Singapore a fine and smart city

The govt is turning the city state into a wonderful, fine and smart city of the future. We are going to see all the space age technology being introduced to make life so convenient and so wonderful.  Everything will be at the finger tips, with the push of a button. You want to know when the next train or bus will arrive, whether it is full or empty or how many empty seats are available and at which corner, just push a button in your mobile phone or at any terminals provided at the station. Everything is so smart. The citizens can even park their brains at home and move around without thinking. All the thinking will be done by the computers they carry around or strapped to their bodies. All the buildings, homes, cars etc etc will be smart like hell too.

The catch, can you afford it? The $600.000 bill to transform the National Stadium from football mode to athletics mode is a case in point. The stadium is fabulous, state of the art architecture. It is available for use to the buyer who can afford its clever and useful facilities. This time is looks like the Athletes Association cannot afford it. So sad. How so? Doesn’t the association know that good things, quality things, don’t come cheap. You want style, you want cheap, cannot right.

This prohibitive fee by the National Stadium is going to be the new normal. Singaporeans must get use to live in a fine, smart and futuristic city with fantastic sci fi facilities. Just make sure you can afford it, like $100 taxi fare. How many people earn less than $100 a day?


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Cardinal rule of continuing your human existence in Singapore: Never run out of money. Make sure you have enough to continue living.

Rule # 2: Should things not go according to what you planned or hoped, see and apply cardinal rule.

If you forget the cardinal rule, there is another cultural rule which applies: You die, your business. (aka "meritocracy")

Apparently, about 70% the voting adults have no problem with these unwritten, yet obvious and influential "rules".

The only folks who have issues with these simple rules can usually be found at Hong Lim Park on specific Saturday afternoons, usually harassing/ bullying child retards and cripples as a probable outlet for frustration. 😂😂

Anonymous said...

This chap really gone insane. Double confirm. A dog thinking he is a man.

Anonymous said...

Singapore is a very cold place. Singaporeans do not clap and cheer when they see others come into good fortune. Back stabbing is a common practice and if they can, they make sure you cannot benefit if they do not benefit. Singaporeans are moaners and would bitch at anything large and small. The entitlement mentality is very prevalent in the Singaporeans society. They are always jealous of the FTs and blame the FTs for working in the jobs they themselves would not do.

IMHO Singaporeans should work harder, try to upgrade and be more relevant. Better to compete with the FTs then just moan about it.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans should start a movement to either get rid of themselves or get rid of the FTs.