Sultan of Johore – So much to learn from Singapore

An Agencies’ report on an interview with Sultan Ibrahim of Johore appeared on 28 Dec and the Sultan’s frank view on Najib and Singapore. After years of silence, out of the spotlight following Mahathir’s clipping of the wings of the royalties, the Royal House of Johore is stirring once again. The current Sultan and his son the Crown Prince have exuded a new sense of mission and confidence in what they think is good for Johore and Malaysia. There is a kind of balance and rationality in the things they said, free from the encumbrance of the past, of race and religion. Behind what they said is the focus on peace and stability and on development of the state and country and the good of the people regardless of race, language and religion. This is a common trait in the thinking and policies of Singapore leaders.

In the report, other than taking a position of being above politics and taking a non committal position in the power struggle in KL, the Sultan did not want to be seen to be taking sides. And in a major shift in thinking, the Sultan said he found it ‘hard to understand the rationale or irrationality of my Malaysian leader who wants Malaysia to quarrel with Singapore. There is so much we can learn from Singapore. They have done well, let’s be honest here…We don’t have to go on expensive study trips to Europe or the United States – just go across the causeway to Singapore; they have done so many things that are correct and efficient.’

This change of tone is unprecedented coming from the Malaysian leaders and coming from the Royal House of Johore.  The new leaders are starting to chart a course very different from the days of Mahathir when everything is about politics and muddled with a history of political baggages. Even Najib, though still playing with the politics of race and religion has departed from the policy of no need to learn English. He is talking about learning English as the international language of commerce.

The profound change is in the thinking of the Sultan of Johore that is very pragmatic and development biased. With his development priority in place, Johore is going to develop rapidly and runaway from the other Malaysian states unless his legs are tripped by the Federal govt in KL.

For a start the Johore state govt may want to engage some Singaporean state planners to assist in the redevelopment of Johore Bahru. We have plenty of experienced civil servants available to offer our expertise. And not to worry about the expensive trips Singapore is sending to the West to learn from them. I can bet they learn nothing much as we are much better organized and developed than the West in city planning and management other than one or two obvious areas that we are still scrambling for cover. Learn only the good stuff.

Actually Singapore is very worried that all the Malaysian states would put aside their obsession with politics and start to think progressively and objectively. Singapore would be in real trouble with a competitive and development minded Malaysian govt. We would not be able to compete with a new Malaysia withthe low productivity of today due to the foreigners here.

It is a frightening thought and a frightening reality. All the million dollar pay will be gone with the wind.


Anonymous said...

Johore - so much to learn from PAP ....

PAP - MRT Joke:
Raymond Lim, Lui Tuck Yew and Khaw Boon Wan are travelling in an MRT train.
The train breaks down.

‘Fix it!’ orders Raymond Lim.
They repair it but still the train doesn’t move.
‘Hire Foreign engineers and foreign consultants!’ orders Raymond.
They hire more Foreigners but still the train doesn’t move.
Raymond retires.

‘Set up a Commission of Inquiry” orders Lui Tuck Yew.
The COI delivers its report, but still the train won’t go.
Lui Tuck Yew resigns.

‘Everyone close your eyes,’ orders Khaw Boon Wan, ‘and pretend we’re moving!’

Veritas said...

The Malaysian Malay are moronic for all their zeal, trying to convert others to their religion of Jews hating, "murderer-wannabe-against-apostasy". Basically Malaysian Malay are more greedy and far sighted than Chinese. While Chinese believe in hardword, Malaysian Malay believe that they can get everything by memorizing Koran, shouting Allah hu Akbar, shit on Lina Joy...

On the contrary, Malay should convert to Confucianism, because shouting Salam Alekom apparently have failed big time, in making progression.

Right now, the best Chinese left, and the half bake Chinese are still enough to serve as Malay role model. When every single Chinese convert to Islam, Malaysia will be a country of moron and nutcase.

The best way forward for Malaysia is not Islamization, but Confucianization. But Malay who like to mind masturbate will not get it.

Anonymous said...

/// Actually Singapore is very worried that all the Malaysian states would put aside their obsession with politics and start to think progressively and objectively. Singapore would be in real trouble with a competitive and development minded Malaysian govt. We would not be able to compete with a new Malaysia with the low productivity of today due to the foreigners here. ///

Actually hor.
I think Singaporeans no need to worry.
It's better if Malaysians can create good jobs in Malaysia.
Then Singaporeans only need to travel to Malaysia to find a good job.
No need to travel to India to find a good job.

Anonymous said...

Der "1/4 after 6 learning from der 1/2 past 6"?

Anonymous said...

@ AnonymousDecember 27, 2015 4:26 pm
//One has got an extremely deep reading of a generally stated comment and went into a tirade on the Poster.
How said person was able to fathom that much and riled against the Poster of that Comment must have got many scratching their heads or lost in disbelief.//


AnonymousDecember 29, 2015 10:10 am
When one can only see up to the tip of YEWR nose, YEW will be frequently scratching YEWR head and/ or often lost in disbelief?

After GE 2015, many became much balder ( after incessant scratching? ) and ever more bewildered ( lost in deeper disbelief? )?


Anonymous said...

Another MRT Joke (Lessons for Johor)
A man and his son have been waiting for a long time because the MRT trains are overcrowded and they are unable to get on board a train.
The father asks "Son do you know what we used to do before we had MRT trains in Singapore?"

"No I don't, please tell me father," says the son.
"Your mother and I used to move around Singapore in our very own car," says the father with a sigh of nostalgia.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

This chap cheng sultan is going to ram his half-English dick right up the arses of the action-borak Mat Kontols in UMMmmm...NO!

In the word's of the great Mike Tyson, "I'm gonna fuck you 'til you lurrve me, faggot!"

Anonymous said...

Can't rewind the clock. If only the forefathers of the Malays adopted any other religion instead of Islam, it would be a totally new Malay with different mindsets. Islam was not their culture or natural religion. It is something they adopted and clinging so tightly to it and ignoring how they are tied down by this religion instead of chasing for progress and economic development.

Read in the paper today, any sign that looks like a cross cannot be tolerated. Soon Malaysia will no have cross road junctions. Cross road junctions are Christian junctions. In arithmetics, they will replace + with something else. 1+1 = 2 may become 1@1=2. The plus sign + cannot be used. It is a cross.

Anonymous said...

Political Jokes For Johor To study

A young boy was sentenced to fifteen years imprisonment in a psychiatric hospital for calling a PAP Minister an idiot.

The boy's mother asked the judge, "Why such a harsh sentence for a personal insult?"
The judge said, 'He's sentenced not for a personal insult, but for revealing a state secret."

Veritas said...

Today I still see many Malays writing in forum and blogs how wonderful if Malaysia is able to rid off Cina Babi and how they are able to live better. The is the thought of a lot of Malays and that is why I gather Malaysian Malay are very stupid.

The theory they put forth is Malays have been living in this fertile land for long, and they would like to go back simple life of surviving on sweet potatoes on their courtyard. This is the mind of Malaysia Malay.

That is a good paradise for Malay and even better for Veritas.

I would like to see Malaysian Malay living on potatoes, without any surplus to buy cloths, car, ipad, antibiotics...etc. And Malaysian malay will be living like salvage in Amazon, going naked.

And foreigners who shows up with chewing gum or coca cola can get the Malay women to spread their legs.

Meanwhile these "simple life-style" salvage will be shouting Allah hu Akbar, calling for Jihad, every moment, making it the best freak show.

Anonymous said...

Johor to learn from Singapore?

Malaysia to learn from Singapore?


denk said...


if a gweilo hantam a malay in malaysia, he'd be beaten to a pulp before the police appeared.
in sg, every day ah bek gana wacked by 7 footer gweilo what did sinkies do, watching from a safe distance like watching wayang !

recently a qweilo abused a chinese youth in a mrt train,cuz the foreign white trash didnt like the guy's tshirt. !!
he even ordered the trembling sinkie to alight from the train or else get hantam , the gall of it all !!
what did the sinkies do, whole fucking lot diam diam, watching with amusement .
it took a malay man who couldnt stand the bullying to challenge the qweilo and got him off the back of the
trembling wimp !
bravo bro. !

moral of the story,
i dont think sinkies have any biz feeling superior
and deriding the malaysians and malays in particular at all !

Veritas said...

The Chinese treat alien better than other tribe, but that does not mean that Malay culture is superior.

You can point out a lot of bad things of Chinese and white man, compare to blacks, or Islamo.

denk said...


i never say malay culture is superior.
im saying sg chinese have no biz looking down on malaysians and malays.

on foreign front, malaysia is still sovereign, sg is on the way to okinawaII.

on domestic issues, in malaysia, malays are taking measures to protect their interest.
otoh, sg chinese are increasingly being marginalised in their own country,'yet 70% endorse such de facto desinicization policy.

who'r the botok ones ???

Veritas said...

There is a need to deliberate whether one's protect of interest excessively harm good, or whether one make use of all pretext to justify their asshole conduct.

I do not see what is the reason of shitting on Malay Shia and Ahmadya, as well as Iban and Kadazan.

denk said...


shouldnt we be more concerned about who's shitting on the chinese ?

just read a chinese evening paper.
in another case of yangui shitting on sg chinese, this 7 footer assaulted a taxi ah pek, to add insult to injury he yelled at the onlookers *you singaporeans bo lanpachi*
没种 !!
imagine a yangui trying this in malaysia, u can bet he'd end up in hospital with some broken ribs !

*And foreigners who shows up with chewing gum or coca cola can get the Malay women to spread their legs.*

whereas the entire sg is bending down and invite all comers to screw her ?


walang, now we have to do verification twice to get
a comment posted !!

Veritas said...

We are discussing about Malaysian Malay and their shit. Malaysian Malay are clearly a shit race, who go on shit on everyone, their OWN Shia, Ahmadya, Iban and Kadazan.

When ask why they shit, Malaysian Malay say they need to protect themselves against Chinese. WTF. No one is more mother fucker, maggot like than Malaysian Malay.

denk said...


like i said,
when malaysians perceived they are being marginalised economically, they take measures to protect themselves. they give preferential treatment to malays in education and commerce, they also make sure their dominance in politics. chinese can whine about discrimination but to malays its about self preservation.
what they allegedly do to shias , kadazans is beside the point.

in sg, we'r told that sinkies have defective blood, we need a huge infusion of foreign blood to save ourselves ! well, chinese gleefully welcome their own desinicisation !
many sg chinese harbor a superiority complex over the malays, whats there to be proud of when even gweilo know sinkies bolanpaji and botok ?

more seriously, the murcunts are doing their damndest to set chinese, including the diaspora, up as pariah of the 21c, they've already roped in vn, jp, ph, india, myanma, sr lanka, oz,.....
malaysia is still resisting ,but all this uncalled for islamophobia and malay bashing is going to antagonise malaysia and play right into the murcunts hand. !

i rest my case.

multiple verification required ???

Veritas said...

A rapist will want to protect their right to rape. A thief (like the bumiputraist) will want to protect the right to steal. A parasite (like the bumiputraist) will want to protect their right to suck blood.

While the Malays perceive of protecting themselves, question is whether there are better ways of doing or not, or whether the intention of Malay is to create hate. The best way of reducing poverty in Malay is not to favor Malay, but by socialism, transferring the surplus from rich to the poor.

Also how good economically is Malaysia when Chinese are gone. You all can see. Malaysia is becoming a shit hole, and the most prosperous state of Malaysia is whereby there are most Chinese, like Singapore, Penang. The most shit state is whereby most Malay like Kelantan Pahang.

And the entire Malaysia is going to be a big Kelantan.

Malay think they can defend themselves politically but in reality they are loser. First, Singapore break off. In the future, Sarawak and Sabah may secede. And now Johor is broaching of independence.

Malay deserve their shit 100%.

Serve them right.

I hope they get rid of their Chinese. I hope entire Malaysia is big Kelantan.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Veritas, I agree with denk. You are making the bumiputras heating the Chinese and China more. And you are also making our Singapore Malay brothers and sisters angry as well. Please refrain from making broad brush strokes without thinking of the sensitivities of the bystandders.

Veritas said...

Hi RB, what I say is true and I give tough love to Malay. Do Malaysia want to be big Kelantan or want to be Penang?

Anonymous said...

This Blogsite is being hijacked

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Oops, I mean hating not heating.

Veritas said...

The bumi hate Chinese, Shia, Ahmadya, Christian, Iban, Kadazan, Hindus, Jews, white man whether or not I write.

Their brothers are the Saudi sand niggers.

Even the late rector of Al Azar Sheikh, the H-I-G-H-E-S-T Sunni authority, say Sunni can apostasy.

So Malaysian Malay is against Sunni because they cannot apostasy. They are not even Islam. They worship Saudi hate cult.

Anonymous said...

So much hate and bile posted against so many races and everyone here is OK with it, some even enjoying their popcorn and coke. But when a single post made against the Chinophiles for their unquestioning support for China, all hell will break out. Why is it this site has so much hate while other much more popular sites don't have such hate? Because the admin of this site is a racist and therefore he attracts other racists.

Veritas said...

The real hater are those who shout Cina babi, hate Shia, hate Ahmadya, hate Iban, hate Kadazan, and then come back to accuse me. The only thing I did is to provide positive criticism so that these mad hater dont hate.

Anonymous said...

Chinko Veritas, you are painting a whole race with one brush. That is because you don't like Malays, Muslims, Indians, Hindus, Arabs and all dark race people. Anyone can paint any race with one brush also. Chinks like to pangsai anywhere just like PRC people. They make the most noise and create the most problems all over the world with their snooty attitude. They organise crimes like nobody's business. See? Chinks are the bad ones.

Veritas said...

Islam like paint race at one brush and masturbate in hate, not me. Just because a handful of zionist is oppressing "Palestinian", busybody Malay Islamo head Jews, despite 99% of Jews are good.

Again, Chinese are the most law abidding and intelligent race, where everyone cannt have enough. In white man land, Chinese commit least crime and aces most in university.

Malay Islamo can never see 99% chinese good but keep pointing at Chinese gangs.

Everywhere, Islamo gangs and communities are most prone to gangsterism.

Anonymous said...

Stinko Chinko Veritas still proving himself, RB and this site as hate site. Everyone here seems to enjoy their popcorn watching how Veritas slams cultures of others, except his own Stinko Chinko race.