Terrex – The end of a drama all for nothing

All the chest thumpings and megaphone yellings ended up all for nothing. It was simply a commercial affair and Hong Kong was just following its law, abiding by its law and going through the due process of its law. Now that the investigation is over, the Terrexes would be returned according to Hong Kong law. Now everyone can have a really good sleep with no nightmares.

Eng Hen is going to celebrate ‘chap goh meh’ with the 9 terrexes, just perfect for a table of ten, including Eng Hen. On the surface this seems to be what the case was all about. Singapore China relations remains intact, China and Singapore are still good friends. So everything back to normal, Singapore can continue with
Starlight in Taiwan.  The One China Policy is also a non issue. Now the loose cannons can continue with their anti China antics and more anti China articles can appear in the media again. Dunno can still tell China to abide by international law, abide by the kangaroo court rulings on Chinese islands and protect freedom of navigation in the SCS or not?

It was all a bad dream and nothing more. All worked up for nothing.

The whole issue got nothing to do with Singapore or the Singapore govt. Hong Kong may take criminal actions against someone, and that someone or organization is surely not Singapore. Thank you Hong Kong, for abiding by the rule of law, some people were worried that you would misbehave and trample the rule of law. Singapore should have faith in the Hong Kong govt from the start that it would be duly and legally handled by the almost same laws that the two cities have in common.  Hong Kong is lucky, if not returned, maybe the next step will see Hong Kong at the ‘UN backed’ Tribunal at The Hague with our world best lawyers handling the case. Or a Japanese would be there to handpick the lawyers for Singapore if Hong Kong refused to attend.

Time to forget the incident and celebrate Chinese New Year.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes it is better to keep quiet and let the drama play out itself.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it is better to keep quiet and let the drama play out itself.
January 27, 2017 8:20 am

Multi-million dollar salaried cabinet.
Do you think they kpkb in the Straits Times just like we kpkb in redbean's blog?

Anonymous said...

Has the PeeSai learnt a lesson from this T-rex episode? Answer is No. From the beginning PeeSai claimed that they r right from the start. And if HK dun return those 9 toys PeeSai & his hunchmen gonna get the best legal counsel & make HK look like an dumb ass. Look like this Hen did a great job ( that's why he is paid millions), Hen is gonna be even more cocky & arrogant to tell HK & China -- dun mess around with PeeSai 'cos PeeSai is a force to be reckon with & we r able to punch above weights ...u better 'siam' or get lost when u c our toys coming u know..

Anonymous said...

Yes Sinkapore punched above its weight. Sinkapore won in this round.

Anonymous said...

Rb //Time to forget the incident and celebrate Chinese New Year.//


It is not (just) abt 9 toys (but your life and sinkies)?

Sinkies are unlikely to be freed from suffocating (most expensive) cost of living?

So cannot let the guards down lah?

Must kpkb (ever louder) from reunion dinner till chap gor meh?

The resolution for year of chicken is to kpkb till lives for sinkies and (ex)pmets turn around?

Anonymous said...

Yes. This is the year of the Chicken.
Do you think Ng Eng Hen will become Prime Minister this year?

Anonymous said...

This year a hen will crow like a cock to mark the Year of the Rooster.
Good omen.

Anonymous said...

So can hen return to papaya CEC???

Anonymous said...

Maybe pinky can come up with another joke of Ah Tiongs out of the ordeal

virgo49 said...

Aiya, you believe all these drama of what NOT complying with Hongkee laws.???

Why the last few shipments previously they don't seize. ???

Why they negotiate more land in Auss Land for training?

This is just one way the Chinese gave face for you not disgrace internationally. The Chinese always believe in giving the wayward unfilial sons a second chance.

But not the bananas.

They must have given an undertaking not to have further dipolamtic realtions with Taiwan short of other connections in Trade and Tourism etc.

After all Taiwan one day will be China and They still prefer a prosperous Taiwan.

China's spokesman just short and sharp said All nations must RESPECT the ONE China policy.

No need to rumble any more. The Hkee will close the matter without what further prosecution.

Anonymous said...

It is called a light touch. A warning what big power can do. Furthermore, the toy cars just occupy useless space and poses minor hindrances and an irritant which serve not Long term purposes. Shall skin the louse another day, right?

virgo49 said...

Anon 8.57

SINKIE land won???

DONT be surprised that the whole bunch of them crawled like the Thai Cabinet Ministers in front of their King.

Backsides protruding to the skies.

If the previous Thai lady PM were to crawl that beautiful but not the Hen, Pinky, and that Vivi.

They need to have massage for their cracking old bones.

Anonymous said...

Rule of law my foot. There is only the rule of law of the jungle of the fat cats and the fat heads!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Just watch anyone being removed from MFAs and whether training in Taiwan will stop will give an indication of what went on.

Definitely no more silly American articles to attack and embarrass China in the local media. And no more nonsensical statements about SCS.

Anonymous said...

Good! Good! Good!

There is a chinese saying...let big issue becomes small issue...
and small issue becomes no issue...

So, it is correct to return the T!

It is indeed a CNY "ang-pow"!


Anonymous said...

Anybody who decides to take me on needs to put on knuckle dusters.
If you think you can hurt me more than I can hurt you...try."
-Lee Kuan Yew, 1997

Since this is 2017
- Did China bring a broom and dust pan instead of a knuckle duster?

Anonymous said...

/// Supposing Catherine Lim was writing about me and not the prime minister...She would not dare, right?
Because my posture, my response has been such that nobody doubts that if you take me on, I will put on knuckle-dusters and catch you in a cul de sac...Anybody who decides to take me on needs to put on knuckle dusters.
If you think you can hurt me more than I can hurt you, try.
There is no other way you can govern a Chinese society.

SM Lee Kuan Yew, The Man and His Ideas, 1997


Anonymous said...

they bully yayapapaya .yayapaya bully you little people...that's life...big yusheng eats small yusheng. happy chinese noose year

Anonymous said...

The bully is dead.
Die already.
Huk pui.

Anonymous said...

What PAP & the news didn't report is the Millions of taxpayer dollars S'pore had to pay to China/HK in order to settle the case. Dunno if govt will claim from APL.

Anonymous said...

@ January 27, 2017 10:43 am

If money not enough. Then just increase the HDB car park fees again lor.
If still not enough, increase price of water and electricity lor.
It's not as if Singaporeans will dare to vote Opposition to protest.

Just increase the taxes lor.

Anonymous said...

"China and Singapore are still good friends."

Where you born? Philosopher King changed the rule in life and for the longest time, we don't make friends in life, we make "useful network". Connect with only people who make you "happy" or BENEFICIAL to YOUR "happiness" - even among families, relatives and "friends".

Happy CHINESE new ears.

Anonymous said...

If your life does not make me "happy", China says to you...go fuck off. A soulless society

Anonymous said...

Rb // Time to forget the incident and celebrate Chinese New Year.//

During the 1941 cny, it was recorded that under their (Japenise) captors, many peesai Chinese were tortured, some with mouth stuffed with water hose and pumped till the stomach nearly burst like an over inflated baloon?

Then the Japenise get some overaized Modi's ancestors (who worked uner the kepemtai) to jump on the Chinese POWs?

Now with highest cost of living globally, the modern peesai residents are in some ways maciam kena tortured till even the intestines also come out and their wallets and bank accounts are all filled with zeros but nothing, no other numeric in front?

All the zeros with u, for u (bankrupt u)?

Anonymous said...

Your inside is dead...there is no "mileage" in you just wayang ...very much like all those "warm" or feel good campaign or propaganda/short stories you watch on TV. Your life is nothing but trailers. Nobody wants to watch your full length movie or waste their time and money. The leaders can write their autobiography but seriously, who buys and read those books?


Anonymous said...

RB. Take a good rest these few days. Keep you pen closed or should I say do not turn on your computer. You deserve a good break. Chinese New Year is for you to pay visits to friends and relatives. Have a Happy & Prosperous Year of the Rooster. Huat ah!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Happy New Year to everyone.

Writing is just a form of mental exercise and keeping myself occupied. Some say it is good for keeping dementia away.

Will try not to post during CNY : )

Unknown said...

Though Singapore has 77% Chinese population, Singapore is no more Chinese! The Bananas and the Black-skin from India have taken over. So, there is no need to celebrate Chinese New Year.
More appropriate to call it Lunar New Year, because 70% of Sinkies have become Lunatics.

Unknown said...

Happy Lunar New Year, RB and all your readers!

Unknown said...

I will refrain from writing comments and articles for three days, to let the festive occasion be what it is, festive, happy and joyous.

Anonymous said...

On actual 1st day of new yr here,

Time stand still.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous January 27, 2017 8:20 am
//Sometimes it is better to keep quiet and let the drama play out itself.//

After belittling China in front of world audience abt smoke and pork soup, in APEC last year, say "Middle Kingdom" (literally means "ZhongGuo", the name of China in Chinese) "dun exist no more", but after ah Trump inauguratrd as 45th Presient on 20 Jan 2017 and cancelled Tee Pee Pee on 1st day (of office), (turned ard 180 degrees and) praised Xi for his speech in Davos 2017 and said those were the right things?

Got keep quiet meh?

Bluff who?

Anonymous said...

@ Chua Chin Leng aka redbeanJanuary 27, 2017 11:23 am
//Happy New Year to everyone.//


Those 54 families kena "sacked" just before cny how to feel pappy ..... oops ..... happy?

They got "think for others" (when they hit many sinkies damn hard)?

They made many sinkies lives (and families) miserable (and expect these pple being made miserable by pappies to make scholars, paper generals, JLBs, pappies and papigs pappy ....... oops ...... happy?)?

Mb some pple think (the daft 70%) sinkies some kena sacked, some kena replaced by 3rd world degree mills ah nehs should (be real daft and dumb) tell the JLBs kena screwed very shiok so feel pappy ..... oops..... happy lor?

Anonymous said...

The leaders can write their autobiography but seriously, who buys and read those books?
January 27, 2017 11:16 am

Their own people, the PAP grassroots will buy the books.
Then they ask the Minister to sign a copy.
You must know how to carry balls under a PAP government.
Carry balls and be a PAP Millionaire.

If you don't carry balls, you end up here with redbean and friends.
Everyday kpkb for free instead of earning millions of dollars in salary from money collected from Singaporeans.

True or not?
You tell me lah.

Anonymous said...

When you go up north visiting the kings, you must go bearing gifts or "Ang Pows"(in economic terms, it is called investments with people's money) to buy "friends". Likewise, learn from your leaders, when you go visiting during cny, don't packet small change or your relatives and friends will scold you behind your back. Your investment in them must bring them "prosperity" or benefits.

After that, you can say to them, see you next year. Do remember that we have "invested" in you and please return the favour or we will shame you on national papers and news reports - the Sin's way.

Anonymous said...

Rb, if you already have ready article, please do post on daily basis cause I am addicted to read your articles daily like reading newspapers. More so since I have not read shit times for several years already so I enjoy reading the articles on your site.

Anonymous said...

It is not complain but rather..sounding the trumpet

Anonymous said...

Not complain

Not kpkb

It is describing, a description?

Saying it as it is?

Calling a spade a spade?

Unless somebolee wants pple to call the spade other names like "giant culinery such as tea spoon"?

CNY or not, essential svcs like bus, mrt, taxi, etc can stop working meh?

When a svc bcums essential (even just for a segment of the population, then

"Anonymous January 27, 2017 2:32 pm
Rb, if you already have ready article, please do post on daily basis......"

..... then if the creative juice is there, by all means since it serves a need, just like public tpt?

Imagine no bus, mrt or taxi, many will suffer especially the lower income masses?

Some regular readers like anon 2.32pm may experience "withdrawl symptoms and cold turkey syndrome" if they can't have their doses of medication ...... oops ....... msn news?

Anonymous said...

Having said that, if uncle RB needs a break (from this suffocating peesai) to visit old frens, relatives ....., by all means stop blogging abt this (shang xin di or) peesai

Better still, cross the border during this long weekend to get away from the suffocating air of heartless JLB scholars and PLPs ......

李开这片伤心地 ........?


A peesai so small and suffocating staying 1 more second is a torture, to the mind, the soul, the body, the spirit, the emotion ........?

So, uncle RB need not post anything if he needs a good break ......

Anonymous said...

Time to affirm comradeship with your divided members and lick sore wounds or for some, sing song and talk cock another year.

Anonymous said...

Stop calling Singapore peesai please.
This is the Year of the Rooster-Chicken.

Please use "chicken shit" instead of peesai.
In front of USA or China ... isn't Singapore just a piece of chicken shit?

Vote out PAP.
Make Singaporeans proud again.

Anonymous said...



redbean taking a Chinese New Year holiday away from blogging.
Do you think CGH surgeons also need to take a break from work?

We have enough land for 6.9 million people.
But not enough doctors for 6.9 million people.

We have enough land for 6.9 million people.
But not enough land to "sell" it to Singaporeans cheaply.

b said...

Papists want sinkies to go au to become citizens. They have more land and space there. Unfortunately, some so stubborn do not want to go so papists have to come out with difficult policies to make them want to go. Papists have their interest at heart because they also believe sinkies lives will be better there. Papists are very good.

Anonymous said...

SINGAPORE - Construction on an Australian plot of land newly available to the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) will likely begin in 2019, Australian Minister for Defence Marise Payne said on Friday (Oct 14).

The plot, called the Townsville Field Training Area, will be about five times the size of Singapore when it is developed. It will be used mainly for army and air training. The SAF does not train there at the moment.


Do you think PAP Millionaires are bastards?
Can buy Australian land for their army.
Will never buy Australian land for Singaporean citizens to build our homes.

Bastard or not?

Anonymous said...

anon 5.34pm

It's not bastard but betrayal to the extreme. Look at their policies r to fleece on all Sinkies ( eg cpf never return at 55, 1000 per mth salary can owe a hdb flat, COE, ERP, HDB parking fees hike, no sooner or later SNCC hike, trash or refuse fee hike etc)...& yet there r still 70% dafts Sinkies still voted Papies ( include those 54 sacked loyal staffs of SJ)...it's a trickery that why being slapped by China when HK withhold those Toys & they return to Sinkieland during CNY to teach these Tricksters a lesson..

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans are petty egotistical nerds..like the leaders. They can't survive in a fight in the bronx. But modern warfare is about technology and machines. Sure, if they fight a technological war like they run their mrt system, one single slip the entire island will get swallowed up in waters. I wonder who nerds are kidding

Anonymous said...

Sure, if they fight a technological war like they run their mrt system, one single slip the entire island will get swallowed up in waters. I wonder who nerds are kidding
January 27, 2017 7:12 pm

The bastards are using money collected from Singaporeans to pay for all their fancy American war toys.
- I ask again
- our F-35 SG plane (or even our F-15 and F-16)
- is there a built-in kill switch that will disable the plane in the event Singapore does not toe the American foreign policy?

Who are the nerds kidding?
- the 70% lah

Anonymous said...

Cock year lol

Where are the obscenity? LoL.

Anonymous said...

Transition has a way of controlling people. For a moment,mrhey behave and then, back to their nonsense. Their leaders have to maintain the tyranny of tradition and keep their nonsense under the guise of law.

Anonymous said...

Please watch Channel News Asia documentary programme "Footprints Episode 2
Conclusive proof that Singapore was not a fishing village in 1965

Lee Kuan Yew inherited a developed country from the British.
Stamford Raffles is the real Founding Father of Singapore.

Anonymous said...

CNY must remember your Father. The words of your Father you shall obey.

b said...


FYI there are very few smart sinkies. The few smart ones already claim by papists and given very high paying jobs with little to do or they already moved out.

Anonymous said...

The few smart ones already claim by papists and given very high paying jobs with little to do ......
January 27, 2017 8:49 pm

Sure or not?
They seem to be quite lousy .... do you think MRT and NOL are good examples?
The high pay is certain.
Their obedience is definitely "running dog" standard
Whether they are really smart ... open to debate.

Unknown said...

China already deployed long-range missiles, with 10 nuclear warheads each, to the Russian border, so that they can reach the US cities. These missiles are also deployed along the coastal provinces near the South China Sea, to protect those islands against attacks by US Aircraft Carriers in the region.

Anonymous said...

"Whether they are really smart ... open to debate"

There are many smart and useless people(self serving idiots). People with character and politically incorrect and extremely annoying to the religious establishment are few(zero in Sg)...like Amos( big balls).

It is not enough to pull down old establishment when you have no idea what to replace with.

Anonymous said...

/// It is not enough to pull down old establishment when you have no idea what to replace with. ///
January 27, 2017 11:34 pm

You are wrong.
The old establishment will never allow us to find a better way to do things.
The old establishment has to be voted out first.
Then the path forward will become clear.

You can't live with cancer.
It has to be removed first.
Only then, a normal life is possible.

Anonymous said...

3.05 pm, u motherfucker lar. What is wrong wanting to read Rb articles daily. His articles are very thought provoking and stimulate your brain not like you stimulate your cock Lat. knn

Anonymous said...

/// It is not enough to pull down old establishment when you have no idea what to replace with. ///
January 27, 2017 11:34 pm

Do you think Singapore is like a leg infected with gangrene (PAP)?
And the cure is like a new prosthetic leg (Opposition)?

You must first amputate the diseased leg (Vote out PAP).
Only then can you heal sufficiently to wear a prosthetic leg (An Opposition government).

The replacement prosthetic leg {Opposition} cannot work properly until the old established leg with gangrene {PAP} is cut off?

Is the above fact or fiction?
True or not?
Search your heart when you vote in GE 2020.

Anonymous said...

Live in Sin, dies in Sin.

Anonymous said...

We know you have reached a dead end. Now go and eat some pie

Anonymous said...

@ January 28, 2017 9:36 am

But PAP say you must join them and help to change from within.
So please join the gangrene and try to stop the leg (Singapore) from rotting off completely.
Good luck with that.

Anonymous said...

Lies lies lies

Father of lies

Unknown said...

Catherine Lim has been knuckle-dusted to the extent, recently, that she has removed her popular blog - catherinelim.sg -

Very pathetic and tragic - all her ideas, views, opinions, etc age gone. Future Sinkies will have no references to dig into about all her opposing view points against the Papa's Party.

Instead of "dead man tells no tales", it has become:

"Because of a dead man, a living and kicking woman tells no tales!"

Really pathetic and tragic a story of the Little Red Dot.