The crumbling credibility of western media

Many English educated Singaporeans and Asians used to swear that western media are authoritative, objective, credible and unbiased in their news reporting. Names like the New York Times, Washington Post, BBC, CNN, etc etc were held in high regards and must read to get to the truth. They say, no lies no print. The rise of Donald Trump, the revelations by Wikileaks and Snowden, must have broken this myth that western media are worth reading and trusting.

The credibility of western media is crumbling to bits except in the heads of the stupid Asians that refused to believe that they have been fed a lift time of lies and western propaganda. Now the most powerful man in the world, Trump, is rubbishing all the western media and all his intelligence agencies as liars, telling untruth, biased reports and fake news. Still refuse to accept this hard truth?

Trump only believes in his twitting as they came out direct from his mouth, no editing or misquoting. This is about the only truth he could get. Look at his barrage at the media for reporting that only a small crowd turned out at his inauguration.  Trump claimed that there were millions out there but the media was mis reporting. Who is telling the truth?

In the Today paper on 23 Jan 17, the front page photograph of the turnout at the White House was big. But the inside pages printed two photographs trying to prove that Trump was lying and the media was telling the truth. Yes, the picture of the turnout for Trump was not even a tenth that of Obama’s. And the media said the photos did not lie. Photographic evidence! This reminds me of the reported numbers of the Hong Lim crowd during the Population White Paper protest. Who got the numbers right, who was reporting the truth?

Coming back to the two photographs, first impression said the media was right, Trump was wrong. How many agree to this conclusion? I agree that the photographs were telling the truth, but a selective truth. Ask, when was the photographs taken? Could it be that the Trump photograph was taken early in the day before the full crowd was there, thus the picture looked less than half empty? When were the photographs taken is crucial to tell the truth. The media is using photographs taken at different time to disparage Trump. A cheap trick, like they used age old photographs to show famine and poverty in North Korea.

I took many photographs at the Hong Lim Population White Paper protest. And I could show you an empty field, half empty field and a fully occupied field, depending on what time I took the pictures.

Get the message? What is the truth, who is telling the truth? How reliable is the media and their reporting? You decide for yourself. Still stubbornly or stupidly want to believe that western media are telling the truth, authoritative and credible?

Trump is attacking them for spreading misinformation and lies. New York Times reported this, ‘I have a running war with the media, Mr. Trump said. They are among the most dishonest human beings on earth…’ It is your choice to believe in them.

Would the WOGs adoration for anything western continue unabated, untarnished and continue to go down on their knees to worship the western media as their God that could do no wrong and unblemished by the recent revelations?


Anonymous said...

Truth or not, credibility or not, the fact is just like the PAP, Trump won, but the Sinkie opposition lost, and lost badly some more.

So who u want to be, Trump, PAP Ah Loong, WP Ah Hia or everytime lose SDP Aung Juan Soon Chee?

Anonymous said...

Nowadays most medias r biased in nature, it's very difficult to find an unbiased & neutral media that report in an honest way. Why is it so? ..Cos most human beings r selfish in nature & biased--when u dun like it, u tend to be biased to that & have negative reporting on that. Most humans will have different views or opinions on the same subject..just like many people looking at an elephant in a zoo. How u look at things or views r different from each person. In Sinkies the medias r manipulated by the gahmen which tends to be biased at times or even all the times..

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The media is the 5th estate, to offer an alternative view of things, of truth and lies. When the media is hijacked by the powerful to deceive and oppress the ignorant masses, it will lead to tyranny.

Virgo49 said...

No point lah!!!

Every Election GE or Bye Election, you see Sinkies filling out the whole stadiums overflowing into the streets listening and cheering the Opposition candidates speeches.

They are just there to hear what the Opposition candidates blaring all their woes, the injustices as administrated by the Pay And Pay.

But when they come to the ballot boxes, they put the marks on their Pay masters I.e. The Pay And Pay Party promising them payouts as from you suckers pockets to vote for them.

Ong ye keng already said One Party Rule, the Way for Sinkieland.

They knew Sinkies are chickens, yellow yellow as what the Westerners called cowards.

In good or bad times, especially BAD time, they give 100 percent votes to the masters who they believe can only saved them.

Case of already been addicted to their ways of administration been chained by heavy mortages and loans that they cannot break free from their slavery.

Anonymous said...

When the media is hijacked by the powerful to deceive and oppress the ignorant masses, it will lead to tyranny.
RB 9:52 am

But how to hijack the internet media? PAP also cannot do that, tio bo?

So PAP won not because they hijack media but for other reasons, mainly because in the eyes of majority voters, the opposition is worse than the PAP.

And Trump won despite the US media not being friendly to him. Why? Maybe US voters think Hillary, just like the Sinkie opposition, is even worse than Trump?

Anonymous said...

Every Election GE or Bye Election, you see Sinkies filling out the whole stadiums overflowing into the streets listening and cheering the Opposition candidates speeches.
Virgo49 10:15 am

Because Sinkies want to make it lau jiak mah (fun and got atmosphere). If not, too serious where got fun, tio bo?

But when comes to the vote, wah lau eh, very serious matter man, cannot play play one, tio bo?

There is a time for fun and a time to be serious, u know.

Anonymous said...

Reality vs False News and False Hopes - Part 4A

Though it is correct to say that long-term bi-lateral relationship between countries is not decided by a single incident, what Singapore's leadership has done in damaging the good relationship, enjoyed in the past between China and Singapore, was a series of concerted and consistent public slaming, provocations and belittling of China and her national interests, labelled as "punching above her own weight".

When China responded to the "punching" with pain, Singapore screams out loudly that China is a big country bullying a small city-state. One can't have the cake and eat it, can you? One can't be on the win-win all the time, can you? In any geo-political game you play, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. This is the reality of the real world we are living in, not the fantasies and childish imaginations of school-boy-book-worm, paper-generals-turned-psuedo-politicians. School boys may have intelligence but the ability to make good decisions come from wisdom.

Intelligence does not equate wisdom. Wisdom comes from the spheres of experience, common sense, intuition and acute perception weathered through series of valuable experiences accumulated over a long period of time, with an open active living mind of deep-and-far-reaching vision.

To continue ...

Anonymous said...

Small boys trying to punch China with Obama said I will back you up if China retaliates. China retaliated and Obama disappeared from the White House.

Small boys founded standing in the ring alone.

Anonymous said...

Fake and False News - Who are the Culprits?

Who are the culprits for fake and false news? The governments and the mainstream medias blame it on the social media. The social media blame it on the mainstream media in collusion with the governments. However, the truth is: Both parties are the culprits for fake and false news.

Should all these media outlets now be put on a list and be censored for reporting false news? The answer is a big "NO!"

Censoring any information stifles the ability for people to form independent thoughts and all views — no matter how vitriolic and hateful — have an equal right to be heard. If only a certain "agreeable" and "politically-correct" or "comfortable" views are allowed to be exposed to the public, then the human race will not progress. There will be no innovators, no inventors, no discoveries, no new ideas. In a short time, human beings will go the way of the dodo bird for sure.

George Bernard Shaw stated , "Censorship ends in logical completeness when nobody is allowed to read any books except the books that nobody reads."

Any country with its salt will somehow make inroads into controlling and dictating the mainstream media in one way or another. It needs the media as an effective platform to launch its psychological operations to influence and change the thinking of its people, especially voters of a democratic or semi-democratic system. it needs the media to project and propel its psychological warfare into the potential enemies' populace during peace-time.

Therefore, the mainstream media, whether owned privately, semi-privately or by the government, will never report truthfully the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. So, help me not, God. If God is not in there to help, then Satan creeps in ultimately to take over total control of the media. The qualities of Satan is lying, cheating, deceiving, stealing and killing (inclusive of character assassination).

Therefore, it is normal to never trust whatever you read from the media, any media - mainstream of social media, or alternative media and what-not. The trouble is most people do not have time to read properly, let alone to read in depth and analyse with critical thinking. So, they simply glance at the headlines. This is where the cheating comes in. Cunning reporters (no more true journalists in this world) will frame the headline to be catchy and twisted to their intended objective to influence the masses, due to the widespread outreach their media have enjoyed.

Conclusion: Fake and False News there will always be. But readers and viewers must not allowed themselves to be trapped and lured into believing what is not for what it is, or vice versa.

patriot said...

When Sinkies old and young believe that Sin was a fishing village before independence; who do You blame, the Man who misinformed them or the Daft that believed the Man who INTENTIONALLY made the Claim???

Before yhe 70s, History and Geography(Lessons) clearly
stated the FACTS that Sin was(is) World Busiest Entrepot Seaport since Stamford Raffles developed it in early 1800s.

Sin was also the Largest Oil Refinery in the World for nearly a Century(100yrs) before independence.

Do we blame the Media, the
Lier or the Daft???


b said...

Most giant media are long under control of globalists and they can only report things that are good for globalists and bad for people. E.g. In EU, mass import of islam people is bad but they still insist is good. How can something so anti humanity, anti women people be good leh? Its all because globalists want to sell products and weapons in islam countries. They already lost their compass long ago. Their eyes only $$$.

b said...

We do not need germans and japans cars to flood the world, we need equal competitions and for other carmakers to catch up otherwise, they will revive their imperialistic empires after killing other competitors.

virgo49 said...

Sembawang Park Illegal Assembly by Ah Neys.

Wah Lau, this will be the beginning of many disturbances in the near future.

Sinkies tolerance of these trashes gonna to haunt them in the near future.

Good riddance