Terrex - Who bullies who?

I have been flattered by some readers for the fictional pieces that I wrote. I am glad that they enjoyed them, like fine wines with full bodies and a lasting after taste. Maybe I should write something more serious to give a clearer picture on the Terrex Incident.

Many commentators have responded angrily that China reacted and seized the Terrex APVs. Many simply pointed the fingers at China as a bully, a super power bullying the peesai of the world. Just think carefully at the two words, 'reacted' and 'peesai'. Peesai is quite easy to understand, an insignificantly little piece of shit in the nose, too small to mean anything.

'Reacted' tells a story by itself, just like the word, 'returned' to honest politics. 'Reacted' means it is a reaction to something, to some action or many actions, and these caused a reaction. A bully does not react. A bully acts at his whims and fancy. A bully always makes the first move, to bully someone he thinks he can bully and get a way with it. This could be a definition of bully in the context of the Terrex Incident.

Before China reacted, what happened? What did Singapore do for China to react? And would China have reacted, seized the APVs if Singapore had done nothing against China? Think slowly and carefully. Don't over react impulsively. The ferrying of the APVs and training in Taiwan have been going on for many decades and China closed one eye, pretending not to see. Now, does the word 'react' becomes clearer, that everything could have gone on as per normal if there was nothing for China to react?

China was our good friend, so said Vivian, but no one else. No one else dares to say or is saying China was our good friend. What did China do to harm this relationship? Zilch, absolutely zero. Ok there was this Suzhou Industrial Park thing that Singapore and Singaporeans are unhappy about. But there are many levels of relationship going on, both sides benefitting from them and wanting more. There were many delegations visiting both sides and trade numbers were going up year by year.

Ask this simple question, what had Singapore been doing all these years towards this good relationship that China was prepared to look the other way over the One China Policy and Starlight? Think carefully and slowly to recall the things that Singapore had done that were not very friendly to a good friend and our top trading partner. Think of the derogatory jokes in Washington. Think of the very serious comments about asking the Americans to bring their military forces here to balance China. Think about the persistent calls for China to follow the rule of law in the SCS. Think of the accusation that China was applying the divide and rule to divide Asean. Think of the insistence for China to accept the kangaroo court rulings in The Hague. Think of the principled calls on freedom of navigation in the SCS as if only Singapore is concerned about it and no one else.  And if Singapore did not tell China so, they would be no freedom of navigation. Think of the frequency of negative articles about China in the media, almost daily bashing. Think of the walkout by our FM at the Asean Summit in Laos. Think of the pushing for the SCS issue to be included in the Non Aligned Movement statement in Venezuela and the theatrics of the Singapore Ambassador in Beijing. Think of what Singapore had been doing to poke at China, like a peesai poking at the eyes of a dragon and thinking it could get away with it. These were only a few of the things better not said. There were others like TPP, no Middle Kingdom, Americans operating from Changi to harass China in SCS etc etc.

When all these things were happening, the arrogance of it all was that the little peesai thought it was punching above its weight and nothing would happen. The big 'bully' could not do anything while being bullied and poked by a little peesai over and over again. And the height of arrogance was that the little peesai thought that things would be normal, Starlight could continue going on and on, the big 'bully' would continue to be bullied and would continue to look the other way, afraid to show that it was angry, fearful of the little peesai punching above its weight and using the big 'bully' as the punching bag.

Now the big 'bully' said enough is enough, and reacted. The big 'bully' reacted! And the little peesai screamed, bully, bully, bully!

Who is the real bully? Who is bullying who? Who has been bullying who? No, never poke leh! I am an angel. Honest, trust me, I swear I never poke at China.


Anonymous said...

Uncle RB, do u think that this peesai & Ah Long san have learnt a lesson? ..my take is that they have not! and Yes , more to come from this little peesai & Ah Long san..how? Because peesai & Ah Long san r going all out to ' take the horn by the bull' , they will always like to punch above its weight to prove their mattle. Look at the white Hen talking, damn cocky to say HK never follow international law & Sinkieland has the so called Sovereign Immunity & Sinkieland can even sue to HK gahmem for capturing Sinkieland assets illegally..wow ..think Ah Long gonna get his legal counsel & get Hague to sue HK & China gahmen for withholding Sinkieland national assets..Peesai & Ah Long legal counsels gonna bring HK gahnen to international ( Hague) court & had his ' pound of flesh ' return ..waaa ..look like HK gahmen very scared of the Cocky's story because Sinkieland think that next yr is year of Roaster so send this white Hen to tame the Chemna Dragon wil br like "sub sub soil"..Ah Long san will be like Ip Man fighting & downing 8-20 opponents in a blow..

Anonymous said...

We must always remember..............

Be humble! Be humble!

Then we can go far................

Virgo 49 said...

Today's Shit Times got one commentator from Matland Nanyang Siang Pau cajoling Sinkieland not to give up Starlight Exercises in Taiwan.

Said must not obey China and small nations will be bullied if Sinkieland obeyed. SHIT Times tried to justify that others also thought China bullied Sinking Land.

Little does he knows that his Chief is so friendly with China. He just wants to make sure sinking land really sinks by Sabo Sabo and provoked Daft SINKIES to go along with their daft leaders.

This Peesai little dot wants to be renowned in the whole of Universe just because they thinks that they had arrived.

They are magnanimous to the world's refugees over their citizens and think they are as mighty as the Americunts and China.

Little do they know that if Lioning were to blockade sinking land, all its habitants got to eat shits.

So wake up you bunch of incompetent fools.

Anonymous said...

China got bullied meh? Big body of mass showing weakness, sure people will bully it like throwing stone on big elephant. As long as the elephant is mild and timid. There was joke that China got free smoke when opening the windows. That joke startled congress men and senators who attended the dinner. The audience did not laugh when look at the asian speaker. That was the attitude of how some man looked at China: look down.

I would say China asked for being bullied. The Taiwan chief could telephone US president in waiting Trump to tell China there is no one China principle if US does not want it. China again asked for it being treated with no respect on its sovereignty at all. China s diplomat Wang Yi has overrated his efforts. Event requires military settlement, Wang Yi went all the way to pay off for a diplomatic win. It sounded so silly to me as layman.
Example like: Philippines started the Hague tribunal. China should have sent troops as priority to develop that very Scarborough Shoal to show US 7th fleet that is belonged to China. Instead it stopped developing it and say diplomat talks to settle disputes. US put 3 fleet at Scs, and PLA had 3 war zone concentrated live firing to show force, Wang Yi came out with Kelly to meet Xi and Xi was happy saying US and China could have their own friends. 3 fleets assembled at the door step of China, Wang Yi and Xi dared not to talk tough. Those claims they have what missiles what jets are for show lah. Now Taiwan are not scared, the woman president simply called Trump personally.

Peesia s armoy cars got arrested was not for breaking the 1 china principle. They were caught for landed on HK without license. Question the shipper lah. Why not keeping the armoy cars on board, then HK cannot start such arrest. So the inside story will show who was at fault. I do not blame HK at all because those are weapons, and with no clear documents showing from whom and for what. Arrest was the only proper think HK could have done. If HK let go now without a court case, will HK citizens feel being bullied by Peesia? Sure will.

Peesia will get more from China. Remember this, i as a neutral saw Xi has been bullied like nobody and he kept giving cash away without taking concrete steps to CLOSE Taiwan s problem. He might be pointed finger as selling China s interest to US. Xi will be forced by PLA to take Taiwan. If not he might have to go. Only force take over can end Taiwan s independence problem. If there is sudden war, peesia wearing Taiwan uniforms on Taiwan land might be shot or bombed. Peesia should not ask for it as the place is getting dangerous. This armoy cars might have done the warning. Unless people do not look down when facing China, they will never know China jets can bomb easily at Taiwan zenchong military base now with the small carrier.

Peesia has voted a wrong team to get its own reputation damaged. China looks at Peesia now is like a cat caught a little mouse. That mouse sure can grow into a big big mouse bigger than the cat some days. Provided it moves to US, move house lah. If not the cat is always waiting for the little mouse. Tiobo?

Anonymous said...

The Terrex Issue - More Than Meets The Eye

The Terrex AV-82 was a Singapore Technologies Kinetics 8×8 Armoured Fighting Vehicles, that had originally been a joint development with Irish Firm, Timoney Technology Limited as an export vehicle.

Singapore Technologies Kinetics and Turkish firm Otokar signed an agreement to develop a 2nd prototype in 2003 in Singapore, but was built in Turkey under the designation Yavuz.

The prototype completed a 16000km mobility trials in 2003. Modifications were made to a second prototype, which did 10000km mobility trials in Singapore and 3800km in Turkey, as well as amphibious testing and even got blown up in trials against mines. This attracted the attention of the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), who provided funding for the further development of what is now known as the AV-82 Terrex in the SAF.

As the tests were successful and human hearts becomes greed, human brains became cunning. People started to further the development of the armoured vehicle for export. Greedy nature then took its course: The Terrex evolved into Versions I, II and III for export purposes.

Which country are these armoured vehicles (offensive weapons) being exported to?

1. US Marines Corp.
2. Australian Armed Forces.
3. UK Armed Forces.
4. Taiwanese Armed Forces.
5. In negotiations with Japan and South Korea.

Why export offensive weapons to the countries which are actively encircling China?

What would China feel and do? Do nothing? Continue to allow a peesai to punch above its weight and continue to get bruises again and again?

Virgo 49 said...

Forget to add have Shrangilla or Shang Gila annual so called Defence Meetings just to have the Americunts blowed the water face of the Chinese.

KNCCB, they forget they are also Chinese.

Let Chai Ang Mos blowed Chinese faces.

No lean chor, Chiap Cheng

Anonymous said...

Was on tv8 last night news.........

As reported by one agency...........

Tourists spending 3d2n in this tiny city had dropped by 90%.........


Anonymous said...

Think deeper.

Why did the American President Line deliberately attempted to land the nine SAF's armoured vehicles at Xiamen initially and then landed them again (successfully) at Hongkong Port?

To test China's security alertness?

To prepare for future landings of these offensive weapons on Chinese soil, in the event of a war between Taiwan and China?

Anonymous said...

Dear PAP Millionaires.
You think Singaporeans kow tow to you for the last 50 years.
You think China will also kow tow to you for the next 50 years is it?

You think China is Singapore is it?
You think PRC is just like Singaporeans is it?

The emperor's new clothes.
China has just shouted "Bullshit" to your new clothes.

Anonymous said...

Peesai cannot do anything . All they can do is to irritate China through the MSM

like giving negative headlines, select articles that obviously bias and

through their IBs supported by the professional PR firms

Anonymous said...

I saw one post saying armoy car tested to run thousands km. For what? Good to use them again civilians riots lah.

Tell u the most well built tanks Leopard from Germany was shot dead by IsIs recently. Not 1 tank but 10 tanks when Turkey invaded North Syria in recent battles.

I saw the damage on TV shown by a China armoy car deployed for UN mission in Africa.
1 China troop was shot dead and several wounded when hiding in the China armoy car.

TV showed a big lobang at the back of the armoy car. Also the side kena.

I tell u friends, even non military trained IsIs or terrorists can shoot through armoy car. The backside, and the side panels are penetrable lah.

Leopard also kena. What terex.

Anonymous said...

There is a popular saying that goes like this:

If you have fallen into a shit pot, keep very quiet. If you make noise, others will know that you stink.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Chinese leadership are not impulsive and reckless people. They know what they are up to and whether they could take on the Americans. They are frantically developing and building their armed forces and weapons to take on the Americans one day, head on. That day is nearer with each increasing day and with more weapons being made, more submarines, missiles, aircrafts etc etc.

China is still not at par with the Americans and some restraints could be seen. But when come to shove and push, the Chinese would stand their ground.
The time is about right. The next push by the Americans in the SCS would see the Chinese throwing them back.

The road to war is already charted in the SCS. Now it is the Americans to make the first move, war is on the card.

The 3 aircraft carrier groups, if you know where they were, you would know that the Americans took the Chinese anti missiles seriously. They were out of range or at the peripherals of the anti ship missiles and would sail further away should war breaks out.

The aircraft carriers are pretty and prized targets for China to practise their anti ship missiles and they better prayed the Chinese missiles could not hit them. One hit means 7,000 men and 300 aircraft sinking to the bottom of the sea.

The truth is in the pudding. No one knows who would be the winner in this game of mutual destruction. And the silly Americans better wait up their idea that the war would be limited and confined to the SCS. It would escalate rapidly to nuclear tipped ICBMs being launched against each country.

Anonymous said...

Who is the real bully? Who is bullying who?

But then hor, maybe, I say maybe, it was America that asked Ah Loong to bully China?

America could have told Ah Loong: If u don't do what I want you to do, no more protection for Singapore!

So if u were Ah Loong, what will u do? Does Ah Loong trust China to protect Singapore? Ah Loong did not even trust China with the offer of training facilities on Hainan island, what more other things, tio bo?

And seriously, Ah Loong and Sinkies really need American protection. If not ah, we can become another Aleppo, if no one protect us because cannot just rely on Sinkie NSmen alone for sure, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

If you have fallen into a shit pot, keep very quiet. If you make noise, others will know that you stink.
January 16, 2017 10:43 am

We are in a shit pot because we voted PAP as gahmen.
We kpkb here all the time.
We must make more noise.
So that other people will know.
Otherwise, how people will know you need help?
No need to be shy.

We stink, so what?
It's the truth.
No need to be shy.

Anonymous said...

But then hor, maybe, I say maybe, it was America that asked Ah Loong to bully China?
10:51 am

Possible. And this type of thing even if true, Ah Loong also cannot publicly tell and let Sinkies know, tio bo?

And because Sinkies do not know, they are wondering why Ah Loong want to start it all by bullying China in the first place.

Virgo49 said...

Just Yesterday, on CNN video of the Americans Built up Troops and Weapons in Poland to boost the NATO Defense against the Russians.

Obama San last dying days in the White House still wants to show his mettle. Actually, He is indirectly getting all the WHITES to die for bullying the Blacks.

Stupid Whites just like the Daft Sinkies. China is happily building up their Second Aircraft Carrier Named LOONG in honour of the peeisai clown who dares Tau Foo Tau. Beat the Lion's Head. In this case, the Sleeping Dragon's Head.

If the Americunts wanted to start a War, Fine, lets go on to it.

China will collaborate with the Russians, the North Koreans and that's good enough.

Russia will go all out at the European Sector. North Koreans will advanced to South Korea.

The Aircraft carriers will proceed to the Mainland of Americas and bombarded from there.
The Americans strength will be diluted with NATO and SCs.

Bring the Action to the Americans at their own soil. You think their Home Security Teams can tahan PRC's bombardments???

American carriers can come. But they be sitting ducks as you are in enemy's territories and the PRC can operate from their mainland with the fighters and missiles.

Same time, PRC will attack the Japanese Bases and extract their owe blood and flesh debts of the Japs slaughtering the Chinese in WWII.

Durete will join the PRC. Cambodia, Laos will also join the PRC.

Only Sinkieland who sucks the Americunts balls will send their sons to HELL fighting the PRC. The foreign talents commandos with eight weeks training will protect the Elites and their cronies.

Anyway, Sinking loand will be No more as will be blasted into bits by just one PRC or North Korean Special A bomb with compliments.

Let's have another round of merry making and roulette before you go to meet your Maker.

Hallejuallya will be saved to HELL. Non believers will be entertained in HELL by all the Korean K Pop scantily clad dancers.

Huat Ah, Ong Ah, Shoot Ah,

Happy CNY

Anonymous said...

10:51am "Sinkies really need American protection"

U r American? Lumpar. What protection? I can tell u when any neighbor or indians rioter take over sinkiesland, American will not heel at all. U think American marine s lives are for you sinkies?

Stop telling lies unless there is treaty to sign.

US Taiwan has treaty for US to protect Taiwan. But openly, US alreadi said, If China invade Taiwan, US marines will not die for Taiwanese lah. U want to bet sinkieland?

The biggest foolish of them all is u who bluff people openly without any treaty signed for sinkieland. Hey go join Pap first, then talk the bluff sound better lah.

Anonymous said...

The biggest foolish of them all is u who bluff people openly without any treaty signed for sinkieland. Hey go join Pap first, then talk the bluff sound better lah.
January 16, 2017 11:17 am

Do you think PAP's bullshit can be exported and sold as cheap fertilizer for agriculture?

Anonymous said...

These Singapore Old Guards must be turning in their graves, urns, vases, beds:

1. Lee Kuan Yew (1st Prime Minister),
2. Toh Chin Chye (1st Deputy Prime Minister),
3. Ong Eng Guan (1st Minister for National Development),
4. Dr Goh Keng Swee (1st Minister for Finance),
5. Ong Pang Boon (1st Minister for Home Affairs),
6. K. M. Byrne (1st Minister for Labour and Law),
7. Ahmad Ibrahim (1st Minister for Health),
8. Yong Nyuk Lin (1st Minister for Education) and
9. Sinnathamby Rajaratnam (1st Minister for Culture).

And Mr William Goode, the last Governor of Singapore and the 1st Yang di-Pertuan Negara.

Anonymous said...

U think American marine s lives are for you sinkies?
11:17 am

Not American marine lives lah, but American high tech weapons which will serve as a strong deterrent to others not to have war in the first place. This is not in ancient times u know where soldiers and numbers count, or else Sinkieland no hope one.

And why must need treaty? Can sell weapons to serve as deterrent good enough already. Sinkieland strategy is not to fight in the first place.

U are the one who is naive and foolish and still living in ancient times. And vulgar some more.

Anonymous said...

5. Ong Pang Boon (1st Minister for Home Affairs),
The Dragon Fly 11:32 am

Hey, Ong Pang Boon not die yet lah, don't anyhow curse lah.

Anonymous said...

These Singapore Old Guards must be turning in their graves, urns, vases, beds:
January 16, 2017 11:32 am

They laid the groundwork that made this current mess possible.
They must be so proud.

Anonymous said...

"naive and foolish and still living in ancient times"
U must be foreigner never used weapons before.

Naive or not? Other readers can catch u easily. U r like write comic story below:

"American high tech weapons which will serve as a strong deterrent to others not to have war in the first place"
worst than a cork. i called bolumpar. Go join NS or stop telling lies here.

Anonymous said...

US China Sin city relationship are in the most shaky time. U have people still lying about US protection.

I wish those PR or new citizens writing for Pap all be sent to do NS first. When the 3 relationships are shaky, will the neighbors give them the top priorities in protection?

Sin city indeed cannot have no NS trained men in politics or as mp. The place will lose its foundations of support from NS men, situation will be bad if there is an attack. Some will still shout US Trump will protect Sin city and give it tea pee pee.

Anonymous said...

Trump is taking over this week.
Trump came out the second time to say 1 china principle is a part of trade negotiation.
This is what terex is attracting: using china s sovereign land taiwan without china agreed.
Or terex used taiwan s land do not need china to agree?

This one sin city is caught at the timing when Trump is playing with 1 china policy similar to what sin city is playing the same way. China is in trouble. Expect the relationship with china to be excellent, is naive thinking. Expect US to protect sin city is another naive thinking. Get it? Sin city stir up china, wants US to help?

But neighbors might take the chance when sin city is at its weakest. That why the population policy taking in 3 millions foreigners has broken the unity of sincity. It becomes a risky place in the long run when population continue to fill with foreigners.

Voters must vote for other parties for survival. The white can kill this place with its population policy, china policy and the world development.

Anonymous said...

Expect US to protect sin city is another naive thinking.
12:56 pm

USA protect sin city is by selling powerful high tech weapons to sin city, and not because they love Sinkies. So by arming Sinkies, they also benefit USA. It is win win for all. Only the naive cannot see it this way.

US air power very strong and advanced u know, and China no fight in this area. In fact in one incident back in 2001, a Chinese fighter jet crashed and the pilot went missing when it scrambled to intercept an American aircraft near Hainan island. No wonder Ah Loong no confidence for SAF training in Hainan, or to buy fighter jets from China.

This is not like in ancient times where u need swords, arrows, spears and large number of soldiers to fight and win. In modern times, if nuclear weapons are not used, air power will determine victory.

Anonymous said...

"China was our good friend, so said Vivian Balakrishnan . . .", but meanwhile relations between Singapore and China hit rock bottom, while the pivot towards India gets stronger !

Anonymous said...

1:34pm used 2001 as example that US is superior in air force.

US Congressional research report projected by 2030, China airforce will surpass US. So one talked about past 15 years ago. One talk about next 15 years later.

I hope sin city citizens have a better perception of who are PLA if they really think sin city army can beat them. In NS force, one has to be very realistic, not listening to foreigners trying to tell lie that US will protect Sin city. US may not be able to hold its allies if you read the Congress reports published year ago. New one is still akandatang. Old reports 15 months away: missiles/submarines are left out.

"While there have been reports that the Chinese will overtake the US in air superiority by 2030, Air Force General Lori J. Robinson that the training and support for US pilots gives them an “unbelievably huge” advantage over the Chinese pilots.

Additionally, the Chinese are developing fifth generation aircraft, the J-20 and J-31, which are said to rival the US’ coming F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.
China has tremendous space assets, including 70 military satellites used for communications, navigation, positioning and timing, meteorology, and electronic and signals intelligence.

Potentially, China could access foreign networks and even deny foreign nations access to their own networks.

The US has only a fraction of its forces dedicated to a large region in the Pacific that includes China.

The US would have to ABANDON interests worldwide in order to focus on China, whereas China’s entire military would focus on defending its borders and few interests in the Pacific."

Anonymous said...

It is good that peesai is tasting the same flavour that the WP is tasting as an opposition under the PAP. Ask the PAP how does it feel?

If you call what they treated the opposition as not bullying in Parliament, in the administration of justice, in trying to get equal treatment for its opposition wards in terms of upgrading and other facilities, how much more different is that from the Terrex case?

I always believe that Karma works in obvious ways. It is either now or later. It will come and in different ways or shall I call it mysterious ways.

Anonymous said...

Trump's no One China Policy will be trouble for China?

You think China would sit there and suck thumb and do nothing?

Or would it end up with more trouble for the Americunts?

Virgo49 said...

Many of the Bros still thinks of American Air Superiority that can frighten the Chinese

Air superiority is just one factor in warfare

It still needs the Ground forces to win battles
Unless it is a Necular war
No soldiers required

Now Americunts as you can see in so many recent skirmishes in ME dare not use their ground forces

They had lost battle fighting tactics in ground fighting as they depended too much on air power

The PLA armies are practically trained to fight ground battles. Likewise the Nkoreana

You cannot depend too much on air power
Just like you see in Football matches
Brazil world Football supremo in World Cup trashed 7 to 0 by Germany

So do not think Air Superiority will win you battles

Virgo49 said...

Bro Anon 10.42

Whether it is Terrexx or Leopard tanks

Machines are brain dead operated by human with brains

Brave infantry man with hang grenade or arty man with bozooka can immobilise or even destroy them

Fire bozooka will burn them alive

Main tactic the troops must be well trained in ground fighting

Plus bravery

Willing to die for country and NOT conquering another country

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Dragon Fly 10.26

These Terrexes are meant for Sin discharge and just transiting thru Xiamen and HK prior Singapore.

No way, APL will offload in Xiamen unless order to do so. Xiamen is PRC mainland port.
If the PRC insists that they are discharged there, then PRC laws applicable which can be more taxing than HK laws.

PRC does not want to cut off dipolamtic realtions with Sinkie land as they do not want us to accuse them of been big bullies.

So pang chance let vessel go to HK and seize there.

As HK is almost similar in shipping practices as SINKIE land in most aspects, we can negotiate a way out.

But our Great leaders insisted of our Rights and International LAW and Immunity to challenge the PRC.

Now become messy

Anonymous said...

China did not bully singapore. The terrex were due to be returned not long after the incident happened. But ngeng hen our defence min demand that honhkon explain "official reason" for the detention, without official reason, singapore would not take back the terrex? How childish can you get? Alamak, this is politics lah, not international law , your consignment of goods is weapons not rubber ducky toys, ! We ask for trouble. Worst still our prime minister is in hiding. China did not bully us! We asked fir it and did stupid things.

Anonymous said...

Short of a nuclear war, ground troops are still as important as air superiority. It is no use taking over a huge country like China without the ground forces to control the country. Russian and China are unlike Iraq. You cannot win that easily with even a nuclear first strike.

Hitler and Napoleon failed to conquer Russia. Logistically they fail without the supplies for the troops and the adverse weather conditions which they foresee but miscalculated. And the invaded country only has to prolong the war to wear down the invaders.

In a nuclear war, no one wins, whether you strike first or not. Nuclear missiles can come from ground silos and submarines and there is no way you can take them all out with a first strike. That is why the evil empire is so afraid of NK going muclear and now reaching the stage where they can launch ICBM to match. This is not the days of Hiroshima and Nagasaki where the US can flaunt their nuclear capabilities and strike fear in whoever they threaten to exterminate. There may be more countries with nuclear weapons than what we see, but what we cannot know. Israel and Japan are two examples.

b said...

Learn from Monaco and outsource military to a powerful nuclear country. No need to waste so much resources. Cheaper, better, faster.

b said...

Btw, the big bully is PAP. Bully the people into doing compulsory military, paying high prices for flats and cars, losing our cpf monies through wrong investments, importing third world migrants to take away our jobs etc.

b said...

Anyway, communism needs to be contained. It is a toxic ideology developed by germans who also developed other toxic ideologies such as nazism, yellow peril, eu. I hope china would one day come out with its own ideology which is fair to heaven, earth and people and stop following ideologies developed by barbarians.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi b, you are outdated if you keep harping about communism. Communism is now functioning in theory in China. Communism is dead. Move on.

Oh, by the way, for you to use the term 'yellow peril' insensitively and freely, I take it that you are not Chinese. This term 'yellow peril' is created by the whites as a derogatory term against all things Chinese. They used the term yellow to insult Chinese in every way they could.

If you are Chinese, be aware of the origins of these terms and refrain from using them. For a Chinese to use these terms is as good as slapping their own face without knowing why, like the yellow slit eye bananas that did not know they are called slit eyes behind their backs by the whites.

Anonymous said...

If taiwan is an old friend of singapore, why did Singapore terminate diplomatic relationship with them in exchange of PRC?

Sinkie must tell PRC to accept that Singapore would maintain diplomatic relationship with Two China, PRC and Taiwan.

Anonymous said...

Like stupid SK, they tell China to respect Sovereign right of SK to install Thaad.
SK blasted China for trying to dictate their domestic affairs.

China should tell SK that it is sovereign right of NK to explode Nuclear bomb . China cant interfere with their decision.

China should also urge SK to respect Sovereign right of China to ban korean drama, product , tourists.

Sinkie is making same kind of mistake . Sinkie see the terrex issue as China bullying.
Sinkie cant give in to China threat. But China must give in to Sinkie threat - allowing Sinkie to train in Taiwan.

b said...

To rb:

Read my post properly. The Germans are whites.

"It is a toxic ideology developed by germans who also developed other toxic ideologies such as nazism, yellow peril, eu". Germans/Japs are behind those latest conflicts, trying to provoke a dangerous war between usa and china. Note the enemy.

Communism is not dead in China. Please do your own research.
Ordinary folks - communism. Elites folks - capitalism.
Thats what true communism is. Another form of plundering.

Virgo 49 said...

Think the Yellow Perils coined by the Americans during Nixon Vietnam wars.

They coined boey scarecrow of Vietcong and the Chinese fighting the South.

And frightened the Rest of SEA of domino effects if the South is lost.

Whatever communism or capitalism got their own pros and cons.

SINKIE land So called capitalism but the elites also sucked the blood of the ordinary peasants.

What difference? ?

Developers, professionals all in league to bully the sweepers and the poor.

Virgo 49 said...

Just to add Singapore So called democracy and the ways of governance by the PAP is somewhat akin to Communism.

The Hen stated must gave up individual rights for collective good.

Isn't it liken communism? ?

Peasants can relinquished their Rights but not the Elites.

SINKIES are ruled just like China men who are just satisfied as long as they got a reasonable standard of living.

They can forgo freedom for exchange of living a controlled life.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Originally coined to refer to the Japanese and eventually used against the Chinese. It was German/American origin.

Wikipedia said this: The Yellow Peril (also Yellow Terror and Yellow Spectre) is a racist color-metaphor that is integral to the xenophobic theory of colonialism: That the peoples of East Asia are a danger to the Western world.

See how they used this lie to strike fear that Chinese/Japanese were dangerous, but the truth was/is that the Japanese and the Europeans were the real dangers, conquering all the Afro Asian countries. Silly Asians, especially SE Asians and particularly silly slit eye bananas still believe in this myth and lie and hate Chinese without knowing how silly they are hating themselves and their own civilisation. Stupidity has no cure.

Thanks for the clarification, b.

Anonymous said...

The Rule Of Lord

"China has in recent years unveiled legal reforms such as those aimed at giving judges more independence and limiting local official's influence over courts, but courts are not independent and ultimately answer to the party leadership.

Since he took office in March 2013, President Xi Jinping, who has a doctorate in law, has vowed to put "power within the cage of regulations" and called for judicial independence under the party."

Xi is the equivalent of LKY, with law degree, and also champion "good leadership" critical for nation building under one party rule.

So the supporters of Lee's wisdom should not complain about the development of China because they are a mirror imgage of you.

Anonymous said...

Live in Sin, dies in Sin guarantee

patriot said...

Please dont see Sin no up okay!
The lsrael of the East is no
afraid of anybody okay!
What's the US President when Michael Faye was whipped?
What's PRC when Sin wants to do military training in ROC?

Who is Xi Jinping if Sin wants to land armoured vehicles in Hong Kong?

Anyone dare take on Sin?

Be proud of being a Sinkie.


Anonymous said...

Israel my foot. Misled by a mirage.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful n correct comments..this peesai boasted too much...its time someone tell him how to behive..China is not n never a bully..this peesai or peanuts little red dot deserve it...all should support China stand