The things that silly Asians and American cronies would not want to know

Below is a quote I copied from John Harding’s blog on what Putin said.

‘Putin also took aim at the United States and the West for the wars in Iraq, Libya and Syria, saying they destabilized regions “that looked quite good until recently but are now areas of anarchy.”

“We know who decided to change regimes in those countries and impose their own rules,” Putin said. “They destroyed those states and then they washed their hands of it, opening the road to radicals, extremists and terrorists.”’


The American’s game plan of destabilizing countries and allowed them to fall into ruins and anarchy is the way to keep these countries and their people forever in poverty and unrest, and to allow the Americans and the West to keep them under control and to be exploited.  The sad thing is that many countries and pro American jokers would not want to know about this. They only want to believe in a good and compassionate and caring white God that could do no evil and whatever evil He did is for a good reason.


And these countries supporting this American policy of regime change and destabilising functional economies could not see themselves ending up as the next target of American regime change. There are many countries in SE Asia, Africa and the Middle East that have very good potential for regime change by virtue of the fact that they are either ruled by corrupt leaders, undemocratic or dictatorship or the most important factor, Muslim countries and of course with oil reserves.


When these countries became victims of American invasion and regime change, it would be just dessert, just retribution for supporting such an Evil Empire and committing crimes of destroying functioning countries, killing their people, and also their leaders.


Those that live by the sword will die by the sword.


Anonymous said...

These jokes illustrate why I am always pro American:
Q: How does every PAP joke start?
A: By looking over your shoulder.

Q: Whats the difference between a wise Singaporean voter and a unicorn?
A: Nothing, they're both fictional characters

Q: What's meant by an exchange of opinions with a PAP Minister?
A: It's when I go to Hong Lim Park with my own opinion, and I leave with a lawsuit hanging over my head.

Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?
A1: Why not? (American)
A2: Government say can cross the road meh? (Singaporean)
A3: When the driver stops, then I will cross the road (Workers' Party)

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Stuff to always keep in mind when trying to explain the action of the USA, American culture, and the individual American's "attitude" to the rest of the non-Americans living on our planet:


@ forget about elaborate conspriracy theories, RB:

>> The American’s game plan of destabilizing countries and allowed them to fall into ruins and anarchy is the way to keep these countries and their people forever in poverty and unrest, and to allow the Americans and the West to keep them under control and to be exploited. <<

I can go along with the occasional claim that America is the greatest and most unique cuntry in human history. However I won't agree that any cuntry, even the mighty USA is so "together", "intelligent", "well-managed" and "resourced" such that they can CONTROL the globe in the way anti-American conspiracy theorists claim.

For starters, America is not well-managed in a top-down sense. In fact, if you want anti-authoritarianism, just say "Tea Party", and bring guns to the rally.

In fact, a great example of anti-authoritarianism is THE FACT that gun sales in the USA soar after mass-shooting incidences. WTF indeed?!?

Now into the mix of this social experiment, add way-out ideas which conflict with each other: slavery of kidnapped black Africans (sold into slavery to white men by other black Africans), Civil Rights, non-religious constitution, Evangelical America, especially republicans, Roe vs Wade, attacks on abortion clinics and doctors, free market, unbelievable confusing regulation and the threat of anti-trust suits, 2nd Amendment Gun Rights, mass shootings, the rule of law, police shootings of unarmed black folks, The War Against Drugs, legalized marijuana in several states, the sacntity of the traditional family, LGBT marriage and property rights, equality under the law, manifest destiny, world peace, American Exceptionalism, creation and preservation of wealth, Wall Street, The Federal Reserve, money printing, unpayable debt, corporate hanky-panky and legalised theft through "financial engineering"....and so on.

In what other cuntry do you have so much freedom clashing with the authority to limit freedom, and the conflict between opposing ideas---on so many fronts, and all going on together? Indeed, what is happening is the experiment is running and we can see the results in REAL TIME!! In what other cuntry do you have groups of people trying to loot and rob other groups of people to the tune of billions and trillions, LEGALLY? Awesome or not?!?

The American Experiment is one big on-going entertainment extravaganza. There's lots of action, lots of intrigue. And of course LOTS OF $$$ MONEY $$$ !!!

All the actors are CRAZY, and they are also FREE to do whatever the fuck they like because from the time they are born Americans are endowed with Inalienable Individual Rights

Anonymous said...

You know how big is the budget for espionage and destabilising govt? How hig is the CIA network overseas? What are the Special Forces doing when all such activities are done in secrecy?

Veritas said...

While USA is indeed trouble maker, tribes like Sunni Islamo deserve their own shit and deserve to be killed by their brothers. In Malaysia, Sunni Islamo is shitting on Malay Shia Muslims, Malay Ahmadya Muslims, Malay Kadazan, Malay Iban, not to mention Chinese and Indians. Basically Malays are shitting on everyone.

One day, if USA come and tell the rest how FUCK UP malays are and give the rest weapon, I will only cheer when Hindutva "freedom fighters" pump a few bullets and shove their dick forcefully into Malay Sunni women.

Similarly, in Syria, Sunni Syrian as well as Sunni Gulf states wish Shia dead. They support Jihadhist and their genocide against all the rest. CIA being the dark side support Sunni.

China and Russia being the light support Assad.

Right now, Christian, Yazidi, Kurd, Shia, Druze, Alawi all rally around Assad against fucking Sunni, who do ethnic cleansing everywhere they go.

While USA is the mother fucker, Sunni has suckers in USA game.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Veritas,
Please be sensitive to race and religion. I know this is a hot topic to you but let's respect race and religion of other people. You may want to comment on ISIS, terrorists and Islamofascist, but keep the rest of the moderate Muslims and Malays out of your discussion.

Thank you.

Veritas said...

Thanks RB. I will.

But in reality I do not think Malay is "moderate". They hate their own Iban and shit on their Kadazan. That is their OWN racial brothers.The Chinese Confucian do not shit on our Buddhist, Christian or Taoist.

Right now Brunei ban celebrating Christmas. Brunei is Malay also. It is now CRIMINAL offence to celebrate Christmas.

This is NOT the act of Islamfascist. This is mainstream and agreed upon by a large portion of people.

The only thing surprising is WHY others are not waging Jihad against Sunni. Sunni is long due to get hammer and despise by the rest of the tribe in universe.

Veritas said...

One more thing to add, the USA in general is quite good to her East Asian allies because we do not screw ourselves. However, USA will do whatever it can to prevent her East Asian ally to become too strong.

When Japan was getting too powerful, USA implement Plaza Accord on Japan, which cause Japan to fall back until today. When Korea is too strong, USA (and other white man) make use of 1997 currency crisis to buy up Korean asset. Fortunately Korea manage to stand back.

China use to be ally of USA from 1979 to 1989. After fall of USSR, USA decide she need China as an enemy.

We can also argue USA treat Sunni Islamo well. She delivered Cyprus(Screwed orthodox), Kosovo(Screwed orthodox), Bosnia(Screwed orthodox), Afghanistan (could turn socialist under USSR) to Sunni Islamo. Without USA, the Yugoslavian Sunni Islamo will be shit on big time by Serbian. Cyprus will be Greek dominated and Afghan will be socialist.

She also intend to deliver Chechen and Syria to Sunni Islamo.

The problem is Sunni Islamo are too stupid and they screwed things up big time.

And many Sunni Islamo here simply cannot see the USA is supporting them.

The only one dearer to USA than Sunni Islamo is Israel. USA will prioritize Israel over Sunni.

Anonymous said...

Let me ask you RB, because you seem to be very knowledgable on this issue. Where does Singapore stand in all this?

Anonymous said...

PAP Joke
Newly arrived American ambassador to Singapore calls up the British ambassador and asks:
" What is this 'Hard Truths' that LKY and PAP keeps talking about?"

British Ambassador:
"Ah! Singaporeans say it's the longest and most painful of the roads to democracy and capitalism."

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 5:56,

My view is that Singapore has been caught with its pants down and being compromised by the Americans and sinking deeper and deeper into the shit hole. I hope they know what is happening and find a way to climb out before shit is all over Singapore.

The Americans are very good at holding the hands of its allies to catch snakes, so that the allies would be bitten as well. Remember the Coalition of the Unwilling and George Bush infamous threat, 'You are with us or against us'? They would not allow their allies to exercise any freedom. Once you joined the gang you must become a gangster and have blood on your hands as part of the initiation rite.

The trick of the Americans is to compromise all their allies so that once in they cannot get out, there is no escape from their clutches.

denk said...

the just concluded asean forum listed three urgent matters,
scs, terrorism, indon smog.

whats there to discuss ?
cut off the unitedsnake's head and problem solved,
one stone kills three birds !