Is Singapore turning against China?

Two articles in the media on 17 Dec, one questioning the deployment of American spy planes in Singapore to conduct missions in the South China Sea to provoke China, and another saying that more SE Asian countries are turning against China, plus a few more articles repeating the American’s anti China position in the South China Sea would suggest that Singapore has up its ante against China in the contest between China and the US.

Singapore used to be neutral, walking a tight rope to be nice to both China and the US and making itself useful to both super powers. In granting more landing rights and acting as a military outpost for the Americans in its pivot to Asia, to challenge and contain China, the author Douglas Chua posed the question, ‘US plane deployment here poses neutrality question’. He added, ‘In the strategic gamble between two powers over sovereignty and freedom of navigation, would we not be drawn into a large involvement in the event of open conflict?’

There is also another issue of Singapore sinking slowly into the embrace of the Americans and compromising on its sovereignty, in the same way South Korea and Japan have became, semi colonies of the American Empire. The Americans would not leave South Korea and Japan, and their military bases are there for good and the two countries are just that, semi colonies, with foreign soldiers in their land and they could not do anything about it. Would Singapore undermine its sovereignty by allowing the Americans to encroach more and more into its sovereignty and independence?

The deluge of anti China articles in the main media, including a few more today notably by Reuters and Agencies, putting China in a very bad light and glorifying the Americans as the shining white knight, that the Americans are needed to balance an assertive China, are they done with the approval of the govt to keep promoting such a line? Is the Singapore govt taking the side of the Americans, shifting away from its neutral position and becoming more anti China with all the publications in the main media and the slant it is taking?

And, quoting Douglas Chua, ‘…the mission of these P8 aircraft using Singapore as a springboard…They are part of the US’ strategic thrust in the South China Sea, a thrust that challenges China’s sovereignty claims, which the US does not recognize. If we are faced with an ultimatum to annul this agreement, would we comply?’

Singapore is increasingly painting itself into a corner, to choose between China and the US. Which side would Singapore choose when conflict broke out between the two super powers?


virgo49 said...

SinCity ruled by yellow bananas chiap chng who
boh lien chor will suck the white cocks.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Singapore can play every side, because Singapore is smarter and craftier than either the USA or China.

Fuck you big cunts, we're the boss motherfuckers.

Anonymous said...

You chap cheng kia sure said like that one. Any side also, front and back side your favourite.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

WOW! Your level of English is a living testament to our education system.

You know what you should do:

肏你妈! 👍🏽👍🏽

jjgg said...

All schoolboys like to friend friend themselves with the biggest n bestest boy in school..nobody wants to befriend the ones who are scholastic n a rich family background...don't blame the Singapore government..they are behaving just as any school kid in the playground..

Anonymous said...

The Americans are making use of the local media to drum up tension and the risk of war in the region. Why are the Americans allowed to do so?

Anonymous said...

What about the PAP government?
Is it turning against Singaporeans?
Is it turning against Aliens?
Is it turning into a more inclusive government?
What is the PAP turning into?
Or is it still business as usual ... which in Singapore "usual" means business or making more money?

Anonymous said...

Oh come on.

When one is weak, the best strategy
to be on the side of the biggest
This is just being pragmatic and

Sin has to depend on US for survival.
Even if every Sinkie, old, young, boy
and girl do National Service with hundreds of F35s oso no use. Sin cannot lasts more than a year of smog at 200 Reading.

Even alliance with the US does not guarantee the safety of Sin.

denk said...

* Najib noted the abduction of two women, including a Chinese national, came as warm relations between China and Malaysia cooled over a missing Malaysian jet.

He said the abduction could increase the tension between the two countries, but expressed confidence that it would not cause their ties to be weakened.

“This must be avoided. There may be those who are attempting to drive a wedge between us and China. They may be trying to take advantage of the situation,” Najib was quoted saying in Australia by The Star.*


no prize guessing, WHO'r those who wanna turn kl against beijing ?

Virgo49 said...

Aiya, NO LEADERS in the whole wide world dared to stand UP and said:-

The farking Americans are the Ones who shot down the plane.


Same as the Russians who shot down the other.

Anonymous said...

Najib not careful they will do a regime change on him.

Anonymous said...

In times of conflict with other countries, every patriotic Singaporean should back our G's stand. To do or say otherwise is treason. RB, tio bo?

Virgo49 said...

Singaporeans can be patriotic but the Government is not patriotic to the People.

In times of conflict, think the Peoples be patriotic to the Government???

What Treason???

Soldiers can fight fearlessly for the Country if their Leaders loved and cared for the masses.

If they are been sidelined just for the sake of making monies and made them as digits to be fleeced, YEW think that be patriotic??

Come off it. Who are the ONES committing Treason against the Peoples??

Anonymous said...

Hi Anon 7:10

What about civil strife ?

Who shall the National
Service Soldiers back ?

Anonymous said...

If the govt is only thinking of getting more foreigners here to give them jobs and fuck care about Singaporeans losing their good paying jobs and want them to do lower paying jobs.
If you end up unemployed or underemployed, would you ask the govt to go ask the foreigners to fight for them?

Anonymous said...

In times of conflict with other countries, every patriotic Singaporean should back our G's stand. To do or say otherwise is treason. RB, tio bo?
December 18, 2015 7:10 pm

What does history and the Nuremberg trials say about Germans backing the Nazi Government?
Is it a valid defence to say "My country, right or wrong"?

JayF said...

The title implies Singapore was ever with the PRC in terms of security and defence

denk said...

*Same as the Russians who shot down the other.*

both mh370, mh17 were downed by the murcunts

* Najib not careful they will do a regime change on him.*

the murcunts have been trying to undermine the malaysian govn for decades.
malaysian opposition was backed by ned/aei/soros , notorious for their regime change shananigans.


the recent wsj spearhead media campaign against najib is just the latest salvo.

Anonymous said...

This is very typical of RB to write. So very anti-USA and very pro-China. Singapore is playing a very smart game. Why not play both sides? By doing so Singapore would be rewarded by both sides.

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Denk.

China would not want a confrontation with the Americunts just because two hundred plus of their citizens exterminated by them. Just a minor digit to lost to their pop. The PRC kept mum so the Rest of The World also kept mum.

That's why our HEN got to sa kai the Americunts and lean closer to the them as they can also vanish our Carriers like the MAS.

Either U are with US or against US.
We can make Regime change and down your planes uf U are against US(A)

Anonymous said...

You think the Malaysian leaders smart enough to see why their planes are down and not other country's planes? The Malaysian Defence Minister was so happy to have a date on the American warship without knowing their planes were down by the Americans.

denk said...

hello Virgo,

i understand your point, just look at malaysia's case,

mh370 *disappeared*,
mh17 shot down by *unknown persons*
airasia QZ8501 [exploded in mid air]
copter exploded in midair, najib's chief of staff onboard,
mh148 , near miss, emergency landing in melbourne,
[i might've missed some cases.]
mal is now *technically bankrupt*

that copter crash could be an attempted assasination,
*somebody* might've thought najib was on that copter with his chief of staff !

Anonymous said...

LoL, as expected the comments is full of anti-China BS.

As what you expected from western mainstream media poisoned zombies parroting what the west think is right and what is wrong.

Why is alternative media such as RT is million times or more popular than those mainstream Western media?

It's because they report the truth and not BS spouted by mainstream Western media.

denk said...

* It's because they report the truth and not BS spouted by mainstream Western media.*

sg's only english paper is crawling with *foreign talents*. is it any wonder its like an echo chamber of the wsj, cnn, nyt , bbc ?
i was wrong to say that sg is like a 2nd okinawa, in fact its even worse .....at least the okinawans are still fighting for their homeland and retain their own voice.

Kyet said...

Singapore can remain neutral by inviting China to base some planes here too.