Amos Yee arrested again

In the news yesterday a teenager was arrested for making derogatory remarks against a religion. Though no name was mentioned, there were hints that it was Amos. Amos has confirmed that it is him.

So, everyone is speculating how many years will Amos be spending behind bars this time. For the police to arrest him, they must have serious evidence, and Amos is as good as guilty. And if he has posted in his Facebook, it will all be in black and white, hard evidence.

How many years? I think it should not be more than 8 years. Kong Hee only got 8 years for an offence involving $50m of round trippings.  Unless what Amos posted is more serious than the $50m, at most this looks like the maximum sentence he is going to get.  His first application to be in Changi somehow was short spent. This time his will become a PR, or a few years at least, flirting on religious issues.

I would advise people like Veritas and Matilah Singapura to take note of the seriousness of religious matters and avoid making uncontrollable and inflammatory remarks on religion in this blog.


Anonymous said...

I would advise people like Veritas and Matilah Singapura to take note of the seriousness of religious matters and avoid making uncontrollable and inflammatory remarks on religion in this blog.

I agree with RB. Although Veritas and Matilah Singapura are anonymous, the Police can still trace them if they wanted to. But right now, they think Amos (if he is indeed the teenager mentioned) is "more worth" to be arrested.

Veritas said...

For a long time, Islam is getting free ride that everyone must be "sensitive to Islam" because of support of USA. On the other hand, every self righteous piece of shit can open insult Christians and Buddhist.

How many times the gay group attack Christian as hypocrite and discriminate gay? How many time people shout on roof top that Jesus dont exist or there is no such thing as virgin birth.

Veritas want equality. If one can attack Christian, why not we stooge a little and provide a little more positive criticism or infer on the sex life of Mohamad and Aisha.

Actually, Islamofascist is the dog of USA, to sabo humanity, as you can see that ALL most fucking radical Islamofascist state are client of USA, such as Saudi, Pakistan and Egypt. Every fucking mad cleric are form by the wahhabi schools in Saudi.

USA can solve the problem if they want to.

In the past, there are patriotic Muslims such as Gamel Nasser who openly attack the Mullahs. These patriotic Muslims are readily replaced by the pro USA leaders, which embark on rampant rabid Islamization.

Shame on the Sunni even the moderates. They allow themselves to be used by USA just because they hate everyone especially their minorities.

Veritas said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Veritas said...

There is a strange phenomenal why USA support Islamofascist who abuse USA and her poodle Israel verbally and terrorly.

First, Islamofascist are dog that attack humanity and goodness as they are full of evil. They are used against the socialist within and outside white man land.

Imagine you build a socialist utopia like Scandinavia, Germany Holland and Switzerland. The rich hate the tax burden. Then you import Islamofascist who breed like rats using white man tax payer to provide free food, free shelter, free healthcare, free monies, free education and everything free.

These rats grow up to hate the middle class white man and conduct terror to kill white man while the majority of the "moderate" cheer secretly and support implementing Sharia. Soon white man middle class will have enough and call to reduce social security. The only one happy is the elites and rich.

Also Islamofascist is a good tool against socialist as seen in Afghanistan, Egypt and Syria.

Finally, USA and Israel fear the progressiveness of Muslim world. IF they go socialist, they will progress. No harm to keep Muslims stupid by drowning them with Islamofascism. These Islamofascist can only rant hate, wage jihad, spend their time in madrassh memorizing koran, and pretend that this is hard work, and acquire mentality such hard work need to be rewarded handsomely.

So long as Muslims go Islamofascism, they will be backward, and it is just a nuissance to let me brandish their hand and shout some anti Israel and USA slogan.

The alternative scenario is Muslim world modernize, and the first one to get shit will be Israel.

Veritas said...

I have gone to forum and discuss with Muslims on white man land, why radical mullah is allow to preach freely in white man land.

Some muslims told me they found it puzzling as well, and told me everyone in the streets know who they are and the police just not go after them.

Some even guess that the white man elites has other agendas.

Also it appears to me from various sources that white man police are under very heavy scrutiny from the top if they want to go after radical muslim. It will easily cost them their jobs, as some one on the top will easily throw charges of Islamophobe or discrimination against the police.

As a result, the Muslims are allow to form their own ghetto of rape, murder, pedophille and criminalism in white man land.

Even some of the Muslims forumer I met wonder what is the real reason behind this, and they found so obvious who is the asshole in their neighborhood and why are they allow to walk free.

Almost every single Muslim terrorist that did a big terror jobs are under some sort of surveillance. strange thing is why no further actions are taken or why there is no pre emption.

I can only come to conclusion that this Islamofascism could be a grand strategy of white man elites.

Anonymous said...

But Veritas so far has not been arrested yet. Does it mean that Veritas will never be arrested?

Just like the Sinkie opposition so far has not been ready to be govt yet. Does it mean that they will never be ready to be govt?

Anonymous said...

Why talk about Islam phobia?
Why not talk about PAP phobia (30%) or Opposition phobia (70%) ??

Veritas said...

We need to build Singapore base on justice and equality and so far, Muslims is getting 1st class treatment, while Buddhist Taoist, and Christian are getting insulted like nobody.

For example, anyone can insult Jesus for being a phoney virgin birth and Christian for being hypocrite, and the LGBT are biggest foul mouther.

Christian and Muslim keep insulting Buddhist and Taoist for being idol worshipper.

And Singaporean Muslims as well as Muslims in the whole world keep insulting Israel, showing themselves to be world champion anti-semitic.

Unfortunately, because USA support Islam, the whole world must be sympathetic to Muslims. That is against our founding principal.

Actually you will be naive and big fool to believe elites call of justice and equality. Every single elites are there to create division and hate among citizen. The elites do not fear Islamo terrorist, the elites fear a united and well-informed citizen.

If you understand that, you wont have difficulties in understanding why muslims receive preferential treatment.

Anonymous said...

PAP re-elected government again.

Hermit said...

Amos wants to be Famous Amos.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

>> I would advise people like Veritas and Matilah Singapura to take note of the seriousness of religious matters and avoid making uncontrollable and inflammatory remarks on religion in this blog. <<

Fuck you lah. And fuck everybody's god.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ wake the fuck up, 948:

>> the Police can still trace them if they wanted to <<

Fuck the police lah, and your blowjob idol worship of them. None of them have "superhuman" powers.

Anyone with even basic hacker skills can trace and identify. There's no such thing as "anonymous" anymore, unless you are well-cloaked on the deep-web. (darknet)

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Cum, cum, all you paradise-sucking fans who need the law to protect your very sensitive cry baby emotions, please enjoy my mate Pat Condell as he probes and pokes at your silly beliefs.

After that, relax and enjoy a good old JOKE. ;-)

Anonymous said...

IMH, when are you going to drag him back into his cell?

Anonymous said...

This thread is about Amos but Islamophobes like Veritas and Mati are using it to lampoon religion. RB, a closet Islamophobe himself, allows it. Fans of RB, who are mainly Islamophobe sympathetic are also silent. But should there be a backlash and it turns into at China bashing, you can bet your last fuckin' dollar that every Islamophobe fan supporter of this site is gonna say that is hate. Pathetic double standards from the admin of this site and his sheep followers.

Anonymous said...

RB's view is not based on religion but on politics. That is why he has been condemning the Americans for destabilising the Middle East and killing the Arabs/Muslims.

Only shallow thinking fools will accuse him of being an Islamphobe. Anyone with a head full of shit will have shit flowing out his mouth when he speaks.

Veritas said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Veritas said...

If you want to find someone good to Islam, the person is Veritas. I provide positive criticism and I even praise Ahmadya many times, for them being absolutely non violence. The troublemaker is Sunni who hell bent on becoming dog of USA. Islamofascism is a project of USA with Al Saud family, the greatest Islam traitor.

Do you want Sunni to love everyone including Chinese and Jews?

Do you want Sunni stop ranting discriminating but try to study 24x7?

Do you want Sunni to stop incest by doing away with Hijab, so that they do not need to marry their 1st cousin?

Do you want Sunni to modernize and focus on building technology so that they can march their division towards Jerusalem, instead of using clowns as suicide bomber?

The only one that desire all these is Veritas.

Meanwhile all those Sunni who preach hate, preach anti Jews, anti Chinese, jihad, hijab are traitors and they work for USA. They only want Sunni to be backwards.

Sunni, listen to Veritas, you wont regret it.

Anonymous said...

The Cheena Chinky Chink Veritas is at it again. Hindu/Islam basher. He only believes his race is above the rest while a particular race or two is to be hated. No different from Hitler who thinks Jews are to be hated and the Aryan race is superior. And yes, RB allows that. So much for the claim RB is not an Islamophobe.

agongkia said...

Thats the difference between intellectual and a lowly educated bortartcheh like me.
Bortartcheh like me feel its a waste of time discussing religious or imaginary god and racial issue in blogs.
I am only interested to talk about 1 issue.....M...not money but mei meis.
Harmless and harmonious.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

For Veritas and Matilah or anyone else, please be reminded that what you posted here will be the black and white proof and can be used against you should the authority thinks you have crossed the line. You are answerable to your own posts.

My policy is not to delete if I can help it, even with people attacking me personally. I will ignore the comments of anonymous unless I know who they are and their comments are reasonable.

Dog's view will be simply ignored.

agongkia said...

Yes.As the owner of this blogsite he will also be held accountable so its good that uncle RB knows how to take care of his arse.

agongkia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ agongkia:

>> As the owner of this blogsite he will also be held accountable so its good that uncle RB knows how to take care of his arse. <<

And why not? RB is in no way "obligated" to fall on his sword just because the STUPID STATE LAWS criminalises "offensive" speech which targets mystical make-belief ideas, which make up all religions in their entirety. i.e. if you poke fun at a non-exsistent angry magical sky-fairy, the sky-fairies "disciples" get pissed off with you and want The State to punish you.

Uncle, this is the internet lah. #1 Rule: Be careful and protect your best interests at all times. aka jaga your pantat.

@ 835:

Please correct yourself: I'm no Islamophobe. I dislike all religions and their dogma equally. I consider the idea of "god" as The Worst Human Abstraction ever. So if you need to "hang a label" on me, I'm requesting that it is: "Anti Theist".

Fuck your god in his ass with the severed limb of another dead god, and have a nice dogma-free day.

Anonymous said...

Ya, ya, can your god cut off his genitals now that he cursed your god?

Anonymous said...

Mati posted: "Please correct yourself: I'm no Islamophobe. I dislike all religions and their dogma equally"

What a noob. So if you dislike all religions, you ARE an ISLAMOPHOBE on top of being a Christianphobe, Hinduphobe, Bhuddistphobe, Sikhphobe..... So ironically farnee phobes always ram their own ends without realizing it.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Fuck your god. I hope your god gives your children cancer for christmas ;-)

Anonymous said...

Mati, u don't believe in god and u use that to curse my chewren? How can a non-existent thing give me ill luck? You truly are noob! But I know that atheists very superstitious one. Let me tell you something I know about atheists. They very scare about being cuss and they believe that cuss can work. That's why they cuss others. Otherwise why cuss using god's name when they don't believe it god one ah? Another thing atheists really scare is the reverse cuss. This means that if the cuss they invoke does not fall onto the one they cuss, the cuss will come to them in return. Ooops. Sorry, hope I didn't make you lose sleep. Hahaha....

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 921:

What? You cannot tell that I'm joking? WOW! Hope your kids get cancer, or perhaps I'll come over and infect them myself, then burn your house to the ground. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Mati, see? You are a superstitious atheist and that's why you respond! Didn't have a good night's sleep, yah? Oh yes, remember what I said that if your cuss does not befall on the one you curse it will come to you instead? Well, I guarantee you that your cuss won't happen. You know why? I have no children! Ooo.... that means that cuss will come to you instead, huh? Coupled with the fact that you give yourself a moniker with the term "mati", you are now double cussed! It sux to be a superstitious atheist, no? See yer! Ho ho ho!