The most important development in Asia

I spoke about this earlier. The second most important development in Asia would be the reunifications of China and Korea. The most important development would be the unification of Asia and better if South and South East Asia are included.

Asia is still divided by the West into different camps at odds with each other. They will sign military alliances, trade pacts and provoke, incite the countries on their differences and take sides, stoke the fire and raise tensions. After the end of colonialism, the divide and rule of Asia is still a prominent feature in Asian countries. The Asians could not see why they are being divided and being exploited by the West and unable to come together to form an economic bloc of Asian countries. They have been victims of western conspiracies and strategies, harping on imaginary fears that become self feeding and self fulfilling.

Imagine an Asia when the countries work together for economic growth instead of wars or threats of wars and bickering over imagined fears? The TPP is another instrument to split Asian countries apart. Why would the Americans who created APEX refused to admit all the members in APEX to form a trade pact but only a few countries? If Asians start to think as a group, work together as a group, they would not be exploited by the West to make enemies of their neighbours.

Despite the red herring that China is a hostile aggressive power, the truth, China is already an economic power sewing together a tapestry of countries from Central Asia, Europe, Africa and South East Asia together in an undefined Co Prosperity Sphere build on trade and economic development, not military alliances. The pieces are coming together one by one. China’s economic and financial might are the most powerful and effective weapons to build a new world of prosperity, not in wars as the Americans would want it to be.

China may want to adopt a new strategy of a Coalition of the Willing, to stitch together all the willing countries starting with its immediate neighbours to bring economic development in these countries. When China can show the positive results in the prosperity of these countries, the rest will find it to their benefit to join the China bandwagon of growth and mutual prosperity instead of living in imaginary fears and wasting financial resources in a futile arms race, to buy more and more military hardware. China should simply go slow with the doubting Thomases and accelerate its cooperation with the willing and move on.

The rest of the Asian states would then have a choice, to seek economic growth and development or to join the American camp and be preparing for war and wasting their resources and finance.

Economic prosperity in peace and stability are what sensible leaders want for their countries and people, not conflicts and warfare. There is now a choice and only wise leaders can see it and benefit from it. Africa, excluding the northern states, and Latin America, are distancing themselves from the evil American Empire and seeking economic growth and development with China. The colonial mindset of the South and South East Asian countries are still trapped with the West is good myth, still unable to wean themselves from their colonial masters and happily being played against one another by the West.

When Asia is united, it will change the world and the lives of Asians.


Anonymous said...

When Asia is united, it will change the world and the lives of Asians.

Tiok. But I will rather the Sinkie opposition be strong, united and ready to be govt. It will change Sinkieland and the lives of Sinkies.

Veritas said...

The guy who propose a East Asian union is no other than Japanese PM Hatoyama, which make USA fumed, and Hatoyama was taken down. There are many pro China elites in Japan, and a new Sino-Japan war will turn everything into hate.

I am always against RB bashing Japan. Japan is a friend not enemy.

Not even Korea propose anything close.

Anonymous said...

Hatoyama was taken down due to Japanese politics, and not because USA fumed. The Japanese PMs changed quite frequently, even after Hatoyama stepped down.

Of course this is not the case for Singapore. Can you imagine, for 50 years, we only have 3 PMs, including current one??

Veritas said...

USA can always influence the internal affairs of her ally by supporting friendly factions, not unlike China way of controlling HK and trying to control Taiwan. Defintely Hatoyama is not so friendly to USA and we are not able glimpse what is going on behind the power corridors.

Anonymous said...

Hatoyama dpj party had wanted to cease the operation of military base altogether in Okinawa after his party won in the election. Singapore was very concerned sent minister there.

Hermit said...

Asia is too diverse too unite. We have so many races and cultures. In the Far East we have Japanese, Korean and Chinese. In South Asia, we have India, Sri Lanka, Bengladesh, Pakistan. In SE Asia, we have Viets, Thais, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and the different tribes like Iban, Dayak, Torajan etc. In Central Asia, Kazak, Afghan etc. On top of race and ethnicity, we have all four major religions being practised in Asia. Uniting Asia is more of a nightmare than a dream.

Veritas said...

There are many Hatoyama in Japan. And the current crown prince is a Sino-phile. If those mad hater of Japan have their ways, there goes Sino Japan friendship.

And nothing is better than a war between China and Japan. USA will laugh like crazy.

THese mad hater are pushing japan into the fold of USA.

Veritas said...

There is no need to unite Asia. I do not want to unite with Islamo and Hindus.

But East Asia in tradition is a big sinosphere and shared the same culture and writing system (Chinese character).

Regardless of how much aliens want to invent that East Asian are diverse, in reality East Asian are extremely homogeneous in culture.

Even how much East Asian despise China, they will never forgo chopstick, and all their Sino-xenic loan words.

Anonymous said...

Veritas is beginning to sound like an Eastern Hitler, believing in uniting a superior based on skin colour and hating another race based on their religious beliefs.

Veritas said...

The EU is realizing Hitler dream of unifying Europe while Islmo keep dreaming and realizing their goals of caliphate. Now they babystep with GCC project.

Anonymous said...

Veritas cannot answer the Eastern Hitler point so bring in red herring. Everything cannot be answered, the reply is Islamo or Hindu. China kill ownself, answer is Islamo/Hindu. Chinese losing heritage, Islamo/Hindu. Veritas must open backside to PRC, Islamo/Hindu.....

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Not really. The EU is like Singapore, thinking the enemy is outside but allowing all of them to come in freely to undermine its social fabric and security. In no time the White Europeans would be a minority in Europe.

Responding to Hermit's concern, one step at a time, first unite the Sinic countries in the East and South, then Central Asia and lastly South and South East Asia.

The Japanese Royal House are held in ransom by Abe and his hawkish ministers just like Hirohito pushed into war and took the blame for the militants in WW2 led by Abe's grandfather and the politicians. They want war.

Veritas said...

Definitely there must be a benchmark. Even if China is Hitler others are more Hitler. Prophet Mohamad who unite Arabian penisular how?

And how about USA conquest of mexico?

Anonymous said...

Hullo veritas, you spout nonsense so much you never read properly what I posted. Where I got say China is like Hitler. I say YOU are like Hitler. Dont' disgrace China lah. And why again bring in Muhammad? Cannot answer my Hitler point ah? I see. Your standard red herring answer is Islamo/Hindu. I take that you cannot rebut you are like Eastern Hitler. Believer in one superior race and hate another race because of religion.

Imam Yamami Sheik Heraz said...

Most important development in the Middle East: Rise in atheism.

"Invisible Atheists: The spread of disbelief in the Arab world"

Now that's what I'm talking about, bitchezz!

Anonymous said...

Matilah is no different from veritas. Cannot address issue, Islamo.

The S said...

A union is only good if headed by righteous people otherwise there will be more troubles than not being in union.

Anonymous said...

"The EU is like Singapore, thinking the enemy is outside but allowing all of them to come in freely to undermine its social fabric and security."
RB 2:32 p.m.

Not really lah, the EU is kind to allow them to come in freely. Some more they are big countries, so also got enough space to take in lah.

Whereas Singapore, and so tiny some more, allow them to come in freely not because Singapore is kind, but rather for economic growth. So for the sake of economic growth PAP also bo pian (no choice) mah. If even casinos also OK, so what is allowing more to come in for the sake of economic growth?

Anonymous said...

veritas, you are confused

Hatoyama is pro japan, not pro china.
he is anti US
because he want to free japan from US colonial rule.

Pro China japan politician should have pass the new to criminalize the denial of japan aggression and prohibit the lawmaker /japan official to visit Yasukuni shrine.

If any japan official/politician does that , he would lose their jobs and been charged with war crimes.

Till today, no single suggestion had been tabled to prohibit the visit of Yasukuni shrine

Veritas said...

Hatoyama is pro japan. definitey. And it is good to have more Japanese like him who wants to kick USA out and start a union with China.

Anyone moving closer to China is pro Japan and definitely.

Next wait for the crown prince Naruhito to come to throne. He is a Sinophile.

Anonymous said...


Veritas is spouting nonsense. He is a self-belief, self-made historian living in fantasy land. This is not the only historical mistake he made. I notice in his posts he has made many. One of them is the laughable myth he self-created that the Thais supported Chin Peng in his terror attacks to contain Muslims in South Thailand. He didn't know that Chin Peng's mission was to take over Malaysia to introduce Socialist rule and was not one bit interested in Thailand. He was in Thailand in exile because he was a wanted terrorist.

Another self-created myth he stated was that Sukarno wanted to make Indonesia and whole of SE Asia a Malay dominated region. His history teacher didn't teach him that Sukarno was actually pro-communist aligned with China and even Malaysia's pro-bumi government saw him as a threat to the region.

With so many self-made historical inaccuracies Veritas made, it is pointless discussing such issues. I just stick to Veritas' favourite topic, that is China.

Oh yes, just wait. Veritas will evade the issue he goofed about history and bring in his usual red herring, Islamo/Hindu stuff again.

Veritas said...

Sukarno want to create nusantara. Go read about it. The dream of Maphilinda is always in the mind of Pan Malaysia idealist.

Malaysian Malay and Singapore resisted the greater indonesia. Meanwhile Islamo is so shit that Christian pinoy do not want to unite with Malay Muslim.

Veritas said...

The one who dono MCP history is you.

Anonymous said...

LOL. I told you veritas does not know history! He put up a link about greater Indo, but that is the plan of the colonists before Indo became independent! The REAL PLAN Sukarno had was when he became President of Indo when there is no more colonial master to tell him what to do. So what was his plan? COMMUNIST INDO!

It was because of the commie threat that western powers sought to overthrow Sukarno and installed Suharto. Remember how Chinophiles cry out loud that Indonesian Chinese were massacred in the 1960s? That's Sukarno's commie men being killed by the Western backed Suharto. But Chinophiles being Chinophiles will lie that the Malay majority wiped out Chinese minority. That lie is to create conflict. That's the lie they told you and you, another Chino, repeat same lie! As for Chin Peng, he really was a terrorist from Day One till the end.

Veritas should stop this self-proclaim, self-made false historical facts. Your hate against your Indian and Malay bros is causing you to tell lies about them.

Veritas said...

Sukarno is a pan-Nussantara-ist and you are the fool who do not know history. And Pan Indonesia is nothing wrong per se. The so call Malaysia is a fucking colonial creation of fucking 1824 anglo dutch treaty which divide the Malay Islamic world.

And the Malaysia Vice PM Gafa Baba was a pan Indonesian working as underling of KMM Ibrahim Yacob.

The socialism Sukarno dabble in has mix bag legacy and it will proof to be more good than bad in the long run. While Malaysia founding father choose Islamofascism, Sukarno and his gang choose socialsm and strive to be colorblind.

That affects a generation of Indon elites and even Suharto who ascend with the help of Islamo hated Islamo and tried to curn Islamo power when he cemented his power.

And all these made Indonesian transform into the most secular Muslim country today, with Chinese having the fairest-play access to political resources.

If Sukarno choose islamofascism, it will be a big tragedy for the whole world.

Anonymous said...

Fact One, America has been ruled by the most vile and wicked leaders for the last 3 decades.
Fact Two, China has been blessed with good leaders for the last 6 decades. That is why China became the second super power rising from the ashes. China was poorer than than the poorest country in Asean but now history is on its side. China is richer than all the Asean countries combined.
Fact Three, There are silly overseas Chinese who think angmohs are their fathers.
Fact Five, Many Chinese were killed by the Indonesians and Malay bumiputras in the two countries.
Fact Six, The low IQs and mentally subnormal will argue angrily that the above are false.

Anonymous said...

Fact 1 – Agree

Fact 2 – Wrong. China's rise is tainted with power struggle and internal fighting that brought much misery to the Chinese last century. It is also tainted with high level of corruption. Its rise to power is due to the introduction of capitalism and Chinese eating humble pie that it cannot be insular in order to progress.

Fact 3 – Only Chinophiles think that Chinese who don't support China will support Angmoh. That is like saying if you don't like to eat dogs it means you like to eat cats. Duh. Chinophile logic.

Fact 4 – missing. That shows that Chinophiles cannot count.

Fact 5 – That's a lie spread by the Communist Chinese so that they can create conflict against the Malays. Face the darn truth. The commies killed in Indo in 1960s were Sukarno's men. They were killed by Suharto's men, backed by Western powers. The Malays had nothing to do with it.

Fact 6 – Chinophiles will deny even when truth stares in them in the face. You support Chin Peng, the terrorist. You glorify the CPM, a terror group. Yet you condemn Sukarno and his men when they were on your side. To a Chino, if a man's skin is yellow, he is your fellow. If he is of a different colour, that man you will abhor.

Anonymous said...

Veritas, will you stop putting up links that do not support your claims? Do you even read the links you put up?

Face the fact that Sukarno was pro-commie and that is why the West backed Suharto to get rid of Sukarno. Before Indo independence, the fight for control was between Dutch controlled Indo and Brit control Malaya. The colonial powers wanted to expand THEIR control. Nothing to do with Malay rulers wanting to control or expand.

When Indo got independence, Sukarno supported commie. That worried US and Brit because in NE Asia, there is already Korea and Vietnam under commie threat. Indo being a large part of SE Asia if becomes commie means that from China all the way down south to Indo, it will be commie dominated. That's because at the same time, Malaya was under Chin Peng threat, another commie guy. Not forgetting that Lim Chin Siong in Singapore was also yet another commie threat. That is why the CIA and UK intelligence unit backed Suharto to get rid of Sukarno – and backed Tunku A Rahman to rid Chin Peng – and backed LKY to help get rid of Chin Siong.

So the commies lost and lost bad in SE Asia. Accept that fact. Chinophiles are now trying to find a scapegot, ie the Malays, for their failure when it is the white man who defeated and kicked your butt.

A.K.M. Musa AUNTOR said...

Bnewsbd | Letest and Largest bangla online newspaper in Bangladesh.

Anonymous said...

There are sure to have pro-US faction & pro-China faction whether in Japan,Vietnam ,sKorea or Thailand. The rise of China resulting in countries having strong trade ties with China . But many countries still have strong security arrangement with US though.

Veritas said...

YOu are the one who are muddled in the brain. You are fucking bad at history. The dispute of Brits and Dutch are long settled in 1824 anglo dutch treaty and there is no dispute of conlonial power since.

The confrontation of Indon and Malaya is due to Sukarno desire to create Nussantara.

I am not a fan of commie but Sukarno legacy live. In Indon, you still can go fucking apostasy.

No one is blaming Malay for commie defeat. I am narrating history.

You Malay are always fucking part of Indon from Sri Vijaya to Majapahit. And you guys enshrine a loser tiny insignificant Malacca Sultanate to show you guys are independent long time.

Malay today has no inspiration anymore compared to your KMM fathers like Ibrahim Yacob. No matter how China got fragmented, Chinese sought unification.

Malaysian Malay kiss the shit of 1824 Anglo dutch treaty.

Anonymous said...

Again you assume I am either Indian or Malay. For fuck's sake, I told you I am Chinese. But I am not a Chinophile. Neither am I an angmophile. I am a Singaporean.

I told you to google CIA, Sukarno. But you are either too lazy or too much in denial. Since you are afraid to face the truth, here is a good link for you. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CIA_activities_in_Indonesia

Read how it was planned by CIA to get rid of Sukarno. Stop believing in your self-made, self-style imaginary history that only exists in your perverse mind.

Sukarno was commie leaning and many of his men were Chinos like you. They worship the ideology of Red China. They died for that belief. Killed by the white man. They were on YOUR side believing in a China style dominant rule. Malay history has nothing to do with this.

Veritas said...

Idiot, You think I dono CIA is involved? When did I deny that you fucker.

I am a socialist.

Go write a few sentences in Chinese to prove yourselves.

You always accuse me using lies. You liar liar liar and you fucking dono history.

China is always dominant in East Asia and even in SE Asia. Fucking useless Malacca sultanate is China vassal state.

Anonymous said...

Well, if you truly know CIA was involved, why do you keep hammering this Islamo stuff as if you have some perverted hate for Malayss that you got buttfucked by white cock?

Or is it really you didn't know that white cock rammed Chino butt until I told you so? Or is it you do know but refuse to accept it, believing in your self-made story that somehow Malays are involved?

Here is a kicker for you. Dr Poh Soo Kai, another supporter of Leftie Wingie (aka commie supporter) tells you about the forces of the West colluding against Sukarno. Start from 8:55 all the way to around 16min.

Lookie! A Chinophile telling it is the white man and not the Malays who are after Chino butt! Eat that!

Veritas said...

This is same pattern as CIA supporting ISIS against world humanity. CIA support Mujahideen against USSR. As I love Muslims so much, I cant help to provide positive criticism when Islamo become dog of USA and Jews.

Muslims could be very good but they keep listen to their CIA funded Mullah-from-Saudi to give everyone shit.

So Veritas is very sad. And Veritas try to provoke muslims into a people who love instead of hate.

Anonymous said...

Back to the Islamo/Hindu red herring stuff. Come, I clap for you.

Having problems sleeping now that you know white cock rammed your Chino butt all along?

Yes, ISIS, Alqaida are all CIA proxies. Just like Taiwan is US stooge provoking China. You don't know meh? White cock so big you still cannot feel it in your Chino butt? RB has been telling you white man is biggest evil empire. But he like you dunno China is now evil empire number two. Even Russia has fallen behind.

Veritas said...

The most important thing is China become numero UNO. And Chinese will be a beacon for world peace and good.

Anonymous said...

Well, if you wish China to be Number One terror nation, I don't blame you. You are a Chinophile.

Anonymous said...

This anon 11:52 is so pathetic. A real loser trying to talk in his twisted way to think he can become a winner. A loser is a loser and always a loser.

Come show us all what you are good at. Is there anything you are good at?

Heard of May 13? Heard of racial riots and indiscriminate killings of Chinese and Christians in Indonesia? Oh, you dunno. No such things. Sure, low IQ and warped mentality how to know?

Anonymous said...

There are more Chinese linked riots in the history of Singapore than there are Malay linked riots. The Chinese riots were well organised by clans, associations, triads and political leaders like Lim Chin Siong and Fong Swee Suan. These included the NS riots, Hock Lee bus riots and many other riots where even schoolchildren from the Chinese High (now Hwa Chong) and Chung Cheng High were used by these perverted lefties.

On the other hand, the riots where Malays were involved were spontaneous without any premeditation involved. Yet, Chinophiles keep playing the "Malays are out to get us" card like a broken record. I am more comfortable having a Malay or Indian friend than having a Chinophile who is living in the past, hoping to relive the glory of the Nanyang spirit - never mind the Nanyang spirit is all about violence, riots, civil disobedience and even terror attacks on government institutions as in the case of Chin Peng.

Here is the video of Dr Poh Soo Kai again, this time on the race riot of 1964 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YVcZADHF6kI
Start at 4:49 - Dr Poh gives an account of the start of 1964 riots. A bottle was thrown at the Malay procession, commemorating the Prophet's Birthday. He says that the source where it was thrown was from a Chinese residence. Dr Poh implies that this incident was orchestrated by an agent provocateur. Dr Poh does not mention who, but from listening to his narration before this point, it can be inferred that he meant it was the PAP.

So here we have a Leftie admitting that it was CHINESE instigated riot. Wait a minute now... if the above is instigated by a Chinese party, that leaves only one race riot between Malays and Chinese in the history of Singapore where Malays were the culprit - May 13. But then again, May 13 riots was a Malaysian riot that spilled over to Singapore. Oh oh. That means historically, Singapore Malays have a zero record of instigating riots! Now compare that to the countless of riots the Chinophiles organised in the 1950s to early 1960s! That's not all, what about Chin Peng in Malaya/Malaysia?

Oooh....now why are Chinophiles so bent on demonizing the Malays when it was the Chinophile based Left Wingies who were the violent ones?

Stop blaming the Malays and stop making them the scapegoat. Admit it was the violent Leftists who were mainly Chinophiles who admired the Chinese Commie system of governance that was the main cause of the violence in Singapore and Malaysia in the 1950s through the 1970s.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Two of you, please don't turn this into a Malay versus Chinese angry forum.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

There is a Chinese instigator here instigating Veritas to add more vitriols against muslim and hindu. This instigator is unhappy with Veritas as he/she/it is likely a muslim.

It is extremely dangerous to have Veritas and his Cyber Foe having their wars here. This blogsite could be in danger of exceeding OB Markers governing Internet activity.

Veritas and the Instigator may like
to invite each other to meet for a good
debate, discussion or discourse.
One aspect of their arguments here is obvious and that both are ego maniacs.

Veritas said...

You lie or what. The post WW2 "Chinese riots" are organized by PAP or future PAP and even spontaneous, and Lim Chin Siong and Fong Swee Suan are FOUNDER of PAP. Below are riots instigated by "Chinese" aka multiracial PAP.

Even USA young people are fed up with conscription and so goes the NS riots.

National Service Riots of 1954 - 0 death
Hock Lee bus strike and riot - 4 death

Malay riots

Maria Hertogh riots - 18 death
Communal riots of 1964 - 23 death

Communal clashes

May 13 1969 - 4 death

The Islamo riot are far more bloody than "Chinese riots".

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I agree with anon 10:29.

Veritas, please do not fall into the trap of the instigator and go haywire and OB with your comments. Cool down.

Anonymous said...

Chin Peng's CPM waging wars over more than a decade during the Malayan Emergency - 11,000+ deaths. How can you forgot such an atrocity?

Anyway I like your self-admission that Chin Siong was PART of the instigation of the civil riots in the 1950s. There you go boy/girl! Take some responsibility.

Oh, btw when you lampoon the Malay and Indian race were you not exceeding OB markers? Now you cry like a baby when your favourite China-leaning socialist party is criticised? Eh?

Veritas said...

RB is right. So I will cool down.

Bye bye.

Anonymous said...

This silly dog cannot tell the difference btw political demo and racial riots. Don't waste time trying to make a silly dog understand things beyond a dog.

Can't you see the racist signs all over it?

Anonymous said...

The 1964 "race riot" was a political riot triggered by PAP according Dr Poh Soo Kai. The May 13 1960 riot was also a political riot due to the GE in Malaysia which later spread to Singapore. But many instigators want to use the race card to blame a certain race.

The 1950s riots was mainly supported by a certain race. The base was from a certain race vernacular schools, certain race based clans, certain race based associations etc, with a few from minority individuals supporting the mainly dominant race based riot. But the argument is that it is "political riot" because the instigators do not want it to look like a race based riot.

Everything can be coloured the way you want to colour it.

Anonymous said...

May 13 "1969" riot, not 1960. Typo.

Anonymous said...

The low life sicko is back again.
When you are of inferior breed you cannot hide.
It shows.

Anonymous said...

Probably the four legged
animal has returned to
visit Rb after it's long

Anonymous said...

4 legged n furry ?

yongagogo said...

Me smells same stuff too.

Anonymous said...

My friend said they are going to call him up to drink kopi again. They have been watching him all the time.

Anonymous said...

This nut is insane, pretended to be a Malay sympathiser and went around stirring racial hatred. He was told to fuck off by the Malays and not to insinuate that he is a Malay again or else. He tarnished the image of the Malays with his devious postings.

IMH should lock him up. He is very dangerous.

Anonymous said...


U All know the person/animal??

Anonymous said...

You mean the youngwanker?