Singapore Motor Show 2017 - The beautiful models

It is a hard fight between the latest car models and the feminine models for attention.


Anonymous said...

Rb the first model is the best for me. Are u sure u go for the cars or the models? U told your Wife it's the cars right? Haha but nothing wrong for men who loves to watch pretty girls cause if u are not interested then something wrong with you leh!

Virgo 49 said...

Metallic Models costs few hundred Thousands Grand excluding COEs (pea Kim any pow ) for the PAP MPs and Ministers.

Don't know how how much then other blood and flesh models costs??

Think Genting Models cheaper.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I am absolutely honest about going for the cars for my car catalogue in fineartsamerica.com/. But when other photographers gathered to shoot at the models, just joined in and took a few shots for you guys.

I have your interest at heart.

Anonymous said...

ADB, thanks for the beautiful model s photos. The models are very pretty especially the first one also have nice front assets.

Anonymous said...

They say the car a (successful) man drives reflects his inner (poor/ good) qualities?

The type of models ...... oops .... women a (dom) man lau chui nua tells whether he is a "Botak Ong"?

Men with taste (and character/ quality) admires women from bottom up?

The higher (the body part) a man admires a woman, the lower the taste (and character/ quality)?

Should an electorate vote for a guy who drives a sports car (heavily) modified with loud exhaust, face-palming spoilers/ arts on the body of his car and drives his piece of (siao timg tong) "art" like a siao ting tong on the road without care for the safety of others including in reverse direction?

Anonymous said...

// It is a hard fight between the latest car models and the feminine models for attention. //

Same, same lah.
Both types of models will give you a good ride.

Anonymous said...

Wah! So pretty.
There is one Singapore political party that is famous for their ugly women.
Your models here are definitely not material for party membership.

Anonymous said...

Not just ugly. Fuck ugly or fugly.

Anonymous said...

Nice picture. This prove that Mr Bean is a normal man.
I found a very interesting phenomenon in Singapore lately.
''Ah Gua'' actors looks like becoming popular.
The show of ''Hua Hi jiu ho'', beside Jack Neo's usual Liang popo,
you have auntie lucy, that's seems not enough.
They even get Ling Yi Ming to change sex and a few small flies also.

I wonder what are those producers thinking and very ironically,
Singapore garment banned ''Getai'' to present show of man in girl dress few years ago. Not sure this ban has been lifted.
But allowing Ah Gua on Tv definitely more wide spread than Ge Tai.

Think garment trying to turn more Singaporean man to wear dress....
so easier to control