Medical Centres across the Causeway to benefit Singapore

Thomson Medical Centre is going big in Johore Bahru. So were many other hospitals from around the world. JB is going to be a boom town, with the best medical facilities without the outrageous charges in Singapore. JB is going to be a threat to Singapore’s medical hub if things go on as planned.
There is really no competition if JB can bring in the best doctors to helm the medical industry and will provide a good alternative to Singapore and Bangkok as the region’s medical hub. It has all the comparative advantages to make medical industry a success in JB. Get the formula right, the quality of the medical professions and the services, and JB will be on its way to replace Singapore. There are conditions to overtake Singapore and it is not a given.
Patients from all over the world would have a good alternative to the Singapore brand at a more affordable price. Singaporeans too would stand to benefit from this option. The only drawback is transportation. Sinai Airport would be pushed to the limits with medical tourist arrival. It needs better connections to other parts of the world, even to/from Singapore.
Singaporeans would have a little problem accessing the medical facilities in JB. In non critical cases, when time is not a problem, JB is a good choice. For critically ill patients, there is a caveat. They may not survive the jams at the Causeway, stuck for a couple of hours or more could be death threatening. Unless of course the JB govt could open a special fast lane for medical patients to pass, otherwise it is no go for critically ill patients to test their fate in the Causeway jam.
The jam and security and the causeway fees are obvious trouble in the way of the medical industry. It would be a pity if everything is in favour of JB, to flourish as a new international hub but be held hostage due to a few silly problems and failed.

Would Malaysia do anything to make JB a success or do silly things to ruin the hopes and dreams of many entrepreneurs that pour in their money to want JB to be the next commercial and industrial centre, including the next medical hub?


Virgo 49 said...

Mr RB, Malacca Mahkota Medical attracts Indonesians just across the Malacca Straits and by ferry direct.

They paid a fraction of what Singapore statutory and private hospitals charges.

The medical facilities and doctors are equally competent.

Think run by one Singapore Medical Group.

Even Singaporeans and those Malaysians married to Sinkies went there for their medical hospitalization. With approval from referral by Sin doctors, Singaporeans also able to utilise their Mediaave there.

Singapore high costs of medical treatment and Sharp scapels by our doctors no longer attract these medical seeking tourists.

So has to built in JB for the revenues. SINKIE land developers scapled not only residential but also commercial properties.
With the full co operations in league with the PAP.

Business cannot breathe above water. So has to venture overseas. JB sultan offered the opportunities.

Anonymous said...

Indeed it looks very very very attractive!

But, many many many challenges attached, still unresolved.

Security, the mega infrastructures and political issues just to name a few.

Not so easy! Not so easy!

If so easy to profit, the Q will be very very long from JB to Sentosa.

Someone warned before that with a stroke of a pen, the policies there may changed.

I may be too conservative! You dare?

All the best! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Now sickerporians have at least a cheaper alternative.
Malacca Mahkota is not only cheaper, the environment and pace of living are also far superior and more condusive to recovery.

Johor will soon be the Hub of
South East Asia.
All that needs to be done is for it to build an international airport for it to be the gateway to the world.

Anonymous said...

JB is built to compete directly with Sinkieland, it's said to be the next Shen Zhen of SE Asia hub, a direct competitor of Sinkieland. In no time, Sinkieland bsiness will be gradually replaced, a mass exodus of Sinkies will take place as it becomes even more convenient with the HSR being constructed. In terms or bsinesses & jobs, good & bad for Sinkies due to competitions.

Anonymous said...

Pinky should increase the grow by his usual method. Import pmet from sunny lands and offer them jobs to take over private companies banking sectors and civil service. Only foreigners can compete with Najib s china huge investment at malacca. The new town can take in almost a millions residents. It comes with deep port to handle china cargo.

Singapore now is left with single and only one option. Its industries were destroyed and damaged in previous immigration of 2.6millions population. Pinky should take in 3 millions more to complete his ambition to rule 7 millions population before nature ask him to rest in peace. This is his only trick to show figures. The guarantee is S$ will have to be adjusted to 1.2 per usd again. This time all sinkies voters will drink urine as Johor is also having shortage of drinking water. Sinkies must enjoy Pinky s world best and first division class policies to disallow them to earn good income so that when they are old they will kpkb asking pap for help. That is a good result.

Singapore will boost is power buying 50 F35 to watch over china chinese ambitious development at Johor and Malacca. It must now build an aircraft carrier to tour at Scs to match china s old refurbished liaoling touring at Scs. Help the US carrier will boost Pinky s status in world class politicians listing.

Anonymous said...

Johor and Malaysia as a whole can be a great attraction by preserving and developing Natural/Nature and Authentic Malay Cultures in traditional livings, especially in food, art and fashion.

Man made artifacts have all lost their lures to urbanites.
Modern folks are more keen on nature and fondly returning to the Past.
Malaysia has all the Attribute of a great place to
live or visit.
Plenty of natural resources couple with fertile land and abundant marine produces and fine weather throughout with little or no natiral disaster,
Malaysia is a land destined for great living.
Johor is the Right Place to make Malaysia great.

patriot said...

Sin has priced itself out of competition due to greed.
As the lncumbent Prime Minister puts it, Sin is not
too bad a place. ln fact Sin Leeders have claimed that Sinkies are still the lucky ones even if they poor in Sin
compare to poors elsewhere.
Well, what do You say?

Me thinks 500 years to a nation is consider shortlived.

At most l have 10/20 years
left, if lucky, so no chance
for me to see Sin after that.
However, l am really curious about Sg 60 and 70.

Any forecasts or foresights??


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Sultan of Johore is going to make Johore the equivalent of Shenzhen, the bright spark of economic growth and prosperity in Malaysia, provided the Federal government did not trip him along the way. Given a free hand, there is nothing to stop the Sultan to show what he can do and turn Johore into a role model for the rest of Malaysia.

patriot said...

l expect the Central Government to clip his(Johor Sultanate) wings as he and his son are vocal against the Current Ruler.
The Central Government will and shall not tolerate the much created rumours that Johor wants to break away to become autonomous. This will not happen or be tolerated.

However, it should never be ruled out that Both the Johor
State Governers(Part of the Central Government) and the Central Authority could both
develop Johor and Malaysia as
a whole for the Wellbeings of Johor State and Malaysians as a whole. This is likely to be the Direction.

Be it Local or Geopolitiks, Malaysia should expect some
meddling from regional politics and external influences. The Threat will not be potent if the Malaysian Government is benign and competent. Think
the Malaysians shall prevail.

Wish them well.


Anonymous said...

If Johor is to boom as what Shenzheng now, with world class manufacturing, exporting products of world standard such as oppo (real name not opposition), Singapore will be hit hard.

Abundance resources in Shenzheng come from mainland. HK chose to be self contained. Its foods stuff is now expensive. China hs a train station at honghom to supply daily fresh foods to HK, but prices go up as Shenzheng become expensive. Shenzheng is far more interesting to shop than orchard road. Orchard road those stuff and brands are everywhere in HK and china cities. Singapore is faced with high rental, the world highest. Shortage of supplies. It does not plant simple vege. When Johor is booming crowded with more residents, things will become expensive there. Supplies to Singapore like fish, vege, will be more expensive than now.

Add the high rental, with expensive materials like fish meat vege, Singapore s main business now FnB will face less customers. Main reason is Pinky is supplying his preferred labor from India and Philippines. The cheap asking price for labor is the only factor bringing down citizen s asking labor price ie salary.

Pro long in blocking the asking price for labor while materials and rental stay high prices, citizens will have low disposable income to spend on FnB, and others.

Pinky is killing the economy year after year by supplying cheap labor to buy time for himself. When it time for him to go, the entire economy will have to be rebuilt. Can singapore run without export but keep feeding the developers with high rental? Johor provide investors in manufacturing with cheap land and labor. Many Malaysian PR living in Singapore can shift back to Johor to earn their boom time while Singapore citizens continue to vote for Pap to support developers to get rich. That is the 2017 scenario. Worst Pinky is fond of poking the deep pockets china to prevent them investing sensible things or manufacturing in sinky land.

US Trump will poke at China for China s stand to side NK. NK claimed it could shoot to US shore now. Trump must be scared. Of course to fight with China will make Trump more scared. Pinky is handy to provide Trump a good hand to hammer China. That will make China more determine to help Najib and pump in more money at Johor. Sinkies need to change habit to vote for pinky for the sake of their children s future.

Anonymous said...

/// JB is going to be a threat to Singapore’s medical hub if things go on as planned. ///

How can JB be a threat if our Temasek linked companies are participating in Johor's good fortune?
Of course if the above is true, then only Temasek linked companies will benefit.
Singaporeans as usual can eat shit and die in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Johor increase car levy for cars going into Johor.
Singapore "retaliate" by also increasing levy for cars going into Singapore.
Both the governments "accidentally" end up collecting more money.
As usual, Singaporeans will vote PAP ... and will eat shit and die.

This is called the virtuous prosperity cycle.
Prosperity for the governments.

True or not?
Probably just a fairy tale.

Anonymous said...

'Anonymous said...
Johor increase car levy for cars going into Johor.
Singapore "retaliate" by also increasing levy for cars going into Singapore.
Both the governments "accidentally" end up collecting more money.
As usual, Singaporeans will vote PAP ... and will eat shit and die.'

This is the big proof of stupidity in the North. Singapore will take every opportunity to make travelling to the North difficult and expensive for Singaporeans and the Fed garment is just falling into this trap, helping to keep Singaporean from patronising Johore.

The most frightening thing will be to make travel to the North cheap and easy, and all the money will flow Northwards. But stupidity has no cure.

Anonymous said...

@ January 03, 2017 11:38 am

So you really think both the governments are fighting each other.
And it's not true that they are both secretly laughing all the way to the bank.

Then in that case, you must be right.

Anonymous said...

They would build and build and then throw in all the rules to chase the buyers away.

This is their sure lose formula.

Anonymous said...

The simultaneous increase in car levies by both Johor and Singapore
- do you think it's a great example of cross-border government cooperation to collect more money?

Anonymous said...

Singapore s medical still attract the rich to come in because the doctors are singapore citizens trained from local institutions.

Once all the doctors are replaced by foreigners, they will not come. It is a matter of time as foreigners are taking over. It makes no difference for singapore hospitals to site in JB. The doctors are malaysians. Business should be initially better and later time might decline when the services are dissected by consumers. Some singapore private hospital has mixed up sperm and result wrong child being born. I strongly suspect some hospital depending on foreigners to do admin jobs like taking samples of patients. They lack the refinement and focus on job details comparing to locally trained staff.

It is the same theory: some authority trying to squeeze jobs tasks to positions and pay them extra low salary because they are from foreign lands and they are introduced or sold by HR agents who made thousands from them without working hard like them. Obviously these staff are not motivated. Its the system what Pap s current practices caused the problems. Not motivated foreigners staff did cause hospital problems such as giving wrong medicines or instructions to use the medicines causing risk of life.

From Johor s new developments, Singapore need to change to stay ahead. Change what? Higher standard of services needed. Some will say, with Pap s lower pay better policy?
That is the cross road. Voters must decide. Singapore can decline very fast.

In current trends, look at the properties empty displaying almost anywhere, look at the bonds defaults are frequent, no money to pay, many bonds do not pay interest now. Look at the politicians telling voters you can do it i have confident. It is chilling. That is their jobs to tell voters what is the current situations, real one. U never hear a words.

But i project, the decline is high chance than incline. In whatever direction, if decline, the speed will be exponential NOT linear. What is exponential decline? Double or triple speed in dropping. It will not be able to reverse easily if we keep doing the same things this year.

Anonymous said...

Medical tourism. Redbean forgot to mention the medical tourism to Bangkok, Thailand.

Singapore surgeons in Singapore get their business from medical tourists who come here for remedial surgery for botched up surgery done elsewhere.
- the really rich Singaporeans get their surgery done in USA.

Anonymous said...

Problem is, are good doctors willing to stay and work in JB?

Or u want to be attended by doctors who graduated from Malaysian or Indian Universities? Will you entrust them with major medical problems?

Anonymous said...

Singapore is totally doomed if Johor encourage sinkie to transfer all their monies to Johor bank with special attractive interest rate(higher than sinkie bank) specially designed for sinkie customer.

To make thing much worse, Johor might give free aparment built in Iskandar region ( Chinese developer had built too many house there)to those lucky Sinkie customers in a special draw.

news :Chinese property developers flooding Johor Bahru with 500,000 apartment homes

Sinkie is officially dead if they had hire a good adviser,like me.

Anonymous said...

Johor could went further to destroy pride of Singapore by replacing Mediacorp with Johorcorp ( producing better quality chinese drama than sinkie) .

All sinkie actors and actress would abandoned Mediacorp and choose to work with Johorcorp with better salary ,opportunity, and market.

Johorcorp would then broadcasted their Chinese drama to Sinkie land eventhough Sinkie govt dont allow them do so.

Johorcorp would organise much grand New Year Countdown and CNY with big star celebrities.

Johorcorp would organise Star Search to steal all talents away from Sinkie.

In the end, nobody want to watch mediacorp drama. Sinkie govt lost control to influence the mind of Sinkie.

Sinkie would exposed to Johor propaganda in Johorcorp Chinese drama.

JohorCorp would organise Star Awards for their celebrities. All former Ah jie and ah gor mediacorps stars would attend because they are currently employed with Johorcorp.

Star award in Mediacorp are filled with new young faces which Sinkie dont recognise at all.

Anonymous said...

let this retired fortune teller say something.......

properties in jb will be difficult to sell without singapore govt involvement.......

since singapore govt wants 10M.......

singapore govt could buy up the mega properties from jb (freehold) and then re-lease them to singaporeans "cheap" at 60 yrs leases......

one stone kills two birds........

another profitable solution..........


Anonymous said...

Do sinkie media cock ever feel embarrassed that even thai actor, actress and thai drama is more popular in mainland China ?

youtube :Top 10 Thai Celebrities Who Are Popular in China

Anonymous said...

Which is more important, or which is a bigger, Chinese buyers/investors or Singapore buyers/investors?

The problem with Malaysia is that they want to make profits but at their stupid terms that no one dares to touch. And they would happily change the rules against investors and property buyers and destroy everything they built, including confidence and trust.

Singaporeans have learnt their lessons and would not throw their hardearned money there anymore. Maybe the govt got a lot of money to throw and would dare to buy. OPM is easy to spend, I mean invest.

b said...

No choice. Sg political class is just too expensive. Even highly lucrative medical industry has to relocate to JB.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans have learnt their lessons and would not throw their hardearned money there anymore.
January 03, 2017 4:31 pm

Sure or not?
Year in, year out.
Singaporeans keep voting PAP.
Keep paying and paying.

I doubt if Singaporeans are capable of learning any real lessons.

b said...

No choice. Sg is a playground for the rich and famous. Only those rich and famous and those working for rich and famous can live in sg.

Anonymous said...

"retired fortune teller say something"
I almost choked on a malaysian made stout. I tell u it is the best stout taste. Lots of difference from what i tasted may years ago in JB.

Fortune teller has money to play in Iskandar? you should not tell such saying. I respect fortune teller but i never listen to one. Iskandar properties cannot sell easily because there are few resale buyers. That is a problem to singaporeans developer. It is never a problem to china developer. China developer do not see quick take up. Often their properties are like ghost town. They can take it.

Now more china men and women are in Johor and Malacca to work, you will expect resales in Iskandar to pickup. Singaporeans can hardly make money They cannot hold properties empty for years.

From the stout i tasted, i thumb up to malaysia manufacturing. Very good progress. Sad for singapore s APB. the stout is not improving although the entire APB is already owned by Thailand.

Singapore actually is poor country now. On paper the leeders say they have lots of reserves. In real fact, APB was sold, many others, i wander when is the airline and the bang, the bang that has lots of defaults on bonds it sold. That bang even had employees sold its customers details to somewhere in china in order for its HK branch employees to earn on loans commissions. Something is going on in that country across the iskandar. Kan pei, stout is good for you.

Unknown said...

Why Thomson Medical Center is moving to Johore Bahru?

Could these be one of the reasons, other than for profit motive?

1. Family of woman who died during childbirth allowed to seek claims: http://www.todayonline.com/singapore/family-woman-who-died-during-childbirth-allowed-seek-claims

2. Court allows negligence claims despite time bar: http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/court-allows-negligence-claims-despite-time-bar

3. Appeal court gives go-ahead for family of woman who died in childbirth to seek claims: http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/courts-crime/appeal-court-gives-go-ahead-for-family-of-woman-who-died-in-childbirth-to

4. Thomson Medical Center suspended: http://forums.vr-zone.com/chit-chatting/916216-news-thomson-medical-centre-suspended.html

5. Thomson Medical Center charged and fined $20,000 for its role in the In-Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) mix-up fiasco.:

6. Judge rules woman in IVF mix-up can sue for expenses to raise child: http://www.todayonline.com/singapore/judge-rules-woman-ivf-mix-can-sue-expenses-raise-child

7. Thomson Medical Center doctor prescribed wrong rash cream: http://angrydr.blogspot.sg/2006/02/rash-of-letters.html

Anonymous said...

/// Iskandar properties cannot sell easily because there are few resale buyers. ///
January 03, 2017 5:14 pm

This one is not a daft Sinkie.
Johor is a very big state.
Many, many times bigger than Singapore.

Very few Johoreans want to buy property in Iskandar.
Your homework. Go ask the Johoreans. Don't just read the Straits Times.

Anonymous said...

RB you are a cockster... Why would any "best doctor" charge cheap just becoz he operates in JB or Timbuktoo?!?! Would you be willing to work for $1000/mth fixed salary as a stockbroker in JB?!?! Maybe you would ... but that's coz you're a cockster. Normal humans wont.

Anonymous said...

12.16 am anon u are a Mother fucker lar. No need to write like that. Now as a punishment to say sorry to Rb, go suck the cock of first stranger u meet lor. And no biting please just imagine it's a ice cream

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:16, you must be the same kind of cock like Susan Lim, charged like Susan Lim then got charged like Susan Lim.

But this is the ethos of Sin. Money is everything, what's wrong with collecting more money. Wait for your retribution. It is not that retribution would not come, but when.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

In Johore, when rentals are low, when labour cost is low, when moral value is high, when principles are more important than dignity bought with money, the good doctors would charged much lower than Sin City.

There is no comparison between human beans with no human values and human beans with real human values.

There is still a thing called the Hippocratic code of honour. Some doctors still believe in it. Some sneer at it as a silly aspiration.

patriot said...

Know of a doctor who normally charge less than $20 for consultation and medication.
Now, there is many going to his clinic
in the Past he was shunned he
was suspected due to the Low
Fee that he charged.

His rate for consultation and
medication remain at less than $20 mostly.

Consultation Fee at Polyclinic is over $40 before
subsidy and medication NOT included.


Anonymous said...

These are bad doctors, charging only $20. No respect, no dignity.

Stupid doctors. Must charge more, must charge more, then got respect and dignity.

Anon 12:16, these are the stupid doctors in Singapore. Surprise right, Sin also got stupid doctors. You must teach him how to be smart like you and your type of people.

Anonymous said...

/// Know of a doctor who normally charge less than $20 for consultation and medication.
Now, there is many going to his clinic though in the Past he was shunned he was suspected due to the Low Fee that he charged. ///
January 04, 2017 9:16 am

Is this why PAP Ministers command such a high salary?
To reassure Singaporeans that they are getting good quality Ministers?

Anonymous said...

In Sin everything can be bought, dignity, pride, ethics, morals, and not forgetting got money to fight in the courts and win, no money means sure lose, no fight.

Anonymous said...

Rb, Chinese developer is going to build Twin Tower in Cambodia.

Soon, Cambodia would overtake Singapore.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Singapore already max out in everything. The only left is to sell everything to the foreigners. CPF also maxed out, nothing left to squeeze from the people's savings.

patriot said...


Whatever reaches maturity naturally starts decay or growing old and weak.

Singapore was hot-housed and over-stretched too much for its own good.

The Natural End is setting in.


b said...

Cheaper is better especially those that needs long term medical care. Sg is too small for 5million people. Any deadly airborne disease will spread like mad and killed many instantly.