The world’s Number One nuclear power threatening North Korea

The world’s Number One nuclear power, with more than 7,000 nuclear warheads that can turn the world into Stone Age, is threatening North Korea for wanting to test fly an ICBM. It is saying that they can have all the nuclear weapons but no one else can. They murdered Saddam Hussein and burnt down the whole country of Iraq, on the excuse that Iraq had WMD. Now it is alleging that the North Koreans are dangerous because they had a handful of unsophisticated nuclear weapons and demanding the world to take action against North Korea, claiming that North Korea is going to throw their nuclear weapons at everyone, including Singapore. And many silly bananas believe this myth. Why, because the Americans told them so.

Do they know why Iraq was invaded but not Iran? Because Iran has nuclear weapons and can hit back with nuclear weapons. That is why Iran is safe but not Iraq. Iraq could not hit back. Now North Korea too has nuclear weapons and is safe from being attacked by the Americans. Any country that wants to be safe from American attacks must possess nuclear weapons.

And what is Trump saying despite having a monopoly of nuclear weapons? The combined nuclear weapons of the rest of the world are not even half of what the Americans have. And Trump is saying that because of North Korea, America must ‘greatly strengthen and expand’ its nuclear capabilities. What kind of American silliness is this?

What kind of shitty heads did the silly Asians have to accept this kind of cowboy logic? Americans have the right to own all the nuclear weapons and to threaten every country with nuclear weapons and the rest of the world cannot have nuclear weapons and no one is telling the Americans off for threatening smaller countries with war and destruction?

No wonder the Americans are ruling the world. The silly Asians accept this as the inevitable reality, to be ruled and controlled by the Americans. And the best part, they love it, and happily accept this state of affair. But not the North Koreans, they are going to show their middle finger to the Americans.

Who is the stupid one? Who is the mad one? When is the UN going to tell the Americans to reduce their nuclear arsenal for a nuclear free world that Obama was talking about? Or a nuclear free world is one where no one can have nuclear weapons except the Americans, to rule and threaten everyone with nuclear annihilation?

Ask the Americans what is the purpose of having 7,000 nuclear warheads and increasing? For peace?


Anonymous said...

Thee logic that you need to be armed to prevent attacks from others is flawed. It is a self justification to have nuclear arms. My view is all nations should destroy nuclear weapons. If they need to fight, fight like a man. Use conventional weapons!

Anonymous said...

Trump s rise is US Hillary Obama camp s tomb time. Obama cried at farewell speech. He cried for not being able to rise up IsIs at Aleppo. The US intelligence tried so hard to show Russia bombing the Aleppo civilians particularly dropping bombs on children. It was no use in the current world. So many came out to broke the fake photos scams. At the end, US called for cease fire at Aleppo. No heel from China and Russia in UN.

A finalized cease fire was agreed withOUT US.

This is a significant change in the world from my observation. Remind me of Saigon last helicopter fetching Vietnamese leaving Saigon. I was too curious about this world then.

US has stirred up many wars in Asia. The aim is to invade China. This is my insight thought, being a chinese born in singapore. Its so easy to see how US want the resources of China, including the human capital as slaves, free labor, will make the US UK rich again. To invade NKorea for what? The bunch of hungry and aggressive NKoreans will be as bad as N Vietnamese during Saigon s defeat. US has to run for lives.

No US invasion of Korea. The combined nuclear power of Russia and China is something US military aware.

The scenario is NOT nuclear radiation like Hiroshima. It will be shot from space a kind of super power bomb that shake the hills, to cause earth quake, and tsunami. Most US citizens will die from no where to run, its earth quake and tsunami. US know, it will not win science and tech.

If asians look at asia, almost every big country has nuclear bomb. Pakis, India, Iran, Israel, NK, beside china. The smallest is NK. US want to invade NK means it want to invade China. Only the most foolish China chief will not believe this observation. But PLA will not let the China chief to sell off china under China Constitutions. PLA will have to force the civilian government to involve in US invasion of NK. No way US can succeed. The consequence is far worst than Saigon withdrawal.

Its lucky Obama and Hillary are heading to tombs on their own not bring along many others. Trump is money minded. The flow of US investment is thrilling. Just Alibaba alone had promised to create 1000000 jobs in US. Ford, Carriers those US brands stay in US. From Trump s personal care to stop 700 jobs in Carriers to go to Mexico, i feel hard to deduce Trump will start war with NK. It is not money making deal lah.

Anonymous said...

Now China published white paper telling not asking small country not to take side. With Philippine reversal and Vietnamese so far not forging military alliance with USA, it left the only country sinkie land so this white paper I believed is directed at sinkie land. Our Super talents continued to make speeches to irritate them. I am afraid they said they will retaliate and have consequences so if our Super talents do not heed the advice, I think sinkies will be doomed. I am really very worry while the 70% are still sleeping and bochau.

Anonymous said...

China s white paper is timely. If small countries want to take side, they must become the infantry front line soldiers with fight with China.

The US new secretary of state said in Congress: China s built ups at South China Seas are illegal. He wanted to deny China access to those islands.

Readers get the idea? The possible action i think is naval blockage on those islands to prevent China ships approaching the Scs islands.

Near by countries like Phillippines, Vietnam must take side if they work with US implementing blockage. Will PLA let it happen? Most likely PLA will attack the blocking ships. IF Pinoys want to block the island taking side, Pinoys ships will be hit by PLA.

But when PLA see Sinkie ships helping US to do the blockage, PLA will back down. Scared the China market may collapse without Sinkies export to China.

So China s white paper is only useful to Vietnam and Malaysia, not for Sinkieland that punch above its feather weigh and scared China shitless.

Anonymous said...

The Americunts just shout that every country is a threat to them so they can go and attack them.

The real threat to all the countries, to the world, to peace and stability is actually the Americunts.

Anonymous said...

US loves wars .since the last Asian war in Loas n Vietnam a decade long bloody war in ended in the 70s they have been active in middle east bombarding killing hundred of thousands innocent people in Iraq and Afghanistan as result

If Russian didn't step in how much longer Syria war would have lasted?

Anonymous said...

In the Singapore state CONTROLLED newspapers,legacy of colonial straits settlements,these issues of US aggression and resulting humanitarian disaster are cast aside.

Think how the they keep talking about human rights in Us.

Sure good democratic system is important but please lives are also precious in other systems .

Virgo 49 said...

Simple logic.

A four foot puny Asian held a gun facing a six footer muscled ang mo with a knife.

Who is more afraid of the other. ????

Sinkieland just have two or three nuclear bombs.

No need National Slavery anymore.

Good for everybody. No need fear of Indonesia, Matland etc.

What for one thousand battalions and so many Terrexes.

Waste monies train overseas.

Just renew them when expired.

Anonymous said...

"If Russian didn't step in how much longer Syria war would have lasted?"

US support IsIs trapped the civilians under IsIs control and torture. When Syrian s troops took over the place, civilians ran charge over to Syrian s side for protection.

This is US standard of war. It worries me for sinkie land can be such kind of war similar to Syria. Urban built up warfare is not easy to fight. Had to be one by one clearing the building. Imagine clearing on block of HDB flat. Mati for NS men just to climb up the stairs. Never get sinkie land in war and helping US. Its so terrible when watching Aleppo war.

b said...

All weapons manufacturers need wars to prosper. Must stir shit so can get those production running. If every country has a nuclear weapon, then these factories can close down already. It is cheaper, better and faster.

Anonymous said...

The more men want to fight

The more the weather will