, their businesses and lifestyle, will all go crazy.

ISIS is now calling the shot. ISIS has the initiative. ISIS decides the time and place. ISIS is in control, not the Americans anymore. The Americans are on the defensive. The next stage, the Americans will be on the run, back home to protect homeland security, when the streets are on fire, under attack.


Anonymous said...

/// The next stage, the Americans will be on the run, back home to protect homeland security, when the streets are on fire, under attack. ///

At least their MRT works and their MRT CEOs are not even paid multi-million dollar salaries.

Anonymous said...

Ya hor. Never thought of that. Paying miliions and constant breakdown. How to justify that?

Anonymous said...

/// Put simply, it’s not clear that Germans understood what the numbers meant until they came face to face with the influx.

None of this is to say that there aren’t still large parts of the German electorate that support Merkel’s “yes we can” approach, it’s simply to say that reality is beginning to sink in regarding what it means to take in one million people in the space of just six months when you are a country whose entire population is just 81 million. ///


1 million Aliens in a population of 81 million is 1.23%

Anonymous said...

Nothing lah. Singapore population 3.5m, aliens 2.5m. How many percent is that?

Anonymous said...

ISIS is now calling the shot. ISIS has the initiative.

Tiok. And ISIS must be strong to be able to do so and for so long. That's why they must have strong but hidden backers. Backers who gave money, and with money there will be people, resources and weapons.

And conversely, the reason why the Sinkie opposition is so weak and for so long is simply because they have not enough or no backers. No or no enough backers with money, and hence not enough people and resources as well.

Hermit said...

US may have the best military tech, but it hasn't been able to beat guerrillas and third world countries. They lost the Vietnam War and they have been fighting wars in Afghanistan and Iraq for more than 10 years and still cannot win. So much spent on war machines but nothing to show.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ topsey-turvey world which RB cannot understand:

As I said before, simple things please simple minds. RB again tries to reduce complexity to single sentence explanations and even shorter "solutions".

>>ISIS is in control, not the Americans anymore. The Americans are on the defensive.<

The formation of ISIS was aided by the US. They wanted to unseat Assad. So they supported the "rebels" in a civil war. Now the Americans are being dragged screaming and kicking into a complicated situation they've been trying to avoid getting entangled in. There have been many game changers, but then Putin stepped up to the plate and unswerving supported Assad by pulverizing ISIS. Now the US have no choice.

Also bear in mind that many of the fighters in ISIS are MERCENARIES. They will fight for the side which pays the most. Not to be outdone, now the US is using mecenaries to fight ISIS.

Lift your game lah redbean.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Any takers to do this in Orchard Road? ;-)

Anonymous said...


Too much exaggerations, US used to be called paper tiger by Late Chairnan Mao. It was evident to the World that other than having decimated the Red Indians, the US has not been able to conquer anyone else after that. Vietnam, Afghanistan, Middle East are proof that the So-called Superiority of the Americans was and is just paper tiger images.

Now, visualize the Subways, IS Airlines, Embassies, Corporatiibs Worldwide and even the American Streets and Households are targetted. The Americans shall be like cats on hot tin roofs; not even paper tiger.

The Strategy to fight the Americans by targetting anything American is going to mske Americans living everywhere on tenterhooks. The More the US stirs shits, the More the repercussions.

As is happening, the Americans in US are killing and maiming their very own countrymen. So are those citizens of migrant stocks doing so in Europe and could be expanded Universally.
Living will be very exciting for the Americunts and many Europeans.

Anonymous said...

"So much spent on war machines but nothing to show"

On the lighter side, it reminds me of Louis van Gaal and ManUre. Spent so much on players but nothing to show. LOL.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ blind cunts:

>> "So much spent on war machines but nothing to show" <<

Haven't you blind cunts seen the many wonderful US military destruction videos on YouTube or Daily Motion?

What fucking universe are you living in? American war machine loves to show-off its stuff!

Anonymous said...

Agree. Very accurate at shooting down civilians, women and children too.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ spot on, super bloody bagus mate, 129:

>> Very accurate at shooting down civilians, women and children too. <<

The only good rag-headed sand niggers are DEAD rag-headed sand niggers ;-)

And you have to get the women and kids, ESPECIALLY....because the women produce babies, and the children grow up to be rag-headed sand nigger jihadists who will rape your daughters, behead your sons, and do all that allahu akbar KA-BOOM shit. You know it's true. It's in the bible.

😹😹😹 Kill them good. God Bless America!

Anonymous said...

More racist rants from yet another chinky chink. Ever wondered why so many yella chinks rant hate against blacks, arabs, indians and malays here? And all of em are Yella Ching Chong Chang? That's becuz the admin guy is one himself! You attract your own kind, yer know.

Anonymous said...

We all know who are the racist. Count yourself in.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> Yella Ching Chong Chang <<

WOW! What a great name for a band. Like the Wu Tang Clan.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

It started in LA. All schools in LA were shut due to a bomb threat and 640,000 students were affected, to stay at home. The Police Chief rightly said that he would not take any chances on the life of even one child. Now sure how many security officers were deployed to check the schools.

It is Christmas season and a lot of parcels of Christmas gifts are in transit, in the mail. What would it be like if there is a threat on the gifts coming through the mail?