What is Wei Ling’s agenda or intent?

I don’t normally want to comment about the biggies and natural aristocrats, what they say or what they do.  This is reported in the SCMP, ‘Xi Jinping’s anti-corruption campaign ‘to weed out rivals’, says Lee Kuan Yew’s daughter.’  This latest comment by Wei Ling about Xi Jinping’s anti corruption drive came as a surprise. I don’t remember Wei Ling indulging in international affairs, mostly about domestic politics, social affairs and about her father and brother, but this flash in the pan comment is getting all the attention in the social media especially in China.

Wei Ling must have known that such a comment is not going to be well received or quietly received in China. Wei Ling must also have known that relations between China and Singapore is at rock bottom and any fanning of fire or adding of oil would only make things worse.

Why would Wei Ling choose this moment to launch this remark at Xi Jinping? There are several angles to look at this moment of anger or utterance. One camp said she is supporting her brother, or at least not happy with China about the Terrex Incident. Another opposing view is that she is stoking fire and you don’t have to guess who would be burnt. I must be very sensitive here. These are not my views or interpretations, just what I heard. I have not even seen her full statement except a couple of sentences that appeared in social media.

Whichever view, the rage in China against Singapore could only mount instead of cooling down. Why, what is Wei Ling trying to achieve with this comment that is best not said, not at this sensitive time? It is politically wrong to say such a darn thing at this juncture when dark clouds are all over the horizon.

This is really puzzling. I can expect the retards involved in foreign affairs and diplomacy to say it but not Wei Ling. Now what? The elite, natural aristocrats, politicians, ambassadors or those connected to the leaders are not daft and know very well that what they said would be noted and would have consequences. They cannot feint ignorance, spoken in private capacity. My two balls are laughing.

The higher one perches on the tree top, the louder would be the voice and the further the noise would carry.


Anonymous said...

China is the world!

China will do what they planned to do!

China don't care who say what!

China will.......Just Do It!

No one can stops China! Who? Who? Tell me!

What can you do if you don't like!

You can only "Lan-Lan"!

Yes! "Lan-Lan"!

Anonymous said...

Wei Ling is closing ranks with her brother lah.

Even though she had attacked her brother publicly before, she will side with her brother when there is a need lah, like now. Blood is still thicker than water, u know.

Remember the Bukit Batok by election where Chee Soon Juan tried to take advantage of Wei Ling's attack on Hsien Loong?

Suddenly she turned around and attacked Chee Soon Juan instead near voting day! This might have partly also contributed to Chee Soon Juan losing the by election.

So u see, blood is always thicker than water. So don't ever try to take advantage of Wei Ling's quarrel with her own brother, or for that matter any other people's family issues for your own gain.

Anonymous said...

I just wish Wei Ling would take a plane and go to Beijing.
Just go there and speak her mind freely there.

Anonymous said...

I think this is a distraction from the tc investigation case more than anything possible.

The doctor commenting on Xi is a private citizen. Why not?

It is against her freedom. One should not criticize this professional s political view. She has her life. She wants to express her view on any thing. Commentators can say anything too. But intention to stop her is not founded on principle of freedom.

People in sincity like to edit on what people "can say and cannot say". I read one andrew loh commented main media. The main media editors took away a sentence said by a ministar. Loh pointed out "You are not going to get angels in power all the time" was edited out, while appeared on earlier versions. I agreed with Loh. The editing was not correctly founded on freedom. There was nothing wrong for the minister to explain that a person could start with being decent and became "non angel" later. This fair comment was edited off by the editors. Wasn't it an interference?

This medical professor holds no official position in governing body. She has no choice to be daughter of someone, it was by nature. China chinese knew this reasoning too. There are so many somebody s daughter or son say things about any body. Main land net users cross talk with HK and Tw net users are common. Not all say something in favor of Xi. I think the concern that sincity will be negatively affected is unfounded.

Anonymous said...

It's 1001% sure that the 'D..' son 's sis is helping & supporting her bro over the mighty Cheena issues ( Terex case)..this princess got guts ok to call XJP anti-corruption case as a mere wayang to replace the 'corrupted' with his own kakis. Will this create a dent on XJP's political reputation?..well, hardly..though there r some got angry, this princess is only a 'nobody' in the radars of XJP's administration, what XJP would do is to 'tagan' his bro & skin this Sinkieland cat & the rest is history..

Anonymous said...

I just wish Wei Ling would take a plane and go to Beijing.
Just go there and speak her mind freely there.
10:20 am

Cannot just anywhere speak her mind freely lah.

Just like cannot just anywhere have public protest in Singapore lah.

Just like toilet, there are designated places to do certain things, including dropping bombs, not just anywhere, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

The terrex case is an invited arrest. The unloading at unauthorized place caused the detention. Who to blame?

Ask this question: if china s terrex landed at singapore port and parked there, will the fate of the china terrex dissimilar?

Watch the legal process in Hong Kong. They have similar courts. Do not jump to conclusion before the investigation is complete. WP said this, it is a correct rule: for TC cpib and the terrex. Wait and see.

Anonymous said...

Worry so much for fuck?!?! Singapore will soon become 27th province of China. Then all Sinkies will live like in heaven.

Anonymous said...

China province? what size? not bigger than any china city.
Singapore should be colony of some sunny land. The population will have sunny land 7 millions local citizen 3 millions. Learn to cook spicy foods and everyone must pass the skill or cannot get new citizenship.

Anonymous said...

You sold your soul to the 'devil' so don't complain

Anonymous said...

Sin is never owned by anyone except the japanese passed it to brits, similar to japanese passed to china the Scs islands in 1945. Sin should be passed to india, after brits setup a Haque tribunal with India in 2030 claiming india own sin due to its 7 millions population as majority on island. No china want to involve an island with no resources but liabilities.

Anonymous said...

Sin has a lot of useful idiots China can use

Anonymous said...

Is it true?
Is Singapore and Singaporeans owned and operated by the PAP government and $2 companies like AIM?

Do you "own" your HDB flat?
Do you "own" your car?
Do you "own" your own time in the National Service?
As a citizen, do you "own" any property in Singapore where you can safely assemble in a crowd without fear of arrest?

Do you "own" your CPF money?
Do you "own" the property you are buried in ... or can you be evicted after death?
Do you even dare to vote Opposition?

Slaves belong to their owners.
Everything a slave owns belong to the owners.

Anonymous said...

"I freed a thousand slaves I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves."

"I had reasoned this out in my mind, there was one of two things I had a right to, liberty or death; if I could not have one, I would have the other."

- Harriet Tubman


Anonymous said...

One is a garden snake the other is a dragon, who wins?

Virgo49 said...

President Xi getting rid of opponents to put own kakis???

PAP puts own cronies and become corrupted!!!

Who is more sinful????

PM TC.GM also dared to tah foo tau. Chinese speaking beat tiger's head.

In this case, the meek docile incompetent ah kua dragon's head.

Anonymous said...

The one whot sells the best koyo wins. Sow one dollar gets 100 dollars back!

Anonymous said...

'Anonymous said...

Worry so much for fuck?!?! Singapore will soon become 27th province of China. Then all Sinkies will live like in heaven.'

You gila. Can't you see who is the real people taking over Sin? Which country has the most of their citizens in Sin? You sure is China?

Anonymous said...

A lonely old woman, without husband and children at such an advanced age, living in such a big empty 'prison' house, closely monitored and guarded by personal body-guards and security personnel, would have easily gone mad or crazy over time. Within a familiar surrounding that every single item of the paraphernalia could easily bring back memories of mom and dad, already gone forever, could easily arouse sadness and sorrows, and ultimately madness or insanity for a weak person.

Whether weak or strong, a visit to a professional psychiatrist would do a lot of good, if not immediately, at least for the long-term. Otherwise, as time goes on and on, the state of mind of a lonely person, who in a way could have been ostracized by certain quarters of her immediate relatives, would slowly but surely creep nearer and nearer towards the certainty of a psychiatric problem.

Whatever intent or non-intent, her criticism is sure to bring definite response from many interested and disinterested corners of the world, as well as locally from those who love her and those who are suffering as a result of her father's and brother's ruthlessness. It is surely going down the records of history, whether good or bad, whether she likes it or not.

When an Empire is falling, all hell breaks loose; all shits hit the ceiling and every single piece of furniture within; the stench seeps out of the doors and windows, even though they could be closed, to awaken a passer-by or two that something is not right in that House of The Lord.

It is too early for commoners to make any sensible comment without being seen as a busy-body jumping the gun. Let us wait and watch the show that is surely going to unveil itself to its full bloom.

Chairman Mao Zedong would have said, if he is still alive, "Let a hundred flowers blossom!"

Anonymous said...

"A lonely old woman, without husband and children at such an advanced age, living in such a big empty 'prison' house, closely monitored and guarded by personal body-guards and security personnel, would have easily gone mad or crazy over time."
11:42 pm

Not necessary lah, just as any old woman, even with husband and children, may not necessarily be in good company and sane over time. Because the husband may have pass away before her, or a bad husband if still alive, and the children unfilial and dishonorable. I have known couples who even divorced in their old age, or have children not only unfilial but also much worse in accomplishments than them. On hindsight, they are better off not being married in the first place.

Anonymous said...

You said it...House of the Lord.

And the blind are busy in the other "House of the Louse", making music to an idol.

Anonymous said...

11.42pm, have u not read the case of the Daughter forcing her Mom to eat shit? So u tell me lar in that case would she be better off being a single in the first place?

Anonymous said...

Aiyah just leave the old lady alone as she still grief over the death of her Father. She is a private citizen like u and me, no one will bother with what she said lar

Anonymous said...

Live in Sin, dies in Sin.