Singapore is the beacon of political honesty

As I said, I am going to write something honest about Singapore. I am going to say the darnest thing about political honesty. Tharman has said his peace and everyone is aroused by what he said and getting very excited. If you missed it, here it is, ‘To tackle social and political issues, return to 'honest politics’. The whole social media is abuzz by this statement. This is the most politically honest statement coming from Tharman.

And I agree with Tharman that we must return to ‘honest politics’ when tackling social and political issues. Singapore is what it is today because of such honesty. Singapore moved from Third World to First World because our politicians and political system are honest.  Wait, wait, don’t throw eggs at me so early. Let me justify my case ok?

Honesty is an inherent trait in Singaporeans and more so in our politicians. Some may say not so sure about opposition politicians. My claim is based on a few assumptions, oops, a few fundamental facts. We have the most well educated population, not counting the foreigners who came here with degrees from genuine degree mills and well respected and recognized as genuinely good. The system has acknowledged their goodness that now they are saying degrees are not important. Honesty is infectious and the foreigners have also become honest like us, and for that we accept their degrees with grace and generosity. No need to check any more to embarrass them.  Also our educated population is educated from world best universities and world best education system, so must be good and can tell the difference between honesty and dishonesty.

With such a clever population, there is no way dishonest politicians can bluff the people unless the people are really daft, a congenital defect. Being dishonest is bluffing, lying, cheating and even conning the people. The very fact that the people continued to vote the politicians into power speaks for itself. The people, all so well educated, cannot be so stupid and cannot tell the difference between honesty and dishonesty. They believe in an honest govt made up of honest politicians saying and doing all the honest things. The whole world must be envious of our politicians. The only element that could undermine an honest govt, money or corruption, has already been taken out from the equation. For that, the people or at least 70% have voted and confirmed that we have an honest govt and honest politicians. This is an indisputable fact.

And our politicians are so honest that they often spoke their mind, honestly. They did not have to hide or lie to tell people they are more than the lesser mortals. They believe that dignity comes from having a big salary. See how honest they are, no need to bluff. They honestly said they need millions or their lifestyle would be affected and would not want to sacrifice their privacy to be politicians. They also believe that if the govt pays good salaries, in the millions, you will have honest politicians or at least no politician will be dishonest with money matters. Town council management or some town council management may be an exception. At least they all started as angels but they cannot be angels all the time. This is honesty.

And honesty is how all the social and political problems are solved here. The latest is the amendment to protect children under police investigation. There is also the urgency to have a minority president and this is done quickly and honestly.  It has absolutely nothing to do with Tan Cheng Bock. The Terrex Incident is also a good case of honesty and how it should be handled honestly for the good of everyone. I am waiting for them to produce the declaration forms in the media as proof on what was actually declared. Honesty will dispel all the speculations and guessing, everything will be transparent and honestly declared.

And honesty means that when they made mistakes they own up. Even when mistakes of hundreds of millions of dollars or billions of dollars were made, they put it on public records.  Our govt is so clean and so honest. This is something the people must be proud of. When they want to fix things they also said so. This is true honesty of the highest level in politics.

I dunno when they said Singapore belongs to everyone is an honest statement or not. But when they said Singapore needs 6.9m population I am sure they are honest about it, that it is only a planning parameter.

I can go on and on about political honesty with many more examples. Singapore would not have come this far if politics and social problems were tackled  dishonestly. It cannot be. Anyone or any politician that is dishonest would be caught with his pants down in an honest system. 

It is time to return to honest politics. What, have we gone somewhere or fell asleep and must now return to honest politics? My apologies, just a Freudian slip. It is good and an honest thing to do to return to the right path should one go astray.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely agreed with you Rb. Sinkies are very well educated so they must be smart right? If they are smart they then make an informed choice in voting in a honest government Tio bo? The 70% are very smart but the 30% are very dumb, must be made up of the uneducated oldies or the young looser. Correct me if my assumptions are wrong lar. Very jialuck if make wrong assumptions here as I would be fried by other commentators😰😰😰😰😰

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Good and fair comments.

Anonymous said...

After so many years of interneting, still have sinkies think they can tell the truth.
Following conversations are fictions for illustrations only. Its honest opinions depend on your own interpretation: "mirror mirror on the wall, who is the honestest of them all?"

"i honest, rats running around is not my problem, wife running away is your problem" "i follow laws, wp got meh?" "$1000pm salary can buy hdb flat" (never tell how many buyers).
"3 millions foreigners create good jobs for locals". U daft foolish, spurs not stuck onto hides, haha.

"sovereignty applies to armoy cars lah, i can send anywhere with sovereignty, from a punch above the weigh country only one in this world, you must follow international laws not to detain sovereignty assets ok"
"i say my law u dont know lah, i can enter taiwan, you said taiwan is china s territory, i have been doing this very loong, i must carryon" "where is my sovereignty when u enter my land?" u have no sovereighty rights when i enter my assets on your land, clear? u foolish, i educated u are not, i from west, u not educated enough on international laws because u not from west.

lastly. "hey listen here, u must return armoy cars" "hey u landed armoy cars on my land, i have laws to apply for illegal landing""u must follow international laws, i have sovereignty rights" "u have sovereignty rights to land on my land meh?" :yaw mor kaw chor ah?"
"i see u in court" :what court? my court?" "no its hong kong court" "oh no"

"why u write to me, yaw moh kaw chor ah? i m not a head of state, u have no rights to write to me lah, this is international laws, armoh? u mind confused zor loh. u write to xi please, please, do not get me into trouble, i work for xi, xi is the head of state lah, yaw moh kaw chor ah?".

Anonymous said...

..to an ordinary Sinkies, honesty means return all the Cpf monies at age 55, who cares about honest politics. It's bread & butter issues. To a honest Sinkies, is about having a decent wages doing honest living, having affordable housing & healthcare, having a honest adequate retirement. Yet Sinkies r the most honest living creatures ( nearly extinct) when they r being misled by the 'd...' leeder to vote these 'hon ..est' MIWs in every elections to be fleeced upon them by their own gahmen with ' ..what's wrong with collecting more money?..cos all their policies r '..for u ..with u ..' Sinkies politicians r the most honest in this planet more so than China leader XJP corruption clamp up..what's more can we say..

Anonymous said...

“We have to find a way in which honesty comes back into politics, and a sense of long-termism, because each of the major challenges that we talked about - every one of them - requires actions that only pay off over multiple electoral periods."
- Tharman

Please read carefully hor.
"requires actions that only pay off over multiple electoral periods"

Is he asking us to continue to vote PAP "over multiple electoral periods"

Anyhow, it looks like the same old wine in a new and "honest" bottle.
Whatever the problems ... the solution is always to vote PAP.

Is breaking your promise about the return of my CPF money at 55 years old ... dishonest?

Anonymous said...

Voltaire once wrote: “To find out who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”

Who are we not allowed to criticize in Singapore politics?
- did someboLee go to jail recently for criticizing a dead person?

Anonymous said...

Ask the first lady of Singapore to honestly tell us how picture of a monkey showing middle finger can be ''accidentally'' pick and posted on FB or tweeter or instantgram

Anonymous said...

...in front of a 'wolf', dun talk bout 'honesty' to a wolf lest u wanna get eaten up! In politics, no such thing as 'honest' politics , its all about deception, treason, trickery using all forms of unscrupulous means to achieve ones selfish gains .. someone with a 'wolf' nature may even disguised as 'sheep' to fool a sheep to believe & follow them only to be eaten up by a wolf. . remember the story of the little red riding hood, the three little pigs, '喜羊羊和灰太狼'..so dun be fooled be these 'white' politicians, for u believe them u mati first..

Anonymous said...

" a sense of long-termism"

Politics is going into abstract words, " redistribution" "regenerations" "termism", it is a sign of snake oil sales man running out of tricks. Educated guessing is the new form of politics. No concrete plan what politicians can do. They just collect salary and wait for what will happen. If someone attacks the coasts, they run off and command you there, defend the land. If riots caused by foreigners, u will have to wait for standard time one hour to deal with foreigners. If there is no attack and no riots, they will sit there to collect salary, telling you words they found in dictionaries.

Anonymous said...

"We have to find a way in which honesty comes back into politics ... "
- Tharman

Tharman, my young friend.
Are you suggesting that honesty has left Singapore's politics?
How can this be?
And what's wrong with collecting more money from Singaporeans?
And what's wrong with paying more money for politicians' salaries?

Anonymous said...

Stop the koyo on honesty. It is no longer a believed koyo for healing leg pain or arms pain. It is a bluff because people learned, the pain could be the heart blockage.

Any one thinking honesty is a cure to singapore politics is like believing the Pap ward will not get into cpib investigation while wp ward will definitely get into cpib investigation. The honest minister had said $70millions should be recovered from WP TC for tax payers money. Did tax payer see the minister did it by asking WP to return the $70millions? No it was never done. It was just words to disgrace the WP. The minister did not do it the concrete way forcing WP to return the $70millions he said over charging the tax payers.

U cannot trust the pap minister as he was so sure of a figure $70millions over charging, yet he never took legal action against WP to recover the money. Why? Honest politics? Its not. Its snake oil politics. Attacking WP without taking concrete legal actions.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with making 18 year old boys work for peanuts for 2 years doing National Service?
- if their family don't have enough money
- their elderly parents can always collect cardboard or clean toilets for peanuts

This is good honest work for peanuts.
- what is so dishonest about this?

70% of Singaporeans want this type of honest work and pay

Anonymous said...

@ January 11, 2017 12:48 pm

If WP Town Council really did something wrong;
I demand a CPIB investigation straight away.
So many years ... still no CPIB investigation .... is this honest?

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:52pm
There was no cpib investigation means cpib cannot fix WP Town Council.

Fix lah, fixing object is there. Fixing tools are not there.

Why other Town Council got fixed? subject to further investigation by cpib.

The fixing tools are there lah.

Anonymous said...

Never ever ask a crude woman
about anything,
unless you want to be shown
the middle finger.

patriot said...

As a Sinkies,
l live by having
positive thinking
and euphemistic
Not that l like it
this way as there
is only one way to
stop me from self
radicalization and
to prevent me from
getting my family
and myself into

To be brutally
honest and candid,
l feel we have a
big pack of wolves
in sheep skins ever
ready to devour the
Daft Sheeple.

Best of all, the
Sheeple is enjoying
a hot bath in a boiling

Honesty and Integrity??
What are they in Sin???


Anonymous said...

I like Indonesians.
They are a beacon of honesty about the corruption of their politics.
What about Singaporeans?

Anonymous said...

Everything they say is what they say. Who else have a say?

If they say their politics is honest, who can argue with them?

If they now say we must adopt honest politics, who can say that what is past is also honest politics practiced by them?

There is an old Chinese saying that politicians have two mouths, the upper and lower mouths, denoted by the word 'kuan'. When they talk, you have to find out whether it comes out from the top or bottom. What comes out from the bottom we underatand is just farting.

Anonymous said...

All Sinkies' Happy-collecting-million-dollars-of-tax-payers-money-consciously Multi-Millionaire Ministers know very well that at least 70% of Daft Sinkies love fairy tales.

Not long ago, one Sinkies' Happy-collecting-million-dollars-of-tax-payers-money-consciously Multi-Millionaire Minister justified his Million Dollar salary in Parliament by telling an ancient fairy tale about the Butterfly Lovers of The Great Middle Kingdom.

Now, you have another Happy-collecting-million-dollars-of-tax-payers-money-consciously Multi-Millionaire Minister attempting to tell a modern fairy tale in his own honest-to-goodness way, trying to sell a new brand of product branded as "HONEST POLITICS", which must have been invented by expert political scientists over millenniums of time.

This is really good news for Sinkies, I mean Daft Sinkies. Sorry, I meant really Daftest of the Daft Sinkies.

Hey, I am afraid the Daftest of the Daft Sinkies do not know what is "Honest Politics". They said they never heard it before in their whole life. They ask, is this a new product from aliens in the Outer-Space?

Can someone please define what is "Honest Politics" in simple, non-complicated, straight-forward, and honest-to-goodness way? If you can give some examples from real life experiences, it would be most appreciated. But please don't reply with another fairy tale. There are too many top-notch fairy tales story-tellers already. (In fact, I just told a fairy tale not too long ago about "The Dragon, Dragonfly and Fly".)

P/S: What Redbean illustrated cannot be fully accepted as "Honest Politics". Sorry Redbean. A thousand apologies.

Anonymous said...

If you enter politics, honesty is a different meaning. Don't be so naïve.

b said...

He is insulting the PM Lee that he conducts dishonest politics. Is he planning a takeover? He should be sacked. This kind of message very bad for sg image.

Anonymous said...

The fact that he or they are now talking about 'honest politics' seems to suggest we have been taken for a ride for the last 50 years. What would a simple minded person think of when he hears the call to adopt 'honest politics' going forward? Was there much more than meets the eye over the last 50 years? I wonder what the ogre would think about this pronouncement. It suggest a grave insult to his whiter than white party and he could be wriggling in his grave. Hopefully he does rise up to put things right as he warned time and again.

Anonymous said...

"We have to find a way in which honesty comes back into politics ... "
- Tharman

Tharman. Young man.
The way is simple.
Singaporeans must vote in an Opposition Party.
Occupy at least 30-40% of the seats in parliament.
So that they can subject the PAP to robust questioning.
Checks and balance.

The Opposition checks so that PAP can better balance between right and wrong.
No more blank cheques.
No more ownself check ownself.

Anonymous said...

Keeping it a secret to transport sensitive equipment is correct and not dishonest, the problem lie on the careless mistake made by third party shipper, and the owner's poor judgement on selection of the shipper. In this instance the owner bore the worst consequent of wrong judgement.

Anonymous said...

In this instance the owner bore the worst consequent of wrong judgement.
January 11, 2017 7:21 pm

What consequences?
There are no consequences.
Any General or Minister got sacked?

Lost 9 Terrex so what?
Build some more lah.
Collect more money from Singaporeans to build some more lah.
What consequences?
You think Singaporeans dare to vote Opposition?

Anonymous said...

You need t be free before you can be honest. When your soul has been contracted, there can never be true honesty or be even honest.
For many, their minds have already been so twisted by society, they can't make out right and wrong.

The rest have to ask fundamental questions whether can afford to be honest such as: will I die if I be honest? Will I lose if I be honest? Will my boss approve if I be honest? Will my laobo approve if I be honest? Will religion approve if I be honest? Will my company lose money if I be honest? Will I lose my life and freedom if I be honest? Does anyone care if I be stupidly honest?

Will you be honest for my sake?

Anonymous said...

With millions of dollars at stake, fuck honesty!

Anonymous said...

Go and look at your colleagues, peers, friends, relatives, family members, neighbours and strangers in the eyes and...laugh pls.

Anonymous said...

Basically, you have idiotic leaders permeating society. Don't hope to be decent human beings under them. I am even doubtful you are decent lol

Anonymous said...

Need a honest place 1st.

Then got honest peple.


Anonymous said...

Daddy! Daddy!
I want to learn how to do honest politics.
Daddy! Daddy!
I cannot find any honest politician in Singapore to teach me.
Daddy! Daddy!
Long ago. Why did you get rid of all of them?

Anonymous said...

"China has pledged to take on greater responsibility for regional and global security including increasing its military might, with a warning to small and medium countries in the region to avoid taking sides between big powers."

Now go and bow to your new dragon emperor. Be honest and bow.

Anonymous said...

They are pointing a gun to your head.

Go and be honest with them lah.

Anonymous said...

When you bow, remember to thank the old man for waking up the dragon with money making ideas and the "good life".

Anonymous said...

"Rules of individual countries should not automatically become “international rules,” and countries should not be allowed to violate the lawful rights and interests of others under the pretext of rule of law, it pointed out."

In other words, your parliament is talking s h I t

Anonymous said...

//Now go and bow to your new dragon emperor. Be honest and bow.//

Now, Sinkieland olredi got a dragoon why should Sinkies kowtow to that new dragone emperor ..u see our Sinkieland Dragoon no up? He & his white party r the most honest beings here in this planet ( if not the entire galaxy) with out of this world salaries & no corruption & they r always honestly with u, for u , 4ever & ever...where can u find such honest beings on this earth ( even angels got to give way to them becos there isn't such thing as double hatting, only double snaking is allowed...so where else can u find )....only THE ONE an equivalent to the GOD can beat them..that is GOD LKY ( whom promise to rise up from grave when he smell trouble...so dun play play) ..when God LKY walk the earth again whatever dragones will fall..lets wait & see...

Anonymous said...

LoL....LKY has Chinese blood. One LKY here....they can easily find hundreds if not thousands in the motherland like him with the abilities to skin you dickheads alive like he did

Don't play play with the...Chinese :)

Anonymous said...

You idiots handed the thief the loot.

Anonymous said...

//LoL....LKY has Chinese blood. One LKY here....they can easily find hundreds if not thousands in the motherland like him with the abilities to skin you dickheads alive like he did//

...u have underestimated the power of Sinkieland God LKY ...on march 23rd 2017, the return of GOD LKY will set the Chinese into fear ..millions or billions of these Chinese motherfuckers whom offended HIM shall be in trouble...some kind of a calamity or plagued or disaster gonna hit China..let wait & see ..

Anonymous said...

Over the other side of the globe...the exiting black emperor was in tears....over the old covenant.

The man was beaten up and still clueless

patriot said...

Sin had a Horrible Man who told his idolators that Sg was a fishing village when
got it from the British.

You know what?
The Stupid Sinkies took his
word for gospel.
Sinkies born before the 60s were mostly aware that Sgp
was the Busiest Seaport in
the World since the Early
1800 whence Stamford Raffles
make Sgp into an entrepot port and also a headquarter
for his East India Company.

And when the Horrible Man took over Sin, Pulau Bukom
was the World's Largest Oil
Refinery for nearly a 100 years then.
lt was only overtook
by Middle East and European
Nations not too long ago.

Whether Ruler and Leeder are honest, have integrity or not
is just half the story. lf the People choose to be daft and stupid, then they should blame politicians for their


patriot said...

'......when HE got it from the

'......then they should NOT blame politicians for their

Corrections to my earlier post

My apology.


Anonymous said...

"Professor" of ...... ahem ..... kpkb: //With such a clever population, there is no way dishonest politicians can bluff the people unless the people are really daft, a congenital defect.//

Talk is cheap?


Whether not so old "oldies" (below 75-yo) are daft or not (congenital defect) need empirical evidence lah?

Anonymous said...

It is not uncommon (for) old "youngdies" (below 75-yo) to be NOT considered "real" oldies under the "NEW NORMAL"?


Yew are really oldies if above 75?

Anonymous said...

To the prewar generation (those born 1941 and before), those 75 and below are "young punks or youngdies"?

How many old "youngdies" (between 65 to 75) are there (in msn), pls kee chiu?

The point is, are they (these pple) daft?

Anonymous said...

How to know?


Look at their forearms (after they are discharged from hospital whenever they are admitted (for whatever illnesses)?

Anonymous said...

Yew see?

There are ever sinkies who (purposely) opt for class C wards when they are admitted to observe ......?

Once, somebolee said (in public coffeeshop tkss) that he observed how many old "youngdies" kena "extract blood" several times (a day) while warded in hospital .......?

Anonymous said...

Empirically, many of these old "youngdies" are really daft (from observation"?

Kena "poked" by countless needles (to draw blood) and forearm kena (poked until) blue black also "gong gong"?

Some more some (foreign) nurses often (purposely?) poked many times (to find the blood vessels)?

Anonymous said...

The elites (retired or not) really out of touch (with the ground and/ or real conditions on the ground)?

Once there was this ah Ngiam or ah Tong or ah Dow said he went hospital and he observed the nurses (majority foreigners?) all verLEE "good" (and this (out of touch elitist) ah Ngiam or ah Tong or ah Dow was so impressed)?

This (out of touch elitist) ah Ngiam or ah Tong or ah Dow think any ah Ter, ah Kow, ah Beng, ah Seng, ah Leng, ah Gong WILL GET the same "best nurses" (to serve him) or "best services"?

Anonymous said...

Those old "youngdies" who earn $600 per month or less than 2k who went hospital especially class C would know the type of service they get?

Got same as what (the elitist out of touch) ah Ngiam or ah Tong or ah Dow get or not?

But this (elitist out of touch) ah Ngiam or ah Tong or ah Dow think everyboLEE will get the same (elitist, top rate) service he (eveLEEtime) gets?

Anonymous said...

Do you think Ah Ngiam got his mouth shut because he tried to talk honest politics without permission?

Anonymous said...

Master (Degree) of Art (of KPKB): //Singapore is the beacon of political honesty//

Sin(land) is the beacon of (no) hope when a young sch boy made an "alleged mistake", he was "thoroughly humiliated publicly" (and paid with his life)?

Sin(land) is a beacon of (no) hope when politicians (and Botak-nomics) screwed up the economy and can still talk of ......... (without any guilt or shame)?

Sin(land) is a beacon of (no) hope when even the slightest mistake made by (non-aristocratic) sinkies are met with the maximum sledge hammer punishment, intimidation, instilling of (unbearable) fear, worthless, (even if the sinkies are underage sch children in their growing up years when countless parachuted useless, worthless, skill-less JLBs paid in the millions can make countless blunders after blunders yet paid millions and millions in salary (and even 30 months of bonuses in a single year) and go 101% scotfree and get promotion some more)?

At the count of 3,

In this land of (unlimited) SIN(s),

EveLEEboLEE facepalm 1 gazillion times NOW?


Yes, pls con't facepalm till eve of cny .......?

Yew deserve it?

Anonymous said...

Professor Leng: //I can go on and on about political honesty with many more examples. //

What examples?



Anonymous said...

9th dan (black belt) kpkb master: //It is good and an honest thing to do to return to the right path should one go astray.//

Like Yaw Shin Looong?

Sxxx times reported he now called "Amos Rao"?

VerLEE high post in Mya Mya land?

Anonymous said...

How abt Laura's lover?

Or Wetdy's?

Botak Ong?

Anonymous said...

How come Sxxx times nvr provide updates on Botak Ong?

But they went all the way to manland and mya mya land to "dig" out Yaw ..... oops ...... Amos Rao?

Simply UniqueLEE Sin(land)LEE HonestLEE PoliticaLEE?

Anonymous said...

NNA LIPBOXING (KPKB) MASTER: //......... not counting the foreigners who came here with degrees from genuine degree mills and well respected and recognized as genuinely good.//

The chn has a phrase?

SomboLEE tawked for the sake of tawking?

The chn said believe such pple later "become mati liao terribLEE painfuLEE horribLEE and no place to bury (some more)"?

patriot said...

Those who died in Sin
are mostly suspended
between the Ground and
the Sky.
No chance of returning
to dust.
Shall remain as ashes
and imprison within a


Anonymous said...

10.29pm //没得入土为安。//

The chn say:

Si wu cang sheng zi di?

Terrible to die in sin(land)?

Anonymous said...

10.29pm //Those who died in Sin
are mostly suspended
between the Ground and
the Sky.//


So before the leg kick no more, faster go Sago Lane Level 2 Hawker Ctr meet your idol and drink till mapok?

After that if drunk too mapok to go home can sleep along the the pavement beside Sago Lane?

Yew wont be alone?

Many others sleeping there too ......

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Let's be kinder to that generation of people. Many are illiterate or semi literate, did not have the privilege of formal education. They are a lost generation in a way. But they lived, earned a living, built the foundation for Singapore today, but sadly to be given away to foreigners.

They are just spending their last few years or days on earth before saying farewell to this world.

Let them be happy with what they are doing.