Dan Tan, the Home Affairs and Law Minister spoke

After a week of silence, a very unusual thing for the outspoken Law Minister to do so, he finally spoke about the injustice of the Dan Tan case. But to be correct, according to the media, he never say anything about injustice. In other words there is no injustice.

Shanmugam said the law, the Criminal Law (Temporary Provisions) Act(CLTPA) is sound. He said there is nothing wrong with this law. I agree. He also said ‘a majority of Singaporeans support it’. This part I am not sure. If I were to conduct a poll in my blog, I can guarantee at least 70% will be against it unless Raymond and his clowns appeared to stuff the votes. Would be good if the minister can enlighten the people on where he got this impression that a majority of Singaporeans support it. Is it because no one is demonstrating against it, no one is marching on the streets, or no one spoke against it? See, no protest so everyone must be happy.  I am not saying the minister is wrong on this. He could be right. Just not sure how he got the numbers to support his claim of a majority.

Ok, nothing is wrong with the law. So is there anything wrong with this case? The Chief Justice and his appeals judges said it was wrong to detain Dan Tan and summarily released him. If there is nothing wrong, then am I right to say that the Chief Justice and his peers must be wrong? Why was Dan Tan detained without trial and with no conviction, for two years?  According to Shanmugam, ‘the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) had assessed Tan to be a threat, and his detention in 2013 was “on good grounds”’ Oh the MHA made an assessment.

What was Shanmugam saying, the law is ok, the detention is by an assessment of MHA which was also ok?  So there is really nothing wrong. Would the MHA appeal against the decision of the Appeals Court since everything is ok? Ok, he said MHA is not going to appeal, or MHA is accepting the court’s decision.  

Now the bad part, the international observers, not sure who the heck these observers were, and former, not current, Interpol investigators, have taken issue with the court’s decision.  So?

And this is the betterer part, ‘From their perspective, without having looked at the grounds of the Court of Appeal’s judgement, they take it at the headline, that he is being released by the courts and they can’t understand.’  Oh, like that ah! Does it mean that they are all so superficial, shallow, ignorant, just like the readers in my blog and in TRE, only read headlines and jumped into conclusions? These are law enforcement officers, and they acted like that without thinking, without knowing the truth? And our Court of Appeals must therefore take note of these superficial jokers’ concern, that they did not understand?

Shall the Chief Justice or the Law Minister write to these international observers and former Interpol investigators to explain to them why the Court had to release Dan Tan so that they will not be unhappy with the Court’s decision? If not, would it damage the reputation of Singapore or our justice system? Or the release of Dan Tan is going to post a threat to our peace and security?

What is the best thing to do? Rearrest Dan Tan or what?


Anonymous said...

What is the best thing to do?

The best thing to do is to do nothing, besides what the Law Minister has already commented.

And yes, no one is demonstrating against it, no one is marching on the streets, or no one spoke against it, can be taken as one good indication that the CLTPA is sound and majority supported it.

Another indication, and the most crucial one, is that although 70% majority voters did not say so, but by voting for the ruling party in the recent election, is also as good as saying they support the CLTA, or in fact any Laws that the ruling party passed in Parliament.

Anonymous said...

That's why if I were Hsien Loong, I just need to ensure 2 things.

1. The streets are peaceful. Better if even Hong Lim Park also has no rallies on weekends. And where has Roy been, since the last election?

2. The opposition is not strong and united to be ready to be govt, so knowing Sinkies, majority, and increased to 70% some more last election, will lan lan (no choice) vote for PAP.

Anonymous said...

/// Shanmugam said the law, the Criminal Law (Temporary Provisions) Act(CLTPA) is sound. He said there is nothing wrong with this law. ... ‘a majority of Singaporeans support it’. ///

Just because 70% Singaporeans voted for PAP ... does that also mean 70% of Singaporeans support the Criminal Law (Temporary Provisions) Act(CLTPA)?

Students and Professors of Statistics.
Is this how we use statistical reasoning?

Anonymous said...

"The evil that men do, lives after them.
The good is oft interred with their bones"
- Shakespeare

Anonymous said...

Caught with his pants down, start to spout nonsense.

Anonymous said...

The Swedes see the welfare systems failing them. Swedes have had to get used to the government prioritizing refugees and migrants above native Swedes.


So do not despair my fellow PAP bitches, ... I mean fellow Singaporeans.
Even the Swedes are suffering from an Alien invasion.

Anonymous said...

World's Largest Pension Fund Suffers $64 Billion Loss After Doubling Down On Stocks


I wonder how GIC and Temasek is performing?

jjgg said...

The case defies reasoning.. Apart from Dan Tan no other person in Singapore has been incriminated..who really believed that Superman Dan Tan single handedly affected the outcome of football matches in at least six countries.the so called intelligence operatives must have based their intelligence from coffeeshop gossips..never mind if there's no evidence..just apply section 55.... See? Done and dusted....not really sure whose interests are being served in such misuse of laws. So..has the government learnt a lesson? Doubt it... Will compensation or apology be forthcoming?...are u mad??? Wonder who fixed the recent 10 zero loss by Malaysia ...hehe

Anonymous said...

Europe is paying for the crimes of their forefathers, the colonialists. The creditors, the Africans and colonised people, are coming back to reclaim their wealth plus interests kept in Europe countries. All will be returned to the people of former colonies. And Europeans will be ruled by the descendants of colonised people, and be abused just like their forefathers abusing them.

All is fair in life.

Anonymous said...

That FIFA guy who commented about the case, about Sin's reputation being ruined by Tan's release etc, etc.
Talk about a pot calling the kettle black. In this case his FIFA pot is blacker than this kettle, whats with his top guns there all caught naked with back dealings

Anonymous said...

The Chief Justice will be history soon. The real bookies have already fixed it.Hahaha

Anonymous said...

Why are they so adamant about locking up Dan Tan? Frighten that he will squeal?