CPF – A reflection

Conveniently no one would like to talk about this subject anymore. It is best to let it die quietly, that everything is now normal, your CPF is no longer your savings to enjoy on their retirement.

The inconvenient part about social media is that it has a long of space to bring out dead issues, forgotten issues and uncomfortable issues.

What is happening to your CPF savings? Why are you saving for a life time for? Who is benefiting from your life time saving? You?

Should someone that have saved a lifetime, 30 to 40 years of big savings, not peanuts, 40% to 50% of your monthly income, shouldn’t the saver feel rich and could retire happily and live graciously?

Why are such people still complaining about money no enough when a foreign worker, a maid, not even at the executive level, could work for 10 years or sold here and could return and live a life of relative plenty?

No one wants to think about their CPF savings anymore. It is gone, fait accompli. Oh, to be used to provide medical protection for life. No need to worry about sickness anymore. Just make sure you have enough savings outside your CPF savings to live and enjoy life and enjoy the medical protection.


Anonymous said...

The root causes of ( and potential solutions to ) sinkies retirement adequacy may not be the CPF issue per se but the "roof over the head" policy which has more or less decimated ( emptied out ) sinkies retirement savings ( both CPF and private personal savings ).

Anonymous said...

It is just like the symptoms of severe sharp acute headache.

Anonymous said...

Often headache can be caused by meals skipping and empty stomachs .....

Anonymous said...

Can prescribing more painkillers solve the root cause of the headache problem in this case ....?

Anonymous said...

When the root cause is due to insufficient meals or empty stomachs?

Anonymous said...

Trying to find and recommend solutions in the CPF paradigm is probably futile when the elephant in the room that is depleting, decimating and emptying the retirement fund is not tackled?

Anonymous said...

The high cost of housing is in essence a transfer of wealth from individuals to the national coffers, from private savings to public savings. ....

Anonymous said...

It has very long term ( and serious ) economics implications which can be ...... if not addressed. ...?

Anonymous said...

Yes! We have a very good CPF scheme!

But, CPF should ONLY be used for only retirement. Nothing else!

Not for housing! Not for investments! Not for etc etc etc!

Go back to basic! Go back to basic!

Anonymous said...

It is the characteristic of Chinese countries like Singapore and China.
The culture is for the citizens to sacrifice their lives for the benefit of the state.
Ancient Chinese citizens died by the millions to build the Great Wall of China for the safety of China and the Chinese Emperor.

Do you think Modern Singaporeans must likewise sacrifice their CPF savings for the greater good of Singapore and the PAP government?

Anonymous said...

Concentrating too much of total savings of a society disproportionately in public savings to the detriment of private savings probably has serious economics ramifications and can be proven mathematically ...... ?

Anonymous said...

Didn't 70% of Singaporeans say CPF is not our money?

Anonymous said...

The distortion can be very grave, irreversible and too late when the problem is finally acknowledged?

Anonymous said...

Isn't it the duty of all Singaporeans to serve the Founding Emperor and his Founding Family for the next 10,000 years?
Be grateful for the opportunity and privilege of using your CPF money to sacrifice and serve the state of Singapore until you die.

Anonymous said...

When 70% voted for the crook who misappropriated our CPF money and sued Roy for saying it, what more can we do? No amount of protests at Hong Lim Park can make him change his mind. Only hope is for the next election for the change, and hopefully the 70% would have suffered enough and learned a good lesson.

Anonymous said...

@ 11.10am

You must be a Chinese banana with all your western values about individual rights and democracy.
Individual rights and personal happiness have no place in traditional Chinese culture and values.

A Chinese citizen has no individual rights.
A true blue Chinese citizen exists only to serve the Chinese state and the Chinese emperor.
Be grateful that the Emperor has found some use for your CPF money and two years of your worthless son's life in the national service.

agongkia said...

Money paid to us by our employer by cheque,cash or bank transfer is ours. Money paid by our employers to cpf is a tax to ensure our welfare are taken care of.
Be grateful to our employers and a good garmen that cares for us.
Life to me is not just about money, cpf or how much one earn.
Its about how much love we have and can share, how many You know Who that I can hug...
Never live to regret.Time to stop dreaming of cpf.

Anonymous said...

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Is the PAP government a pro nuclear political party?
What is PAP's policy stand on nuclear power?
Will Alien Talents and Engineers be imported from India and China to operate our nuclear power plants in Singapore?

Why is the PAP government spending millions of dollars in nuclear research?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Fukushima is the karmic retribution for the Japanese and the Americans.

Anonymous said...

It has been a long while since RB mention this CPF issue. Please RB, let it rest. Your CPF money is in good hands and it will be there to be dished out to you little by little. If given to you now you might blow it all. So please let the matter rest. Try not to think about the CPF. THe government will look after it for you.

Anonymous said...

CPF Issue has taken a more
Sinister turn.
Some members passed on
and their kins faced difficulties
to claim the Deceaseds' monies
in their CPF Accounts. Read them
in Facebook.

It seems that the CPF Issue is getting from bad to badder.

Anonymous said...

Fukushima is the karmic retribution for the Japanese and the Americans.
December 20, 2015 3:12 pm

And a nuclear power plant in Singapore is the karmic retribution for the 70% Singaporeans and Pro Alien Traitors.
May the radiation be with you and your family genes for the next 10,000 years.

Anonymous said...

Repent you fucking Singaporean Chinese bananas.
Yes, redbean is a Chinese banana for thinking that CPF money belongs to him.
Everything under Heaven belongs to the Chinese Emperor including your CPF money.

Even your freedom belongs to the Chinese Emperor.
That's why it is lawful to make Singaporean boys serve National Service for two years while being paid peanuts.
We can jail you without trial too.
It's all legal under Heaven.

CPF money belongs to the Emperor.
It is Heaven's will.

Anonymous said...

Don't like it in Singapore? Move elsewhere, claim your CPF and move out. Let the more deserving FTs from India and PRC take your place. Don't kpkb all the time.

Anonymous said...

Yes. That's right.
"Don't like it in Singapore? Move elsewhere, claim your CPF and move out."

Singapore belongs to the Chinese Emperor.
Everything under Heaven belongs to the Chinese Emperor.
And whether the Singapore Pledge is a solemn promise or just an aspiration is also up to the Emperor to decide.
Old promises about returning CPF money back to you at 55 years old.
That is also up to the Emperor to decide.

Anonymous said...

"Don't like it in Singapore? Move elsewhere, claim your CPF and move out."
December 20, 2015 9:13 pm

By the way.
Is it true?
If your son is below 21 years old, he is not legally allowed to renounce his Singapore citizenship?
Your son can only legally renounce his Singapore citizenship when he turns 21 years old?
And parents are not allowed to renounce the citizenship of their sons on their behalf?

So your son has to legally serve National Service first when he turns 18 years old?
And can only renounce his citizenship AFTER he finishes his national service, when he turns 21 years old?

Do you think it is so easy to renounce your slave status?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Don't like it in Singapore? Move elsewhere, claim your CPF and move out. Let the more deserving FTs from India and PRC take your place. Don't kpkb all the time.
December 20, 2015 9:13 pm

Anon above, are you anti Singaporean, a traitor, a foreigner or a new citizen?