Gearing up for the next General Election

The PAP is celebrating their recent GE victory in a big way at its biennial party Convention. The morale is very high and PAP is extremely confident they will continue to be the ruling party to SG100. And the signs are good that they will be the govt of the day if they continue to deliver the goods that the citizens want and continue to work for the good of the citizens.

So soon after a GE the PAP is already talking about preparing to win the next GE. This, on its own, is a big plus factor in its favour. There is nothing to replace being prepared and working for a goal and not leaving things to chance.

What about the opposition parties? Are they going to prepare and gear up for the next GE and work as hard as the PAP, to start working now?  Understandably their morale must be low after the rubbing in the last GE. But as politicians, aspiring leaders of the people, this is no reason to be dejected, to wallow in self pity. The defeat must make them stronger, push them to want to work harder. Some people are lucky to have success thrust onto their laps. Some people would have to work very hard for success and must go through a lot of trials and tribulations.

Are the opposition parties busy preparing for the GE just like the PAP?
They could be but not beating the drums.  So far only the SDP seems to be active and trying to show that they have not been defeated. At least there was some news on the activities in the opposition camp. It may be a strategy not to ruffle the grass and warn the enemy. But this strategy of not to be seen has proven to be disastrous in the last GE. The opposition parties must be seen to be working, not just during the GE. They must be seen to be involved in the affairs of the state and the people the whole year round. Keeping mum and not being seen is not the way to go.

The opposition parties cannot be seen as parties that have no views on things, have no issues to talk about. By being reticent, not to be seen, not to be heard, they are indirectly saying everything is fine, there is no issue to talk about. Don’t they have any views about the CPF, the MedishieldLife Scheme, the high cost of living, the influx of foreigners to take away the good jobs of Singaporeans, the silly schemes to train our PMETs to be security guards and taxi drivers and throw away all their experience and training to remain in the main stream of economic activities? What about the high cost of living, the regular breakdowns of public transport system, the selling of national icons, the trading of assets from left hand to right hand to generate fictitious growth and value?

There are many issues that are troubling and need to be questioned, addressed and alternative solutions be offered. There are many things that the opposition parties can do and should be doing to tell the people they have not gone to sleep, to hibernate and to wake up to run as candidates in the next GE. The battle starts now if they want to be counted.

The ball is in the courts of the opposition parties. If they are not doing anything, not seen to be doing anything, they will lose by default in the next GE, with another good rubbing.


Anonymous said...

Heard to speech by PM LHL last night on TV. What a speech and what a response by all those who were there? Speech like that win election/ The next GE is already in the bag. The oppositions are all asleep. Those opposition MP in parliament are voiceless and opinionless. They are there only for the salary. PAP is by far the best for Singapore. Long live PAP. Without the PAP Singapore will not be where we are today. More FTs to grow the economy. That is the only way to go. FTs from PRC and India are welcome to help Singapore grow.

Anonymous said...

RB, do you think the opposition can try and gear up to be ready to be govt by next election?

If not, why would they bother to waste time, energy and money to try? Better just tikam tikam again at next election, tio bo?

Virgo 49 said...

Even Opposition Parties were to be come ONE as united and contested 100%, the PAP will still win the elections as we have 70 per cent of selfish, balless daft sickies oops sinkies who want status quo of having their lifestyles of caged birds and be satisfied to be fed by their masters.

One stupid comment from a neighbour in conversation with him. Why the Oppossition contested 100 percent, the last GE??

We are afraid that the PAP might be kicked out and the country goes bust. So bo pan we voted PAP.

Here, one Bro harped every posting, if the Opposition does not contest 100 percentage to forn government, how to vote for them??

See, the mentalities of the daft sinkies.

agongkia said...

We need talent who can think far, not empty dustbin to make noise .
But who cares.Hardly can find historical Pao Kong or Yue fei nowadays.
Can only see Huan Chu, Khongcum and Lui Bin and power crazy everywhere.
Who become Chenghoo not important to me.
I just want lead a simple life .Can hug as many of my You Know Who as possible and produce as many children as I like.Leave me alone.

Anonymous said...

Singapore oppositions are totally useless. PAP should win the next GE without even trying. I do not understand why the opposition parties even bother to stand for election. The PAP has done well for Singapore so far and why change for the unknown. When it is not broken, why repair? Everything in Singapore is fine, everybody happy, good employment, good housing, good transport, good life and safe. Why do we need oppositions to mess things up? Why to go PAP. Just continue to import FTs from all other counties to help us grow our economy and GDP. Welcome FTs, you are here for us and we are grateful.

Anonymous said...

Until BIG (x4) OPP, hope small(x4) from all aimless opps - Hands-On Green Matters

Anonymous said...

It is an inherent weakness of Chinese culture and China.
Chinese people will always 100% support the Chinese emperor because the emperor is the son of Heaven.
Not to support the Chinese emperor means going against the will of heaven.
This is China's pathetic contribution to human development, history and human government.

The only time Chinese people allow themselves to go against the Chinese emperor is when the emperor becomes corrupt and abusive to his citizens.
And then Chinese culture says the Chinese are finally allowed to replace the old emperor with a new emperor from a different family by any means necessary.
China's long history says that China's dynastic changes are not peaceful affairs.

There is unfortunately no historical record of peaceful transition of power from one Chinese dynasty-family to another Chinese family-dynasty.
Violence and death follows a Change of Chinese government.

The modern day CCP of China is no different.
Remember when Mao died.
Remember what happened to Mao's wife and the Gang of Four?
What about current current Premiere Xi Jinping?
Are there any people disappearing because of charges of corruption?

Chinese people have no historical experience with a peaceful change of government.
There is no historical evidence that Chinese people has learned to act along democratic principles.

White people learnt their democratic lessons well after World War Two.
It's better to have "checks and balances" and at least two equally strong political parties, each competing peacefully for power.

PAP and Singaporeans are correct to expect PAP to continue to win every General Elections after 2015.
Unless too many new citizens have been imported from the "wrong" country.
In which case, there may be a chance for a non-PAP government in Singapore.

Do you think the above is true?
Can Chinese people ever admit to their genetic propensity to support Chinese dynasties?
Will we be willing to tell the Opposition Parties the truth?
So that these idealistic people will stop wasting their time and money on a fruitless enterprise.

Anonymous said...

Hypothetical (or Evolution) . Hands-On Green Matters
2016 Milestone 0. - N(OPP1) E(OPP2) S(OPP3) W(OPP4) C(NA)
2020 Milestone 1a - GE2020-2021
2025 Milestone 1b - GE2025-2026
2030 Milestone 2. - NE(OPP12) S(OPP3) W(OPP4) C(NA)
2035 Milestone 3. - NES(OPP123) W(OPP4) C(NA)

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB:

>> The ball is in the courts of the opposition parties. If they are not doing anything, not seen to be doing anything, <<

They need to go and not only learn but practice well-know "tactics" of getting people (en masse) to trust them with the future of the nation. It's difficult because they have no "evidence", whereas the PAP has tons of data-backed "evidence" laid out in a well known narrative of how the party and its LEE-der gave the world a lesson in politics, governance, social and economic engineering.

If you don't have evidence, then your only recourse to win hearts and minds is to resort to more influential and even manipulative means to get people on your side, without dissing your opponents openly. (but you've planned their political and social demise secretly). You always look like "a very nice person", but have the pure class of a "good sport" by not ripping the incumbent publicly.

Misleading? Not really. People believe what they already WANT TO believe. All you have to do is lead them to "want to".

Got manipulation?

Anonymous said...

Excuse me, but I think you have missed what could be the key ingredient of the propaganda report (press report).

Maybe it's because it's already been repeated time and time and time again, that's why you missed it this time around. And I'll bet they'll keep drumming it repeatedly in the future too. What they keep dishing out are the key reasons for the resounding victory - working hard on the ground, SG50 euphoria, obscene outpouring of grief for the most horrible person. Why do you think they keep repeating it?

Take the example of David Copperfield (magician, not the Dickens guy). When he hides his trick in his left hand, he will direct your attention to his right hand. Do you trust PAP, or do you think they are tricksters? If you trust PAP, then do not continue to read my post here. Don't waste your time. But if you do not trust PAP, then imagine if they repeatedly try to keep you looking at their right hand, what have they hidden in their left hand?

I do not claim to know what they've hidden in their left hand, so sorry about that. What I do know is they have hidden something, we should continually seek to know what it is. It would be foolish to be blinded by the reasons they keep repeating. The reason for the resounding victory is not what they keep repeating. We need to figure out what's their secret; it must be a big secret for them to make such a huge effort to distract us. They're not just concealing a secret, they're distracting us from even trying to look for their secret. See the difference?

Let me repeat: for anyone who doesn't trust the PAP, then look at what they do as you would look at a magician. If they keep asking you to look at one hand, then you should ask yourself what are they hiding in their other hand. Even if you can't figure out the answer (which I admittedly can't), at least be doubtful about what they want you to see.