The Americans setting bad examples for China to follow

At the lecture in Harvard, Kishore warned the Americans not to set bad examples that would let China to follow, what the Americans can do, China also can, when the Americans can break all the rules and protocols, why not China. And the Americans have been setting many very bad examples and practices that China would do exactly and tell the Americans that they were just following the precedents set by the Americans.

The spying of other countries, flying spy planes, drones in the sky and under the sea, by the Americans all over the world, in the coastal waters of other countries, violating the territorial integrity of these countries, like what were happening in the South China Sea and East China Sea would be what the Chinese would do to the Americans one day.

The Americans were screaming out their lungs in the seizure of the spy drone in the SCS by China and making an ugly scene out of it. This was what China was expecting and wanting the whole world to know what the Americans are doing and what the Americans are claiming as rightful, permissible under international law. Soon China will be sending its drones and spy planes all over the seas around Diego Garcia, Guam, the Marshall Islands and around Hawaii, claiming that the Americans said these are permissible things under international law and under freedom of navigation and the Americans have no reason to object or protest.

There are many other offensive and unpalatable things that the Americans are doing and China would be exposing them one by one, like the drone incident to draw out American protest and to be used as precedents and justifications for China to do the same to the Americans when the time comes.

The Americans are setting all the bad examples and practices as a hegemonic Empire thinking and claiming American Exceptionalism as the unquestioned and unchallenged Number One super power. The Americans would be tying their hands and looking silly when the Chinese let them have a taste of their bitter medicine, their bad behavior. Just keep doing silly things and the ball will come around.

PS. I have several articles written and ready to post over the holiday. So no sweat. And a Happy Chinese New to everyone.


Anonymous said...

I hope the PAP government also does not set any bad example for an Opposition government to follow.

Anonymous said...

By news in a country

1 will know whether

A country gov is carering

A not.

Anonymous said...

Key word is "care"

Anonymous said...

Old man read history will money eyes. Father of lies. Supported by a well educated class of people. Hmmm...all scare to die. Got future meh? Ho Ho Ho

Anonymous said...

Amos no scare what.lol. Go America also fuck fuck fuck lol

Anonymous said...

Rb //At the lecture in Harvard//

Yeah, mentioning of Harvard, one impt event is coming up during cny ......

FED chairwoman Janet Yellen, who taught at Harvard in the 70s, might (potentially), in the coming FMOC meeting (1 Feb 2017) announce another interest rate hike, given the US NAIRU (Non-Accelerating Inflation Rate of Umemployment) is widely acknowledged between 5 to 6% but current US official unemployment rate (4.6%) is way below NAIRU?

According to another Economics professor (Yale University) Irving Fisher, his Fisher Equation is:

Nominal interest rate (i) = Real interest rate (r) + Inflation rate (Ο€)

=> r = i - Ο€

Anonymous said...

China has already said a couple of weeks ago that it's going to sail its aircraft carrier fleet near the US coastal areas in tit-for-tat moves . . .

Anonymous said...

Let the intellectual fuck each other while the supporters looked in awe and worshipped their fat asses

Anonymous said...

Amos is a bridge Singaporeans cannot cross. If you look at the bridge carefully, it's actually made of flour and cocks ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

What does this translate to for the man on the street?

With (short term) Federal Fund Rate (nominal interest rate is a function of it) at record low (0.25%) for over 6 years from 2009 to Nov 2015 (and at 0.5% from Dec 2015 to Nov 2016; 0.75% from Dec 2016), it inplies that with inflation rate (Ο€) at > 1% (for most of the past 7 years) since 2009, real interest rate (r) in most bank accounts for the man on the street was effectively negative?

In layman lingua, every hundred $ deposited in 2009 would have worth, in real value in 2017 at about 60% to 80% of its actual worth 7 years ago?

Anonymous said...

But why Kishore never said PAP did not set a good example for opposition to follow?

Why opposition MP have affair, PAP MP also got affair, and 2 cases some more?

Is it because PAP is paymaster for Kishore's fat salary, so Kishore better not say?

Anonymous said...

..... Cont'ing @ 11.36am

Going fwd, the table might have turned (in favour of the man on the street if he put in deposits)?

Cos with rising nominal interest rate and likely low or negative inflation rate, real interest rate is significantly higher (and most probably yield positive than negative returns)?

Indeed, in the Year of the Rooster, the table might have turned and the financial market circumstances might favour the small guy in the street than the asset rich top 1%?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi everyone, I will delete the posts of the fakes that tried to use this blog to spread their fake news.

The US has a big problem with raising interest rates. Remember they have a national debt of more than $14 trillion. Not sure how much of this is in T Bills. Every $1 trillion in T Bills at 3% means the US will be paying $30 billion in interests to the holders. If this is $10 trillion, the US will be paying $300 billion in interest per annum. At the rate it is going, the US will never be able to pay off its debt and the debt will keep on mounting.

Raising interest rate will raise the interest of T Bills and means more interest to pay. The US govt is surviving on the assuming that they could keep the revolving T Bills going forever, with new money to pay old debt. When other countries stop buying T Bills, the game stops.

Many govts following the American model of living on borrowings are caught in the same trap, forever having to issue more bonds to cover their mounting debt and hoping for a miracle to wipe off the national debt. If they can rob they would, to delay or to pay off this debt.

Anonymous said...

In secondary school, my classmate was caught for smoking. The discipline master was holding a cigarette in his hand when he lectured him. When my classmate stared at his cigarette, he shouted: "Do what I told you to do, not what I do!"

Anonymous said...

In secondary school, my classmate was caught for stealing people's money. The discipline master was holding people's money in his hand when he lectured him. When my classmate stared at his hands with people's money, he shouted: "Do what I told you to do, not what I do!"

Anonymous said...

Rb, thank you for your post. You make my day. Happy new year to you and your family.πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Anonymous said...

Legal murder, legal robbery, legal slave driver and still want to punch above casino? Got shame or not?

Anonymous said...

Uncle RB, thank you for continuously posting on your blog even during CNY. Uncle RB, this blog really is ..with u & for u...gu gu gu ..Roaster's Year joyous & Huah ah!

patriot said...

Was watching the Lunar New Year Variety Showfrom Mediacorps including the Programme from China
Town/SGP; was struck by
the Phrase 豺狼当道 meaning evil authority, used
by the Geomancer to forecast the Fate of the Zodiac.

Anyway, no matter what;
may l wish Rb and all A Healthy And Lucky Rooster
Chinese New Year.


Anonymous said...

News report on US wanting to upgrade it's already very strong military is more alarming than the calls of the rooster. They had spent tens of trillions of dollars not rupiahs , in weapons and conducting wars in last couple of decades monies enough to eradicate all poverty on earth.

Anonymous said...

小智治事,ε€§ζ™Ίζ²»εˆΆ。As a leader of a superpower with 7 thousands nuclear warheads at his disposal the new president must belong to the second category 。

Unknown said...
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Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Dragon Fly,

Please change point 19 to western culture or whatever culture. Do not use 'Ýellow Culture' which is a phrase used by the west synonymously as Chinese Culture.

You can copy, edit and repost after editing, and delete this comment of yours.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

The bad examples the USA has been setting for the World to follow:

1. The first and only country to use Atomic Bombs to destroy, kill and maim millions of Japanese at Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. No matter what reasons the USA gave, it is never justifiable to kill, maim and cause unbearable sufferings for life, and generations, to the defenseless women and children, whether Japanese or others. And continue, together with Russia, to be the World's Biggest Nuclear Weapons creators, with a total of 35,000 warheads dispersed all over the Earth at the peak in 1967.

2. The atrocities inflicted upon Germany and the German people during and after the defeat of Hitler and Nazi Germany; upon Japan and the Japanese after Japan surrendered during WW II; and upon Vietnam and the Vietnamese during the US-Vietnam War.

3. The use of the Central Intelligence Agency operatives to assassinate, kill, injure, hurt and corrupt foreign leaders at the whims and fancies of US leadership starting from 18 September, 1947, when the CIA was created, till today.

4. The use of spies and double-agents to spy in almost every country in the world.

5. The use of satellites and planes to spy upon almost every country in the world.

6. The use of phone taping and internet monitoring to spy upon any individual in the world, especially national leaders, irrespective of whether allied, neutral and enemies.

7. The invasion of other countries at will, with deceptive and false reasoning and justifications.

8. The flouting of International Laws and United Nations' Resolutions at will, at any time, at any place and at any circumstance.

9. The blatant execution of regime change to topple democratically elected national leaders whenever or wherever they do not tow the line of the USA.

10. The creation, training, financing, maintaining, supporting, protecting and employing of terrorist organizations, such as the Muslim Brotherhood and the ISIS, to destabilize the Middle-East and to force regime-change, thereby also created huge unmanageable refugees problems around the whole World.

11. The extensive, aggressive, reckless and ruthless use of US heavily armed, precise and deadly drones to kill, maim, injure and cause undue and unjustifiable sufferings upon innocent, defenseless and helpless civilians - millions of children, women and men.

12. The use of USA Military Forces to intimidate peaceful countries, large and small, around the world by establishing, deploying and maintaining more than 900 US Military Bases to encircle these countries.

13. The kidnapping and bribing of eminent, professional and highly capable scientists all over the world, especially from Germany after World War II.

14. The silencing of whistle-blowers who reveal, or who have evidence to reveal, the evils the USA leaders and their cronies have been doing.

15. The free printing of the US Dollar to flood the World Market at will by its Federal Reserve.

16. The sabotage of the World Financial Markets in order to benefit her own organizations and individuals.

17. The sabotage of the World Economy in order to cover-up her own national economic problems.

18. The instigation and creation of proxy wars in order to sell weapons and military hardware to other countries.

19. The exporter of caustic and corrosive decadent, depraved, immoral Western cultures to other countries to affect and influence their impressionable young minds.

20. The outright, blatant murder of Saddam Hussein of Iraq and Muammar Gaddafi of Libya.

21. Last but not least, the use of human rights and pseudo democracy to discredit, belittle, suppress, oppress and force other countries to her will.

Please correct me, if I am wrong in any of the items stated above.