The USA must start to behave as a responsible stakeholder

No more regime change, no more proxy wars, no more invasion of countries, no more support for terrorist organizations, cut down on nuclear weapons, stop inciting and provoking wars to sell more weapons. Stop building military bases every where, stop building military alliances, these are the things the Americans are doing irresponsibly and contributing to a more dangerous world.

It is time the United Nations start to behave as a responsible world organization of peace and to rein in this evil Empire from threatening the world with its military might, with its nuclear arsenals of more than 7,000 nuclear warheads and its more than 10 carrier groups armed with nuclear weapons.

What is the purpose of having more than 7,000 nuclear warheads and building more nuclear warheads? What are the Americans up to, what are their intentions to have so many nuclear warheads, and building more? For peace, for aggression, or for the destruction of Mother Earth? When is the United Nations going to table a resolution to curb the wildness of this evil Empire from possessing more nuclear weapons and aircraft carriers to threaten the world? When is the United Nations going to condemn this evil Empire for conducting regime change, for invading small nations, for threatening small countries recklessly with false and fake excuses? Or the UN is only good at bullying small countries or at the behest of the US to attack small countries?

The United Nations must give notice to this evil Empire that it should stop building military bases around the world, close down existing military bases to make this world more peaceful and stable. The world will be a more peaceful place without the evil Empire labeling countries as enemies, as hostile, as belligerent when the one that is hostile and belligerent and the enemy of the world is the evil Empire. It is so used to tell the world which country is bad, evil, and to sanction or threaten those countries so branded by the evil Empire, to even attack them.

The countries of the world, the United Nations, must stand up to the evil ways of the evil Empire, charge its evil leaders for war crimes, for crimes against humanity. The evil Empire must not be allowed to get away from its evil acts, from its crimes against humanity with impunity.

The United Nations should push for sanctions against the evil Empire for supporting and funding terrorist organizations, for threatening to use force against small countries, to disarm and destroy its nuclear arsenals. Obama talked about a world free from nuclear weapons but approved and committed more trillions of American dollars to build more nuclear weapons.

What nonsense, what hypocrisy!!!

The world would be a safer place with no nuclear weapons. Why is the United Nations condoning the Americans and on the side of the evil Empire in imposing sanctions on Iran and North Korea that possessed only a handful of nuclear weapons but did not have the ability to deliver them but keep quiet and allowed the Americans to hoard the biggest nuclear arsenal in the world, that could destroy the world many times over?

This is hypocrisy at the highest level. The United Nations must take the evil Empire to task, to rein in its warmongering activities around the world, to denounce and condemn the evil Empire for conducting wars, for being trigger happy, for killing millions of innocent people every where.

My ranting would not do any good, but at least it tells the world the whole truth, honest and truthful, not dishonest politicking. The world must face the truth, the reality, that the evil Empire with its hoards of nuclear weapons and aircraft carrier groups are threatening world peace and the destruction of civilization. The American Empire today is not for peace but for world hegemony, world domination, existing for the sake of the Empire and would do anything to any country that shows sign of taking a chip off the Empire. The American Empire is behaving exactly as the evil Empire in the Star Wars series.


Anonymous said...

The Americunts are the only people that believe in wars. That is why they are building so many military bases all over the world and moving their weapons and soldiers to Eastern Europe and Asia. But silly Asians believe that moving these weapons are for peace.

And all the Americunts need to do is to label a country as dangerous and all the silly Asians esp the daft sinkies would say yes, yes, that country is dangerous, and forget to look at the wolf in sheep skin, the one crying wolf.

So stupid. Deserve to be ruled and colonised.

Virgo49 said...

After Jan 20 aka sinkieland 21st jan 2017 b4 CNY, The World would be a much peaceful place after that Black Man leave the White House.

White House is for the White Man not Black Man. It is the hypocrisy of the White Man to put the Black Man there just to show that they are just democratic beans. But they been killing the Black Men practically every day even with a Black Man as President.

Trump will scale down all military bases world wide. The hawks Generals or Advisors will still wants status quo for USA supremacy. But knowing DT, he always do things his own way.

In order to recoup the external debts of trillions as owe, DT will have to cut down military spending. As a shrew businessman, these are wasteful expenditures he can do without.

He be on good terms with Putin, my good friend and tell NATO that America is withdrawing their support. As for China, he will have talks with them in an open mind for a win win trade deal. Hus ways of threatening American companies not to leave their shores won't work. He even suppirted Britain in Brexit.

The Americans has phased themselves uncompetitive to the rest of the world with their decadent work attitude and lifestyle. Businesses operated when they are able to profit, so companies will still locate to countries where they are competitive.

As for Taiwan, he just played played with china as is in his playful playboy character to kow sua that Taiwanese Woman. After meeting Xi, they will hug each other. He will tell Xi, my current wife is more beautiful.

He will acknowledged that the UN should play a bigger role in world policing. All countries contribute a contingent of armed servics to intervene in any country disputes.

Go away with Veto vote by the Great Four or Five. All countries big or small have equal votes in all affairs. So no favouritism and fears in voting.

I reckon this is DT Agenda.


patriot said...

Pardon me.

What is the United Nation? lt is an organization headed by the Most and More Powerful Nations of the World to lord over the Many
Less Powerful Countries.

Has the United Nation fulfilled its' duty to uphold
justice for all countries?
Far from it, it was used by the Powerful Nations to curtail the Rights of weaker
nations to reign their countries independently and
without the interference and intervention of the Stronger and more powerful nations.

To call on the United Nations to fulfilling its duty is like calling on a puppet to walk and live on it's own independently from its' master, is of course impossible.

there is no such things as 'the Government must do this, do that', or this organization must fulfill this or that.

Who shall enforce these 'MUST' and 'SHOULD' ???

The United Nations is no different any other USELESS
World Organizations formed
by the Stronger Nations to exploit and bully the Weaker States.


Anonymous said...

Trump is at war with cmn a usa newspapers who projected trump as 30%+ and hillary as 60%+ after each debate. Trump refused to answer cmn question at his first press conference on policy matter. Cmn too lan and now writing about Ivanka trump s daughter. Trump is like a a news paper to me, a lots of news from him.

Trump is playing with taiwan to force china to raise rmb so that usa export can sell cheaper. It is similar to cmn wants Trump to kneel in front of it. However i think Cmn will lose badly. Taiwan will lose even worse than now. Trump will have a good laugh in his heart. Trump in 1994 was declared bankrupt. It was HK newworld and another developer i forgot teamed up with him to restart. At the end Trump sued these 2 partners for selling a pc of land at NY too cheap. That s Trump. He will do anything flipflop. But i think Trump will not go to war with china.

Must to Harris s wishes, from what i see now, usa top policy makers will not want to lose the fleets sinking in the sea, especially south china sea. This conclusion is real in my mind. China has weapon like Russia sunburn can break the fleets bottom to take in water for the fleets to swim with fishes underneath. This weapon is well known in Nato. Besides sunburn missiles, china has df21d, d cup side missile mobile to treat the fleets. Harris cannot take the d cup lah.
That could be the reason why the 3 fleets assembled in Scs and China war generals also assembled at the same locations, at the end, all went home having no jobs to do.

So the evil empire can only attack NK. The fat boy is more like a stateman now. Its hard to play with him because he did show power behind to raise standard on nuclear weapons power from atomic, and he did raise the accuracy and distance of the reach for his big bombs. Kim is a real stateman in charge. Trump wants to fight with Kim? I think he wants more to sell SN and Japan weapons. Trump doubts NK nuclear can reach US soils. But i think his aids will tell him the nuclear bombs might first go to Yokohama and Okinawa US camps instead. Therefore, its good chance to force Japan to buy Thaad.

As US internally the infra structure such as rails and high speed rails are not even world top class, there is no high speed rail, Trump claimed during election, US will have to save money to do their internal work. Trump is smart to keep jobs inside US to survive the evil empire. To keep paying US soldiers to drink beers at bases and fleets is silly to Trump. Its not a great US.

Look at Trump. His Trump tower is nicer than white house. Trump s wife refuse to live in White house. So Trump will live a lone in that old house. I doubt he likes it.
What is a Great US? I too prefer to stay in the Trump tower, that is great, not the old fucking White house full of blood stains. No war is more likely when Trump is in charge because he was not given the Nobel Peace prize. U know who s hands stained when collecting the so called peace prize. The world will be better place to live. Not so much good for little dot depending on cheap free flows on immigrants, lowest tax rate for evading US taxes, and exporting to US. Exporting to china also blocked by ah loong. Tourist group tours also blocked by ah loong s policy to support Hague Philippines Tribunal international laws. Lives in little dot will go broke if voters continue to vote for ah loong s existence. Vote for other parties will save the children s future. It s no joking matter in 2020GE.

Virgo 49 said...

If DT wants to scale down Nuclear Arms, maybe can sell us leh long or lelong cheep cheep two or three enough.

Can disband our SAF and National Slavery. Just let the foreign talents commandos donn the uniforms if they are proud to be SINKIES.

Released our previous sons to more useful professions. Some needy families need their sons incomes.

Please don't enslave them just for the sake of enslaving them.

SINKIES already all Kwa Kwa all listen to you.

Only becareful of the beasts that you had unwittingly brought in

They may cause the demise of SINKIE land

Anonymous said...

" the beasts that you had unwittingly brought in"
The 5th column will form eventually to take over the parliament. It happened in one small country. Some foreigners turned army stormed the parliament and declared they were in charge. Its so easy to do it to this city state. Some days will happen this way because the foreigners population is more than local and PR is coming to be millions in number.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:39, agree with you fully. The idiots could not see this. Maybe they have, but what's the big deal, all collected enough money and waiting to run road. This country can go to anyone, no sweat. They would retire in some ranches in Australia or the US and live happily ever after.

Anonymous said...

They will run road.
To ordinary born locals, that is the best if they run road. The best is no more NS for the local. Let the foreigners take over and run the army. Make the elite scholars their slaves.

Its ok to ordinary too if the elite run road. No more NS burden, border likely close, local can find jobs more easily. For better than when these elites are around, borders are wide open, ceca, jobs are so hard to find just to feed a small family and old folks.

Take over by others is as good, not harmful to poor folks.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

When that day comes Sinkies would be slaves to the foreigners here. The fate of slaves is not easy to tahan and live by.

Anonymous said...

How can u say USA is an evil empire? The USA is a Police State u know! Can u tell the police to have no guns ? Cannot right ..wat happen they have no gun & killed by enemies. USA is a police state & to have guns or nuclear weapons r all legal. Then how bout Russia & China..these 2 r not recognized as Police States therefore they have nuclear weapons r all illegal! US is a state under & blessed by GOD in the US constitution..Russians & Chinese not under & blessed from GOD ...that's is the difference! Sinkieland r ally of USA ( aka God 'kaki lang') ..that's Peesai & Ah Long san dare to tell Cheena follow rule of law ( meaning rule of God ) & withholding Sinkieland national Terrex assets r all illegal cos these r also Gods' assets...

Anonymous said...

Whether US will give stop all those evil schemes they have been doing since World War I, nobody can predict but one thing is for sure:

Sinkieland will sink to the bottom of the sea one day.

b said...

Whether there is usa/un/nuclear weapon or not, countries will still be fighting each other. If usa is not big brother, russia/india/china may be the big brother and things may not be better. Thus try not to offend usa unless one has a very formiddable weapon that can destroy them in seconds. Building good relationships with each other is the way to world peace.

b said...

Many sinkies are all along slaves in this island. All slaves must learn to run away from bondage. Many already went away and have nice houses and cars in Oz/Nz/Ca. It takes courage else just has to stay as slaves.

b said...

It is easier to emigrate than to have a regime change in this island - Ugly truth.

Anonymous said...

Emigrate causes problems to your parents and siblings. Your kids will have different future due to education. How are your gonna take care of your parents when you have your own kids living far away?

This is never a good options due to NS obligations. If you give up citizenship, your parents must also do to join you. Are u living under different races and culture?

Its the same as someone take over the regime by force. The locations are different, that are the differences.

Do not migrate. These people are lying to you. It is easier to see regime change. The time is coming as the old man has become ash.

b said...

Of course gov wants you not to emigrate so they can continue to abuse you. Emigration does not mean totally cut off from your parents. I see many bringing their parents along once they become citizens (ie. check requirements of each countries). For those who want houses and cars, more freedom and space, emigration is the only way out. For those who can still take the regime BS, not having house and cars, living like a zombie day in day out, perhaps staying is a better option for them. Prioritize and decide for ownself.

Anonymous said...

Its not true all emigrated will have house and car. Some emigrated by marrying local was still unable to establish themselves. How i can advise is by telling the truth from observations. If you think of emigrating, you better learn this advise. Go find a few real emigrated living in similar conditions like u and learn the details. If u learn from rich men sons, the story will be different. Check before you jump.

There was a post here mentioning 5th column. This one is real as PR from a few countries are closing to millions. 5th column means when outside force attack this island, there are helpers and supporters spreading words to support the attackers. Image millions willing to welcome the enemies. NS men will have to give up as the quality of generals we all know. They lack the persuasion power.

Readers should be careful. The more the PR, the least citizens are loyal to the current regime because they lose jobs or earning less due to the foreigners. If there is attack, the fighting spirit can be understood. Then look at the neighbors, their airforce are by number and by plane types "slightly lower in standard than little dot" one must say this way to be loyal.

The whole message is: can voters see the danger? The current generals run the risk of building up a big 5th column, they never want to give up. They are talking about 10 millions. How good is the airforce and army? Ask yourself. No harm to be "slave" lah, now u are slave, if attackers take over, u are slave, if emigrate u are also slave to angmor. If fated there is an attack, remember the 5th column story. It is building up and the regime blindly letting the number to become shocking to citizens. There is no published figures. The overnight change hands can be as fast as story or imagination.

Anonymous said...

Flinstone its the flinstone ......?

Welxome to stone age .......?

Too many daft in this world?

Anonymous said...

//patriotJanuary 17, 2017 10:27 am

Pardon me.

What is the United Nation?//

Before ww2, it was league of nations?

After ww2 (before ww3), united nation?

After ww3, flinstone nation?

Anonymous said...

In Singapore, who are the collaborators with the evil empire, reducing Sinkies to servants of foreigners in their own country?

Anonymous said...

It is a miafortune to be born in tgis era, anywhere in tbis qorld?

Politicians are all bs at the end of the day?

It is fat hope one man (already 70-yo) can save a decaying cuntry?

In another one, more and more inputs and investments are needed to sustain the same unit of growth as returns diminish?

So the pple will wake up one day that it is more make believe than attainable?

When that happens, ..... hur hur ...... all predictions will be into the dustbjns?

Anonymous said...

Even optimistic guy like Jack Ma is dojng unusal thing to stay sane?

Lately he spends significant amt of his time practising hia vocal cord in karaoke?

No believe go you tube watch his latest (atrocious) singing ......

Imagine li ka shing drowning himself in karaoke to hide from reality?

Thats happening in jack ma qorld?

Anonymous said...

Out of all useful thjngs, jack ma chose practising hia vocal cord in such trying times?

What yew think is going on in his head?

Why he choose to spend precious time being somebody as inportant as him in karaoke and qhile away time qith probably "no 3 no 4" characters?

Anonymous said...

One oldie quoted jack ma last year sthg about drinking and spending time?

So now jack ma spending significant amt of time practising his vocal cord?

What is he trying to succeed in and for what?

Anonymous said...

Cny hen yr ..... oops ..... rposter yr coming

The last hen yr 2005 was when they announc3d sinkieland economy dying and need go into vices ti prop it up?

12 years had elapsed since and now what else can they attempt?

The real economy sucks but stock mkt in past 2 months heading higher?

What are the jack asses in the financial mkt especially in the ang mo countries up to?

Pulling some stunts but no safety net below (as far as main st is concerned)?

The higher the stock mkt (regardless it ia a bubble waiting to burst), the more fat cats pay chq they are rewarded?

Anonymous said...

Gg forward, dun listen to the nonsense economists and politicians talk?

What they say is as good as the wet mkt botachay blind ox aunties?

Many politicians (and exonomists) are conmen?

Many academics also?

Pian jiak?

Anonymous said...

Whatever they say is to get paid more, not less regardless good times or bad?

They are like lawyers?

Yew win also they get paid?

Yew lose also same?

Politicians, exonomists, lawyers, judges get paid in the end, whether defendants and plaintiffs, victims or accused win or lose cas3?

So the rest are losers?

In america, many pple regard lawyers as scums?

Obama used to lecture law before become nobel winner?

So if lawyers regarxes by many as scums in usa, then obama should be regardes as what since he lecture law last time and mb after 19th Jan 2017?

Anonymous said...

Is there hope (in sinkieland) u may ask?

Where to find hope?

For every generation, Hope often resides in the younger generation?

Anonymous said...

But look at the (bleak) prospects of the younger generation?

Before they come into the qorking world, they already lost?

A lousy flat costs 10 times more than 27 years ago but real salary hardly move an inch in the same period?

Anonymous said...

But thats not all?

Look at the teachers morale?

So how can they bother to compile good notes and teach properly?

Anonymous said...

Why more and more take to tuition?

Yew think the parents crazy?

Time so bad still fork out thousnads of sollars each month just for tuitiin only?

Anonymous said...

Jc students one subject easily $600 and above?

Those chargjng below especially ard $300 ones as good as throw $$$ into the ocean?

So if $600 times 2 subjects already $1,200?

Anonymous said...

Berharap pergi?


Tidak Lebih?

Anonymous said...

Hope gone liao?

UN cannot prevent the mess in ME?

It is like the kfc sit there for ceremonial purpose only?

Anonymous said...

So where is hope?

Oldies already 1 leg in the box?

Younger generation future already screwed before they leave sch and quality of education messed up by low teacher morale but masked by "glowing massaged moderated grades" year after year?

Anonymous said...

The sandwich generation even worst?

Kena chopped in the 30s, 40s, 50s when their commitments are at the peak?

Kena retrenched become taxi drivers everyday also dashed around like mad to compete with fellow drivers and uber, grab drivers for a shrinking pie?

Anonymous said...

The meagre daily takings not even enuf for basic lifestyle and expenses?

How to afford thousand of dollars tuition fees for kids?

Their old folks sick need surgery where got $$$ stay even A or B class, so bo bian put in "cheap cheap" C class lor?