The silly Americans at it again

The Americans are warning Europe not to grant market economy status to China. The reason, the Chinese will flood the European market with cheap goods. And thiat is bad. The Europeans must pay for more expensive goods from the Americans or force the Chinese to sell them goods at higher prices. That is good.

Would the Europeans want to pay for more expensive goods or cheap goods from China? And by buying cheaper goods from China, the Chinese would be investing in a big way in Europe with more infrastructure development to the tune of S$465b. Now this again must be bad deal in the eyes of the Americans. But the Europeans need the investment to kick start and revive their slowing economy.

Whatever the Chinese are doing must be bad.  The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank is bad as it would mean China would gain more influence in the Asia.  Giving cheap loans to help countries to develop their infrastructure is bad unless the money comes from the American controlled World Bank or Japanese controlled ADB. The One Belt One Road is bad as China would benefit and the rest lose out to China.  It is only good for China! Maybe the Americans should sell more weapons to the Europeans, at American prices of course. That must be good.

I was watching a documentary in Channel News Asia on the under nourished and starving children in the Philippines. More than 3m of Philippines’ children are suffering from malnutrition in the same scale as those in the Sahara and tropical region of Africa. And what did the Americans do to help the Philippines? Send them more weapons and warships. What about feeding the hungry and stunted children, to give them proper meals? No that is bad.

If the Philippines would behave better, China may send in ship loads of food for its hungry children and let them grow up as normal and healthy human beans with a full stomach. The children can wait, bickering with China and thumping chests and sailing in American warships are more important than feeding millions of hungry children.

Would Europe listen to the mischievous Americans, refuse China’s billions of dollars of investment and the benefits of buying cheap goods from China that the Americans said, are bad, real bad?


Anonymous said...

Why the US never warn Spore about using cheap labour? Unfair practice.

Anonymous said...

Look like ur writing getting funnier by unifying 4in1 view on US Europe Philippine China. No problem on currency issue, and provide selfish help in return for favour.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

What I am writing is not an academic piece or for a literary award. This is kopitiam talk.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Maybe the US could ask Europe to try "Donald Trump style" aka "...listen you motherfuckers..."

>> More than 3m of Philippines’ children are suffering from malnutrition <<

Actually it is suffering from POVERTY. There is more than enough food to feed everyone. What people need is money to BUY food, and it is difficult in a shit-bucket cuntry like The Philippines where the culture seems to INCREASE human stupidity instead of helping our species better itself. Pinoy culture drags humanity DOWN!

As soon as they change their culture for the better, their hungry kids will end up fat little entailed spoilt-brat fucks, who whine and throw tantrums for the slightest disappointment... this is a SIGN your culture/ society and cuntry has stepped up the WEALTH ladder.

My god, sometimes I really can't believe what a fucked-shit cuntry and culture that is. 😛😛 Please don't take my word...I'm biased, I'm human. Go there and experience yourself. Here's my take: If SE Asia were to VOMIT, the resultant explosively propelled detritus would be The Philippines and its present culture. 💩 🚽💣

Anonymous said...

American media are silent over Turkish genocide against kurdish minorities.

compare to their huge propaganda on tibet riot 2008.

Anonymous said...

Fuck the Americans and the unthinking Sinkies that believed in them blindly.

Anonymous said...

Rb, FYI News reported that Philippines has just joined the China initiated Asian infrastructure investment bank. The mothfucker leader finally can not resist the Chinese money!

b said...

A is doing C a favor. E, under manipulation of A, will provoke R and war with R and all the investment in E will be gone. The huge influx of refugees let in is for this purpose. A will benefit the most when E fights R. A needs C to rebuild R and will this cycle repeats itself is everyone guess and time to tell.

Anonymous said...

China came forward to save Najib and his gang by paying all his 1MDB debt. Now what? Would Najib appreciate the help and be grateful and stop his dogs from killing Chinese in Malaysia?

Would they be shouting Cina babi?