Underemployment – Blame the young graduates

It was a good thing that the media is now pursuing the problem of underemployment of our graduates from our world class universities that have a renowned reputation, I heard that employers really loved to employ the graduates from these world class universities and our graduates are in great demand. So if any graduate from these world class universities failed to get a job, it must be his own fault. They graduated from world class universities but without the skills the employers want, or for the reasons like some unthinking parrots would spout every day, our graduates are demanding, lazy, choosy, only want high pay but not wanting to work, entitlement mentality.  Not to worry, these sick parrots would be here to repeat the shame shit they stored in their heads instead of their bottoms.

While the media are picking up this dreadful news of our pathetic graduates, spending a small fortune and putting great effort to get their As and degrees, some asses are still telling stupid things like it is a good thing, normal that only a small percentage is not employed. Or some saying, they are not tracking, meaning why waste time tracking them, or they are only interested in tracking part time employment. Now you know why they are so blur or ignorant about the problems faced by our jobless or underemployed graduates. They don’t even know, they don’t bother. So, they quoted a Sarah that had been hunting for a job since May but ended up taking something not relevant to her fine arts degree. Reading between the lines, nobody cares despite the media starting to dig up the shit. It is her fault for taking a course that has no market demand.

How can our world class universities be churning out graduates that did not have the skills employers want? Do our universities think that our graduates are all children of millionaires or ministers and went to universities to study for fun, study courses that have no market value because they don’t need to work after graduation? Why offer courses that have no market demand, not marketable and making the poor graduates struggled to get the degrees and wasting 3 or 4 years of their lives in the universities for nothing? Do the universities have the responsibility to do their due diligence to offer relevant courses and not issuing degrees that cannot be eaten?  Whose fault is that? The universities or the students? No need to ask for the answers. It must be the students. The question, is it fair to blame the young students who did not know what the job market is all about? Aren’t the universities in a better position, with better knowledge, to offer the relevant and useful courses for the students?

And who was that to say that only two percent of the graduates are unemployed or underemployed and that is healthy? In normal cases it is healthy. But when 2 million foreigners are employed here, many with fictitious degrees, some with fake degrees, some with longkang university degrees, it is NOT ok. Something is very wrong. Something is very sick.

By the way, apart from the professional degrees, many degrees are not designed to fit into the job market fresh from the universities, eg the arts and social sciences, the general sciences, humanities, the artistic courses. How can employers expect young graduates to be immediately employable and with the skills to start work when fresh out from universities?

While those responsible for the plight of our graduates from our world class universities are talking cock, I hope the media will continue to pursue this issue and highlight the pains and suffering of our young and their parents, being left on the lurch by the people responsible to look after them in the initial years of their working life, the people that they voted to protect their interests.

The media should also dismiss the fools and irresponsible Singaporeans that are running down our young graduates and passing silly comments that the unemployed and underemployed graduates have only themselves to be blamed. The media should also take to task those million dollar people in education for turning the other way when our graduates from our world class universities are bashed and ridiculed as worthless and with a piece of paper that cannot be eaten. The media can play a big role to champion the cause of our miserable graduates from our world class universities as they have been abandoned by the very people they trusted and placed their hopes on. They are on their own, dismissed and discredited, insulted and taunted by irresponsible Singaporeans in their own country.

There is a time to fight and defend your very own brothers and sisters. If no one is going to fight for them, then, like the Sarah they interviewed said, the last option is to go overseas.  Oh yes, Skillsfuture will train them to be employable overseas when they cannot find employment in their own countries. And the govt is going overseas trying to attract overseas Singaporeans to come back home because we are losing our Singaporean core. Dunno what shit they are talking or doing. So these young graduates can first go overseas and then be invited to come back later in life.

In the meantime foreigners, more than 2m of them with half past six degrees are happily employed, all with the right skills, better than our world class university graduates. And they have no problem securing a job here, even applying from a distance, in their home country.


Anonymous said...

"Something is very wrong. Something is very sick."

Aiyo RB, for it to really matter, that's not for you to say.

It's for the 70% who voted PAP in GE 2015 to say. And after that for the PAP ministers to say. And if they say there is nothing wrong, there is nothing wrong. And that's it, nothing more to say.

Anonymous said...

And who was that to say that only two percent of the graduates are unemployed or underemployed and that is healthy?

Of course only two percent of the graduates are unemployed or underemployed is healthy lah. Surely u cannot expect 0 percent, tio bo? Can PAP expect 0 percent to vote for opposition?

So count the local graduates lucky that it is only two percent, and not 30% of them unemployed or underemployed.

Anonymous said...

Ahem, two percent is what they know or what they want to know, or what they are tracking, or what they want to count.

Anonymous said...

Do know how they compile the stats. What they include, what they don't include, what they exclude, what they did not want to know, what they did not want to include...., how and where they get their numbers from.

Anonymous said...

"How can our world class universities be churning out graduates that did not have the skills employers want?"

But do you think it is true?
Do you think the CEO of SMRT has the skills that SMRT needs?
Do you think the CEO of NOL has the skills that NOL needs?
Do you think the CEO of Temasek has the skills that Temasek needs?
Do you think the Prime Minister of Singapore has the skills that Singapore needs?

Anonymous said...

Highly follow by more Unfair Unemployment: Wrongful Termination - Blame the employees . Employers fail to provide necessary work resources . Employees fail to perform illegal act at demand of employers . Employers bypass proper termination procedures (to cover their ass) . Employers are over and above the (Labour) Law . Hands-On Green Matters

Anonymous said...

Excellent points, Redbean.

The pap has failed Singaporeans badly and is trying to shift the blame to the uni graduates

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Dear Life Changers,
When you read someone in the news media, about his plight in looking for a job after being retrenched or leave for whatever reason, what is your feeling at that time?
Take Mr. Law's experience, for example. http://www.todayonline.com/singapore/struggle-find-work-helps-him-identify-woes-pmets?page=1
He struggled to find work and then understand & able to identify with the woes of PMETs, like him. He managed to overcome his own obstacles and rose above it, all on his own steam and persistence. Not many PMETs are so resilient and lucky to achieve that, on their own effort.
It is a "True" Fact, that many PMETs face many challenges in their pursuit of work once they left their previous workplace. Many do not realized that it is a long and hard journey, in search of new employment, all by themselves. They do not know where to get moral and community support from like-minded PMETs.
It is for this reason that I had started the United PMETs community. If you do know someone who may be interested about our vision and mission, please ask him or her to sign-up at United PMETs. Please remind the person to mention your name, while answering to community posted query during sign-up.
Thank you.

PS. I received the above in my email.

Anonymous said...

United PMETs community ...
- no use lah
- if all of you can form a united voting bloc to 100% vote for Opposition, then maybe PAP government will listen to you.

Most of these types of unemployed PMET communities are all about selling more "training" or "accreditation" courses to unemployed and desperate PMETs.

Anonymous said...

(Google Search) The organizer blogger is an aspiring Internet Entrepreneur, blah blah blah ...

Anonymous said...

KNN lah, in S'pore it is you die your biz. Even Sinkies take advantage over other Sinkies in desperate situation to screw them with talk cock sing song and worthless "entrepreneurial/business courses". Already jobless and still want to dig more money from these jobless people. Sinkies are the most anti-social people on earth. Even when foreigners & outsiders are screwing Sinkies, other Sinkies instead of helping or fighting against the foreigners, will join in the screwing also.

Therefore the best way is for Sinkies to simply just screw each other to climb ahead. Break the law & cheat also can, just don't get caught. And most small dishonesties won't be caught one. For s start, just rent whatever property out to foreigners, legally or illegally. Take advantage of those 2+ million foreigners. Not all stay in dormitories or in longkangs. Also not all are those overpaid fatcats staying in Orchard Rd condos or Bt Timah bungalows. Most need simple rooms to rent. Mix around these foreigners and find out the business of worker trafficking and importation of foreign workers, E-pass rules, S-pass, work permit etc. You may even dabble or "help out" in this foreigner importation business, and get some pocket money.

Anonymous said...

Hi RB, you wrote " our graduates are demanding, lazy, choosy, only want high pay but not wanting to work, entitlement mentality. " You have his the nail on the head. That is the main reason why the Singaporean graduates are not selected for jobs in Singapore. The FT graduates are better employees with less demands and easier to work with. I know of a Singaporeans graduate who has a good job, but spends half of most working day away on personal errants. He takes long lunches of 2 to 3 hours most days. If this is the kind of attitude towards work then Singaporean graduates deserve to be superseded by graduates from overseas.

Anonymous said...

Rb, first of all, the Uni modules here have many useless modules. It looks like it's from the professors who knows nothing and created the modules for the students so that they have jobs. Whether useful to our young or not it's u die your business mah. I do know that some students have to take additional courses to gather knowledge required by employers!

While I do not know the % of graduate unemployed or under employed, it can be safely concluded that it is definitely less than 30%. That is an intelligent Guess

Anonymous said...

“I feel like money makes you more of who you already are. If you’re an asshole, you become a bigger asshole. If you’re nice, you become nicer. Money is fun to make, fun to spend, and fun to give away.”
– Sara Blakely, billionaire founder of Spanx (1971 – )

My favourite reason why paying million dollar salaries will not result in better PAP Ministers.

Veritas said...

The elite Chinese technoprenuer Li Kaifu say that Robots are going to replace human being and that is true. Li is world no 1 expert in speech recognition.

Not only is Singaporeans under the onslaught of FT, in the future, Robots are going after us. As an engineer I see this coming.

Already, Uber has plan to replace entire fleet with self drive car, and that will take away every single taxi driver.

In the future, ship, trucks will be automated. Engineers are going to create unemployment for everyone else.

Now only PAP sanctioned civil service seems able to provide people will middle class standards, in a parasitic way, transferring income from productive citizen to these leachers.

And we are still complacent, ditching engineering, and young people shunning engineering jobs.

Anonymous said...

Veritas u can not fault the young people for dumping the engineering study where the pay is so Low compared with other jobs. Even engineering graduates went for banking jobs too. U can only blame the policies that created this environment. When I went to the Uni engineering open house,u can see how pathetic it is the professors pleading with JC students to join them!

Anonymous said...

Don't blame the graduates, then blame who???

If non graduates don't complain and are able to find jobs, why not highly educated people.

Something must be wrong with the educated folks.

Can you all remember what Agongkia and Matilah say about sinkies here??,

Anonymous said...

If you have to quote two half bakes, one half mad, as the authority of wisdom, you need to get a check up in IMH.

Anonymous said...

Agree that IMH is a place to seek remedy.

Those that are highly qualified but
cannot find employment or do their
own enterprise may like to find out more about their reason and problem.
In so doing, maybe IMH could have more vacancies for some of the unemployed.

Matilah Singapura and Agongkia if not wise, are at least practical in knowing half a loaf is better than none, yake any job is better than no income.
Best of all, they are hardworking and not asking for entitlement.

Anonymous said...

It may be a question of perspective.

If Rb is a parliamentarian or an
employer, he would agree with MS,
Agongkia and the policy makers.

What and which employer do not
want cheaperer, betterer and more
productiver workers ?

Who cares where the workers come
from ?
Make more money man

Anonymous said...

Which govt will not take csre of its citizens first?
When foreigners are happily employed, citizens unemployed, is this ok?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Aiyah, no one is "against" you lah. There are no evil geniuses living in mountain-top castles plaaning global conquest and dominance lah.

The labour market has changed. You don't only face the physical competition in your vicinity, now there is a huge DESKTOP LABOUR FORCE---i.e. people all over the world on computers doing work from their homes in one cuntry in markets across the globe.

Competition is getting more and more "non local". Ref: Thomas Freidman The World Is Flat note: ver. 3.0 (published 2007) of this mind-fucking book is the latest version.

Anonymous said...

U do not need
an answer that's
right under yr nose
and rite b4 yr eyes
Do You ?