Welcome to the New Sick Man of Asia

Here is a post in the statestimesreview titled Ang moh threatens to kill Grab car 'driver'.
‘A caucasian man was captured by the car’s in-vehicle recording unit slamming the window of a GrabCar driver.

According to the driver’s account, he picked up the caucasian’s family at 296 Beach Road Concourse Skyline on Tuesday (Dec 27) around 3.45pm. However, as he did not have an infant seat, he told the caucasian’s family that he is unable to pick up the family due to traffic regulation requirements.

The man in the video was enraged and then stopped the GrabCar driver from driving away and proceeded to act violently and even threatened to “fucking kill” the driver. Throughout the incident, the GrabCar driver stayed in his car, locked his doors and called the police.’

When would the govt get rid of these foreign scums from our country before more Singaporeans are beaten up or threatened to be killed? No, no way, these are the talents that we need to replace the daft, no brain, no talent Singaporeans. More should be promoted to head GLCs, stats boards and even ministries. Their talents are more important and a bit of violence should be tolerable. Just turn the other cheek.

Singaporeans when faced with such violent foreign talents should just meekly lock themselves in the car like the Grab car driver and call the police. If cannot hide inside a car for safety, run for your life. Do not attempt to defend yourself for good reasons. You may end up in jail for violence against these foreign talents.

Be safe, be meek, run or hide.

Tommy Koh had asked if we are the New Sick Man of Asia.  In the last century China had this reputation when China was invaded by hordes of western foreigners and Shanghai was cut out into pieces as foreign concessions. And the foreigners ruled Shanghai, bullying and beating up the residents at will, for their own fancy. And the weak govt looked at the foreigners haplessly,, unable to protect its own citizens. The rich and powerful slept with the foreigners to bully and cheat the residents.

Welcome to the New Sick Man of Asia where the foreigners feel so arrogant and free to beat up the citizens and the meek citizens could only wait to be beaten. At most the foreigners would get a slap on the wrist. And they would walk away sneering at the meek citizens that have become their past time punching bags.

This is now a sick place where the citizens have lost their pride and dignity. No one is there to stand up for the citizens to kick the asses of these foreign scums but begging for more to come. And more foreign scums are brought in to boss around with the citizens, replacing the citizens in good jobs, top jobs, and the daft citizens are told to go overseas, like their forefathers that came here, unable to find decent jobs in their motherland and unable to fend for themselves.

The similarities are no coincidence when the rich and powerful are fraternalising with the foreigners and thinking hell a lot of the great talents of the foreigners and despising the citizens as good only for low value jobs.

What is there to be happy about the new year and going forward when there is no pride and dignity?


Anonymous said...

Not only PAP bring in the foreigners to bully Singaporeans, they also bring in foreigners to police Sinkies, eg AETOS Auxiliary police, Certis, LTA enforcement, etc . .

Virgo49 said...

Try that in Thailand or Indonesia or even matland.

You the trashes be chopped into mincemeat and feed to the crocodiles.

Only in sinkieland, sinkies bern made into punching bags by the trashes with compliments from LHL and his merry men and women.

Women minister cannot park car, body guards do for you.

See sinkieland ministers and MPs go every wbere followed by dozens bodyguards and por lum pars.

Must have feared retribution from own sinkies for been too evil

Anonymous said...

The country is being taken over by foreigners from the top to the bottom and the daft think this is a good idea, the way to go. This country belongs to everyone, to the foreigners that are brought in everyday.

What is the point of having the most powerful armed forces, to defend what, when the foreigners are taking over your country when your eyes are wide open and cannot see?

Still want to have National Service? For what? To be daft and ignorant, to lose your country without fighting by inviting foreigners to take over?

Stupidity has no cure.

Anonymous said...

Please be grateful! Please be thankful!

Someone said that FTs create jobs jobs jobs for singaporeans!



Anonymous said...

If you are a Uber driver.
And you see that your customer is a potentially violent ang moh.
Should you pick them up or just drive away?

Anonymous said...

Foreigners are welcome to put on uniform, carry arms, to guard over citizens, check on citizens, control citizens. Poor NSmen got checked and pushed around by foreigners. What a sick joke.

Now NSmen stationed overseas, at home, foreigners take charge.

Anonymous said...

In the pursuit of prosperity, personal happiness and power, you need to surround yourselves with able and capable people or use these resourceful people to your advantage.

Sinkies don't make the grade and are impotent.

Hence, you shall be replaced for "more good years"

Anonymous said...

Now NSmen stationed overseas, at home, foreigners take charge.
January 02, 2017 11:00 am

Don't worry.
Our PAP Ministers will protect you.
They may not be able to park their own Mercedes car.
But they can protect you.
You can put your children's future safety into their "safe pair of hands".

Anonymous said...

I don't know.......

I noticed that there is an rapid increase in social ills in recent years......

Is this due to our open doors policies.......

Singapore is NOT the same again......HOME.......bye bye........

Very Very Sad!

Anonymous said...

They are hiring Taiwanese to be auxilliary police. Why not India Indians, Pinoys, Banglas, Myanmese, there are plenty of them and cheaper also? And they got police power, can carry arms and can arrest Singaporeans also.

Anonymous said...

@ January 02, 2017 11:08 am

Yes. All Uber drivers must pray to our recently dead leeder for protection.
When he rise from the grave, I will spell leeder with a capital L.
Our dead leeder will make these violent ang mohs repent with his knuckleduster.

Anonymous said...

Why not India Indians, Pinoys, Banglas, Myanmese, there are plenty of them and cheaper also?
January 02, 2017 11:11 am

I think we should hire all of them.
And arm them with guns too.

Anonymous said...

"In our new world, the most important resource of a country is its people. Brain power is more important than muscle power. Knowledge-intensive industries represent the future. Innovation, creativity and productivity are the new engines of growth.

Singapore is doing a very good job in educating and training its young people. Singapore's Primary 4 and Secondary 2 students were ranked No. 1 for maths and science in the 2015 Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study, organised by the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement.

Singapore's 15-year-old students also came in at No. 1 for mathematics, science and reading in the 2015 Pisa survey conducted by the OECD in 72 countries.

Finally, the National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University have been ranked No. 1 and No. 2 respectively in the 2016 Times Higher Education ranking of premier universities in Asia."

You see, clever people dont see a problem. Clever people say...no sick of Man of Asia. End of story. All sheeple say?....Amen

Anonymous said...

Brainpower is more important than muscle power....you there understand or not?

So all the fat brains get to beat you up. Even if you go gym 7 times a week also no fight. A word out of their mouths you are dead meat or end up in IMH lol

The prof got brain hooor...some more, religious brain power too

Anonymous said...

/// They may not be able to park their own Mercedes car. ///
January 02, 2017 11:08 am

What do you call a person who can't park her own car?
- someone who is parking above her weight.

Anonymous said...

Political Joke
What do you call a person who fucks in small spaces?
ANSWER: A Singaporean living under a PAP government.

Anonymous said...

Brain sick got lah. Too smart for their own good only

Anonymous said...

Imagine, your children fed with such ideology. Fucked up brain with power.

Anonymous said...

Political Joke
What do you call a person who can't get back his toy tanks from a foreign government?
a) unsuccessful in punching above his weight
b) useless good-for-nothing Millionaire
c) an abject failure
d) someone who will definitely be re-elected
e) all of the above

Virgo49 said...

It's a sick joke that military personnel subjected to civil laws and kena checked, charged by civil police.

NS operationally readied men and saf regulars been checked by Auxiliary security guards in mrt stations. Checkpoints and even in public places.

Better disband the Provost, oops the Military police command.

Our time under GKS, civil police dared check military personnel???

Detectives also kena whacked. IS drills how lian no want to indentify police also kena rifle butts.

Now military personnel kana lan. Bullied by civil policemen.

NDP better put them in front as guards of honour.

Other militaries laugh until teeth dropped

Anonymous said...

Singapore is very fortunate to sit astride the three biggest growth stories of human history, namely China, India and Asean.

We will participate in these growth stories.

In my view, Singapore has a very bright future.


Anonymous said...

You may end up in jail for violence against these foreign talents.

Tiok. Because if u retaliate, it is considered as fighting by PAP. And fighting in public is an offence chargeable in court. I am not joking. This has happened before, and those who fought were charged in court, doesn't matter who strike first.

Anonymous said...

I noticed that there is an rapid increase in social ills in recent years......
11:08 am

Tiok. But PAP will let it be lah, since PAP can still win 70% votes in elections, and so ministers can continue to get their million dollar salaries and bodyguards to help them park their Mercedes, tio bo?

What can Sinkies do? PAP even gave them Hong Lim Park to protest but where are the kpkb Sinkies?

U are sad? Continue to be sad lah, while good life goes on for the elites.

Anonymous said...

It is not fighting.
It is called "voluntarily causing hurt".
Not a chargeable offence.

A drunk ang moh slaps you.
Police will come and tell you to go sue the ang moh in civil court.
The ang moh will not be arrested.


Anonymous said...

d) someone who will definitely be re-elected
11:37 am

Tiok. And Ng Eng Hen will definitely be re-elected, should he contest in next election again, and doesn't matter if he cannot get back the Terrexes.

Because Sinkies don't care even if they got screwed, so why would they care about Terrexes and such things, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

NS "not safe"

Anonymous said...

A drunk ang moh slaps you.
Police will come and tell you to go sue the ang moh in civil court.
12:23 pm

But this does not apply to PAP MPs or ministers.

For your info, if u dare to verbally threaten a PAP MP, you will be arrested, u know, what more touch or hit him/her.

Anonymous said...

And Ng Eng Hen will definitely be re-elected, should he contest in next election again,..
12:29 pm

Even liver transplant patient Charles Chong will be re-elected, should he be still alive to context next election as PAP candidate again.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if a dead PAP Millionaire can also get re-elected?

Anonymous said...

How not Singapore befitting the name "The Sick Man Of Asia?"

When the country's leader is a sick man, dying of cancer, the country is led by a cancerous man, sick and dying. Therefore, the country and her people must consequently, in the long-run, be sick and dying.

When Ministers, top-notch scholars, can even utter words such as, "If ministers are not paid by the $millions, there is no dignity when speaking to foreign businessmen who are millionaires!" or words to that effect. So what worth is dignity? Where has dignity gone to?

If a man with numerous illnesses can be selected and got "elected" as the country's highest office, the Presidency, drawing in total at least $5 million per year, for two terms of six years each, the country is obviously a sick country, is it not?

If a dying, liver cancer patient, can be put forth as a candidate to represent the people in Parliament and to serve his constituents, knowingly sure that he is a sick man, yet kept silent without the integrity, honesty and forthrightness to reveal the fact to the voters so that they can make a fair decision, then it follows that not only the country's leadership is sick, but the whole country is sick as well!

Sick voters voted for sick man to be President, a sick man to be Prime Minister and a sick man to be Member of Parliament, all of whom come from a sick political party that is being led by a sick man!

How not Singapore befitting the name "The Sick Man Of Asia?"

Anonymous said...

Its eventful 2016, scanning through the above comments. I think one more most lasting ang mor are on top was the gang of 4. The 4 angmor punched the taxi driver till crawling at suntex city night. Someone help the driver. The ang mor punched the helper. The helper had a broken bone right at the nose. Ang mor is number one. Do not be helper when ang mor punch singaporeans. Run away better. Because the 4 ang mor was investigated for year, while the helper injured, the uniform group came around 1 hour time. You want to be helper and fight with ang mor?

Indians riots was similar, the video of ambulance crews and some uniformed persons saved by the rioters opening the back door of the vehicle, and the inside hiding persons ran so fast without looking back at the ambulance. That scene was a proof: you do not want to be in that situation when you need help badly. It will never come.

Say yes, singaporeans are sick men in asia. I have no doubt when the increased foreigners some day turn the whole place into little india similar to that night in 2015, there will be no help when citizens shout or scream or call someone.

My advise is: be proud of it, just run off when seeing someone got hammered by foreigners. But if you are hammered, my advise is: kick at the fellow s boss hard hard and run for your life, shout loud loud help me help me i m an sick singaporean. Foreigners will help you, while other singaporeans are watching you. I am very sure.
Voting a right group to lead this island will eradicate your low morale and no pride feeling. Let say you vote for opposition, they will eradicate the foreigners, that will eradicate the risk for you to run for your life when being hammered. So even you are timid, you still can life peacefully without being threatened when earning a few dollars like the taxi drivers. You must have the habit change in voting. Its so simple if you do it in 2020GE.

Anonymous said...

Worry not! Worry not!

Singapore's future is SUPER bright under this set of pap leaders!

We are the world!

Everything here is Number 1. Yes! Everything! Anythung!

We are the HUB of all hubs!

So worry not worry not!

新加坡......是天堂! 如果新加坡不是天堂 哪里是天堂?

Cheers! Hello 2017!

Anonymous said...

“We can see that under Hong Kong’s rule of law, the government, with its unlimited resources, will use legal procedures to bully leaders and representatives with fewer resources,” Mr Joshua Wong, a prominent student leader, told AFP at the rally.

Beijing learned it well from Sin City. Rule of lords.

Anonymous said...

How to have peace in the world? No peace. The way of the rule of the lords is to shed the blood of those who cry for justice.

That's Sin's gospel.

Anonymous said...


Talking about this Joshua Wong, Taxi drivers and shops owners at Kowlong want him dead.

The students blocked the streets for more than a month. Those small business men could not do business along streets. Those living in condo along the street could not see their kids going to school morning or home in evening. The block entrances of car parks to residents.

Singapore s activities should be too foolish to support this group of independent movement. It will spoil opposition parties positions if any singapore parties support this foolish Hongkee student leader. There is no means for HK to survive without main land china s support. The students independent movement was a tool for foreign embassies to stir up unrest in HK. It was a weakness of HK s system for not being able to stop these road blocking activities. That probably leading to CY giving up. He was seen powerless as the HK legco could support such activities without having to take legal responsibilities for shop owners and taxi drivers and many others losses in income. No one can sue for compensations.

The real losers were the poor people. Kick this student Joshua Wong out if he comes to singapore. I will support that move.

Anonymous said...

Those are temporary side issues. F1 also interrupted a lot of businesses.

Anonymous said...

@ January 02, 2017 1:19 pm

Nobody is forcing our taxi and uber drivers to provide services to the ang moh community.
Not happy?
Don't serve them lah.
Who ask you to be a punching bag when you can just drive away?

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:54pm
More than a month of low income is big for HK taxi drivers. U probably do not know, some taxi can only drive within kowloon and HK island. If the roads blocked and jammed, the income will be affected/ months long is not temporary. U are naive, sorry to say it. That student and many others will have to face the facts if they want to go into politics.

I hope singapor opposition parties stay away from this group of students, their future will be similar to those in June 4, they will go for money by migrating somewhere. no place for them in HK.

Anonymous said...

In fact, nobody needs to force services on anybody. Happy do, not happy...customers get lost. This is Singapore, not Japan.

Anonymous said...

Table talks failed, they are forced to go on the streets to send out cloud smoke for cries of help. Without good politics, there can be no future for everyone. In times like these, there must be sacrifices.

b said...

This one is a fake angmo or stupid angmo. In angmo countries, passengers have to provide own child seats to take taxi. Politicians are not there to make people lives easy. They are to make people lives difficult so they and their cronies can have super lux lives. People have to learnt to make their lives easy.

b said...

The taxi driver should take pictures of him and shame him in social media until his companies fired him or blacklist this passenger hp number.

Anonymous said...

Not happy vote Opposition lah.
As if you dare.
Fucking slaves. Pui.

Anonymous said...

All these ang mohs who are too poor to buy their own cars.
Tell them to go buy their own e-scooter.

what for you go and provide taxi service and get yourself beaten up for?

Anonymous said...

I think it's good that the ang mohs slap some sense into all these PAP voters.

Anonymous said...

These foreign thugs shuld be sent to prison and let the local thugs deal with them, to teach them how to behave in foreign land and not to bully the natives.

Anonymous said...

Many restaurants closed down. I just saw a fast food chain with 50 seats only occupied 10 people. How to pay for 2 staff.

Pinky must bring in 5 millions foreigners to rush for taxi and housing. Hammer the locals if they are not good in serving the white. Singapore s lives depends the white. Hammer china when Trump come into positions, singapore must have 5 millions white men to boost the economy. Its time to do it right now. Go open the flood gates, no border for white and indians. That will boost the property markets and force the local citizens to realize they are in slave master relationship. slave means slave. Sick men of asia mean sick men.

patriot said...

A country that is ruled by

a pack of sick leeders is naturally also sick due to
Therefore Sin is indeed sick.

The Sick Leeders are also sick
with Greed and Conscience Deficiency.


b said...

Many countries are sick lah. Many are ruled by rulers who care more for money and power than the people. That is the norm. Politics is dirty. Every time they talked, they are lying.

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Anon 7.23

These Ang mo bullies should be dealt with in the streets and roads of any local guys in any respected countries that they are guests or as new refugee citiZens.

Not in prisons when they are convicted. How many get convicted? ?

The PAP just fined them at the most and funds goes to the Treasury for their million dollar salaries. Whereas the poor Sinkies gets hammered.

If these chow ang mos were to be in sinkieland in the 60s, they would not even recognised their own faces or their kinds go-to collect their bones.

The PAP used Section 55 to clamp down the HERO'S of the sixties called Luo Hans who even protected their own kind from extinction.

Now we have mostly Kwa Kwa nerds who would not lift a finger to see their kind been bullied.

That's way the Trashes walked over us.

Anonymous said...

That's way the Trashes walked over us.
January 02, 2017 10:05 pm

The Thrashes are walking over Singaporeans.
Same way as PAP walk over Singaporeans.
True or not?
If true, then why complain?
Singaporeans are used to it by now.

Anonymous said...

Taxi, Grab, Uber or what not drivers who voted opposition or got whacked by foreign trashes are a minority of Sinkies lah.

That's why PAP can get 70% votes.

Wait till majority of Sinkies become Taxi, Grab, Uber or what not drivers lah. Then maybe, and maybe only, PAP will be voted out.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to sick ka poor.

Anonymous said...

Cab drivers r mostly pap porelumpars.
However their gd time
will be ending soon as the
pappies embark on driver
less public transports.