The war against ISIS is a big joke

Everyone is going into Syria to fight the ISIS. And the ISIS keeps growing from strength to strength. The Americans and its allies, Nato countries, Saudi Arabia and OPEC countries, all of them are forming alliances to fight ISIS. The Russians have moved in in a big way, air, naval and soldiers on the ground to join the Syrian armies fighting the ISIS.

What is real? Russian aircraft got shot down by Turkey. Latest report American bombers struck and killed Syrian govt soldiers. Where are the ISIS casualties? Oh everyone is attacking the ISIS. It looks like the parties really fighting the ISIS are the Russians and the Syrian govt forces. The rest are putting up a show attacking the ISIS but really attacking the Russians and Assad’s soldiers.

What is the most important factor in the war? ISIS growing stronger when everyone is supposed to be attacking them. It is the presence of more Russian forces on the ground. And this is the most critical factor that is prompting Washington to want to put boots on the ground in Syria. They cannot allow the Russians to be the most powerful foreign forces in Syria. They cannot afford to let the Russians destroyed the ISIS. And the only way to check on the Russians, to shoot down Russian aircraft and to destroy Assad’s forces is to bring in the American soldiers. Perhaps it is a good excuse to drag in some silly and unthinking allies in another Coalition of the Unwilling, to fight the Russians and the Syrian forces.

How, who are the silly govts that would volunteer their soldiers to fight the Russians and the Syrians in the name of fighting the ISIS?

Don’t ask the Europeans except maybe France and UK who would be willing do it, the rest would say No, thank you.

Would anyone want to ask how come the Russians and the Syrians are being attacked all the time and not ISIS?

In John Harding’s view expressed in his blog, Even though Saudi Arabia said all the right things in announcing their 34-nation Islamic military coalition against terrorism, their words were only a sham….. “The Saudis are under a lot of pressure, for what they’re doing in Yemen, from the accusations that they’re spreading Wahhabi ideology [i.e. ISIS ideology}, and for what they are not doing on the military side of the US-led coalition to defeat ISIS in Syria and Iraq. So I can see that this would have some propaganda value for them,” says Aaron David Miller, a former US diplomat in Middle Eastern affairs who is now a vice president at the Woodrow Wilson International Center in Washington….. More precisely, how can Saudi Arabia, the founder and supporter of ISIS, join any coalition to defeat ISIS? ISIS is the child of Wahhabi ideology, the Saudi brand of radical Islam.’

John Harding forgot to mention that the midwife of ISIS is the USA. So why would the US want to destroy the ISIS who is doing all the work for them, to destabilize the Middle East and keep the region burning and the Arabs fighting and killing themselves and no time to live a normal life and no time to work on their oil fields and to build a functioning govt for their people?


Anonymous said...

"So why would the US want to destroy the ISIS who is doing all the world for them, to destabilize the Middle East and keep the region burning and the Arabs fighting and killing themselves and no time to live a normal life and no time to work on their oil fields and to build a functioning govt for their people?"

Tiok. Why would they?

And for the same reasons why would smart, money already a lot and still making more money Sinkies want to join the Sinkie opposition to make the opposition strong and ready to replace PAP so that PAP will not screw daft, money no enough and don't know how to make more money Sinkies?

That's why the Sinkie opposition consist only of those loser, disunited and party hopping Sinkies, just like those loser, disunited Middle East countries fighting among themselves and ISIS.

Veritas said...

Sunni is world best religion. And there is no such thing as bad Sunni. So long as you discredit yourselves like ISIS, then these ISIS "is not Muslims", as claim by so many Sunni. So there can never be a bad Sunni because bad Sunni is automatically apostasy by others.

So what really is this ISIS about? ISIS basically is Islam at the most orthodox interpretation of Koran. Sura 9.5, And when the sacred months have passed, then kill the polytheists wherever you find them and capture them and besiege them and sit in wait for them at every place of ambush. But if they should repent, establish prayer, and give zakah, let them [go] on their way

And many Sunni take pride in the fact that they follow the most original teaching of Koran, which indeed.

On the other hand, the Shia believe Islam is a living reilgion, open for continuous interpreting. Every single Shia insurgent is far less barbaric compared to Sunni gangster. See how the Houthi and Hezbollah conduct themselves.

There is no such thing as ISIS is non-Muslim per se. ISIS is Sunni.

Hermit said...

ISIS is a US proxy. Like Alqaida. They all come from the same group under the mentorship of Osama bin Laden, a CIA agent who was tasked to rid the Soviets from Afghanistan in the 1980s.

Veritas said...

Basically USA and Sunni are strange bedfellows. USA and Sunni Saudi are ally since President Roosevelt met Saudi King Abdul Aziz. The alliance between Sunni Arabs and western christiandom went longer when British Lawrence of Arabia was the guy instrumental in emancipating the Sunni Arabs from Ottomans. USA just took over the mantle from British.

There is no such thing as "Islamic emergence" as what USA scholars and MSM would like to portray. Basically middle eastern and world Sunni radicalization is pre-meditated policies by the topest elites to go against communism.

One may laugh at the middle east arabs going communist, but the threat is real enough. Egypt Gammel Nasser, the most heroic Arabs, Syria Hafez Assad, Iraq's Michel Aflaq (his Baath party later give birth to Saddam) are all socialist.

Under Gammel Nasser, Egypt go through rapid modernization, having 7% economic growth for more than one decade.

To put the story short, every of middle east socialist regime were finally taken down by USA, replacing it with Islamofascism, and middle east become stagnant.

During Afghan war, USA openly trained and arm Islamofascist against the socialist in Afghan. If USA allow USSR to reform Afghan, the Taliban, Al Qaeda and later ISIS, will never exist.

This is a long story and I will continue.

Veritas said...

Sunni Islamofascist is a big threat against China, and it is USA weapon in Xinjiang. This Sunni Islamofascism also work hand in hand with Pan Turkism, another world big toxic, who are responsible for Armenian genocide. Chinese in the whole world have a stake in seeing Sunni get modernize and stop becoming USA dog.

Many Sunni even those in Singapore questioned why Chinese occupied Xinjiang land and justified that Muslims should be against China. In reality, modern Xinjang was taken by China through the help of biggest Muslims minorities in China -- the Hui.

The Hui Chinese are willing to lay down their life protecting China integrity and accept Han hegemony. During the formation of 1st Turkestan in 1930s, the Hui Muslims got piss off. General Ma Zhongying rush down, won the battle and murder the entire gangs to trouble makers.

In addition, CHinese Muslims Mullah like Iman Hu Songshan keep calling Muslims to say fuck to Saudi, and preach that Chinese Muslims destiny align with strong China.

Anonymous said...

Sura 9:5 is a frequently mistquoted and misinterpreted verse.

This was the verse that was revealed to the Prophet (peace be upon Him) to counter the traitors during the war when non-Muslims were persecuting the Muslims. Many of these kafirs converted into Islam, were accepted into the Muslim camp, only to turn out to be spies and betrayers. After creating mayhem in the Muslim camp, they return to the enemy camp as kafirs to launch more attacks. As in any war, the treatment for such traitors is death. That was what the verse is intended.

Anonymous said...

"To put the story short, every of middle east socialist regime were finally taken down by USA, replacing it with Islamofascism, and middle east become stagnant."
Veritas 9:45 am

But why the middle east socialist regime allow themselves to be taken down by USA? Surely if they don't allow, eg like the Vietnamese communist in the past and more recently North Korea, USA also cannot take them down what?

And closer to home, why the Sinkie opposition allow themselves to be taken down by PAP and become stagnant as weak, one too many, disunited parties not ready to be govt?

Anonymous said...

"The war against ISIS is a big joke"

The Opposition campaign against PAP is also a big joke.
GE 2015 - 30% vote for Opposition.
What a joke.

Singaporeans will never change religion.
Peace be unto the Emperor and his Millionaire Prophets.

Veritas said...

Actually Fujian Chinese is MORE Muslims and converted longer to Islam than Malay. Arab and Persian Muslims ever conquered Fujian as per the Fujian Ispah rebellion.

And long before that, the economy and political of China greatest port lies in the hand of Arab and Persian Muslims.

We Fujian people are Islamize far before Malay and has far greater authority in Islam than Malay. There are great Fujian scholars who are descendant of Muslims, and if I told you guys, you will be surprise.

Below is wiki on Ispah rebellion.

The Ispah rebellion 亦思巴奚兵乱was a series of civil wars occurring in the middle of 14th century in Fujian under the Yuan dynasty. The term Ispah might derive from the Persian word "سپاه" (sepâh), meaning "army" or "Sepoy". Thus, the rebellion is also known as the Persian Sepoy rebellion (波斯戍兵之乱; Bōsī Shùbīng zhī Luàn) in Chinese documents.

Under Mongol rule, the number of Arab and Persian Muslims residing in the Chinese port city of Quanzhou was greatly boosted. In 1357, a predominantly Muslim army led by two Quanzhou Muslims, Sayf ad-Din (赛甫丁) and Amir ad-Din (阿迷里丁), revolted against the Yuan dynasty. In defiance of imperial forces, the army seized control of Quanzhou (present day Putian), and even reached the provincial capital, Fuzhou.

In 1362, the Ispah army collapsed into internal conflict and was eventually crushed in 1366 by the Han Chinese commander Chen Youding (陈友定), who was loyal to the Yuan dynasty

Veritas said...

An interesting article on how a clan Fujian Muslims leave Islam.















Anonymous said...

Caught On Tape: The Ssssurprising Way Indians 'Deal' With Government Corruption

Are these Aliens very innovative and talented when it comes to protest?
Does their protest make Amos Yee look like an obedient PAP tea party invitee?

Anonymous said...

"Sura 9:5 is a frequently mistquoted and misinterpreted verse."

I did say that Veritas doesn't read the links he put up. Either that or he doesn't understand the links he put up. The links just don't substantiate what he claims!

Anonymous said...

Did I say that the PAP Minister doesn't read the FB posts his administrator puts up?
Either that or maybe he doesn't understand the posts his FB administrator puts up?
Do the posts substantiate what he says or does?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

When you have a WEAK American president who won't use the words "Islamo fascist" or even agree that the terrorists are driven by toxic RELIGIOUS ideology, that is the first sign that ISIS has the upper hand.

When you look at how well ISIS is organised and the social media/ internet campaigns they constantly run, you get another bunch of clues that these folks are serious. I urge people to read Dabiq with a critical eye, to UNDERSTAND what they are about. Note: Be aware that this magazine is used for recruitment and propaganda, so guard yourself from being "influenced".

Also, although they call themselves a "state", in reality they are not a state and have no fixed sovereign territory you can "conquer" and occupy, and then hopefully subdue them.

ISIS are very effective in recruiting young people, especially males of fighting age. With all your expensive PhD's and the might of any federal govt: can they influence their young men to strap on explosives and detonate? NOT LIKELY!

Well, how come organisations like ISIS are so effective at doing this? If free societies cannot convince their young that being alive is "good", then folks from ISIS will be able to affect young men's brains into believing that DEATH offers a much better "deal". And notice that it is almost always YOUNG people doing the bombing. Ask yourself: HOW COME you don't see old suicide bombers? Probably because most adult males will tell you to "fuck off" if you tell them that if they conduct suicide jihad they win the Heavenly Virgin Lottery of 72 tight-pussied virgins.

ISIS is an emergent phenomenon. If you try to analyse them by mere kopitiam discussion, it is most likely to be wrong.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

P.S. Yes, ISIS is winning. Let's face it , many of us expect an ISIS "Christmas surprise" to occur anytime soon, somewhere on the planet, maybe in more than one location.

However even if nothing occurs, they still "win", as terrorism is predominantly a MIND GAME aimed at stimulating the negative emotions and fear of the maximum number of people possible.

The only way, IMO, is to have a Tony Montana attitude. Never give in, to the better end!

denk said...

when did the unitedsnake ever given a rat ass for collateral damages ?


Virgo 49 said...

Itchy backsides to provoke hornests nests..

Now just simply made them shit/pee in their pants making them even afraid of their own shadows by simply lifting up a phone to say

Hello baby there's a bomb in your plane now in the sky.

The poor jokers got to land and search.

Final analysis it is a hoax

The causeways at both ends enhanced stupid security bringing miseries to thousands of travellers. .

Supported Uncle SAM lah MR HEN

Anonymous said...


When they killed one IS fighters and nine civilians they probably will report killing 10 IS fighters. How could they tell, so the easiest way out is the obvious way. No need to account for civilians killed and no condemnation and everything clean, legal, transparent and civilise.

When IS killed ten of their own, they probably will report 1 of their own killed and nine IS fighters.

Welcome to the world of make believe.

denk said...

ans to my own question,

no brainer, isis = ga ki nang !


virgo49 said...

Obama already said No Ground Troops please.

Our marines heavily burdened with their sleeping bags, bottles of whisky, chocolate bars that sonetimes they forgot to sling their rifles.

Each day so many killed and heavy burden of looking after their families in compensations so No ground troops please.

The other day purposely flew one kilometre near the Red Flag with yellow stars and they angry.

Quickly said sorry sorry mistake due to bad weather.

Or else kena faced by the furious PRC soldiers my Marines sure kena chiak lat chiak lat.

Said no further exercise for now.


b said...

The global elites want to islamise the whole world because islam is a religion that makes pass population submissive and stupid so that they can rule forever. Obama is their first guy they sent for this mission. Hillary will be the next.

Anonymous said...

There appears to be a general consensus among the regular readers here that engaging in Islamophobia is an in thing, while trumpeting Sinophilic propaganda is endorsed. Hence, the acceptance of Islamophobic content, but the panic mode button is hit whenever China or their supporters is attacked.

Veritas said...

There is a Yazidi girl who flee from sex slave den, and whose tribe was shit on by Sunni for ore than 1000 years. If she say "fuck Sunni", can we say she is Islamophobia?

In Singapore, we day in day out hear Malaysian Malay Islamo shit on minorities, hate Jews, and busybody on Lina Joy, if we give positive criticism, then come the Islamophobia accusation. In the contrary, Malay Islamo can rant cina babi, can cry sensitive if they see pig, can threaten minorities with keris, can impose dhimitude, can shit on their own shia, and can accuse Chinese of racism, Indian of pariahism.

Islamophobe is invented by USA to support Sunni. And so many Sunni have no clue that USA is their friends.

Veritas said...

While Sunni is shitting on Christian and Yazidis, committing sex crime and genocide, the general Christian public still defend Sunni like a race traitor. Many stick their head out for Sunni. On the contrary, 99% of Sunni hate Jews, even though Sunni crime against humanity is far worse than Jews against Palestinian.

Its time to accuse Sunni of anti-semitism, anti-shia-ism, anti-ahmadya-ism, anti-thai-ism, anti-christianism...etc..

Sunni is the most perfect religion and its time everyone learn from Sunni a little and start hating everyone beside you.

Anonymous said...

Racist chinks are racist chinks. You can't change them. Oh, in case you think I am racist you are wrong. A chinese calling another chinese chink is not racist. Just like a black Americun calling another black Americun n*gg*r.

Veritas said...

At least in Singapore, Chinese allow Islam Shia and Ahmadya to worship in peace. In Malaysia, they are put to jail.

Shame to Malaysian Sunni.

Anonymous said...

Stop being a chink. You disgrace the chinese race. In Malaysia, there are chinese vernacular schools. In Sinkie, LKY abolished that. You proud of SAP schools? That is second hand Chinese. Your tirade against Muslims and Hindus does not augur well for good neighbourly relations. You are saboing your fellow Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, you cannot just blame Veritas or Matilah for racist posts. The main culprit is Mr Bean himself. If you remember, Alex Au was fined for allowing comment in a post about two or three years ago. The poster was let off free while Alex had to face the music. So if Mr Bean thinks he is safe, he is wrong. Here are some interesting points I want to make.

Point 1. Other much more popular sites than this one has no hate posts. Why? I believe it is because Bean himself has allowed his site to deteriorate as such, while other admins do not.

Point 2. The hate posted is against mainly Muslims and Hindus. Why not other races? Again, it is because this site has made it conducive for such.

Point 3. In conclusion, it is because of Bean's post since in the past that has subtly targeted racist swipes against a specific group of people that has created an environment for the likes of Veritas and Matilah to come here. Birds of a feather flock together.

Sorry Bean supporters, your idol is not an angel. He is as racist as Veritas and Matilah. He controls this site. Not Veritas, not Matilah.

Veritas said...

There are give and take. At least we take care of Shia and Ahmadya while Malaysia shit on them.

PAP is racist against themselves, that is Chinese. So a Chinese racist against Chinese and they is no better example to show Chinese is world No 1 least racist.

PAP allow Malay to have their madrasah.

Today Singaporean Chinese never force minorities to convert to Confucius and never impose a penalties to convert out of Confucian. We never have Lina Joy. We never hate Jews. We love everyone.

Anonymous said...

Veritas has a hate site yet he posts hate here. That's because his site cannot attract visitors so he posts here and hopefully people will click onto his site. Lame dick.

Veritas said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Veritas said...

What I speak is the truth. Would you like to live under Chinese as a Muslims? Or would you Muslims like to live under a hypothetical religion X who call you pigs, who prohibit their tribes from apostasy, who put financial penalities onto other tribe, who give their own sons exhorbitant quota in college just because their son are idle to study...etc..

As a Chinese, I love Muslims and hope Muslims reciprocate my love. And Muslims can love everyone including Jews, Shia and Ahmadya. And Muslims would not to re-do a Lina Joy tragedy in the future.

I am for love.

Anonymous said...

Veritas claiming he speaks truth? He doesn't even know the links he puts up do not support his claims.

Anonymous said...

Veritas is very mischievous. He cites the conflicts among Muslims and say they hate each other to provoke our Malay brothers. But every society has inter-conflict. Look at our own Chinese history. Kill each other. Fight each other. Run away from each other. Until today. Isn't the Chinese diaspora in SE Asia because these Chinese wanted to run from the oppression in mainland?

But Veritas being a racist, will condemn Hindus and Muslims for interfighting, while totally ignore that our own Chinese race has one of the most violent history when it comes to inter-kllings. It is the Chinese who mastered the art of “ownself kill ownself” to perfection. Even the Italian mafia cannot match the Chinese triads.

Veritas said...

Sadly to say, the Chinese ownself kill ownself contains many truth. I have to admit. The Chinese history is mostly peaceful punctuated by events of violent upheaval, and back to peace again. It is quite cyclical.

But Chinese upheaval got not so much to do with sectarian reason, and mostly to do with peasant revolt. So it is sort of ownself kill ownself.

Regarding the Chinese gangster problem, it generally goes away by the 3rd generation. Chinese race are the least criminal prone in USA.

Veritas said...

I have to admit Chinese internecine conflict is far more bloody than ISIS..etc


Also I start to think about is it real that there is no racial war in China, generally not very true also.

Just that the minorities assimilate into Han culture easily for some reasons. The Stanford PHD Chen Shu Juo claim that Fujian Chinese today are the descendant of Han gangster raping local women and kill the men.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Racist chinks are racist chinks. You can't change them. Oh, in case you think I am racist you are wrong. A chinese calling another chinese chink is not racist. Just like a black Americun calling another black Americun n*gg*r.
December 21, 2015 8:42 pm

Did your mother tell you who your father is? I bet she didn't and don't even know whether he is yellow, black or brown. You stink in all your posts.

You are not racist. You don't even know what race you belong to. Still guessing and cursing.

Anonymous said...

The Chinese triads are a menace around the world. Whenever there is a significant Chinese population, that community has Chinese triads. It is like triad is in Chinese blood.

Funny thing is that while some Singaporeans laugh at Malaysia for all their ills and bumi policy, it is the Chinese triads in Malaysia that are the biggest menace in the country. Even politicians from the MCA are involved. While the Ahmad and Ali may get involved in many petty crimes, it is the Chinese gangsta who are the organised criminals and make life tough for the police and ordinary citizens.

Who are the drug kingpins? Chinese. Who are the most violent criminals who shoot rival gang members? Chinese. Who are the mastermind of illegal smuggling? Chinese. Who are the ones behind scams that cheat people their money? Chinese. Who are the ones behind human trafficking and prostitution? Chinese. The is not just in Malaysia. It is in about every country where there is a high Chinese population.

Triad, gangs and illegal criminal activities are the lifeblood of these Chinese gangstas. It is their economy. It is their livelihood.

Veritas said...

The Chinese gangsters do not commit that much crime. The blacks are champion criminals. There is a statistic in UK showing "Asian" commit 10% of knife crime compared to white and 5% of crime compared to blacks, and I bet 99% of "Asian crime" are committed by S Asian or Middle Easterner.

The East Asian countries are the safest in the planet like Singapore, HK, Taiwan, China, Japan, Vietnam, Korea...etc. Compared with JB or kL, the islamo place..etc or compare with black slump in LA..etc

Anonymous said...

@10:43. So where were you when so much racist comments were made against our Malay bros? Why only now you show your fugface? You were enjoying your popcorn and soda when those tirades were made against another race earlier. You only jumped from your seat when you saw that one word "chink". Eh? Doesn't that show you are racist? Of course I know that you being a Chinese don't like the word chink, never mind I am a Chinese myself. But let's face it. I call a fellow Chinese a chink when I see one. I only use that term when I see a racist Chinese. Now since it is confirmed that you are a racist Chinese, let me call you chink, Chink.

Anonymous said...

big war are going to happen in the middle east soon.

be prepared!!!

Russia, Iran are making heavy preparation
US , Nato , Turks, Saudi alliance are making preparation.
everyone ignore ISIS

They are playing it according to their own destiny recorded inside the book.

Veritas said...

I have statutory rape statistic of Malay, Indian and Chinese in Malaysia. Out of 1424 rape victims

1,147 Malays 80%
62 Chinese 4%
32 Indians 2%

And Malay make up 50% of Malaysia, while Chinese is 24.6%, Indians are 7.1% of Malaysia.

There are far less statutory rape among Chinese because Chinese fuck underage far less. And a lot in Malay. There are speculations that many of these are all incest case.

Chinese is A LOT more moral than Malays and Indians and we do not need koran or need our women to hijab.

Our men know what is right and what is wrong. For Malaysian Malay, hijab or not is no use.

Anonymous said...

Veritas, you choose one crime and vilify the Malays while angelize Chinese. Are you saying that the Chinese don't screw when they are below 16? Wow! Why then are so many young gals Chinese getting pregnant such that they seek abortion? Virgin conception? See how you put up links without knowing they don't support what you claim?

Strange that you choose JB and KL to highlight the crime rate of Malaysia, aka crime rate among Malays. Again, unknown to you, like the links you put up, you put up facts that don't support your claims. Note that JB and KL have high Chinese population? Didn't I say that organised crime, the forte of the Chinese, is rampant whenever there is a high Chinese population?

Let's look at towns where there is low Chinese population and/or where the Chinese have assimilated into the majority culture and let loose their culture. How about Kota Bharu. Even lower crime rate that Singapore! That's PAS controlled territory for you.

How about looking at the most strict Muslim country in SE Asia? Brunei. Look at how low the crime rate is. You can leave your parked car unlocked, key in ignition, and still know that it won't get stolen. That's what my business partner does every night when he leaves his car in the garage. The garage is unlocked too!

This is where all your critisism against Muslims and high praise for Chinese is demolished. The towns you gave as high crime rate has high Chinese population, while the places where there truly is low crime rate is run and ruled by the scary, scary shariah. Duh.

Finally, you really believe that Chinese gals are pure and don't screw before 16? Wow. Why then so many Chinese girls below 16 seek abortion. Abort what? Stop putting up links and facts that don't support your claims, lah!

Veritas said...

You are the one vilify the Chinese. Given Brunei wealth, China have even lower homicide rate than Brunei.

Your argument that Chinese are criminals are TOTALLY absurd.

Anonymous said...

Where have I vilified the Chinese race? I only despise Chinese racists who think they are so superior, other races are inferior. You on the other hand paint the whole Muslims/Hindu/Arab community with one brush.

As for your link on China having a lower homicide rate, once again, you don't understand the links you put up. Of course with 1 billion population, the rate per unit population drops. But all the real killings of ownself kill ownself for the last 2000 years is not accounted for.

Please lah, stop putting up links that don't support your claims. You already look stupid enough. No need to make it worse.

Virgo 49 said...

This Chinese bo lin cho yellow banana ate too much hamburgers and suck the white sperms.

Usually mixed breed that they labelled others as racists when they unable to convince others in their arguments.

They are neither here or there pariahs who regretted been one so they will not believe the truths.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Now now, children....

Are we going to continue with the finger pointing on who the racist is?

Repeat 100 times until you cunts get it:

ISLAM **IS NOT** A RACE. Off you go, repeat 100 times, you dumb cunt.

Criticism of aspects of Islam, especially those aspects which TERRORISTS use to JUSTIFY their murder doesn't make you an "Islamophobe" (a completely made-up word)

But let's suppose "Islamophobia" is a real "thing", and translated it means: Fear of Islam. Now if it is FEAR without basis or evidence, then one can say this is irrational fear.

However if it is fear based on ESTABLISHED FACT (for e.g.: fear of sharks is due to THE ESTABLISH FACT that sharks kill people by violent and deadly biting), then you can hardly make the case that the fear in question is irrational.

Many practitioners of Islam, as well as to be found in their holy texts, support all sorts of practices which are DOWNRIGHT UNACCEPTABLE and INCOMPATIBLE WITH MANY OF THE VALUES AND MORES which comprise the societal foundations in today's modern, market-based, liberal democractic societies.

For e.g., a short list of the "holy tenets" found in Islam and Islamic culture: The waging of jihad against "infidels", the killing of apostates, the segregation of men and women, the lowly status of women as "inferior", in-built RAPE culture, the anti-LBGT nonsense, the restriction on speech where you cannot criticise Islam or the prophet Mo. In other words, Islam tells you what to do whether or not you're a Muslim.

And so perhaps there are people who are "afraid" of that. Can you really fucking blame them, you selfish, bullying silly CUNT?

So fuck your god, your pedophile prophet and your shitty medieval religion. <== Note: Non racist rude speech

Get on your camel, fuck your goat, you smelly raghead sand-nigger <== Definitely racist rude speech

Now, you dumb shit, can you see the difference? Islam is not a race. Criticising Islam is not racist.

Anonymous said...

This is Sayang Singapura
at his best.

You deserve to be

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> You deserve to be

Don't you dare. I guarantee that bad things will happen to your family if you proceed with "idolatry".


denk said...

know your enemy.
dont get distracted by veritas and mati..
whether your/r mainland chinese or the diaspora, the enemy is fukus [fuck uk+us]
this internatiohnal crime syndicate has never stopped attacking chinese since the day of opium war.
currently they'r doing their damndest to make chinese the pariah of 21c via false flags ops.

a grim reminder,
the indonesian genocide.


*The Indonesian covert action of 1965, reported by Ralph McGehee, who was in that area division, and had documents on his desk, in his custody about that operation. He said that one of the documents concluded that this was a model operation that should be copied elsewhere in the world. Not only did it eliminate the effective communist party (Indonesian communist party), it also eliminated the entire segment of the population that tended to support the communist party - the ethnic Chinese, Indonesian Chinese. And the CIA's report put the number of dead at 800,000 killed. And that was one covert action. We're talking about 1 to 3 million people killed in these things. [1987 Lecture] THE SECRET WARS OF THE CIA: by John Stockwell*