WP presented with a Godsend gift for 2017

The happenings in the Ang Mo Kio Town Council are outrageous. I am not going to elaborate as the details are everywhere. The similarities between the AMKTC case and the AHPETC case are unstintingly unmistakable. What is the WP waiting for? Silence is golden as usual, or worried about sub judice?

A simple thing the WP could do is to table the same list of questions, objections, problems and recommendations thrown at them to act on. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. Everything that needs to be said about this AMKTC case has been said in the KPMG report. Everything that has been alleged to be bad has been alleged. Everything that is supposed to be about poor management, inappropriate, unacceptable, everything that is supposed to be a violation of rules, good practices, unethical, immoral, unprincipled and against the law, has been said and written in black and white.

All the WP needs to do is to pull out the old copies of letters and reports  that were sent to them, the reports in the media, and compile them in a nice file, and send them to Parliament for an airing.  Then they can all sit back and relax and hear the replay of everything that was said, in defence of what were said and alleged about AHPETC. So simple!

Actually a simple way is to send all the documents and letters back with the words AHPETC changed to AMKTC will do. Oh, the names of people involved should also be changed.

What a piece of cake for the start of a new year. There is no need to say anything new, no need to crack the grey matter. Just do exactly as what was said or done before, would be better if they can hold a press conference and hope that the main media would print exactly what they had printed before.  Would that be nice?

One advice for the WP, do not do what I do, for what I can do you can’t do. What I do is right and good, but when you do what I do, it is wrong and bad.  Understand?

This is an example of a comment in TRE, and there were many more of such brilliant comments that the WP can quote, from ministers and MPs.


January 2, 2017 at 10:48 pm  PREACHER SHOULD PRACTICE(Quote)


“By law, the MPs and councillors are ultimately responsible for everything in the town council. They cannot simply DELEGATE their responsibility away to ther managing agent or others.
Unfortuately, throughout the saga we have found the MPs running AHPETC to be evasive, unresponsive and misleading.” (my capitalized ‘DELEGATE’)


Anonymous said...

Rb, I believe it's KPMG not Ernst & Young that did the report.

Anonymous said...

comeon, green light has been given for in investigation by u know who. they already brainstorm months ago before announcement. ur answers will be answered whether u like it or not. again will be another lanlan case for sink.

Anonymous said...

Aiyah, that Teo Chew Ah Hia has been tamed by Ah Long San liao lah..ah hia um c kia si, yi si bo bian hor ah Long hang kar ai si beh si, soh yi pian cho ka gi nang, par si bo xian kang, di gor liang di go chor tiu hor Liao, ho boh?...

Anonymous said...

Please remember......官字两个口!

Yes! 官字两个口!.......Yes! 官字两个口!

So how? Now how? You say! You say!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Anon 8:48, thanks, corrected. I was not very sure.

Anonymous said...

"By law, the MPs and councillors are ultimately responsible for everything in the town council. "
This is truth, the real not so hard truth. Someone will not bother when the faults are found right inside their courtyard.

I must point out that what pointed out in auditor s report was true at WP ward. TC GM cannot be GM of contracting service of tc. GM tc is buyer. GM contracting service is seller. Buyer has authority to initiate payment also= seller to receive payment. This will bring problems, if if if if if the GM has greed motive. If the GM has zero greed motive, serving the people as prime single motive, problems of over charging and irregular events cannot happen.

Will anyone do it this way? If that person own the setup such as coffeeshop, he can be cashier, can by buyer to deal with suppliers, paukarliao. But at TC dealing with funds free flow from public, it still a bad practice, because there is NO good reason to save cost for hiring separate person to check against each other. Any living person has greed, no matter who he is, what gender, how old he is.

One recent court case, a construction company s account was emptied by a Malaysian PR lady doing accounts and payment paukarliao. She took 600k++, until the company bound cheques. Two things to learn: 1. PR foreigner is fatal mistake. 2. No mutual check, like to have "double hating" kinda fuck type theory thinking it is smart.

Handling public funds need to be clear cut. I strongly support WP side because it was unable to find someone else to tender the cleaning jobs after taking over the tc. That resulted the tc GM went to set up a separate company to handle cleaning jobs that could not stop a day. I think WP handled the problem well without causing any cpib. Sylvia lim even recommend pap to report it if they found problem.

From the comparison, conclusion can be drawn: WP tc s control was on the toe. Though riding on the risk of GM doubling conflicting jobs. The other tc from pap camp was not good enough comparing to WP. According to media, pap called this "double hating" was "common". It seemed to be the taken for granted practise to take risk for losing money in non mutual check ways. That is voters choice, they like pap doing that way. To me, i do not bother if pap ward caught by cpib. It shows at least the statboard s mutual check is still functioning well. Heng ah.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"By law, the MPs and councillors are ultimately responsible for everything in the town council. "
This is truth, the real not so hard truth. Someone will not bother when the faults are found right inside their courtyard.

Tiok, only applies to MPs and councillors. Does not apply to anyone above MPs.

patriot said...

Good Morning to Chin Leng and All.

l would prefer Workers Party to stay silent about the AMKTC.
At least wait for Ministers Khaw Boon Wan and Shanmugan
to have their says first. The
Two Champions of Righteousness and Integrity are quite Authoritative Figures in Sin Politics.

Anyway, there could be undetected and unchecked
similar irregularity and
or other misdeanours in
other town councils; who

Let the CPIB completes its'
investigation and the Authority to dispense justice
as it should.


patriot said...

Spelling mistake in 'misdemeanour'.

My apology.


Anonymous said...

/// WP presented with a Godsend gift for 2017 ///

The above is redbean's blog headlines on 4th Jan 2017.
Wait 12 months.
The follow-up headlines will be "Singaporeans (including WP) are blind and stupid"

Do you think anything good for the Opposition will come out of this episode?
Do you think Singaporeans are too stupid and brain washed to see the systemic wide breakdown in Singapore?

Anonymous said...

The audacity of it all! After so many moons and so many reports and allegations against WP, and they continued with the same things as if they are untouchable, above the law, or that was what they believed.

Did someone blow the whistle?

Anonymous said...


Not daft. Spoke the hard truth. Know the real truth.
Should pray for the change to better world. It will happen with your insight.

Anonymous said...

That's why I say, Ministers should not try to paint themselves as righteous or at least PAP leaders should change from wearing white to beige. More realistic.

Anonymous said...

It will show how minister does things when the tarlex lorries legal case is reported in HK media. HK government will most likely charge the shipping company and in turn will reflect the sin city govt s world class division one work. It is probably the showcase of how good sin city civil service is. Watch it. It involves citizens contributed taxes, from gst at least.

Virgo49 said...

LHL took long leave before they announced the news.

All these so called auditors should be thrown into the jails as many of these cases were discovered after certaì years.

What BIG Four or Five???

See NKF case and many others.

What's they been auditing all the while? ???

Big corporations paid good monies auditing fees. So msny kept mum until finally cannot kept quiet anymore.

LHL softie PM. So many these happenings during his watch.

LKY knuckle dusted until you have to put at Kong Ming Sun for monks chanting to clean your souls.

See Teh Chean Wan.

Commit hiri kiri.

Anonymous said...

Silence is golden?

Anonymous said...

/// The system got to change...someone has got to look into the cases which falls through the cracks...that's where our unheard voices are being suppressed unfairly.... ///


Another stupid Sinkie with autistic child kpkb on the internet.
70% chance he is a PAP voter.
How will things change if he keeps voting PAP?

Anonymous said...

WP not ready to be govt what.

So make noise got use or not, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

"WP presented with a Godsend gift for 2017".....Really meh?

No use lah! Cannot "jalan" in this tiny and very crowded city state!

At last GE, with many "issues", still PAP 700% vs 300% OPPS!

Won't be surprised at next GE, PAP 800% vs 200% OPPS!

This is Singapore! Singaporeans......"You-know-I-know" lah!


Anonymous said...

So make noise got use or not, u tell me lah?
January 04, 2017 1:31 pm

Got use.
Who say no use?
Only daft Sinkies will say no use ... correct?

Anonymous said...

HK one major news paper?

Chong kap chair hue zor pin? Armoured cars went where?

Sin city s 8 wheels lorries are the fun topic. Reflected from the headlines.

Anonymous said...

WP not ready to be govt what.
January 04, 2017 1:31 pm

If WP is not ready to be govt, that is WP's problem.
Not my problem.
My problem is whether I am happy with PAP.
If I am not happy with PAP, I will vote WP
End of story.
Very simple..

Anonymous said...

Armoured cars went where?
January 04, 2017 6:15 pm

I don't care. Not my problem.
If PAP cannot get back the armoured car, I will be unhappy.
If I am unhappy, I vote Workers' Party.
End of story.
Very simple..

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Bro Anon 08.48

Whether KPMG or GPMG or Ernst & Young or Old made no difference.

All world's black crows stuck together.

What KBW's insistence of the Big Four or Gang of Four


THESE ARE THE WORST SCOUNDRELS in these So called professionals

What's the use if they kept mum and closed eyes to these scandals.

They must also be prosecuted for non performance of auditing duties if the culprits are found guilty in court.

This will wake them UP

Anonymous said...

Where in the world got scoundrel checking each other ? lt only happen when
they fight for turf, when they can share the loot and spoil, they are hand in hand and glove covering hand.
Auditors are worse than lawyers, businessmen are
not much different from robbers.
Government is extortionist.
Human being is the most evil of any species.

Anonymous said...

Karma is a bitch

Anonymous said...

Do you think the Attorney General should sue KPMG for negligence in the audit and preparation of accounts?

Anonymous said...

Why CPIB investigate AMKTC?
Why not also investigate AHTC?

Anonymous said...


I think pap cannot get back the armoy cars. The pap has no real papers to prove they are owners. The evidence: the HK custom regulation: strategic materials without license would be forfeited. The pap will have to go up the courts to convince the HK courts they are justified to unload at HK harbor with the strategic commodities. if pap can prove the unloading was forced, then the story might be different, how to? The papers work was not properly done at pap side.

Do not think u can vote for wp. They only come out so few wards. May be in 2020ge, they will have lesser. If i encounter them, i vote wp, if not i still vote opposition.

Anonymous said...

If u have Super majority in any country, black can be white and white can be black lar

b said...

The solution is simple. Hire the right accountants - definitely not those from local Uni. They are only good at marketing themselves.

b said...

Singapore is not much different from Nkorea. It is all about one dictator and his sheeps, horses and dogs. Another animal farm.

Virgo49 said...

I had a bad experience with one of the Ernest & Young manager.

Years back had kissed the backside of his car at the give way lane from tanjong rhu towards Nicole highway.

The actual driver was his colleague. Think just passed out provisional licence for the first year.

At the give way lane, I was behind his car and from experience knew that the oncoming traffic from the kallang airport side previous round about is meters away.

Thinking that this guy would just looked to his right and at the dotted line just moved on seeing traffic meters away still filtering from the roundabout

But this novice driver jammed his brakes and when I looked to the front after glancing right it's too late to brake in time.

Just a kiss. The actual owner of the car came to me on the left claiming to be the driver.

The other guy looked nervous from the driver's door not moving.

At that time was late for my office so asked him to go to my workshop. He gave me a namecard with the company as Ernest & Young.

Later, at workshop, he insisted to change the whole of the back boot and bumper and all costing thousands of dollars.

I gong gong lan lan agreed. See how unscrupulous they can be. Their five to six years old bone shaker.

Bro anon is right to said some human beans are worse than animals

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 7.16

In one of these case on misappropriation of funds and after the culprits were found guilty, the prosecuter had requested the judge to call on the auditors as also guilty parties to the stand.

Our Honourable Shame said cannot prosecute them as then no one will dare want to be Auditors.

But on the other hand, those accountants, accounting staff under the instructions of their superiors or bosses prepared documents to lead to these misappropriation or corruptions were or prosecuted in courts and jailed.

So, where the responsibilities and fairness. ?????

Anonymous said...

Virgo49, I was ex Ernst & young so not all ey people are assholes. U just happen to meet one. By the way u should have reported to insurance and let them handle the case. Why u so dumb to pay few thousands out of your pocket for the repair?

Anon 11.14 pm, the Auditors fee is normally very small and it's not the external Auditors job to detect fraud as that is the job of internal Auditors or special assignment. If u understand the role of external Auditors and the scope of their work, u will understand. Many people assume that audit is to detect fraud. Well it's not.

In any case I do not like audit work so I left the profession after few years.

Anonymous said...

WP does not stand for Workers' Party!

The original Workers' Party, founded on 3 November 1957 by Singapore's FIRST Chief Minister, Mr David Saul Marshall, and subverted by the traitor Lim Yew Hock (who sold Christmas Island and other smaller islands around it to Australia for a song and then escaped to retired in Australia comfortably and wealthy until he died there) but championed by Mr Joshua Benjamin Jeyaretnam (from 1971 until ousted by Mr Low Thia Khiang in 2001) is no more.

Since Low took over as the Secretary General of the Workers' Party, it has become one of PAP's auxiliary political parties. Though openly, to attract voters, WP pretended to be in opposition to the PAP, but judging from its actions (not words), in reality it actually has been in support of the PAP. Once a while, WP would throw in a few words of opposing views but it has never carried its opposition up to the desired goals, in full disappointment of many of its supporters, voters and sympathizers.

So, WP actually stands for Worthless Party!

Virgo 49 said...

Good morning Bro Dragon Fly

In the 50s and 60s, then Chinese Educated channel Eight viewers are more politicial motivated
actively and involved in politics.

They are demanding social rights for their fellow men. Then, you had the Hock Lee bus riots and the Nan Tah Students strikes and fight for the betterment of their fellow citizens.

The English Helicopter yellow bananas after the British are more in syn and league with the colonial rulers as they are more employable in government as well as the private sectors.

Hence, they scorned the Chinese Helicopters and labelled them as hooligans and parasites.

The Channel five elites as long as they are comfortable do not give a Damn to their unfortunate fellow citizens.

Also, in Chinese education, morals and the principles of life are ingrained in the pupils.

The yellow bananas have None of these moral teachings. They only knew how to just enrich themselves.

Later, we have JBJ, who as an English educated professional had more principles like the Chinese of ancient teachings to actively fight for the rights of the poor and oppressed fellow men.

Now, the present Chinese Helicopter elites like LTK and company had lives so good like the olden days English helicopter elites that they had lost the will to fight for their not so well off fellow men.

In a turn around the Enlish helicopter after loving abroad now tends.to be more vocal than the Chinese helicopters.

As many bros here said.Smart Sinkies know how to make as much monies for themselves, why knock your heads against the rocks.

The PAP elitists are a vindictive lot. So now LTK and company as well as any party that comes to.power will be the same like the PAP fat cats.

After years of drawing such bountiful harvests, they do not want.to rock the Samoan and live status quo the good lives.

After all, SINKIES are an unappreciated lots of kia see, Kia Soo beans.

Unlike our English Helicopter Redbean.

Anonymous said...

99.99% chance WP will just sit down, shut up & continue collecting $16,000 per month per MP.

Anonymous said...

PAP does not stand for Peoples' Action Party!

The original Peoples' Action Party, founded by Mr Lim Chin Siong in 1953 and his group of Chinese-Educated fellow-students of Chong Cheng High School in Tanjong Katong at that time, represented the PEOPLE and championed for the PEOPLE of Singapore Island, fighting for Independence from the Colonial Rule under the Defeated and Disgraced British Empire, is no more.

Lim Chin Siong, the Secretary General of the PAP was totally deceived and outmaneuvered by his then Party's Legal Adviser in 1954 and thereafter, till the day he was released and exiled in the UK. He was supposed to be the First Prime Minister of Singapore but fate had done him in. Instead, he was arrested and detained indefinitely together with the original hardcore group of PAP Leadership, under a false accusation that he and his lieutenants were communists and working for the interests of Communist China against the British. With evidences in the declassified documents of the British Archives in London the facts are now clearly laid bear.

Since then, the PAP has never represented the PEOPLE of Singapore but the Colonial British Masters and the interest of certain elites within the Party. It is very clear today that the PAP does not represent the PEOPLE of Singapore at all! So, what does the PAP stands for today?

Actually, PAP stands for PLEASE ASK PAPA!

Anonymous said...

Sinkies very sick la.
Voted for LKY/PAP
GCT/PAP then
LHL/PAP all for over
50 years then kpkb.
Sakit jiwa ka ?