The evil Empire has declared war on China

According to a Bloomberg report filed by Isabel Reynolds, Rex Tillerson, the State Secretary designate, said these: China must be denied access to artificial islands built in the disputed waters…a failure to respond to China’s actions had allowed it to "keep pushing the envelope" in the South China Sea. "We’re going to have to send China a clear signal that first the island-building stops and second your access to those islands is also not going to be allowed,"’

This kind of irresponsible statements coming from the trigger happy evil Empire is trouble to the world. China would not budge and would put up a fight. So what do the Americans think they want to do? This is no longer a game of chicken. China would confront the aggressive American military head on, might with might. Once the Americans make the first move, it is all the way, come what may.

And this cock American said this, ‘They are taking territory or control, or declaring control of territories that are not rightfully China’s.’ Did this cock Tillerson remember that their forefathers invaded America, killed all the native Americans they called Red Indians and robbed their land, now called the USA? Was the continent of North America, inhabited by hundreds of millions of native Americans, rightfully the land of the European Americans?

This cock thinks that China would sit there and wait to be pushed out of their islands. China though still trying to be diplomatic, would be sending all their military weapons and reinforcement to the islands and hardened their defences and in waiting for the Americans to come ashore. This is not 1492 when Columbus landed in America and with all the weapons in hand, went about killing the poorly armed natives that died fighting the European invaders.  The Americans must be prepared for the sinking of a few aircraft carriers if they are mad and reckless enough to try this game again.

Tighten your seat belt for a rough ride with the world’s Number One warmonger rattling its sabre and calling for war.  They failed to get the Aquino govt to do the fighting, now they have removed the veil and showing their hands behind all the tensions in the SCS. They are going to do the fighting themselves as no Asean country would be stupid enough to want to die fighting for the American interest. Oops, I stand corrected as there could be some silly ones out there thinking that they could fight on the side of the Americans and don’t mind looking like dead heroes.

SCS is not the only region that is going to see high tension and threats of war.  The Americans are also raising temperature in Europe by sending troops and tanks to the Russian border to confront Russia. Now, how many silly Asians still stick to their unthinking view that the Americans are peaceful people, for world peace when they are raising tensions and threatening wars everywhere? Oh, it is the fault of the Russians and the Chinese, and the North Koreans, and the Iranians and the Arab countries that the Americans have to go to wars with them, murdering Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein like a past time.

Stupidity has no cure.


Anonymous said...

I already highlighted that Obama has planted the seed for the 3rd World War when he started to build up military forces in the Asia Pacific to reinforce and strengthen US Encirclement of China, and actively engage Australia, Japan, South Korea, India, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar and Indonesia.

Trump's Administration is just an extension of US Aggression against China.

Anonymous said...

The only way to stop all this nonsense is for the world to bring the war onto the American soil.

Anonymous said...

How about the US must be denied access to the South China Sea? What kind of reasoning is the evil empire spouting from its evil mouth?

You see, the US thinks that all laws must be construed according to their interpretation and nobody else. And all the world bodies are theirs to control and made use of to push their agenda.

You think the world would be more peaceful under Trump? Not in a thousand years. Whether Democrats or Republicans, the result is the same. More wars, more business for their weapons industry, more bases set up and more innocents killed around the world. Trump is just the lesser of two evils. He may turn out to the just the opposite.

The US is pushing China to spend big on the military, hoping to bust them like they did to the Russians. Maybe they themselves would go under with so much debt piling up. Or it may be the deathnell of the human race going forward. Who can tell?

Anonymous said...

The world iS getting very exciting!

Plenty of talks but nO actiOn, yet!

We shall see.

Anonymous said...

//According to a Bloomberg report filed by Isabel Reynolds, Rex Tillerson, the State Secretary designate, said these: ‘China must be denied access to artificial islands built in the disputed waters…a failure to respond to China’s actions had allowed it to "keep pushing the envelope" in the South China Sea. "We’re going to have to send China a clear signal that first the island-building stops and second your access to those islands is also not going to be allowed,"’//

Sounds like Bay of Pigs (early 1960s) all over again?

This T-Rex ....... oops ..... Rex Tillerson risked gg the way of his namesake?

Robert McNamara, another so called star CEO from another big corporation was part of the Kennedy Administration then but screwed up big time?

(In)Famously, the Bay of Pigs fiasco became the classic example (of the folly) of "Group Think" taught across the world in countless IR courses usually in the Sophomore year?

During that fiasco, they were near their own soil and messing around with tiny and relatively poor Cuba yet they failed monumentally?

Looks like IR courses professors around the world (soon) gg to have another but more recent example to use in their teaching (of the folly) of the "Group Think" courses?

Anonymous said...

In sin(land), "Group Think" was "popularised" in 2011 when a retiring Lim Boon Boon shed (crocodile) tears in April that year while introducing some new JLBs?

His focus was (on what was built ) on the sin(land) Marina Bay?

He denied there was "Group Think" in that decison (or it will ever become the sin(land) version of the (social and economic) fiasco of the (Marina) Bay of (Pa)Pigs)?

Anonymous said...

Fight lah xi, U have been idling hiding quiet leaving your commanders being point fingers at like second class top brass in Shangrila. This year Shangrila will have tora tora talo-rex shouting from whom? I hope pla generals should be more aggressive. Rex is name of ex exxon chief. He said he is planning a war with china in 2 ways. First he support the Hague Judgment that Scs islands are not owned by China. China illegally own those islands. Second, Scs islands own by US. US will not let China use them, not Philippines, Not Vietnam, all must get out. Who will help? Abe can take over the administration if Rex get his way and charge Japan for 8 while US pay 2 of the total costs.
Exxon chief had good deals: start to do oil drilling and extract the minerals and oil and gas for US s free use.

China will kowtow and nod its head, ok lah, brother Rex. Abe and Duterte said each other as brothers on official visit of Abe. Trump will give medal of freedom to Rex on his birthday dinner at an old building. The world is at peace because Brother Rex has been good friend of Putin.

But Brother Rex said China snatched Scs islands similar to Russia snatched Crimea. That should tell the world: as Crimea was ex Russia territory, Putin took it back was illegal to Brother Rex. Scs was Japan s territory at war time, and China took back from Japan was not right.

Unfortunately, China PLA is working under xi. If Xi does not mind the loss of territory, PLA will have to apply the China Constitutions to fight back. Xi will have a fight internally first. So Brother Rex must have thought Xi can win PLA. Bro Rex will send his 2 fleets over to Scs like US did in May 2015. This time do blockage especially for Scarborough Shoal, as US Philippines had defense treaty.

It up to PLA in 2017 if it dare to hit at US fleet this time. PLA had its S400, DF20, deployed on the islands areadi. It has its J15, it has its small carrier and many mid size war ships. It will have a new commander in Southern war zone in 2017. This man was captain of submarine before. I guess should know how to fire torpedo. Shoot at the fleets bottoms ai hell beh? Pull or press lah. It will trigger out.

This year if Scs has blockage and China avoid another confrontation response to US s fleets, US s official talk tough will get louder. The game is like Vietnamese, teaching US how to behave in Asia near Vietnamese water. The fleets never go there to shout. China deserves the shouting from US because when it comes to real response to US fleet s threat, somehow all the naval live firing exercises from East war zone+ North war zone+ South war zone= nothing but silence and back off for both sides. Then another US official do the shouting again, including Harris the Japanese commander of fleet.
When will it fight? US please, pull the trigger if China does not own the Scs islands. They are all there with PLA firing power. Do not shout shout and back down please ang mor. China is not scared lah. Fire lah please. Let the PLA get their promotions, they like to see fire crackers while US marines scared. That is the real main reason why always shouting ends with silence.

Anonymous said...

Just like his predecessor Robert McNamara & Co in the 1960s, his "bluff" is (likely) gg to be called?

How would the Amercian public react and what would happen to (the fate of) his boss?

One suggestion to Xi Da Da:

Change the name of the surrounding sea area around the islands in scs to:

"Asia Bay of Pigs"?

Make it "Bay of Pigs (Fiasco) II" (for the war mongering and sabre rattling corporate execs of Pax Americana)?


Make it Bay of Pigs III?

If (Marina) Bay of (PA)Pigs (II) is considered (another classic example of "Group Think" failure and fiasco)?

Anonymous said...

Are you trying to parody evil empire China and Sin? Except that Sin has much shorter cock but compensated with a very loose big mouth and an exceptional skill for accommodating big cocks.

Anonymous said...

Youtube video:

"The Bay of Pigs Invasion - How Groupthink Created A Brilliant Disaster"?


Anonymous said...

Youtube video:

[The sin(land) version: (Marina) Bay of (PA)Pigs (Fiasco II)?]

"Lim Boon Heng cried on his last appearance as a PAP MP - 11 Apr 2011"


Virgo 49 said...

Good,good. Sinkieland will be the first to join the Americunts Alliance.

Take out Terrex chias. Punch your face then you know.
Can not trust the China men. We yellow bananas sucked Ang mo and Indian cocks.

Our SAF trained for so long no Tested.Time to unleash our well trained SAF with special talents eight weeks trained commandos foreign talents to whack the PRC.

They said soldiers used one time only. Takes so much salaries liao must show your competence.

Anonymous said...

No one believes Sin can afford to go to war. Only can afford to buy war machines for exhibition and impress school kids and children.

Anonymous said...

Who is the cock that said the USA is a benign superpower?

They are now preparing for war all over the world. Cannot see that? Not true? Americunts very peaceful people?

Anonymous said...

"Time to unleash our well trained SAF with special talents eight weeks trained commandos foreign talents to whack the PRC."

This is a sure win formula. Foreign talents are more loyal to singapore government and more talented and well loved by the ministers. They are best to be in front line for wars especially against the PLA. I have no doubt they will charge at enemy and never run away first.

The white papers still have 3 millions foreigners for taking in. Singapore needs badly to form a foreign talent army. Local army boys can do show parade at ndp. They like it especially marching in stadium not so hot. In war, they run away faster than the minister generals because they are trained running while the ministers are eating too much. For war, foreigners can do better. Any parent will agree.

Anonymous said...

Jobs in Singapore are better for foreign talents than NS men. The ministers like foreign talents for their high qualifications, mostly master degrees. Local NS men from NUS and NTU are good for driving taxi or delivery. Banks, industries need many foreign talents. Ministers must speak up in parliament like in the past to appreciate foreign talents for their contributions and table bills to enlist them to form the army. Defense need them to take back the Terrex.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Aiyoh. Everyone relac lah. Tillerson has no support from his own party, senate, congress or the media. They all think he's a dickhead and totally unsuited for the job---probably because as Exxon CEO he won't play second fiddle as he is used to being The Big Boss In-Charge Of Everything.

Tilleron's jaw-wagging is like a tiny portion of our silly locals going to Hong Lim occasionally screaming "Vote for opposition." 🤡 A pointless and ultimately futile waste of time and energy. Crowds have been dwindling, no one gives a flying fuck.

So breathe out and allow your anal sphincters to relax. Go shopping, go makan and enjoy your life lah. No war...yet. Nor will there be any opposition in office here anytime soon.

Vote PAP? No need lah. 60-70% will vote for them anyway. 😂

Anonymous said...

Another evil empire has declared war on Singaporeans more than 10 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Singapore claimed sovereignty immunity for Terrex on the basis that it belongs to Singapore govt.LOL

But Singapore govt is not party (defendant) to the legal dispute.

Sovereignty immunity does not apply here.

Anonymous said...

ST : Holding on to Singapore armoured vehicles hurts China's interests

using the case -Democratic Republic of Congo and FG Hemisphere Associates,Hong Kong has no legal basis to hold the SAF's armoured vehicles.

The problem is that

They are not suing Singapore govt. Singapore is not the party to the legal dispute.

Hence, Singapore can't apply so called sovereignty immunity.

Sinkie media is fooling their people that the wrongdoer is China and HK.

b said...

All are evil empires. They only want the ordinary people to die for them. Everyone must stop believing in their rulers and politicians because they only care for their own lives and pockets.

Anonymous said...

If Singapore did not do any wrong, why not produce the documents? What is there to hide, got mistake, false declaration, no declaration, show the documentary proof lah. Why dare not show?

Virgo 49 said...

You asked the Americunts what is sovereign immuni
ty. They will reply that countries that are for us NOT against USA enjoys sovereign immunity.The Hen said We had consulted lawyers and they said we had sovereign immunity that they cannot seize our Terrex chias.

Aiyo, we have our AG and so many prominent lawyers and they had to pay tax payers monies to consult international lawyers.

If nations enjoyed sovereign immunity,then why every now and then they checked the NKorean and Irainian vessels at will.

They are not Sovereign Nations???

If you transit bombs and military wares near to other nation, they can not seize your equipments based on Soverign Immunity? ?

Talk Hen, oops cock

Anonymous said...

If Singapore did not do any wrong, why not produce the documents? What is there to hide, got mistake, false declaration, no declaration, show the documentary proof lah. Why dare not show?
January 13, 2017 4:36 pm

Why don't you say:

What about Singapore's Reserves?
What is there to hide?
Why dare not show?

Virgo 49 said...

Anon bro 4.36

Cargo in transit not for local discharge, most countries do not demand paper documents.

One 2000 TEUs container vessel with six to seven rotation ports will have volumes of paper declarations that even the Customs cannot scrutinise in vessel port stay of six hour or more.

Only dangerous Cargo needed to be informed as they required special dockage.

So, in Sinking Land case, the dispute is not on documentation.

On recognising the One China Policy. Do not Kow Sua the Taiwanese not smiling Virgin PRESIDENT who now goes to kow sua Trump

Anonymous said...

Hong Kong is in trouble. U think CY resigned because of family reason? I think not. The occupied central demo was financed by US certain foundations. The HK opposition did not reveal who was paying for the more than month long protest. Then came the Terrex. They landed without permits on hk harbor land. When CY handed over, he met Xi and his aid plus a party front line department head was asked to be involved. Singapore s Terrex case obviously was decided what next during the meeting. Xi aid was asked to follow up. Sovereign assets cannot be arrested was so minor if it exist if the HK independent movement financed by US was also discussed together.

I see it this way. HK is having cheif executive election. It will not care about the Terrex case but more on the independent movement in HK. The Terrex case is one of the independent movement support from foreign lands, as far as China is concerned. They will not bother when Terrex will be released. China will not have sovereignty laws applied to Terrex case. But China will want HK to apply its custom laws against the illegal landing of unlicensed weapons on HK land. HK government cannot cut shor this path. Legal charges against APL must go ahead. Do not expect a cut short. I do not think it will happen. China does not fuck care about who is loong in some city. They want to get rid of people using Taiwan land for training. They want to get rid of US financing HK independent movement for those students now connecting to Taiwan independent movement.
Sin city getting involved with HK s trouble is not at the right timing. Sin city is dragged into HK independent movement if it Terrex case is seen as part of foreigners trying to promote HK independence.

I must say HK cannot be independent from China. HK s foods vege, chickens, water all are dependent on China. Sin city better hands off on this movement and stay clear of it as it will drag Sin city to nowhere if it still think it is smart to land the Terrex on HK harbor.

b said...

Communistic China is also a scary one. Killed many tongbao during the red revolution. A great nation like China why must adopt communism created by idiotic germans who also created yellow peril, nazism etc ? China must wake up to all those toxic ideologies created by jews, romans, arabs, germans. They are all after one thing 'Divide and Rule'.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi b, you must read up on the sorry state of Chinese history in those years that led to the rise of Communism. China had by the 1930s been invaded, looted and semi colonised for a century, a country that was bankrupt and in debt, to pay war reparation to invaders. The Chiang Kai Shek's nationalist govt was just as corrupt as the foreigners and was not building the country and helping the people but helping themselves, feasting on the people's misery.

Communism was a convenient tool at that time. Theoretically Communism was an idealistic ideology but it was how it was being practised that created a lot of problems in the early days. Communism under Mao did unite China and made China an independent country, freed from foreign invaders. Subsequently it was how the leaders managed China through its economic policies that transformed China to what it is today, the second super power next to the USA.

Without Communism then, China would still be the Sick Man of Asia, bullied by the West and Japan and the Chinese people all over the world, including you and me, would be the joke of the West, stupid Chinese, useless people, poor and good to bully. Even the SE Asian tribes would bully Chinese people like you and me in their countries, committing genocides at their whims and fancies.

Today, with China standing up as a super power, the West would no longer spit at you and me. They know that the Chinese Civilisation is as good as them, if not better. The Chinese people are not sick cats. The Chinese Civilisation will prove to the West that freed from their oppression, the Chinese people will progress much faster and better, under Communism, Democracy or whatever isms. The isms are not important, just a tool. It is how the leaders manage the country. Look around and see all the failed states that are called Democracies.

patriot said...


me no politician or anything but likes to say to anyone that the Tool and or System is only as good as the One using or practicing it.

There are sick people cause the World is imperfect or sick itself.

As for PRC, me thinks one of the Greatest Mistake of Mao Zedong was his failure to wipe out Chiang Kai Shek and his Kuomintang Party.
Had he done so, there would have been much less domestic issues for the Chinese.

As a commenter at this Site repeated many times; the Peoples Liberation Army aka
PLA may like to complete the
Unfinished Work of Chairman Mao and end its nightmare.


Anonymous said...

Live in Sin, dies in Sin. Guarantee

Anonymous said...

Singapore Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen said that Singaporeans should avoid individual rights over “collective…

Singapore practising communism but pretend to be democracy.
China practising capitalism pretending to be communist.

Anonymous said...

While expanding global trade has grown wealth and driven down poverty, “it’s very hard to convince a worker who has lost his job of these benefits”, he noted. He added that the “backlash against globalisation is emotional and will take time to resolve”.

Emotional? LoL. Take away his millions in salary see emotional or not. Yes, take away and then time will heal. LoL

Anonymous said...

Resolve with $1 salary can or not?

Anonymous said...

I end with a quote from Mr Lee Kuan Yew: “A nation is great not by its size alone. It is the will, the cohesion, the stamina, the discipline of its people and the quality of their leaders which ensure it an honourable place in history.”

Q: What is your greatest fear for Singapore?

Lee: “I think a leadership and a people that have forgotten, that have lost their bearings and do not understand the constraints that we face. Small base; highly, technically organised; very competent people; complete international confidence; and an ability to engage the big boys. You lose those, and you’re down. And you can go down very rapidly…

If the big boys fucked up, and they will, you get fucked up too.

Too many snakeheads, including Sin. In short, build on wrong foundation, and you go down.

Old formula, "overrated leadership" won't work anymore, Mr Ng

Anonymous said...

Lead us not to temptation and deliver us from evil...but you led them to evil you monkeys!

patriot said...

The Current PRC President Xi Jinping, is doing a great
job to hold all the Corrupted
Officials to account for their
Even who escaped to faraway lands are not spared.
All benevolent and effective
government must
do likewise.
Sin had a case of a parliamentarian who sought
refuge in a neighbouring Asean State, but was not hunted down.
Now this Refugee Ex-mp has grown
old and came back to seek
free food and lodging.
Think his case is not fully dealt with yet. Wonder if he
is going to be left to expire
naturally instead of having him convicted as soon as possible due to his advanced age.

What do You think?


patriot said...

'Even THOSE who esacaped to faraway lands.......'

Correction to my Above Comment.

My apology


Anonymous said...

"China’s massive export engine sputtered for the second straight year in 2016 with shipments falling at their worst pace since the global financial crisis in 2009. This prompted customs spokesman Huang Songping to declare that Asia’s largest economy is the biggest victim of the anti-globalisation trade war with the United States loom."

"Mr Navarro is a vociferous critic of globalisation who has contended that American purchases of imported goods at Walmart are helping China pay for nuclear-tipped missiles aimed at the US."

Anonymous said...

More condo developers offering incentives such as deferred payments to sell unsold units

Anonymous said...


Once you watch this short video, we will see another side of the coin