Assholes – The CPF is the people’s life savings

Stop having more designs on the people’s life savings. The money is saved by the people over a life time for retirement. Do not think that it is your money and you can suka suka anytime decide what it should be used for without the people’s consent. Just take and take.

First you have compulsory CPF Life and then Medishield Life. Now what, compulsory Eldershield Life? Who the fuck do you think you are to decide for the people how to use their life savings? Don’t you think you have taken enough of the people’s money through the sale of HDB flats, the minimum sum schemes and the two compulsory CPF Life and Medishield Life Schemes?  Not enough, now wanting to take more in another compulsory Eldershield Life Insurance Scheme?

The oldies did not have anything left for you to take. They need to eat and pay bills, and the few dollars left are all that they have. They no longer have incomes to feed your million dollar salaries. Spare the old folks. Stop having more designs on their money. If you really have a heart, cough up some money from the state coffer or divert the excess premiums collected from the other compulsory schemes for the oldies.

Remember, if your intention is ill conceived, you will have to answer for it one day. Don’t mess around with the blood, sweat and tear money of the hapless oldies. All these compulsory schemes were not part of the contract of CPF savings to start with.  The people put money in the CPF for their retirement, not for you to do as you pleased. Their life time savings are not for you to take, not for you to spend. It is very easy to take the money from the defenceless oldies. Remember, there is no free lunch, what you take you must pay back in some ways.

Taking the people’s life saving like sing songs, no need to ask the people’s permission, just legislate it. Go and find out what is the meaning of ‘chek ark’. There is no good reason to take the people’s money against their wishes. It is as good as daylight robbery.


Anonymous said...

Dun worry Uncle RB. The Whites Devils will have their Karma when the time is ripe. Many whites MIWs will suffer unexplained illnesses & their defendants will have to pay for these, there Chinese proverb saying :' 父责子还, 人在做 天在看, 善有善报,恶有恶报,不是不报而是时辰未到!。。'

Anonymous said...

Champion of the man on the street: //First you have compulsory CPF Life and then Medishield Life. Now what, compulsory Eldershield Life?//

Uncle rb,

Many times yew kpkb this kpkb that and to some pple, it appears yew do it for its sake?

But this time, mee (has to) acknowledge yew are right to stand up for the man in the street (for this issue)

Anonymous said...

Yew see, at current rate, the premium is easily in excess of $1,000 for most adults and even after deducting the (temporary) subsidy, it is still several hundreds?

By the 6th yr of the MSL, subsidy will be zero (for most pple) under current policies but likely premium would be higher than current sums, so yew are looking at a couple of thousands yearly premium (compulsoriLEE and leegaLEE) confiscated ....... oops deducted from cpf medisave account (meant for retirement and needy days use?)?

Now this is quite frigthening or rather alarming cos imagine yew pay several thousands for yewr motor insurance in premiums but when when someboLEE bang yew from behind, yew discovered to yewr HORROR the insurance policy (which yew paid several thousand dollars) can only pay out $30 or tens of dollars?

Anonymous said...

In medical or motor repair analogy, it is horrifying?

Imagine yewr car kena banged from behind and repair cost is $12,000 hypotheticaLEE?

The medishield life insurance payout ...... oops ...... motor insurance payout is only say $350 out of a $12,000 repair bill?

Anonymous said...

But they say MSL payout for "BIIIIIIIIG" bills?

Organs repair ....... oops ..... engine repair is kacang puteh?

So is it replace half the organs including the brain, liver, lungs, kidneys etc ...... oops should be engine, transmission, cooling system, brakes, suspension, electrical, aircon sys in the car then is major repair?

Anonymous said...

Karma lump par. Any decent religion will tell u revenge thought is like blowing fire on your own face and get the pain eventually.
So what if the white gets karma. They already legally enjoy your money you paid in taxes each time you buy rice and anything.

Now they tell you that you are getting less for your retired days.

When you retire, you need more per day because the white rise the prices, thus you buy foods costing from 4 to 5 dollars onward, not 2.50. But the cpf give you far LESS.

You want to do jobs if you can move, the jobs are for ah neh not you under ceca.

You are fixed to crawl on the street if cannot work and cannot move. Karma is you who voted for the white to give you this kind of life. Karma for the white? They enjoy millions of dollars, lagi more money from their self serving increment.

The karma is: you vote for the white and hope some super nature can revenge for your foolish actions somedays. You ask for the karma yourself. Voters wise up. Vote for others and not the white lah.

Virgo49 said...

Many of us Oldies do not join this scheme as the stringent requirements of claims is impossible.

How can the person must be so incapable of even moving just to claim the benefits. AS GOOD AS BEEN DEAD. As good as striking One Single Digit in the numbers of 36 plus 0 to claim the benefits.

So, now they NEED MORE MONIES FOR THEIR CASINOS PUNTING. Must think of a new Kang Tau so suck the people's monies.

Just say Its for your Own Good!!! Get some PAP Stooges to go round and tell the Dafts that the Government is doing for your own GOOD.

Cheng Hu Kong and Cho sure OK want!!

See how Lee Kuan Yew built up the Country for you.

Now His Son is scarifying to do the same for you.

You all lucky to have HIM!

MMh Miang Kia, His Wife and Son all capable Ones. He is coming back to take over the Reign.

Ho Seh Liao!!!!!!!

Huat Ah, Ong Ah,

Happy CNY.

patriot said...

'Who the fuck You think You are.....'

Chin Leng my Fren;
have You ever heard of the Chinese Saying 官可杀人放火,民不可点灯。Meaning those with power can do as they wish, what more if they are given the Mandate by those they ruled.
The Fucking Daft Sinkies deserve whatever they are getting from the 官/Rulers
they had chosen.
Where is Matilah Singapura?

l said l chickened out of radicalization for fear of getting my parents and family
into trouble, which was and is definitely the Consequence, knowing that 官/Rulers can do as they like.

Me admittedly a coward, but l
do believe that there are many who are no cowards; if push comes to shove 逼虎跳墙, the Consequences shall be
宁可玉碎,不为瓦全。rather be the Sacrificed than to be abused.

Shall l say anymore 'buay tahan' nonsense from the Rulers shall herald the Coming End of Singapore.
No doubt about it.


Anonymous said...

Matilar Singapura or at least the original guy is dead. Some people even spit at his coffin during his funeral. But now there is an imitation guy using the same matilar name to post comments. I am Glad the original matilar is dead as at least his Mother, sisters and daughters finally are not abused through his incest activities.

patriot said...

l like to say to the Regime not to take the Karma that many are wishing for, as just
a divine intervention.

As an atheist, l too believe
in Karma; NOT in the Divine Sense BUT as a result and consequence of bad and evil deeds.

Taking the People for granted
and making them suffer in their livelihood is tantamount to extreme sin
and is deserving of punishment and reprisal.


Anonymous said...

/// There is no good reason to take the people’s money against their wishes. It is as good as daylight robbery. ///

What's wrong with collecting more money ... from eldery Singaporeans?
- It's traditional Asian Values (you die it's your business)
- It's good Confucian work ethic (easy work for scholars)

It answers the question: "Where is the money going to come from?"
- the money comes from collecting more money from the elderly Singaporeans

It's a very popular policy with voters
- 70% wants to pay more money to the Singapore government

Anonymous said...

For people to have peace of mind and dare to go ahead with consumption (and investment) down the road, they need to know how much (approximateLEE) they are liable for and how much can claim from MSL?

Look at China?

People dare not spend and (on average) their MPS is about 0.51 for every dollar of income?

Anonymous said...

Which PAP policy action has a better chance for success?
- Collecting more money from elderly Singaporeans or getting the MRT trains to operate without breaking down?

Is this why only an ex-Malaysian will do the job that no 100% born and bred Singaporean Minister will do ... fixing the MRT.

Anonymous said...

If policies are shortsighted, in the lo(oooooo)ng run, it not only erodes pple's confidnece?

It is bad for the economy cos (future) expectation is uncertain?

Then not only external dd is uncertain, domestic demand also suffers and the cascading effect through the eco-nomic system becomes unpredictable, harder to influenec and manage?

Anonymous said...

@ January 14, 2017 11:17 am

How many of our civil servants, Ministers, scholars and Generals have an MBA (Masters in Business Administration)?
- an MBA focuses on maximizing profit ie collecting more money

How many of our civil servants, Ministers, scholars and Generals have an MPA (Masters in Public Administration)?
- an MPA focuses on serving the citizens

Do you still think we have a lot of qualified civil servants, Ministers, scholars and Generals in the PAP?

Anonymous said...

/// ... Singapore Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen said that Singaporeans should avoid individual rights over “collective good”.

“If all individual interests are taken into account, the shared interests must necessarily shrink. That kind of domestic politics will polarise communities, as we are witnessing today.” ///

Our individual CPF money is an "individual interest" which we should give to the PAP government for the "collective good".
- if we surrender all our individual rights to the PAP government, it will make the PAP government's job so much easier

It is every Singaporean's job to make the PAP Minister's job easier (called the greater good)
It is not the PAP Minister's job to make life easier for Singaporeans (called the Singaporean's subsidy mentality).

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ patriot 1040:

» Where is Matilah Singapura? «

@ guy-who-obviously-delights-in-my-death 1055:

» Patriot
Matilar Singapura or at least the original guy is dead. Some people even spit at his coffin during his funeral. «

Please lah, don't be shy. Shit, piss or cum on my coffin. In fact, have some balls...open the coffin and do your dirtiest on my cold, dead face lah...😂😂

You see, unlike most Orientals, I am not the least bit squeamish or superstitious about death.☠️☠️ One person's death, is another's ENTERTAINMENT.

I mean. c'mon lah...people are killing themselves and LIVE STREAMING their death in real-time on Facebook. How awesome is that?

The latest one was a 12 year old girl hanging herself. WOW! Where are you going to find that? There she is kicking and struggling as the life from her goes out.... Man, you can whip out your cock and shake to that if you are sexually aroused...and NO ONE WILL KNOW! 🤡 🤡 Go on, don't be shy...You know you want to...

Anyway, I digress....back to this fictional belief aka MYTH that CPF is my money!!

For years I have been telling people: NO, IT IS NOT YOUR MONEY. It is "your money" only in name and polite conversation. The reality is completely opposite.

Anyway redbean, keep screaming about "ownership of CPF" lah. Sorry to say that you're just plain fucking WRONG. (It's ok to be wrong)

» Don’t mess around with the blood, sweat and tear money of the hapless oldies. «

Why not? They are hapless, helpless, under-educated and mostly getting poorer because the majority of them were DUMB ENOUGH to listen to politicians.😱 They've had a LIFETIME to develop critical thinking skills---FREE by educating themselves in any of the brilliant public libraries...but they blew it.🤢 The DESERVE their lot lah. Fuck them. They're ripe for being taken advantage of. What can they do? ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NOTHING, ZERO, NADA, ZILCH, BO LIAU, KOSONG 🤠

Oh? you don't agree? You think I'm a heartless asshole? Go ahead. Do your worst, say the meanest shit your lame-brains can muster. The point is:

Nothing you say or do will EVER CHANGE THE FACTS: CPF isn't your dough. 😹😹

The money in "your account" is part of a big pool (probably being spent as we speak) and your name simply an entry into a computer database.

Anyway, believe what you like lah. You'll excuse me for selfishly enjoying the wonderful ENTERTAINMENT you create, and so naturally at that! 🤖🎃

Anonymous said...

Its daylight robbery..more n more our neck is strangle till we cannot breath

Anonymous said...

Siri, what job skills will elderly Singaporeans need to be re-employed in PAP's economy?

"I'm glad you asked: A willingness to work long hours for low pay under high pressure."

Anonymous said...

It is as good as daylight robbery.

Who don't want to commit daylight robbery if they know they can get away with it, tio bo?

It's only human nature, and why should politicians be any exception, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

Even spending your cpf money on the Mei Mei is better than let it confiscated by them. At least u enjoy it on your way to meet your maker Tio bo. This type for no reason kena chokong type wau lar very Cham leh.by the way there was another motherfucker that addresses martilar as master I think also dead Liao. Forgot his name already

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ "Siri fella" 1159

Q: Siri, how do you make more money in Singapore?

Siri: Singapore is a meritocracy. If you want more money, make yourself and what YOU DO WORTH more money.

Q: What if you're too old?

Siri: You better find a way, or as the locals are apt to tell you "You die, your business!"

Q: Siri, What is the reality of Singapore?

Siri: The reality of Singapore is the same for everywhere else---reality is what it is, it is NOT something you "hope/ wish it to be".

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

IF this criminal schemers' scheme goes through, there will be bloodshed. I am quite sure.

IF I am an old man of 70 or 80, and I know I am going to die soon because I do not have any money to treat my illness, what do you think I will do?

IF I know most of my hard-earned, blood, sweat, tear life-long savings have been taken away through all the schemers' schemes, mainly through CPF and GST. I also know who make use of all my money. What do you think I should do?

IF I know I cannot even get near to the criminals in power who have stolen my money and fatten their own banks, what do you think I would do?

IF I do not care about my own life any more, and my heart and mind aches for revenge, what do you think I should do?

Think about all the above questions. Think very long and deep. Will there be bloodshed?

I am sure there will be bloodshed. But I am not sure whose blood will be shed. Am I right or wrong? Think deeply.

Anonymous said...

The old saying goes something like this:


Virgo49 said...

Once they declared in public, 100% they implement within the next session of parliament session.

Daft sinkies will lan lan swallow the new law. Over 90 % parrots their own symbol.

What can WP do?? We don't want to object for the sake of objection. Just collect our 16k allowance.

But they put some sweetener. They made not so stringent to file claims.

New method if assessment.

For old man, if shown a photo of naked woman, little brother can move an inch. Qualified to claim even if whole body paralysed.

For old lady, can sigh seeing photo of Song the Korean handsome actor, also qualified.

Anonymous said...

"Singaporeans should avoid individual rights over “collective good”.

Correct i support to give up individual right: NS. Please take it away. Give the rights to foreigners PR E pass holders for them to contribute to defense, they are talents, NS men are foolish dafts.

For common good, defense minister must give defense duties to foriegners PR and highly skilled E pass, not low skilled singapore citizens. Defense to uphold international laws is Singapore s new world duties. Singapore need to help US to take over defense for South China Sea islands. For collective good, NO NS men will want to go Scs. Can faint and vomit lah, dirty the ships. Foreigners are good, very good, can do these duties.

Anonymous said...

12pm //It's only human nature, and why should politicians be any exception, u tell me lah?//


Let it rot bah!


Anonymous said...

Singapore's Recession in 2017.
- what is Singapore's comparative advantage?
- what can we sell or export?

We produce an excessive amount of Scholars, Generals and Ministers-in-Prime Minister's Office.
Suggest we export them to China with a guarantee.
China can execute them if they don't perform. We will not protest.

Is the above true?
Is it fair or unfair comment?

Anonymous said...

China can execute them if they don't perform.
3:18 pm

Aiyoh, they are not even worth the bullets lah. Why would China want to waste their bullets?

Anonymous said...

If China don't want them, why not try exporting them to India?

Virgo49 said...

Wah piang,

The Hen is angry liao.

Recall now currently on for SAF Reservists.

Taiwanese President stop over at San Francisco.

Lionning set sailed for Taiwan.

PLA on Red Alert one.

Sinkies recalled camps preparing to sail Taiwan Straits.

Recover our Terrex Chias

Anonymous said...

My kid recalled but normal reservist leh

Anonymous said...

Rb on cpf u can not say day light robbery lar cause everything passed by parliament by mp elected by people to represent them everything is legal leh. If people buay song they can vote opposition right but they did not so mean they don't mind lar.

Anonymous said...

SAF is a super fast learning force. After so many years no recall. Now suddenly start one and put notice at mrt station. It will be 1010% turn up in the camp after notice. But NS force soft legs lah, cannot compare with foreigners. It is time to pass the NS tasks to foreigners. after 8 weeks training foreigners alreadi commando. NS men will not be able to catch in 8 years training. Hen should keep the money for foreigners only.
Line up the foreigners commando and send them to help US to take over South China Sea. Trump will look up to loong bagus nice. Singapore uphold international laws against China lagi nice. China will quickly get out of those islands now b4 commando s attacking them. China is dooomed liao. Starlight trained soldiers will chase china away to join europe refugees.

Anonymous said...

Yes. It's time to mobilize our new citizens and PRs.
We must show that SAF is an equal opportunity employer.

Anonymous said...

//Go and find out what is the meaning of ‘chek ark’. //

Heng ah!

Swee Swee ah!

For (the sake of) multimillion yearly (fat cats) salary, bonus and many other perks, "chek ark" is peanuts ah?

Will carry out any "chek ark" policy (without a blink of the eyes ah) behind oldies back ah?

When walk about and annual/ community activities, pretend very caring ah (for the oldies)?

Beneath the sheep skin is a hungry, evxx, devxxx, any "chek ark" also goes, inhuman animal ah?

In Chinatown and many different parts of land of sin(s), not uncommon to see oldies (after kena scrapped till the bones by some "chek ark" (in)humans) go inside some grocery/ mini supermarkets and when they check out, yewr heart pains when yew see what they buy?

1 pkt of cheapest 5 kg rice and 1 bottle of super cheap but salty China fermented bean curd (cost abt 90 cents)

Those who "robbed" the oldies of their little bit of retirement accounts monies very "chek ark" lor?

The msm sxxx times make a big news eveLEE time an oldie kena scammed by conmen and conwomen?

How about oldies monies kena taken by "chek ark" means and on an ongoing basis?

No $$$ pay MSL premium still must go jail?

Yew "robbed" oldies "legaLEE" then not enuf $$$ let Yew robbed oldies will have to be jailed?


SomeBOLEEs have taken "chek ark" to the demon, vampire level?

Oldies siao liao lo?

Kena "conned" liao lo?

(Last time) support old man so much?

Now karma come haunt them liao lo?

Even left little makan $$$ (some) "chek ark" pple hand picked by old man also dun pang zan "forcefuLEE and legaLEE robbed" and (if oldies) no $$$ let them robbed will be charged and thrown into jail eat orh tau yew peng?

Actually the best way for oldies to survive and get by is salted fish?

Just continuously seasones it with more salt?

1 small piece can enough to down 2 big bowls of porridge?

With more ("chek ark") policies xoming their way, oldies have no choice le but to get by short of eating "animal food"?


What a way to end their remaining twilight years?

LaoGoa still say more good years (in BIG BANNERS some more) recently in his 40th anniversary celebration


More good years for who?

When eldershield and many other plans being hatched, no wonder laogoa so happy, gleeful, grin until his mouth (can) touch his ears?

Oldies cham liao?

Laogoa has never bluff pple?

When he said more good years?

He really meant it?

Just that he never spell out more good years for themselves?

Aiyo, the oldies at first thought more good years for them?

But now the them is not the them they at first thought?

Aiyo, siao liao?

Never read "fine print"?

More good years is not for guillible oldies lor?

Anonymous said...

Talking abt laogoa and oldies, makes one think of how they exercise?

Any wonder the most "chek ark" remark about oldies doing exercise came from another member in laogoa led GRC?

This TCJ (from laogoa GRC) said old pple should exercise via rampaging rubbish bins and dumps for 10 cents per kilo discarded drink cans .......

Anonymous said...

How abt laogoa and TCJ oldies?

How they exercise?

Loagoa play golf in most atas golf course?

Anonymous said...

After his game of golf, laogoa and kakis retreat to club house atas restauarant .......

If yew see his menu and the food they ordered, aiyo .......

Big contrast to the plain porridge and fermented cheapo szechuan bottled chilli bean curd or repeatedly salted dried fish ........

Anonymous said...

Laogoa play golf at most atas golf course to exercise but his GRC member (TCJ) asked the oldies go rampage rubbish bins as exercise?

What a contrast?

Would this also be classified as sthg very "chek ark"?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Sorry to kick your teeth in folks, but it isn't "daylight robbery" if the same folks continue to get voted in....and if you accept that CPF is not your money (why? because is isn't never was, and never will be as long as you hold citizenship or continue to live), and is taken from you as A TAX.

How come no one mentioned "Ponzi Scheme"? 😂

Breaking The CPF "spell", a how to guide guranteeed to work

How? Simple. 2 ways to make CPF belong entirely to you

1. DIE ⚰️⚰️


Anonymous said...

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