Who says there will be no qualified Malay candidates for the EP?

There have been talks everywhere that there will be no qualified candidates for the Malay EP election. Some say there will only be one candidate put up by the PAP and since there would be no other contestants, it would be a walkover just like the times of SR Nathan.

I briefly run through my mental computers and could easily churn up such a long list of eligible candidates that is unbelieveable. Top among them would be Halimah Yaacob, Yaacob Ibrahim, Masagos Zulkifli, Ahmad Mattar, Othman Wok, and if ministers of state and Parliamentary Secretaries are eligible, the list would be a few pages long. What about non political candidates? Does it matter, when all the best Malay talents available are in the list mentioned above?

Now who say there are not enough Malay candidates for the EP election? You want three corner fight or four corner fight also got.

One thing for sure, there will be no Second Chance. The EP election is likely to be a straight fight or a walkover, depending on who the PAP will be putting up for the election. Or it could be like a repeat of Ong Teng Cheong versus Chua Kim Yeow in the first election for an EP where only one candidate willing to run and no one really wants to run.

It is a little too late to appoint a Malay talent to head a $500m GLC to qualify for the EP election. It would be difficult if the appointee has to be in an executive position, not just chairmey. Oops, I mean chairman with no executive power.


Anonymous said...

Quote: It is a little too late to appoint a Malay talent to head a $500m GLC to qualify for the EP election. It would be difficult if the appointee has to be in an executive position, not just chairmey. Oops, I mean chairman with no executive power.

Based on the intentionally stringent qualities required, even Lee Hsien Loong is not qualified to run for the Elected Presidency post.

Anonymous said...

Why bother. Who they want to choose will become the EP. In fact people have little fate on the word "E". May as well go back to the early days and appoint who is more suitable. People have no objection in the past and will have no problem now.

Anonymous said...

Let's yam-seng yam-seng yam-seng to our next EP!

Who be EP.....is OK!

Don't waste anymore time and resources to talk about EP!

Best best to him/her!


Anonymous said...

If all daft sinkies did not want to bother, they would remain as sheep for the slaughter, even losing their country they also don't care.

There is no more hope for this country if daft sinkies adopt such attitude. Remember, the natural aristocrats were your neighbourhood little punks before, not much different from you and me.

Anonymous said...

Who says all PAP candidates are qualified candidates?

Was Desmond Kuek a PAP candidate to be SMRT's CEO?
Do you still think he was a good choice and competent CEO?
What's so great about being a PAP linked candidate?

Anonymous said...

There is no need to bother who is ep. It is doubtful there is reserves except the foreign currencies kept to defend exchange rate and for import settlement. The so called reserves need ep to sign are anything that could be sold, mainly land, including cemetery. There is no specific item cannot be sold. Therefore ep is very much a position of nothing to do. It is created most likely to enhance the idea that there is reserves to safe guard.

I would prefer to vote for an ep who does not toe the same lines as the garmen, or the executives institution. That was the original idea of ep, to guard reserves, to guard unreasonable appointments in key positions initiated by the garmen, assuming the garmen isnt pap.

Now the pap garmen change the whole story, making it a malay based ep. It has no reasonable support on the change. The change was to please a particular group of voters whose number probably was eclipsed by the immigration policy preferring some sunny land immigrants.

The whole question is: will the group being eclipsed in immigration find good employment to increase their income? No one can doubt the answer in their minds. The majority group are driving taxi as indigenously born locals. The other minority groups are doing similar jobs like delivery kind of low skilled jobs, while the immigrants are doing in banking, industrial executives, until their companies fold up and they are fired. They then bring back home 100% cpf if they are pr.

The unhappiness of certain minority group being stuck at low skilled jobs cannot be exchanged for ep post. Ep post only benefit the pap appointee and no one else. The problem of locals both minority and majority being stuck at lower income jobs, low skilled jobs, or losing money in small businesses, all due to the immigration policy, these problems can never, never be resolved. The ep must be malay is no solution to the unhappiness of voters. The only good solution is another more competent team to lead. The local minority and majority must have good income and not one single ep has good income. This problem is not solved but getting worst by the immigrants. Trump s policy stopping Ford, Carrier from settling up workshops at Mexico, and threatening these companies, if they do, their products car and aircon will be taxed 35% more when importing to US, the policy works and is working against those workshops in sincity.
Sincity will have to let firm hiring from africa to help cut labor costs for these firms to compensate for high rental caused by the previous mass immigration of 2.6millions, resulted inflation of 5.5%. Ep change is just a smoke bomb to please a minority group for their loss of fortune similar to the majority. It will not work out well for pap in 2020ge.

Anonymous said...

It is just an institional white elephant.

Anonymous said...

PAP will just put up 1 specially selected malay pappy for PE. They will not put up 2 or more. Any other contender will be a non-PAP endorsed malay. Hence if no other outside malay qualify for PE, it will be a walkover for the PAP-endorsed candidate. So simple also don't know.

Anonymous said...

Agreed that we should not be overly concerned about EP.

Most important is which is the ruling party of the day.

Where are we now?

Where do we go from here? How?

Can we get the answers on 20 Feb?

We shall see.

Anonymous said...

It is just an institutional white elephant. A waste of tax payers'money. 7-digit pay for a ceremonial role! More tax payer money to feed An army of workers and major ranked security staff. Compare and contrast with that of Usa Prez in every aspects -executive role, A fraction of the pay, a world super power ,one year of tedious campaign prior to election... etc etc

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting if there is a Malay equivalent of Tan Cheng Bock to step into the ring. It will turn everyone's face red.

Anonymous said...

If is a parliamentary system let the parliament check on the executive branch -minister's policy .

The right way is to vote in more credible and good members of parliament from opposition party as it too lop sided now.

President in Singapore remains the head of State like any other parliamentary system .

Cut the pay pls.

Anonymous said...


Very good question: "Where are we now?"

Some showed 9.1% as grand success for previous quarter. Reader please do not be daft.

If your pocket has only $50. You have income a temp job for $50, you have growth of income 100%. If your pocket is $3000, the $50 temp has growth of 1.6%.

Where are we now?
If growth number has been declining smoothly, suddenly the growth is exponentially big, it can be just a small replacement of stocks near new and the base ie the pocket, is already very low. Most firms in such low sale situation will not hire.

The key point is: will firms hire citizens? If not, the figures only indicate the situation is very low base now. Low base or low sales means close down is highly possible, or scale down the size of company.

Anonymous said...

The most important hirer now is civil service.
There was an Indian national hired in info comms authority. Her master degree was found to come from university that does not need to attendance, some kind of south pacifi island university.

Then parliament said she was hired from her degree from a university ranked 3000th in the world. Again such university at 2000 to 3000th ranking are not strict in students s quality. The civil service has such quality and the ministers are siding their hiring policy as right and correct.

Voters voting for the team can close their eyes. But the team managing the civil service has such low quality staff to work for them. Voters cannot expect what world class division one kind of quality service. Therefore, the question: "where are we now?"

We are stuck with a team of low standard and low quality leeders. Their service can hardly be good and tip top. Can you imagine workers at work on tracks got hit by mrt? Can you imagine year round having 'signalling problem"? Its communication problem within such huge organization is breaking down. Can you imagine armoured cars had no proper documentation on ship and got unloaded in foreign land without the local owner knowing or authorizing the unloading? Its communication again. The quality of civil service has deteriorated so much, that i was shocked to see the big blunders.
Big blunders like riots could not have communication among uniform group. Again it is info and comms problem. There are so much problems caused by the communication that needed immediate remedy. Yet the civil service hire so low standard immigrants and give them good jobs, while keeping capable citizens trained in local universities away from its very own civil service funded by taxes mainly gst.
Where are we now? How should we go from here? Vote for another team.

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting if there is a Malay equivalent of Tan Cheng Bock to step into the ring. It will turn everyone's face red.
January 05, 2017 11:26 am

The criteria is so stringent;
it would be very easy to identify such people.
Do you think they would already have been invited to drink coffee by now?

Anonymous said...

/// Yet the civil service hire so low standard immigrants and give them good jobs, while keeping capable citizens trained in local universities away from its very own civil service funded by taxes mainly gst. ///
January 05, 2017 12:07 pm

Why hire citizens?
Who is more likely to blow the whistle on incompetency or double hatting in the civil service?
Qualified citizens or unqualified foreigners?

Anonymous said...

Do you think every "qualified" Singaporean is already an existing member of PAP?

Anonymous said...

The list of All the Singaporean scholars still alive in Singapore.
From 1965 - 2017.
Do you think this list makes it very easy to identify potential trouble makers very early on ... from the time they accept their first scholarship?

Do you think they are all classified as potential enemies of PAP until they have been invited to drink coffee and co-opted into PAP?

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:15pm

The scholars including those pap scholars are non problems to voters.

The facts: mrt hitting at workers, riots having no uniform groups arriving by minutes not hour, armoured car losing and affecting state image, tc gm also managing contractor resulting cpib case, hiring foreigners came in with fake master and degree, hiring 2000th to 3000th ranking university graduates in civil service, signalling problems in mrt etc, these are problems voters must see gone. See them gone to talk about improvements.

The current team seems to keep going round with these problems. No sign of will to get into next stage of improvement, but dis improvement continue year in year out with foreigners hiring as a factor to negatively affect the income of citizens, and causing them problems after problems.

Voters need to take action against the officials whom they voted in. Not the scholars whom the next team can use them to solve problems.

Virgo49 said...

What 500 millions paid up company that a person must have managed before he or she qualified to tun as a Presidential Candidate????

Some companies with such paid up only have Actual business earnings of a few miserable millions or thousands dollars.

Some even folded with billions paid up capital like some recent big oil related industries.

So do not confuse wisth just paid up capitals and actual return of revenue. Many business with impressive showing of millions dollars turnover might just have actual revenue of a few million less operating costs.

Only shown Good on Books only.

Also, which Malay Minister or MP or even Speaker of Parliament ever managed a ministry with 500 millions worth of Revenue???

Most hold non performing mediore ministries of non revenue earners like Community Development or Sports or Janban inspectors appointments.

Even Defence and Home Security portfolio are monies spending ministries as compared to the Finance Ministry like the Income Tax Department.

So any Malay minister in that appointment???

Anonymous said...

So any Malay minister in that appointment???
January 05, 2017 2:51 pm

As long as the person is not a trouble maker for PAP, he is qualified to be President.
True or not?

Anonymous said...

I think Malay candidates from private sector who can qualify to be EP also don't want to be one, if he/she has any self respect and dignity.

It will only lower his/her dignity and merit by being in an election reserved only for Malays.

In fact I would even say that for political positions such as ministers or MPs, Malays are there more because of quota, rather than merit. That's why for merit based and non political positions like perm sec of ministries or very senior civil servants, how many Malays are there? I won't be surprised if there are none.

In fact there was one high flyer Malay in private sector who turn down the offer of being a PAP election candidate. That's why Malay MPs came from the teaching, journalist, social organisation or union backgrounds.

Anonymous said...

While Trump makes America great again ... even before he starts work as President on 20th Jan 2017;
Do you think LHL and PAP is making India great again at the expense of higher Singaporean unemployment?


b said...

If they want a malay, just appoint fandi ahmad. He is an ordinary person not elite that suffered under the brutal pap system. He will do a better job than any ceos because he is more in touch with the ordinary people. All those criterias only mean that they will appoint an out of touch person.

Anonymous said...

All those criterias only mean that they will appoint an out of touch person.
January 05, 2017 5:06 pm

An out of touch President for our out of touch voters (70%).
How fitting.

Let's make India great again.

b said...

Btw, fandi also has a gorgeous wife so it will make sg looks good on any international scene.

India cannot great one lah. Just look at it. People poo everywhere. They are many many years behind time.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:17pm
Trump had saved 1000jobs from Carrier aircon and 700jobs from Fort car plant, preventing both setting up at Mexico.

Trump is a brave man. He really does what he promises: jobs for citizens.
Deaton and Case, (Deaton is this year Nobel prize winner in economic) wrote a research that white men and women had highest rate of suicide, from 1999 to 2013, when obama implemented globalization policy.

Only LHL promised to continue to open up jobs for indians under ceca. I do not know the reasoning. GY got a job in India. That could be good motivation to open the singaporeans jobs for indians pmet. Voters need to do the same for what they did to GY.

Anonymous said...

Somebody asked, "Where are we (meaning Singapore) now?"

Frankly, speaking Singapore is now in a Big Mess culturally, economically, ethically, historically, legally, linguistically, morally, politically, racially, religiously, socially and nationally for her long-term survival.

The 40 years of nation-building has totally gone done the drain. This is caused by a confluence of factors:

1. Recklessly importing low-skill, low-qualification, fake-qualification foreign workers and talons.

2. Carelessly inviting and accepting wolves in sheep-skins, and double-headed snakes disguised as "Qualified" top executives".

3. Greedily attracting dishonest, dubious and questionable foreign "bankers" and foreign financial institutions.

4. Stupidly importing half-baked architects, doctors, engineers, accountants and lawyers.

5. Suicidally increasing population rapidly without planning and building the various necessary supporting infrastructures ahead of time, and with total disregard for the social ills, conflicts and frictions that would arise to cause damages that are irreversible to the national cohesion, unity, well-being, long-term security, integrity and survival.

6. Totally neglecting the survival of the middle-class by importing questionable foreigners to replace, displace and misplace local professionals, managers, executives and technicians, not temporarily but as a matter of policy over a long period of time.

7. Callously increasing rental and prices with only profit-motive in mind, in conjunction of the greed to grow the GDP at ALL COSTS (so that the Ministers could get higher annual bonuses based upon the GDP increase) and nothing else.

8. Deliberately and cleverly turning the Central Provident Funds into a permanent resource of loans at low interest rate to benefit the Government, the Fund Managers, Temasek Holdings and the GIC and affiliated organizations instead of the CPF Contributors and Subscribers.

9. More to come.

Anonymous said...

/// Only LHL promised to continue to open up jobs for indians under ceca. I do not know the reasoning. ///
January 05, 2017 5:58 pm

- Making India great again.

True or not? You tell me lah!

Anonymous said...

Who creates more good jobs for Indians?
PM Modi or PM LHL ??

Anonymous said...

"True or not? You tell me lah!

January 05, 2017 9:40 pm"

Cannot make voters feel great about being singapore citizens, he can make india great?
I want to laugh. Modi give speeches is like sell koyo, lots of movement, similar to Trump. if modi cannot make india great, this ah long can, you really think so? Singapore is like a long kang to India. Small long kang he cannot make it great, want to make india great, you can only use words, similar to the old man. No real politicians will take them seriously.
I just saw some tv in the region saying singapore has old people living in changi airport for years, have no own home.
LHL has shamed singapore, giving jobs to indians will not make indians remember him, but making singaporeans who contributed NS to earn less income, and making the rich extra rich, wealth distribution gap getting wider and wider, LHL is not a good leader for citizens. Never need to remember him as far as those got kicked out of proper jobs or used to be middle class. He benefited no one except the rich who need to hire cheap labor or fake qualifications to avoid the heavy levies by taking employment pass. Its cheating the citizens of jobs indirectly.

b said...

LHL should migrate to australia, become citizen and try to win election and be pm there. As australia biggest investor, he can have a lot of say, swing votes, play with people minds. This is much easier to achieve than to make india great. This will also bring more benefits for sinkies.

Anonymous said...

Why Sinkies blame
Lee Hsien Loong and not
Vited for him and then
blame him, seow ah ?

Anonymous said...

Vote 4 doc strange better.

Everyday rainbow.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I fully agree with Dragon Fly's post at 8:31pm. This is what the new PAP would be remembered and cursed in the future.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Haha...with all this rhetoric going on, all you fuckers have lost sight of THE FUNDAMENTAL principle:

The Cuntry and Its Sheeple Get The Government They DESERVE.

Q: Where do the assholes in the ruling PAP come from?

A: They emanate (are shit out) from the same pool of chau cheebyes as the rest of the population. These cheebye are fucked by lanchiaos from the same pool as the rest of the population. Same genepool. Same kampong. People in govt and people in general population SAME LAH!!

Q: What about CULTURE?

A: A cuntry's politics is an emergent property from the culture, and the relationship between politics and culture (both in flux) is reflexive. i.e. they affect each other and what emerges feeds back into the process. It's like a circular cause and effect situation.

So the people choose their govt, the govt formulates policy to deal with the nation's needs and/or future. The people respond, they give their feedback to the govt, most notably in the next GE...and the govt. (old or new) then formulates new policy.

The culture is affected by external influences---technological, for e.g. Now GE's are fought and won using social media which didn't exist when LKY and Tenku were going for "Merdeka".

If you consider what the culture was then and now, you will notice the differences. Also the general level of education of the population. Singaporeans are definitely more educated now. Are they "smarter"? Hmmm...

The last biggest fuck-up of The Sheeple of Singapore was to harangue their govt (people from the same genetic and cultural stock chosen to represent) to go for the Elected President model....and I have consistently said that this is a very bad idea...and currently holds (in my mind) THE WORST IDEA THE SHEEPLE OF SINGAPORE have committed into law.

Representative democracy takes care of the perils of DIRECT democracy....which is simply direct mob rule. We have a representative democracy---and like it or hate it, Singapore is better off because of it.

A idea of directly elected president is just fuckin bananas. In a representative democracy, the "people power" is represented by elected members of parliament. These representatives then choose the president from a list of candidates. THIS THE SAFEST BET LAH!!.

A directly-elected president....that's just trouble waiting to happen. I just hope I'm still alive to see The Sheeple self-sabotage their mother-cuntry into oblivion.

Yup, the Sheeple get the government and eventually the cuntry THEY DESERVE!