It is about time Singapore learn from Malaysia

The Star reported, ‘PETALING JAYA: Employers of expatriates can be jailed or fined if the application for an employment pass is found to contain fake supporting documents, said the Immigration Department.

Immigration director-general Datuk Seri Mustafa Ibrahim (pic) said those employers found guilty of submitting forged documents can be jailed up to seven years or fined, or both….The companies cannot blame their consultants or agents because a director of the company making an application must be present to authorise the agents,” he said.

Malaysia is facing the problem of fake certificates and cheats in the same way we are facing. The difference is that we are in a state of denial and people are wondering aloud why all the super talents are acting this way. Is there something that the public does not know or is there a private agenda? The measures we are taking to address this problem is superficial and as the social media has been saying, a big wayang.

So, should Singapore wake up its idea and learn something from Malaysia, tackle the problem at the source, target the employers, the CEOs or Directors for any wrong doing? You can bet none of these turkeys would dare to be funny anymore and there will be order and normalcy in the employment market and Singaporeans would no longer be kicked around like hapless orphans. There will be no need to have so many training programmes to train displaced Singaporeans to be security guards and taxi drivers.

Would MOM do it? Fat hope. There are many simple and effective measures to check on the problems of fakes and cheats. The big question is whether it is the right thing or wrong thing to do. We have the best super talents and there is no reason why they cannot come out with a super talented solution to this fake and cheat problem. What is baffling and puzzling is why not? It cannot be that they are so stupid that they can’t think of a better solution than what the Malaysians can come up with. Why?


Veritas said...

The FT policy is not talent policy per se but to flood us with cheap workers, wage arbitration and drive up property price. Our salary especially engineers are so low that instead of attracting talents from China, now China are getting talent from us.

I have many of my colleagues going back China and many more trying to get a position in China. The Shenzhen Nanshan district where there is a high concentration of high tech firm has now GFP per capita surpassing HK and not far from Singapore. And they did it by engineering alone, not finance.

Basically we are no longer able to attract talents. PAP has squandered and strip mine a once attractive city built by Goh Keng Swee. The Chok Tong and LHL years are basically spending away what Keng Swee have left us. Now we no longer able to attract talents.

Anonymous said...

"Basically we are no longer able to attract talents."
Veritas 8:55 am

I fully agree. So learning from Malaysia as suggested by RB may not solve the problem. We have to accept what is best available. Because not getting any because they are all fakes or half fakes is also not an option.

agongkia said...

Please lah uncle. Stop khooning lah.MOM all along is on the look out and screen every applicants since donkey years ago.
Its the daft Sinkies employee who are not smart enough to detect the fakes. Sometimes even put the blame on employer becos of their incompetency just to cover their arse.
Nothing to do with the employers or directors.Blame yourself for not producing enough children to serve in the public sector.

Veritas said...

Right now, our NTU/NUS engineering were destroyed by PAP. No good students want to become engineers. The course syllabus are getting more and more fuck up, due to reduction in content, because the low cut of points under-graduates cannot take the rigor.

We cannot attract China talent because even PRC companies like Huawei and Xiaomi are legendary in paying their top engineers.

Maybe hindus from India slumpdog land is willing to come because hindus are only capable of creating slums. Moving forward, I see Singapore a land of shit hole and caste system.

Anonymous said...

Agongkia, why don't you show us your qualification and see how good you are? Also show us how good are your children, or are they just like you, useless bums, only good at smelling mei meis?

Veritas said...

The URL is quite a good reference for PRC Huawei salary. These days, I can only hear PRC colleauges saying how much they regret coming to SG, and how high the salary of Beijing and Shenzhen office are. A lot have applied to transfer back China and those who cannot make the transfer stays here.

And my colleagues keep on talking about the legendary pay of companies like Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent and Xiaomi.

Actually if companies like ST, DSO, Astars open more of their top positions to engineers rather than amakudari parachuteers from SAF or civil service, we could have more of similar stories. We could have examples of engineers moving to the top. We could have shown ourselves to be meritocracy. We could have engineers drawing million dollars.

Today nobody good is coming. Those who come are those that cannot make it in China.

PAP must be wet dreaming if they think Singapore is El Dorado like 20 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Screening the certificates? Show the original with the photocopy in person and the person doing the screening just ticks the applicable photocopy i.e. checked. No further questions.

HR dept and MOM do it this way. Very productive.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, background check/ security clearance (minus integrity) are just manipulating tools to misuse/ abuse by company/ authority . For example, new citizen (10+ years here only) could take just fast-lane 1-2 weeks, but local-born (3X+ years) could take delay-tortoise-speed 2-3 months (even repeated) in Singapore . Hands-On Green Matters

Veritas said...

Background check is a matter of whether PAP or companies have the will to do it. EVERY single silicon valley tech companies perform background check just like MY company.

It is so convenient nowadays that the HR do not even have to do it themselves, there are a whole lot of background check companies.

Me has gone through background check (call it BGC).

Basically the BGC companies will contact you after the successful interview and ask the contacts for past 7-10 years of HR and bosses. Then the BGC companies call everyone and compile a report whether you have lied.

The price is not expensive, around USD200, and report compiled in 2 weeks to 1 months.

But if we implement it on SG, I believe many Singaporeans will oppose. Too many people here fake resume. There are too many firings in Singapore, and those got fired often peppered their resume. There are too many office politics. There are too many bad blood between bosses and employee.

Singapore working life is full of intrigue and blood.

Once BGC companies call and got your boss bad mouth, there goes your next job.

Those who stay out of job for 2 years often need to fake resume to get hired.

The most common reason someone left his job or someone got fired is that he cannot get along with his boss, not incompetency. This is a lousy reason but FUCK Singapore, this is what is created by PAP.

Basically Singaporeans are also faking resume. If we impose BGC, most Singaporeans will not be hireable.

Veritas said...

A lot of my colleagues will cringe in fear of there are rampant BGC in Singapore. Some of these colleagues are not bad guys, they are very nice and responsible people and many are very competent.

They have history of being fired or fucking their bosses. If there is rampant BGC, they wont be here today. Similary, many of the bosses have problem when they are executives or are having problem now with senior managers.

In USA where the STEMI field is far less political and far more fair, and have a lot of good companies like Google, the problem in getting personal among colleagues and bosses are less. General people got fired from Google or FB due to incompetency.

Singapore environement is highly political. Bosses have different agenda. Very often bosses hate the best performing underlings. Very often bosses in Singapore want underlings to kill one another.

And very often bosses want jobs of his underlings to mess up.

In this environment, a BGC will make Singaporeans unemployable.

Singaporean leadership is one of most fuck up in planet.

Anonymous said...

After wasting time on background check (like contact of educational institution), the (bobian) big company would just misplace the passing candidate on dumping place (such as general work) . After wasting resources on security clearance (even repeated), the (bobian) unfair company would later blame the experience employee without providing necessary work resources (such as legal license) . Hands-On Green Matters

Anonymous said...

Come on RB, please know the root of the problem before writing such nonsense. Singaporeans, because of 50 years of pampering, dependency on government for everything, kiasu-ness, kiasi-ness and not willing to stray from their comfort zone, have now come to a stage when they have to compete with the lean and mean talents from neighbouring countries. Singaporeans will cry foul when things do not go their way. IMHO Singaporeans should upgrade, improve skill, be more flexible and take a little more risk. That way, they might stand a chance on the job arena.

Anonymous said...

Tiok. It is the Singaporean's fault.

Upgrade? All the training for the PMEs are for downgrading. Spending money and time to downgrade. The Singaporeans deserve it.

Anonymous said...

S'pore has similar law, but only for landlords. If you rent to foreigners and you accept or kena con into accepting fake, invalid or expired work passes, you can be jailed, fined and/or your HDB flat repossessed.

No such law for S'pore employers and PAP will never implement such laws. This is becoz this will lower the profitability of companies here, and all high-level PAPies have business interests which will be affected.

S'pore is run by and for money maximisation, and you can see that all policies and laws support this, especially if it involves PAPpy ministers own pockets.

Anonymous said...

That's why PAP have to even resort to casinos for GDP growth.

Heard rumours that they even plan to have more casinos, besides the 2 so far.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Yup, China's tech salaries have increased significantly, especially now when China is ramping up its manufacturing with increased use of robots and other hi-tech wizardry---i.e. China is moving UP the value chain.

Again, the best policy is no policy. Let the idiot bosses hire fakes, short- term thinking will definitely put many of them OUT OF BUSINESS.

As usual, ideas spawned by the Malaysian govt. are useless. Whatever you do: never copy the Indonesians or Malaysians. That is why their cuntrees are where they are, and Singapore is #1.

agongkia said...

RB talk like those brainless losers like ah ngau n gehbird , looking forward and hoping our employers got into trouble.
Not realising that majority employers are local entrepreneurs out to create jobs for Sinkies.
These employers send documents to get approval and they are not professional who is capable of detecting fakes. They are victim themselves and the one to be punish is the job applicants.
Problem with Sinkies...no entrepreneurship but got red eye .No wonder more foreign towkays coming here to compete with local towkays.

Anonymous said...

RB is not very clever at this. He is too bias against the PAP government. He seeks discrepancies where there is none. Any slightest opportunity he gets, he would enlarge it into a mountain, just to discredit out PAP government. Over the last 50 years I am sure RB and his family have benefitted from the generosity and efficiency of our government. Now he bites off the hand that has been feeding him all these years. What a pity there are people like RB who cannot see what a great job the PAP has done for him and for this country as a whole. So sad.............

Anonymous said...

"These days, I can only hear PRC colleauges saying how much they regret coming to SG, and how high the salary of Beijing and Shenzhen office are."
Veritas 9:21 am

Sure or not? President Xi Jinping's salary is only US$22,000 a year, u know.

You mean so many PRC engineers working in China have higher salaries than their country's President?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Agongkia, did you realise that I refused to engage you?
You are not my level. Your gibberish would be good only to the mei mei level.
They will think you are very clever.

Anonymous said...

Some dumbasses are still here gloating just because they still got a job but did not know that their backsides already pawned and cannot take back anymore.

Anonymous said...

70% mandate goes to show that majority of Singaporeans are perfectly happy with the PAP. Why is RB so unhappy with the good things the PAP are doing for the country? RB must have a bone to pick with the PAP. Maybe he was rejected by the PAP or maybe he was hurt by one of the PAP policies. So sad for you RB. Maybe you will wake up one mornng and start to appreciate what a wonderful country you and your family are living in.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone one take a closer look at the faces of clowns in the circus?
They are always smiling, never unhappy, not a clue of what is going on around them except being a happy clown in the circus.

Anonymous said...

My dear RB, you want to jail the employers?

90% of employers in Sinkieland are govt ministries, stat boards, govt-link companies or businesses run by cronies. Do you still wonder why the employers always win?

Anonymous said...

Rb, if the government jailed the ceo, no one dares to come and sinkie land economy would collapse over night. May be can jail the personnel manager reporting to HR director so those lower ranking guys would really check as after all, they are the one doing the checking so get the guys doing checking to sign. Not hide behind the company or CEOs

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I am sure those people being paid millions would be able to come up with workable solutions. We don't pay them millions for no solutions, right?