China must take the initiative in the South China Sea

The American again flew two B52 bombers over the Chinese islands in the South China Sea yesterday and all China did was to protest. This is making China looking helpless in the eyes of the international community and especially Asean countries that would think China is ripe for the whacking.

Though war is bad for China and it is trying its best to avoid an open conflict, China cannot keep sitting still and do nothing to the provocations. Even lame Australia thinks it is up to it to challenge China by trying to act as a deputy sheriff as well. There are many ways to deal with the Americans without going to war. There are economic, political and financial tools to apply the pressure where it hurts. There are many areas that China need not cooperate with the Americans where it matters most to the Americans. Let the North Koreans and the Iranian thump their chests at the Americans. Also China can work more closely with the Russians in Syria by contributing to the war effort on the side of Assad and the Russians.  China can also support the indigenous people of North America and champion their cause to reclaim their land in the UN. Beat the drum hard in the UN and let it be heard. Keep the occupation of stolen land issue alive.

China must take the initiative, go on the offensive instead of sitting there and waiting for the Americans to come kicking at their door. No need to engage in military warfare unless forced to. Fight the Americans in areas that they are weak and sensitive about, hit them where it hurts.

Not doing anything is not an option.  The Syrian conflict is a good start to keep the American busy with American troops on the ground to drain their military resources and bog them down in an area away from China. Putin is doing a great job and if China can give him a helping hand, that would keep the Americans very busy there and got no time to provoke another theatre of war and create mischief in the South China Sea.

Remember, the Americans are broke and cannot sustain their military operations overseas for long.


Anonymous said...

China should simply send in its anti ship and anti aircraft missiles into the islands and let the whole world know about it, to tell the Americans that China is ready to use them.

Veritas said...

The most natural ally of China is Iran, while Russia is convenient bedfellows. Nevertheless it is still important to support Russia war effort in Syria as China is already doing.

Sunni Islamofascist is USA-Saudi tools against humanity. Russia support Assad because it unload th Jihadhist from Chechen and similarly China support Assad because Xinjiang will be ignore by Jihadhist for the moment.

Fortunately Russia, Iran is at the front line while China is more or less 2nd tier.

There is yet another underlook aspect of Sunni against Shia in Iran, in terms of Pan Turkism. While Sunni shit on Shia for thousands of years, Sunni always cry victim like the most odios pussy. Shia is the one who face the sword of Sunni.

Added to that there is this Pan Turkism of Turks against Iranian Azerbaijan. The Iranian Azerbaijan are Turks but they are the most fervent defender of Farsi culture and Shia religion. Iran leaders like Ayatollah Khamenei and Katami are Azeri.

The Palavi as well as the Safavid are Azerbaijan people.

The lost of Azerbaijan to Turks mean that Iran will be totally destroyed. But right now, all Iranian Azerbaijan hate Pan Turkism and who knows what happen in the future.

And ally with Iran is a useful tools against Sunni and effective ways of nuetralizing Turkey in Xinjiang.

Veritas said...

Whenever I look at Sunni leaders is the world, I feel that they are piece of shit in general, other than some exceptions.

But Shia leaders like Ayatollah Sistani earn my respect. I even found Iran Ayatollah Khamenei a wise but ruthless man, but you still can respect him.

There are respectable leaders in Sunni land like Gamel Nasser, but he is the widely hated by Saudi and USA. The late sheikh tantawi of Al Azar wants to modernize Sunni, but unfortunately, he died on the moment of his visit in Saudi -- mysteriously.

Saudi and USA are today the chief universe MOFOS.

Virgo49 said...

Chinese culture, Big matter made into small matter and small matter into no matter.

Patience, please patience please.

Even their two hundred plus citizens vanished into the sky, aiya small matter lah!

That's why our HEN got to sai ka USA and inched closer to them offering them bases into sinkieland.

People see and think PRC aiyo Paper Tiger.

Mo Lan Yong.

Anonymous said...

Veritas always bring in Islamofascism whenever he cannot justify the Yellow Fever RB is spreading. This topic is about Americunt interference in China's oppression against its neighbours. But Veritas being a racist, who has no answer to RB's mad support for Yellow Fever oppression, sidetracks and talks about Islamofascism.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

If one is a Chinese, one must be proud of the Chinese civilisation.

If I am a Malay or Indian, I would equally be proud of my Malay or Indian culture.

Only sickos will hate their own race and ethnicity. They are really shameless, shallow with little knowledge of history and how they ended up hating their own kind.

Hermit said...

"China must take the initiative in the South China Sea"

IMO, it is because China did "take the initiative" (putting up infrastructure on the island) that's why there is now confrontation between West and China. West is wrong in the interference. But so is China bulldozing.

Veritas said...

One way to hit USA is to hit their ally. The USA hegemony is in world consist of 2 pillars -- her military might and petrol dollar. The USA prerogative right to print dollar buying goodies all around the world is bankrolled by the Al Saud family, the world biggest traitor of Islam.

Since Al Saudi declare that the worthless paper is fungible for oil, the whole world need oil and they do not mind getting paid in papers. And USA financial might and financial terrorism in the world, by currency manipulation, currency attack is impossible without dollar being world reserve currency.

And the culprit is Al Suad the fucking Wahhabis sand lizard.

IF China can take down Al Saud, the job is half done. And China is doing so. The world need China help to wean of oil. China is world biggest producer and innovator of green energy, such as wind and solar. China is also world biggest builder of nuclear plant.

In optimistic scenario, China aim to go 60% renewable, and reduce oil consumption by 50% compared to today.

And China is going to export these technology to the whole world. By then the parasitic Sunni in Al Saud land will have no $ and they will be swimming in their sewage. Everyone will get themselves amused when these dirty stupid shit head continue to shout Jihad and Allah hu Akbar.

Next, China can support Kurdish PKK and YPG, the most progressive Sunni. These are Marxist. Marx is a cure against the Islamofascism toxic.

When Kurd have their ways, the military most power USA Muslims ally in middle east, Turkey, will be dismembered.

Anonymous said...

Would like to see China hosting an international conference on the return of native land to the natives of North America and invite all the Red Indian Chiefs to China to lay out a plan of action to take back their home land.

China can give the native Americans a voice and financial support to fight their cause.

It can then support the Pacific Islanders to reclaim their islands as well.

Anonymous said...

RB said: "If one is a Chinese, one must be proud of the Chinese civilisation. If I am a Malay or Indian, I would equally be proud of my Malay or Indian culture. "

What a turnaround by RB the chinese chauvinist. I remember the RB had always questioned about how Malays support their abang and questioned their sincerity. He said they cannot be trusted if we have conflict. But now he fully supports "own race". So we now all know he will desert Singapore and support China. A true hypocrite with a double face.

Also note his total silence about the point how Veritas again attacks Islam. He thinks that the big brother will call Veritas and whoever to drink kopi. But RB forgot his big fat name and big fuck face is made public. So who do you really think big bro will invite for kopi? Send out a letter to transgender veritas to an unknown address? Or simply send a nice christmas invitation letter to a known person, with a known address? ;)

Veritas said...
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Anonymous said...

Veritas is again putting up links that does not even support his claims. He/she/it doesn't even care to read the links he/she/it puts up.

Chinks support China because they are Chinophiles. They want to see Red China dominate over other races. Muslims support Palestine because of humanitarian grounds. Chinks support dominance over others, Muslims support humanitarianism. That's the difference.

Also note that many human rights workers and NGOs call for the cessation of killings of Palestinians. They include world bodies like the Red Cross. These people and organisations are non-Muslims. So it is wrong to falsely portray (as you always do) that only Muslims are sympathetic towards Palestinians.

Finally, note that only Chinks support a dominant China. Non chink-Chinese (not all Chinese are chinks, just like not all muslims are islamofascists) don't support a dominant China.

Veritas said...

Chinese support of China is no difference and far more noble than Malay supporting Palestinian. At the very least, China Chinese is our own blood relative.

Palestinian causes are not even supported by Israeli Palestinian (Israeli Arabs). Every year, Israeli Arab Christian IDF volunteer reach record high.

More embarassingly, the Arabic Druze offer to lay down their life from the start of nation in 1948, to join hand with Jews to kill fcuking Sunni Arabs. The Druze even force the Jews to pass a law to conscript Druze while the Arab Christian are still volunteer. The only busybody in this case is Malay, who out of the blue decided to side with planet darth vader Islamofascism, the evil cult.

The Israeli Arab choose the light.

Veritas said...

You do not read my URLs.

Go see how Israeli Arabs join IDF to kill Palestinians. Shame on Sunni. Every Arabs who tasted Zionist rule will realize how much it is more preferable to Sunni, even if they are 2nd class citizen.

The Chinese do not support one another that much.

Those guys that support each other like a gangstes are Sunni base on their theology of Ummah. Recently, the Lowyat thieves got support of entire Malaysia Malays and Malays even accuse Chinese of cheating. That is Ummah.

The Chinese would have throw our scumbag into cage.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:06/1:27,

You are the extremist posing here as an angel. You are the same filthy bear or dog that ISD is watching closely. Whenever you post, your doggie finger prints is everywhere. We are watching you. You sicko.

No wonder the Malay brothers chased you away and dissociated themselves from you.

You are a trouble maker, inciting Veritas and leading him to post anti racial and religious comments.

Anonymous said...

I know of one crazy guy from some foreign uni who impersonated real people as well as posted insidious remarks about a certain religion. He was tracked by the authorities too.

Anonymous said...

US is trying to provoke china into earlier confrontation before their island was ready for full militarization.

china should ignore all US provocation till those island are ready for self defense and been used as platform for china to secure/safeguard their domain.

usa is looking for war to divert attention away from stupid domestic failure again

dumb american people continue to think that their country are playing a "peaceful role"

Veritas said...

China did not have to confront USA yet in SCS, and even if USA provoke, CHina should stooge. China should hit USA, weakest link, USA SUnni allies. And nothing is a better deal, given China can rely on Syria, Iran and Russian proxy to do the dirty job, meanwhile, China just have to well supply her ally in this war of attrition.

The first and foremost, the world biggest terror state Saudi need to be destroyed. The key to destroy Saudi today lies in Yemen Civil War. THe Sunni have been loser in all conventional conflict and this time, the Shia Houthi nearly controlled Yemen until Saudi decided to throw in boots.

Yemen will be Saudi's Vietnam. Yemen is not Iraq, Yemen population center is mountainous. For so long, Saudi forces do not dare to move into Yemen mountain.

And now Saudi does not know whether to withdraw or to continue the war, but the war of attrition is clearly giving Saudi a big budget deficit, in the midst of low oil price.

When Saudi is gone, Sunni will be 50% less radical. The other Sunni theological center the Egyptian Al Azar is far less radical than Saudi, and is capable of producing progressive clerics.

And breaking Saudi and Gulf states break petrol dollar and break USD world reserve currency status. In addition, it will modernize Sunni.

Nothing is a better deal.

Anonymous said...

Veritas. No, no. It is YOU who don't read your own links. In Israel NS is compulsory just like in Singapore. So if IDF murders Palestinian children, you cannot blame Israeli Arabs. Just like you cannot blame a Singapore NS Malay man killing his own abang if we go to war with our neighbours. Nor can you blame a Chinese NS man if he kills a Chinaman in war.

“Chinese support of China is no difference and far more noble than Malay supporting Palestinian. At the very least, China Chinese is our own blood relative. “

I know your racist mind. You don't have to repeat. I know that if there is war, you will betray Singapore.

Anon at 3:11, yeah? What's your problem? My problem is with Veritas. You wanna join me? Cool. Why don't you fuck him/her/it? I wanted to do it but because I don't know his/her/its gender, I hold back. I am not an LGBT. Don't want to fuck wrong hole. You want to fuck Veritas for me to solve my problem? Sure, be my guest!

Veritas said...

IDF conscription is only mandatory for Jews, Circassian (Muslim) and Druze (Muslims). Go read more.

There is no complain when Canada, Australia and USA support UK in her war effort. There is no complain even when Malaysia go anti Israel when Israel never harm Malay. Only Singaporeans Chinese cannot support China. And BTW, Chinese support for China is not to the extend of Islamo Ummah, Chinese support China base on rational and depends whether China is good.

PAP is the most pro USA in SE Asia.

In the case when China attack Singapore, I of course support Singapore. You think Chinese so crazy. Taiwanese is willing to fight if China invade Taiwan.

Nowadays Chinese got blame for anything under the sun. Israel never harm Malay and Malay support Sunni ok. Chinese support China cannot.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:50,

From your posting you have revealed yourself as an extremist racist. But you go around attacking other bloggers calling them racists. You are sure in the watchlist of ISD.

Anonymous said...

So veritas, matilah and other chinese chauvinists attack malays, indians, arabs, muslims, hindus and everyone here is fine. The moment a small chinese section who support china is attacked, a big hooha is made. See? This site is a racist site!

Veritas said...

The one who attack Chinese are UMNO and FT Indians in SG. We just speak out the truth.

Its far preferable to live under Chinese than Malay Sunni Muslims. Malay Islamo even shit on their own Shia.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Veritas, don't get carried away again.