The American Empire calling for help

The Americans are going to their allies asking for help and more contributions to fight ISIS. They need more men, more weapons and more support of any kind to fight the rag tag foot soldiers whose mode of military transport is Japanese made pick ups and weapons from arms smugglers.  How big is this ISIS force, how well organized, how well armed, what kind of weapons do they have, got tanks, got aircraft, got naval ships?

What kind of military forces are the Americans, the world’s unchallenged Number One super power with weapons of any kind, the most sophisticated kind, boasting of the best trained fighting men and machine, the bravest of them all, the deadliest weapons, they have everything that is enough to control the whole world. They have seven aircraft carrier groups with each group having enough fire power to destroy ISIS thousands of times over. Why are the Americans calling for more help, contributions and participations of their allies?

Does it make sense? The most powerful military force mankind has even built and seen, could not defeat a rag tag foot soldiers of 30,000 men, mostly volunteers from little corners of the world and come running around in the desert?  Is that an organized fighting machine capable of fighting the American war machine? The desert is unlike the jungles and mountains of Vietnam and Korea. The desert is a piece of cake for the American fire power to show how effective it can be. It is a cakewalk in the desert.

The Americans could go in and wipe the arses of the ISIS clean in matters of days if they so wanted to. Why is this need to drag in the allies? Yes, why is there a need to coerce their allies to be involved in fighting the desert rats when the Americans could do it on their own, singlehandedly? And what is the point if their closest European allies are contributing 2 or 3 aircraft or one or two ships when a carrier group has hundreds of aircraft and hundreds of ships to do the job?

Funny? No, just think a little more and ask what is the intent of the Americans to drag innocent and distant allies to fight in the desert when they don’t need to? The Europeans are the smartest and trying their best to avoid being entangled in a war that they should not be involved and giving all the lip services they could to the Americans without really contributing or only minimal contributions. Why should they be sending their sons to fight a war they did not start, have no reason to be there?

Who created ISIS and who turned ISIS into an uncontrollable monster? Why get involved and invite unnecessary trouble to their homeland, to their people?


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

>> The Americans could go in and wipe the arses of the ISIS clean in matters of days if they so wanted to. Why is this need to drag in the allies? <<

Please lah. This was a situation they were always wriggling to avoid. Now they're dragged kicking and screaming into the fray (CIVIL WAR), and the American taxpayer is once again on the hook for more foreign adventurism.

Which cuntree armed the fucking rebels in the first place?

The shit's a messier mess now. Turkey and Russia want to punch each other. Putin is showing the Biggest Balls Of All, and making the USA and Obama look like schoolchildren.

This is definitely not America's day. Oh well, you can't be A-Number One all the time. Unless you're Singapore. Then you can, and you MUST!

Anonymous said...

@ "menjuallah neneklah":
//Unless you're Singapore. Then you can, and you MUST!//

Like sell sell sell ...... power stations, national icons?

Selling NOL like selling ( unwanted trash ) on carousel?

# One in "menjuallah sincitylah"?

Anonymous said...

That mati who wants?

"Hantus" also don't want?

"Hantus" also run?

Hermit said...

So what is new? When they invaded Afghanistan, they called for help. When they invaded Iraq, they called for help. Then when they called for invasion of Syria, allies knew better and did not help. So they funded ISIS and create trouble. Now they call for help to neutralise ISIS - in Syria. Same move, different style. What's new?

Anonymous said...

Mati put his "nenek" on carousel?

Anonymous said...

A carrier attack group does not have that many aircraft or ships. "Hundreds of" them is pure exaggeration and it makes you lose credibility.

Anonymous said...

The Americans want the whole world to be at war. Every country fighting and spending on arms and paying the American war industries for more arms, and also become targets of ISIS.

It is called diversion, so ISIS don't only attack American targets, got more other targets to attack.

Anonymous said...

"Fight fire with fire"?

Anonymous said...

The US Government is playing
with fire.
The Americans will have to put
out the Fires or be burnt alive.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:57, you forgot to mention RB put one comma in the wrong place, and the font is not the right type. He also did not put a full stop when it needed one.

So his credibility is down the drain.

Anonymous said...

Credibility is decided by the mkt?

Nickay up > 2%?

Arsetralia abt 1.8%?

Hunk Sing abt 1.5%?

Sonhigh abt 1.3%?

Murliar Sick-man 0.2%?

Veritas said...

Sunni Islamofascist is the dog of USA. Basically Islamo wanted their tribe to be as stupid and their women to be as ugly as possible.

The entire women in the whole world want to make themselves as pretty as possible. Only Sunni Islamo women got some perveted mindset to cover up an euphemism to make themselves as ugly as possible.

Islamo women got brainwash and there is no use covering. In Malaysia most incest are committed by Malay, the self-proclaim tough guy in virtue, while malay keep accusing Chinese of weak morals.

But at least Chinese do not fuck and rape our daughter -- that much.

Only Veritas love Islam. So I am going to wake Islam up.

Veritas said...

The more Sunni Islamo cover, the more their weak morals are. Now in Saudi, there are celebrity Sunni Islam cleric raping 5 years old daughter to death, to prove that his daughter is virgin.

Saudi is world capital of maid rape and male rape. THe maid who dare fight back get beheaded.

Meanwhile another world famous rape race are Pakistani who are fond of pedophile male rape. Pakistan and Egypt also engage in rampant rape evangelism.

The more Sunni a nation become the more rape and all sort of pervertion you never find outside East Asian land like Singapore.

And european Sunni Islamo enclave are copies of their original society full of rape, pedophile, terror and gangsterism. Sunni rape and pedophile gang in UK are famous for targetting white teenager, controlling them through drugs and then pimping them.

It appears that Muslims are very moral but Sunni are the most immoral people in planet.

Singaporean Muslims are fortunate to have Chinese here anchoring the moral values.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Veritas, please tone down on what you said. They can call you up for investigation and I do not want to be a witness to confirm what you posted here.

Though the readers here are pretty mature, there is one imbecile doggie hiding in the corner and waiting to pounce on you. This blog is for healthy discussion and not for slamming any religion or race.

b said...

Some drones can settle them. The elites just out to make money. Everyone should know by now that elites profit from all crisis they created.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Why does a certain religion foster rape culture?

Sorry, trick question. Answer: Who cares? If it's religion, it's based on NONSENSE.

Aloha Snackbar!

Anonymous said...

Didnt anyone feel surprised that no single western media had call for US or UK forms UN led coalition to get rid of ISIS ?

western media had suppressed news about the yadizies girl- sexual slavery by ISIS

Apparently, gaffadi atrocities could have received several day of coverage on western media. It had led to western intervention - gain public sympathy.

syria chemical attack had received 2 weeks non stop coverage on western media.

Anonymous said...

Our local media also did the same.

Virgo 49 said...

Observed the big bully everyehere. They usually be the first to run when the victims attacked back.

The stupid kia kias do the bulling on his instigations and orders.

Americunts cannot now fight face to face combat with the other side of either armies or even rag tag so called terrorists.

For years in engagements with their enemies, they just simply bombed them.

Even now afraid to send their ground troops. Americunts had lost their ground fighting skills.

Only those daft Hen still believe their fighting prowess and conduct military exercises with them.

They be slaughtered by the PRC armies if fight face to face.

That's why they calling others to die for them to help.

Anonymous said...

LoL, as expected the comments are full of anti-China BS.

As what you expected from western mainstream media poisoned zombies parroting what the west think is right and what is wrong.

Come on, keep the war going and stop building the basic infrastructures - railways, roads, nuclear reactors etc.

Let's see 5, 10 or more years ahead and watch for yourself who's winning the race.

The hard reality will come sooner of later and prove which countr(ies) made the progress and which countr(ies) got left behind!