MH370 – Australian bomohs hard at work

The disappearance of MH370 is still unresolved.  This is an obvious case of espionage and foul play but no one has any evidence to pin down the culprit. The only hope now is for someone who is pricked by his conscience to blow the whistle before they are silenced.
No one can fault the Australians for trying to help. The victims and their families would want to know what happened. What is sickening is that the Australians have been waving their magic wands and claiming it was here, it was there, very sure, confirmed by their modern bomohs and modern broom sticks. Have not the Australians been crying wolf once too many?

Now they are crying out loud that they are damn sure it is in the Indian Ocean again. And they have their bomohs and their gazebos to prove that it is almost sure, almost certain that they got it right this time.  And for countries with a lot of victims, they cannot say no to the merciful cry for help, to try to locate the aircraft.

For those who believe in the theories of black ops, the aircraft is likely to be anywhere except where the Australians are pointing to. Do the Australians have an agenda to distract the searchers to the wrong place, to keep them searching everywhere except the right place?  And to make it look real, someone may plant a bottle or a shoe to make it look real and likely.

When would the truth be found and the wicked and devious bastards be caught and make to pay a heavy price for this evil act on the lives of 239 victims and the pain and sufferings of their loved ones?

Would the modern day bomohs touch their hearts and stop fooling around with people’s pain and emotions and do the right thing?  If they are real and sincere to help, well,… but if the intent is wicked or to milk the money from desperate victims and their countries, it is real bad. This hideous crime must be exposed. It is a crime against humanity and only the vilest of people would commit such an act, taking away 239 innocent lives. And for those who went around spinning the story of a mad pilot and a mad crew, please stop your nonsense. You need a big team of people to take over an aircraft with 239 people and without anyone able to send out an emergency call.


Anonymous said...

You need a big team of people to take over an aircraft with 239 people and without anyone able to send out an emergency call.

Not really. I think a rogue pilot or co pilot is still a possibility, and a high possibility. Still remember the recent case of Germanwings Flight 9525 which crashed in the French Alps on 24 Mar 15?

Anonymous said...

@ December 09, 2015 9:38 am and redbean.

Yes, I can feel it in my bones.

Anonymous said...

Who knows? Can the final evidence be fabricated and dumped to be found eventually? For what, why and by whom is left to be guessed.

Anonymous said...

They tested one piece at Reunion Island and got rejected.

Anonymous said...

How many Singaporean bomohs and how many years does it take to make the MRT work?

Anonymous said...

Should ask China. Xi Jinping will know the answer.