Trump's dangerous posture towards China will hasten USA decline

Trump has appointed a cohort of likeminded anti-China characters in his cabinet. They have singled out China as the main enemy to be destroyed. It is wild dreams if they think they can destroy China like the way they destroyed and decimated the eighty-five million native Americans in the north American continent now illegally occupy by the invading whites from Europe.

The white Americans had since the end of the Second World War in 1945 destroyed many small and medium sized countries after labelling them as enemies of America. The inherently evil white Americans need to constantly pick countries which do not toe the American dictates as enemies for various illogical motives. These countries are scapegoats for America's ills and setbacks. Other countries are always picked as posting a danger to American security though they know they themselves are always posting great insecurity to other countries. This manipulation and misrepresent dangers serve to advance the American agenda of world domination and hegemony.

Trump and his gang of rogues try to pose China as an external threat and implies a possibility of war with China just to consolidate power and distract the American people and the world of their evil doings and deep corruptions. Trump and his cabinet of billionaires either pay no tax or very little tax which is not commensurate with their vast wealth and extensive range of business. They and the one percent American elites, the robber barons who control and rule America have impoverished the ordinary 99% percent ordinary Americans by robbing the state coffers through evading taxes.

Trump and Rex Tillerson and the American ruling robber barons including the high officers in CIA and The Pentagon have for years been eyeing at the rich oil and gas resources below the South China Sea and the East China Sea. They want America to possess and take full control of both regions so that they can enrich themselves by exploiting these resources. Once they are in control of the regions all the countries in the periphery will be under American yoke and mercy. They will plunge South China Sea regions into choas and destability and cause great suffering to the people just as they have been doing in the Middle East.

They know it is a dangerous game to tackle both Russia and China at the same time. Therefore Trump pretentiously extended an olive wreath and a love potion to Putin of Russia. Putin must be smart and wise enough not to take the lethal bait and and fall into the trap of this American trachery .If America succeeds in taking China down it will certainly be emboldened to attack Russia in future.

Of course it is not going to be easy for savage America to attack China without hurting itself deadly for China is also a formidable nuclear power.

Trump and his cabinet of hostile warmongers must not indulge with wild dreams unless they want to destroy America and the World.

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Wednesday,25th January,2017


Anonymous said...

Aiyo, it's just posture only lah.

Remember Trump was a billionaire businessman before becoming President, u know.

And what does a businessman do? Make money, of course.

So is the USA able to make money with China? If yes, why would they want to make war with China, just as why would smart and money making Sinkies want to make war with PAP?

Anonymous said...

....why would smart and money making Sinkies want to make war with PAP?
11:41 am

Smart and money making Sinkies may criticise the PAP or even vote with their feet but they will never join opposition to fight PAP in elections.

Anonymous said...

"Trump's dangerous posture towards China will hasten USA decline"

I don't care.
As long as Trump's dangerous posture towards China also hasten PAP's decline.
Then I will dance and sing in the street.

Anonymous said...

Smart and money making Sinkies may criticise the PAP or even vote with their feet but they will never join opposition to fight PAP in elections.
January 25, 2017 11:44 am

Who ask anybody to join opposition to fight PAP in elections?
- you just vote Opposition can already

Anonymous said...

Hey RB, I thought Trump was your idol??? You said he will shake up the western bigots in Washington and bring golden age to US.

Anonymous said...

America is a joke the last couple of decades.

They had two presidents who were sexual psychopaths. One of them was known to be descended from a family very close to the kingpin of organised crime ie the American mafia. Then they had a lunatic president who claimed to have talk directly to God. He also had a psychopath deputy who shot his friend while out hunting.

In American history, it was also reported that the public did not know that one of the president elected was wheelchair bound and this was never made known or allowed to be made known to the public who elected him.

Now, America is led by a loose canon president. Whatever does he mean by making American great again nobody knows and nobody thinks he can do it anyway. When a billionaire businessman sits in the White House, his whole preoccupation is making more money and what better way than to stir up the global economy, create chaos and uncertainty to make more money. The whole world will be in for a rough ride over the next four years.

Anonymous said...

Loong .... I'm your father.


Anonymous said...

The cunning Trump is trying to get Russia and India onto the US side and then "assault" China on the economic front, making use of US military might to suppress and intimidate China into submitting to his "bargains" on the economic front.

China is not stupid. There are many highly smart leaders in the Chinese top echelons. I foresee there will be some skirmishes between China's military and the US military. This is inevitable. China cannot appear soft and give way.

Also China has to test her new weapons and technology against US military, to see what improvements need to be made or what deficiencies need to be corrected and upgraded.

China will attack on the diplomatic front, to gain more support from Asian and other countries, especially support from her trade partners.

At present, I think China is still no match against the US military in terms of offensive capabilities. China's military is mainly for defensive purposes. Even China's nuclear weapons are meant for Second Strikes, not First Strikes.

In addition, China has to be cautious about Japan. The slimy and cunning Japanese, with their continued aggressive intent and hatred of anything Chinese, will give China a hard time in the event of a conflict between China and the US.

China must find a way to stop or prevent the Japanese from entering into the conflict on the US side. In this respect, North Korea comes in handy.

China must never allow Russia to go on the side of the US. The strategic alliance between Russia and China must not be allowed to be broken by the slimy cunning Trump.

What Trump is trying to do is becoming clearer by the days. He is going to visit President Putin within 2 weeks time. He has invited PM Modi of India to the US for friendly chats.

He is helping Israel all out in order to use the Israeli Intelligence organisation to help him out, because CIA cannot be trusted. CIA is not divided into 3 parts. Only one part if for Trump. The other two parts are against him.

Trump is also strengthening US relationship with the UK. This will give him a strong ally as a coalition against China if need be.

Nevertheless, it is still too early to firmly conclude what Trump will do with China. We have to watch and see during his first 100 days, which most probably will be dealing with domestic problems - immigrants, Mexico Wall, jobs and economy, and his own personal safety and security (because the threat to assassinate is very real - it is only a matter of time; several attempts have already been made}.

Singapore will continue to be of assistance to the Trump Administration, Singapore's leadership has show favoritism to his arch enemies, Obama and Hillary and George Soros.

Goh said...

My 70 year old neighbour ah TUM keep changing young partner just to give impression that he is rich n strong.Can anyhow bang bang.
Many dafts like kopitiam ah pek, one of them Angtow likes to sing praises and think highly of him just because he read some simple sentences written by someone.
This time Ah TUM head bigger .Want to kachow my durian plantation cousins to show he can be Taikor in the neighbourhood.
I told Ah TUM ah..Dun anyhow bang.You are swinging your dying dangling banana against a durian full of poke pokes.
I am a worm in your body and know you are secretly taking China herbal biagra becos your own shialis n biagra no use to you liao.
Stop acting like a strong man.
Ah TUM and Ang Ah Tow now no want talk to me.Who cares.What can ah TUM do ?

Anonymous said...

What can ah TUM do ?
January 25, 2017 8:33 pm

If cannot do anything, then you have basic qualifications to be a PAP Minister.
Try volunteering as a GrassLoot Leeder to build up your JLB work experience.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anonymous said...

Hey RB, I thought Trump was your idol??? You said he will shake up the western bigots in Washington and bring golden age to US.'

You are so very right that I was hoping Trump would win over Hillary. You must know the background of Trump. His grandfather, if I got it right, was the head of a KKK gang. Under the facade is a white supremacist. And he is so full of himself that he has created so many enemies before he even started. He thought he was calling all. the shots and everyone, Americans, Russians, Chinese, Indians whatever are all stupid and up to him to manipulate.

There is only one way to break up and destroy the American Empire. You need an American to do it and Trump is looking like the one. Some even think he may not last a hundred days before he is assassinated. I hope he would last longer to do more damage to the Empire.

Anonymous said...

I have advised China to increase its nuclear stockpile to 7,000 from around 260 to roughly match the U.S.'s stockpile. Only then will the U.S. dare not play fuck with the Middle Kingdom . . .

Anonymous said...

Trump seems strong during the first week, signing and destroying many past policies. Well this is an easy part. How to make America great again is the problem. Punishing China is not a solution, Trump and Americans need to understand why businesses are not staying in America. Ask yourself one question, if you a businessman. Would you manufacture goods from some neighboring countries if you can make tons of profit or be loyal to Trump and manufacture in USA and to lose your company because you cannot make money due high cost?

virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 9.34

No need to have as many Nuclear Arms as your enemies lah.

As long as you have enough to exterminate your enemies that's good enough.

Just like a bullet to kill that fella. Why wasted so many rounds. If America kena one or two First Class A Bombs, so many of them would be anihalted, still got time to send more bombs to China.

China just needs together with the NKorean simultaneously bombed Japan and their bases with Russia attacking the western spheres.

Let's die together.

A soldier can trained for donkey years and super fit.
One bullet can just kill him.

So the Israelis are just as vulnerable as a peasant soldier.

b said...

I like to think Trump, Putin and Xi are brothers. They are the three kings or wise men that will bring peace to the world and wipe out pagans such as japs, germ-mans and isil.

b said...

When merkel opened the doors to islam people, we saw the reason why hitler killed jews.

b said...

Uk (commonwealth) may be the forth king.